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"I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes. The moral effect should be good...and it would spread a lively terror..." -- Winston Churchill commenting on the British use of poison gas against the Iraqis after World War I



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November 9, 2008

Nov 09 09:22

Israeli Chemical Warfare on Palestinian Fishermen

9:15 am. From a small Palestinian fishing boat, David Schermerhorn watched as Israeli sailors aboard a large Navy Gunboat put on Hazmat suits and masks. Five minutes later, the fishermen and internationals were blasted by water from a cannon mounted atop the gunboat. The water was filthy, with an appalling chemical smell to it.

Nov 09 09:19

Georgia fired first shot, say UK monitors

Two former British military officers are expected to give crucial evidence against Georgia when an international inquiry is convened to establish who started the country’s bloody five-day war with Russia in August.

Ryan Grist, a former British Army captain, and Stephen Young, a former RAF wing commander, are said to have concluded that, before the Russian bombardment began, Georgian rockets and artillery were hitting civilian areas in the breakaway region of South Ossetia every 15 or 20 seconds.

Nov 09 09:19

Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts

The testimony of Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economic policy analysis at the New School for Social Research in New York, in hearings Oct. 7 drew the most attention and criticism. Testifying for the House Committee on Education and Labor, Ghilarducci proposed that the government eliminate tax breaks for 401(k) and similar retirement accounts, such as IRAs, and confiscate workers’ retirement plan accounts and convert them to universal Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRAs) managed by the Social Security Administration.

Nov 09 09:16

Worst retail sales trend since 1974 expected

But Barack Obama. the president-elect, can't look forward to smooth sailing. The recession, persistent distress in the housing and financial markets and mounting job losses will demand his attention, even as immediate remedies may prove elusive. Upcoming data on retail sales are likely to show that consumers, strapped by a credit crunch and rising unemployment, are cutting back on spending.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is going to be a horrible Christmas shopping season (which we knew when the first Christmas stuff showed up at Sam's in August). And economy aside a big part of the reason is that Christmas gets shoved at us so hard and so early. By the time December comes around, Christmas has stopped being a holiday and become merely the decor at the malls. It is no longer a celebration of anything, but merely a socially obligatory round of tasks one is expected to perform.

I start out every Christmas year thinking this year we will have a tree, but my the time the trees become available I am already burned out on the whole thing and skip it. Besides, I really can't get into a celebration of Peace on Earth when we are still bombing the people we see in those nativity sets to steal their oil.

Nov 09 02:59

Help out automakers, Capitol Hill leaders say, Reid and Pelosi want White House to use bailout fund

WASHINGTON — With the nation's automotive industry hemorrhaging cash, congressional leaders called on the Bush administration Saturday to offer government assistance to the car companies as part of the Treasury Department's $700 billion emergency rescue program.

Nov 09 02:18

Israeli soldiers terrorise villagers in Zawata

Israeli soldiers terrorise villagers in Zawata
November 8th, 2008

Three households were terrorised by Israeli soldiers in the village of Zawata on Friday night, 7th November.

At least twenty Israeli soldiers from the nearby military base at Shave Shomron stormed through the upper parts of the village on foot - throwing sound bombs and firing at family homes; surrounding houses and forcing families out into the night. Soldiers advised the invasion and terror tactics were a response to the discovery of a few small children burning a tyre on the nearby military road.

November 8, 2008

Nov 08 17:10

Two stories worth reading!

Nov 08 17:07

Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Nov 08 15:01

More Bailouts Needed!

It’s about time the government recognized the importance of industries that are suffering & need billions of dollars to sustain their business. Where were the government bailouts when so many other worthy industries in the past were dying and struggling for their very existence?

Where were the government bailouts when the horse and buggy industry was fighting to keep up with the newly invented automobile?

Nov 08 14:49

More Unintended Consequences of the Bailout

Like many large companies, Fannie and Freddie had contracts promising to cover legal bills for their executives. When the Treasury Department delivered a $200 billion bailout to Fannie and Freddie, that obligation passed to the government, which may find itself paying for the lawyers defending the executives against the government's own prosecutors.

Nov 08 14:39

Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral

Bloomberg News asked a U.S. court today to force the Federal Reserve to disclose securities the central bank is accepting on behalf of American taxpayers as collateral for $1.5 trillion of loans to banks.

Nov 08 14:30

What Obama Should Ask His CIA Briefers

As President-elect, Obama is already receiving daily briefings from the CIA.

There are many important questions which Obama could ask about, and which "normal" Senators and congress people wouldn't have the power or the security clearance to get answers to.

Nov 08 14:03


FOR YEARS David Bellamy was one of the best known faces on TV.

A respected botanist and the author of 35 books, he had presented around 400 programmes over the years and was appreciated by audiences for his boundless enthusiasm.

Yet for more than 10 years he has been out of the limelight, shunned by bosses at the BBC where he made his name, as well as fellow scientists and environmentalists.

His crime? Bellamy says he doesn’t believe in man-made global warming.

Here he reveals why – and the price he has paid for not toeing the orthodox line on climate change.

Nov 08 13:59

Stunned Icelanders Struggle After Economy’s Fall

The collapse came so fast it seemed unreal, impossible. One woman here compared it to being hit by a train. Another said she felt as if she were watching it through a window. Another said, “It feels like you’ve been put in a prison, and you don’t know what you did wrong.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 08 13:57

New Zealand PM Clark concedes election defeat

Prime Minister Helen Clark conceded defeat in New Zealand's election on Saturday, after National Party leader John Key won enough seats to lead a conservative coalition.

Nov 08 13:56

Is the Prime Minister of Ukraine Hotter Than Palin?

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Nov 08 13:55

Voters approve high-speed rail; critics say it's a wild bet

Buoyed by voter approval of a $9.95 billion bond issue for high-speed rail, backers of a statewide bullet train said Wednesday that they're already working to line up the additional billions they will need to build a high-tech transit system linking the major cities of California.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hawaii also voted in a monorail system.

Nov 08 13:54

Cyprus Elects Communist President

Communist leader Demetris Christofias won a crucial presidential runoff in Cyprus on Sunday. He pledged to restart moribund talks to reunify the island and immediately agreed to meet the leader of the breakaway Turkish Cypriots.

Nov 08 13:50

Wikipedia already trying to delete article on Rahm Emanuel's father

Nov 08 11:13

U.S. And Allies Tortured Kids in Iraqi Prisons

Since it invaded Iraq in 2003, the U.S. has detained thousands of juveniles—some of whom were tortured and sexually abused, according to published reports. Figures of the number of children behind bars vary. Some estimates put the number as high as 6,000.

While the criminal abuse of male prisoners at Abu Ghraib is well known, child and women prisoners held there have also been tortured and raped, according to Neil Mackay of Glasgow’s “Sunday Herald.” Abu Ghraib prison is located about 20 miles west of Baghdad.

Nov 08 11:05

Treasury, Congressional Democrats Clash on Policing Bank Loans

Nov 08 11:05

Observers sense 'something fishy' in Alaska vote

The 2008 presidential race is over, but several Senate races still remain undecided. Georgia is headed for a runoff, Minnesota for a recount -- and in Alaska things just keep getting stranger.

"It looks like senator and convicted felon Ted Stevens and Congressman-currently-under-investigation Don Young will both hold onto their seats," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow noted on Thursday. "That said, there's a case to be made that there's something fishy going on up there."

Nov 08 11:02

Obama's choice draws anti-Arab taunt

In strikingly racist remarks, the father of Rahm Emanuel has said Israel will benefit from Obama's choice of White House chief of staff.

"Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House," Benjamin Emanuel, father of Rahm Emanuel, told the Israeli Ma'ariv daily.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tacky. Very tacky.

Nov 08 11:00

Historical Flashback: Racist Cinematic Images

In this wonderful montage by Spike Lee, we see how racism is
constructed. The sadness of the images is that all this hate
came from all that laughter.

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Nov 08 09:52

Poll: 64 Percent Of Republicans Want Palin To Run In 2012

Rasmussen Reports, in a new poll published Friday, has some interesting data on how Republicans still have overwhelming positive feelings about Palin:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Rasmussem just blew their credibility with this one.

Nov 08 09:51

"This is not a draft"

In all fairness, we can't really call Obama's proposed national service plan a new draft. First, he's not talking about requiring young people to do military service. Second, we are getting decidedly mixed signals as to whether the service will be compulsory. At first, the word "required" was used freely; now we see much talk of tax credits, less talk of requirement.

Nov 08 09:49

Rate cuts not passed to cards

AUSTRALIANS struggling to pay off record levels of credit card debt are not having interest rate cuts passed onto their cards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Same in the US, but minimum payments are dropping to hold off defaults.

Nov 08 09:48

CNN's 'holograms' just smoke and mirrors

CNN's US election night stunt, in which reporter Jessica Yellin and rapper appeared on set as three-dimensional "holograms", was little more than smoke and mirrors, physics experts say.

In what was billed as a world-first, Yellin appeared to be beamed from Chicago into the network's New York studio for an interview with anchor Wolf Blitzer. But, in fact, Blitzer was looking at little more than a red mark on the floor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Told ya!

Nov 08 09:43

More Lieberman-McConnell talks

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Democrats do not want Lieberman, so he pitches to the GOP.

Nov 08 09:39

Most Minn. Senate 'undervotes' are from Obama turf

An Associated Press analysis of votes in the tight, still-to-be decided race for a U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota shows that most ballots lacking a recorded choice in the election were cast in counties won by Democrat Barack Obama.

The finding could have implications for Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken, who are headed for a recount separated by the thinnest of margins - a couple of hundred votes, or about 0.01 percent.

Nov 08 09:37

Watching Them Squirm: Is Fox News Abandoning the Mob It Created?

by Mark Ames (Alternet)

The first polls had just closed when the Republican Right's "Agony of Defeat" moment arrived. It was just after 8 p.m. -- right as Fox's "America's Election HQ" show returned from a commercial break, and Brit Hume welcomed viewers back to his "Fair and Balanced" network.

Nov 08 09:37

Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will grant that Palin was a problem, but the real issue is a 20th century-style political campaign in the 21st century.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who donated.

Nov 08 09:36

F.B.I. Looks Into a Threat to Reveal Patient Data

Nov 08 09:35

Typo correction brings Franken closer to Coleman

Nov 08 09:33

Details Emerge on new WTC Collapse Videos

This source also dismisses internet speculation that the person who took the footage was connected in any way to the collapses themselves. A number of posters on internet discussion boards and forums have claimed that the WTC7 video is suspicious as it zooms out just moments before the collapse, as if the person taking the footage knew what was about to happen.

Nov 08 09:26

Emanuel to be Obama's chief of staff

Obama barely had time to savor his victory before he began filling out his new administration and getting a sobering look at some of the daunting problems he will inherit when he takes office in just 10 weeks.

He got a quick start with the transition Wednesday, calling on Emanuel, a fellow Illinois politician, to serve as White House chief of staff.

Nov 08 09:21

Bush administration delays release of prisoner abuse photos

The Bush administration is doing everything it can to delay compliance with a court's order that the Pentagon turn over pictures of prisoners abused in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new court filing.

A three-judge appeals court panel in September ordered the administration to turn over 87 photographs depicting abuses at Abu Ghraib prison and other sites. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the photos in 2005.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's hope that these photos get released as quickly as possible, per the ruling of the 12 appeals court judges. US taxpayers should see precisely what has been done with their tax dollars, and in their names.

There are some real, gritty problems with the use of torture, not the least of which is, by doing it, the Bush administration has, de facto, removed the US as a signatory from any human human rights treaty it has ever signed, including the Geneva Conventions.

Second, as we know from the times of the Inquisition, torture isn't about getting the truth: it's about getting the person tortured to say precisely what the torturers want them to say.

And thirdly, torturing prisoners under American control means that if our soldiers are captured in a military confrontation, there will be no qualms from their capturers about torturing them.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

Nov 08 09:19

Kerry, Schumer Urge SBA to Help Small Firms

Small Businesses Can't Wait for the Rescue Package to Reach Them
In a letter to the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Acting Administrator Sandy Baruah, Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, along with Sen. Chuck Schumer, outlined steps the agency should take immediately to help entrepreneurs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how the Wall Street "Big Boys" got their rescue rammed through Congress in a week!

Nov 08 09:18

Judge Advocate General informs the High Court that he will not amend the indictment in the shooting of a bound Palestinian in Ni'lin

On 4 November 2008, the judge advocate general, Brig. Gen. Avichai Mandelblit, informed the High Court of Justice that, despite the court's suggestion that the prosecution consider filing more serious charges against Lt. Col. Omri Borberg and Staff Sgt. L. in the case involving the shooting of a bound and blindfolded Palestinian in Ni'lin, he decided to leave the indictment as it is.

Nov 08 09:15

Banks ease credit for themselves but not you

If you're a financial institution, it has become a little easier to borrow money. But for most of the rest of us, it's tougher than ever.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when the bailout was sold to us that it would restore the availability of credit?

Nov 08 09:14

Judge won't take action against SEC officials

In the Bear Stearns case that ran from 2005 to 2007, she said the SEC's "processing of the investigation was not exemplary, but the evidence does not show malfeasance or negligence. Rather it shows that delays occurred in the ... investigation because of workload and personnel changes."

Nov 08 09:12

New Army Recruiting Tactic: Obama will "Get Us Out of Iraq"

Well that didn't take long. Polls across America had been closed for less than 24 hours and Army Career Counselors were already exploiting Barack Obama's victory in an effort to recruit former soldiers back into units.

Nov 08 09:11

National Intelligence Estimate: Iran Intentions and Capabilities

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the official US Government analysis of what Iran is doing with regards to developing nuclear weapons. It is NOT what you were being told by ABCNNBBCBS!

Nov 08 09:08

Israeli soldiers film themselves humiliating a bound Palestinian man

Israeli Television, Chanel 10, showed on Thursday a video footage taken by Israeli soldiers filming themselves humiliating a bound and blindfolded Palestinian man at a military roadblock in the occupied West Bank, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

Nov 08 09:03

Melissa Etheridge to Stop Paying $500k/Year in CA Taxes After Passage of Prop 8

Okay. So Prop 8 passed. Alright, I get it. 51% of you think that I am a second class citizen. Alright then. So my wife, uh I mean, roommate? Girlfriend? Special lady friend? You are gonna have to help me here because I am not sure what to call her now. Anyways, she and I are not allowed the same right under the state constitution as any other citizen. Okay, so I am taking that to mean I do not have to pay my state taxes because I am not a full citizen.

Nov 08 09:03

Palin Calls Critics Among McCain Aides ‘Jerks’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THAT will teach them!

Nov 08 09:01

Robot plays the flute better than humans

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For sale CHEAP: 1 flute. With pickup and case.

Nov 08 08:55

Regulators shut banks in Texas, California

Regulators shut down Houston-based Franklin Bank and Security Pacific Bank in Los Angeles on Friday, bringing the number of failures of federally insured banks this year to 19.

Nov 08 08:51

Army Looking Into Recruiter Suicides

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn says the Army has appointed a brigadier general to investigate allegations of a cover-up among commanders of a recruiting battalion after a string of recruiter suicides.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what these recruiters know which is causing them to take their own lives.

But I would hazard a guess; this time in the history, we're the bad guys.

These pre-emptive wars for oil and oil routes (which we seem, by the way, to be losing badly) have caused hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to get maimed, sickened, and die, in the name of a Pax Americana which is exploding in our faces like a bad trick cigar.

And the other part of the equation is, they were probably not able to come up with their quotas because of serious moral doubts about these wars, which provided another aspect of severe pressure.

Nov 08 08:44

Jobless ranks hit 10 million, most in 25 years

The nation's jobless ranks zoomed past 10 million last month, the most in a quarter-century, as piles of pink slips shut factory gates and office doors to 240,000 more Americans with the holidays nearing. Politicians and economists agreed on a painful bottom line: It's only going to get worse.

Nov 08 08:43

ACLU: Undercover Cops Staged Confrontation Amid DNC

Undercover police officers posing as protesters staged a fight with a police commander during the Democratic convention, and it was so convincing they were pepper-sprayed by a deputy who wasn't in on the ruse, a civil liberties group says.

Nov 08 08:42

President-elect's Queries to Briefers

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One hopes that someone close to President-Elect Obama reads this with an open mind.

Nov 08 08:38

A Brooklyn College Grad Experiences the Constitution in a Cage

For the past year, a 28-year-old Muslim American student, Sayed Fahad Hashmi—the first person extradited to the United States from Britain to face charges of terrorism—has been held at the Manhattan Correctional Center under conditions of confinement that are the very definition of the Eighth Amendment's prohibition of "cruel and unusual punishment."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The way the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been eviscerated under this administration's watch (and extreme encouragement of these kinds of activities), if you think what has happened to Sayed Hashmi can't happen to American citizens, I would encourage you to think again.

Nov 08 08:04

Robert Fisk: Obama has to pay for eight years of Bush's delusions

American lawyers defending six Algerians before a habeas corpus hearing in Washington this week learned some very odd things about US intelligence after 9/11. From among the millions of "raw" reports from American spies and their "assets" around the world came a CIA Middle East warning about a possible kamikaze-style air attack on a US navy base at a south Pacific island location. The only problem was that no such navy base existed on the island and no US Seventh Fleet warship had ever been there.

Nov 08 08:01

Israel's Livini blasts Obama's Iran plan

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni attacked U.S. president-elect Barack Obama on Thursday for declaring a willingness to talk with Iran about its nuclear program.

"We live in a neighbourhood in which sometimes dialogue . . . is liable to be interpreted as weakness," Livni told Israeli Radio, expressing a view held by many of her countrymen.

Asked if she supported discussions between the U.S. and Iran, Livni said: "No."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Livni wants war between the US and Iran. But then, that seems a permanent feature of Israel; sending young AMERICANS off to die in Israel's wars.

Not the arrogant assumption on Livni's part that the is in a position to dictate how the US should deal with Iran.

Nov 08 06:20

A look at Hell on earth for the uninitiated.

First thing this morning I am confronted with a suffocating story about despair.

Most people suffer passing bouts with depression.

But when we strive to understand depression, and especially its non-clinical causes, its causes rooted in the modern reality we all suffer, we are finally addressing the needs of the world, if by "needs" we are talking about a universal wish to make the world a better place.

Making the world a better place, is no easy task. But, it is clearly the only moral task.

November 7, 2008

Nov 07 22:01

Police staged confrontation amid convention

The American Civil Liberties Union says undercover police officers posing as protesters staged a violent confrontation with another officer during the Democratic convention in Denver.

The ACLU said it obtained a police document showing the undercover officers pretended to struggle with a police commander so they could be removed from the crowd without blowing their cover.

Nov 07 19:31

Blair, Bush could face probe at The Hague

TONY Blair could face the prospect of an International Criminal Court investigation for alleged coalition war crimes in Iraq.

The court's chief prosecutor said at the weekend that he would be willing to launch an inquiry and could envisage a scenario in which the British Prime Minister and US President George Bush could one day face charges at The Hague.

Nov 07 19:29

Hague prosecutor says Bush-Blair could face war crimes charges: 1 million Iraqis killed

International Criminal Court prosecutor announced on Sunday that US President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair could face war crimes charges at the Hague, after it emerged that up to one million Iraqis have been killed since the illegal invasion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This might explain the palpable fear over the restoration of the fairness doctrine. The Bush cronies are afraid of the American people finding out "what really happened." :)

Nov 07 19:10

The Torture Tape Fingering Bush As a War Criminal

President George Bush claimed Zubaydah was critical in identifying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the mastermind behind 9/11.

Zubaydah was waterboarded. That much we know - it was confirmed recently by a former CIA agent, John Kiriakou, who even used the plain English word "torture" to describe what was done. But we know little else for sure. We do know there was deep division within the American government about Zubaydah's interrogation, and considerable debate about his reliability.

Nov 07 19:09

'US missiles' hit Pakistan village

A suspected US drone has launched a missile strike into northwest Pakistan, reportedly killing at least 10 people.

The attack on Friday targeted a town in North Waziristan, a tribal region on the Afghan border, security officials said.

Nov 07 15:21

Anthrax scare shuts down busy El Cerrito street

A bucket containing a white powder labeled anthrax was found in the basement of an El Cerrito business Thursday, triggering a two-hour shutdown of a portion of one of the city's busiest thoroughfares.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could just be sore losers playing terrorist ine last time, or someone could be trying to manufacture a climate of fear ahead of a new false flag "terror" attack by "Al Qaeda (nudge nudge wink wink)"

Nov 07 15:19

3 Pa. courthouses receive anthrax scare letters

Identical letters sent to three Pennsylvania county courthouses this week mentioned anthrax but did not contain the poisonous substance.

Nov 07 15:18

Milwaukee paper receives packet labeled "anthrax"

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says it has received a package that appears to be part of an anthrax hoax.

Nov 07 15:17

You Can Forget My Taxes

Singer Melissa Etheridge rails against the passage of the gay-marriage ban in California—and she won't be paying the state a dime.

Nov 07 15:10

Scripps cuts 400 jobs, latest hit for US newspaper industry

US media company EW Scripps Co. announced on Friday it would cut 400 jobs as the weak advertising market inflicted another blow on the struggling US newspaper industry.

Nov 07 15:09

Israel army studies 'abuse video'

The Israeli military is investigating a video in which a Palestinian detainee appears to be humiliated by a group of Israeli soldiers.

The video, broadcast by Israeli TV after being posted on YouTube, shows a blindfolded man kneeling near a barrier being forced to repeat Hebrew phrases.

Some refer to the elite Golani infantry brigade. Others are of a sexual nature.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Winning their hearts and minds.

Nov 07 15:06

Let the Whining Begin (and it has)

While our troops were fighting for Iraqi Freedom, the government was working overtime to deny everyone else theirs. Illegal wiretaps, a vice-president who is above the law in so many respects, Guantanemo prisoners who have been exonerated but will not be released, and on and on. The lies have piled up so high that by the time of the election, nearly anyone would have defeated McCain or any other Republican. This is what the Right doesn't understand.

Nov 07 14:03

The strange case of falling international reserves

If the Reserves are no longer growing but diminishing, this might indicate that the exporting countries are no longer buying and accumulating more US, British and European debt. If they are not accumulating more foreign currency bonds and debt, then the fiscal deficits of the US, the Brits and the European Union countries are no longer being funded – especially important to the US, which is running an immense fiscal deficit, what with the US Treasury going into debt like a drunken sailor on account of the need to bail-out all and sundry debtors.

Nov 07 13:49

Down and Out in Beverly Hills: Rolexes, Picassos Hit Pawnshops

The thriving pawnshops show that hard times have reached even Beverly Hills, where the average per-capita income in 2006 was $50,218, almost triple that of all of Los Angeles County, according to the city of Beverly Hills Web site.

Nov 07 13:12

Fears of a Dem crackdown lead to boom in gun sales

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, I think people should have guns in their homes. No question there. But maybe this particular reason for buying guns deserves a closer look?

I think someone needs to study the unintended side-effects or after-effects of the usual flood of campaign hype on society. The claim that Obama is going to grab all the guns was clearly McCain campaign scare tactics, about as real as the Y2K bug that was supposed to crash all of our computers (or global warming), yet Americans are responding as if it is fact.

Nov 07 13:09

Madonna, the Whore of Babylon Lite.

Given that Obama sold out before he is even on the shelf, I’d rather not talk about it at the moment but I do want to write something and since this is Petri Dish, I thought I’d talk about one of the biggest mucus smears to ever come down the pike and that is Madonna. There are some very interesting connections to Madonna and most of the nasty shit that we have had to endure these last however many years and I’m going to go into that a bit.

Nov 07 13:02

Getting down to bizness with Obama

The answer is: Jane Harman – as head of the CIA! (If she doesn't get it, not to worry: she's also up for head of Homeland Security – and if she doesn't get that, she's on the short list for National Intelligence czarina).

Nov 07 11:48

FLASHBACK - Dow 1,000,000

We have a saying in the news business: three's a trend. It works something like this. If one tree falls, it was a bad tree; if two trees fall, well, the grass needed more light anyway. But if a third tree topples, stop the presses. There must be some hideous new insect at work, threatening the entire forest. And that's a story. So it is with a trio of recently published books, and I'm not making these names up: Dow 36,000 by James Glassman and Kevin Hassett, Dow 40,000 by David Elias and Dow 100,000 by Charles Kadlec (no relation). I'm thinking of writing one called Dow Infinity. Top that.

Nov 07 11:39

Reid looking to remove Lieberman as committee head

Sen. Joe Lieberman's affiliation with Democrats was in question after a meeting Thursday with Majority Leader Harry Reid, steamed over the Connecticut independent's high-profile support of John McCain for president.

Reid, in a sternly worded statement after the 45-minute meeting, said no official decisions have been made. But an aide to the Nevada Democrat said Reid was leaning toward removing Lieberman as chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the discussions were confidential.

Nov 07 11:39

Obama adds North Carolina to White House win

President-elect Obama won North Carolina on Thursday, a triumph that underscored his political strength as he turned nine states that President Bush won in 2004 to Democratic blue.

Nov 07 11:35

Informant says he advocated attacks to gain trust

An FBI informant in the case of five men accused of planning to attack soldiers on an Army installation in New Jersey testified Thursday that he talked up the attack in order to win the confidence of an alleged plotter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another frame-up by the FBI starts to unravel.

Nov 07 11:10

Israeli best seller breaks national taboo :: Idea of a Jewish people invented, says historian ::

No one is more surprised than Shlomo Sand that his latest academic work has spent 19 weeks on Israel’s bestseller list – and that success has come to the history professor despite his book challenging Israel’s biggest taboo.

Dr. Sand argues that the idea of a Jewish nation – whose need for a safe haven was originally used to justify the founding of the state of Israel – is a myth invented little more than a century ago.

Nov 07 11:09

Billionaire Backer Of Right-Wing Causes Is Down On His Luck

"The casino company Las Vegas Sands, which is owned by right-wing billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has said it may default on debt and face bankruptcy, reports Bloomberg. In trading today, stocks in the company plunged.

Nov 07 11:08

Juicy Bits Surfacing in Rather Case: In 2004, CBS Considered Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter Independent Panel

In Exhitit J or the current filing, Mr. Rather's legal team include a list (turned up in discovery) which CBS executives apparently compiled in the fall of 2004, prior to settling on Mr. Thornburgh and Mr. Boccardi.

The list includes Mr. Boccardi's name as well such seemingly reasonable potential candidates as David Gergen, Gene Roberts (former managing editor of The New York Times) and Dick Wald (former president of NBC News).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am feeling sad. I did not make the list. :(

Nov 07 11:03

Top Arkansas Court Rules Against Payday Lenders

A 1999 state law allowing so-called payday lenders to charge high fees for short-term loans violates the State Constitution, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

In a 6-to-0 decision, the court said the fees permitted under the 1999 Check Cashers Act were really triple-digit interest rates. The State Constitution limits interest rates on loans to 17 percent.

Nov 07 11:00

Philadelphia to close libraries, pools, cut jobs

The city will close libraries and swimming pools, suspend planned tax reductions, cut more than 800 jobs and trim salaries for some administrators in order to weather "an economic storm" that could leave the city with a $1 billion shortfall, Mayor Michael Nutter said Thursday.

Nov 07 11:00

Vote Fraud - Diebold Whistleblower Speaks

A former employee of Diebold explains how vote fraud can be accomplished with the electronic voting machines. One could ask how the MSM can ignore such a story, but that would be naive

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Nov 07 10:59

Conservatives Lost More Than An Election

That Barack Obama trounced John McCain last Tuesday should have surprised no one. In fact, in this column, weeks ago, I stated emphatically that John McCain could no more beat Barack Obama than Bob Dole could beat Bill Clinton. He didn't. (Hence a vote for John McCain was a "wasted" vote, was it not?) I also predicted that Obama would win with an electoral landslide. He did. The real story, however, is not how Barack Obama defeated John McCain. The real story is how John McCain defeated America's conservatives.

Nov 07 10:56

Lockerbie bomber 'should go free'

Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was killed in the bombing, was in court for the hearing and afterwards said he was "disappointed" a decision had not been reached.

"It seems he has not got very long to live and therefore the decision needs to be made as urgently as possible," said Dr Swire.

"Personally, I don't think the verdict against him was ever justified and I remain convinced he was wrongly convicted," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted in light of the earlier article trying to shift the blame for Lockerbie from Libya onto Iran.

Nov 07 10:55

Undecided Voter Still Undecided

Nov 07 10:54

Your Banker Has Been Turned Into a Federal Agent With Potentially Devastating Consequences!

I'm aware that this headline may seem a little bit extreme, but unfortunately it's the truth.

The government has already turned your banker into a federal agent who can confiscate your assets without warning or cause.

This is why you MUST consider getting at least part of your retirement assets out of the country while you still have the opportunity. Very soon it may be too late.

Nov 07 10:51

Now That Obama Has Won . . . There is No Excuse

Now that a Democrat has been elected president, the Democrats in Congress have no excuse. They can no longer pretend that they have to “hold back” to win the election.

They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and company for Iraq.

They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges for torture.

They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for spying on Americans.

They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for 9/11.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama's administration is the last chance to prove that the American system can still work. When the economy really tanks, the nation will be ripe for revolution and the only thing that might holds it off is to see the men and women the people know are responsible tarred, feathered, roped, and given a fair trial followed by a first-class hanging.

Nov 07 10:49

Waterboarding: The psychological damage is indescribable

This document stated revealingly: “ ‘Waterboarding’ is a potentially dangerous activity in which the participant can receive serious and permanent (physical, emotional and psychological) injuries and even death, including injuries and death due to the respiratory and neurological systems of the body.”

As the agreement went on to say, there would be safeguards provided “during the ‘waterboarding’ process; however, these measures may fail and even if they work properly they may not prevent Hitchens from experiencing serious injury or death”.

Nov 07 10:47

We ARE a Better Country Than This

Foreign Policy: ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL. While I am an American Jew, I am embarrassed and ashamed of the Israeli government and their daily atrocities against a helpless population, the Palestinians. If America is to be taken seriously, we MUST not turn a blind eye to Israel.

Nov 07 10:36


Nov 07 10:34

The War in Afghanistan Is Unwinnable

Veteran journalist Tariq Ali said this morning that the war in Afghanistan is lost.

Specifically, he said that British intelligence has concluded that - no matter how many troops are sent in - the war is already lost and is unwinnable in the future.

Nov 07 10:34

Riskiest 40% of Credit Default Swaps Still Hidden

A few weeks ago, apologists for derivatives loudly trumpeted the claim that the Lehman credit default swap pay off was really only $5.2 billion, "proving" that the risk from CDS was overblown.

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has made a big show of publicly releasing some data on CDS, leading people to believe that everything is out in the open.

But an article today in Bloomberg paints a different story

Nov 07 10:32

He's not bananas, just first to grow them in a UK home

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Growing at least some of what you eat isn't a bad idea, if it's logistically possible these days.

Nov 07 10:30

U.S. scientists create tiny "backpacks" for cells

A team of U.S. scientists have outfitted cells with tiny "backpacks" that could allow them to deliver chemotherapy agents, diagnose tumors or become building blocks for tissue engineering.

Nov 07 10:29

Holloway suspect 'trafficks in women'

Joran van der Sloot, the young man believed to be involved the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway on Aruba, is now involved in selling Thai women into prostitution, claims tv crime reporter Peter R de Vries.

De Vries won an Emmy for his tv report earlier this year in which Van der Sloot is caught on hidden camera talking about Natalee's body was dumped at sea. Holloway disappeared in 2005 and the case has never been officially solved.

Nov 07 10:28

How 9/11 was done

9/11 was a master plot, concocted by a handfull of Israelis and dual passport Americans and carried out by the resources of the Mossad.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good summary here. Except for the claim that there was no plane at the Pentagon, of course.

Nov 07 10:27


Sales of handguns, rifles and ammunition have surged in the last week, according to gun store owners around the nation who describe a wave of buyers concerned that an Obama administration will curtail their right to bear arms.

Nov 07 10:22

Ford announces $129M 3Q loss, burns $7.7B in cash

Ford Motor Co. said Friday it lost $129 million in the third quarter as the struggling automaker burned through $7.7 billion in cash and set plans for more job cuts.

Ford said it will eliminate about 2,260 more white-collar employees in North America as it battles continued weak demand, the credit crisis and the worst economic downturn in decades.

Nov 07 10:18

GM reports $2.5B 3Q loss, says running out of cash

General Motors Corp. says it lost $2.5 billion in the third quarter and warned that it could run out of cash in 2009.

GM also said it has suspended talks to acquire Chrysler. While it didn't specifically name the automaker, GM said it was setting aside considerations for a "strategic acquisition."

The automaker also said its cash burn for the quarter accelerated to $6.9 billion due to a severe U.S. auto sales slump.

Nov 07 10:15

FBI fights order for deposition of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator, death-row inmate

The FBI is appealing an order that allows a Utah attorney to conduct taped depositions of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols and a death-row inmate.

Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue believes that the two inmates have valuable information about his brother's death in a federal prison - and about the FBI's alleged withholding of many of the relevant documents requested in his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More about the Oklahoma City Bombing can be found HERE.

Nov 07 10:12

Bush Tries to Do Good for the Environment; Cheney Smacks Him Down

Nov 07 10:11

Internet generation don't have the attention span for jury duty, warns Lord Chief Justice

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe if lawyers were not so boring...

Nov 07 09:55

US retail sales worst in decades; holiday view cut

U.S. retail chains posted the worst October sales results in more than three decades as consumers cut spending sharply, stunned by a financial crisis that has derailed the U.S. economy.

The International Council of Shopping Centers called the retail sales environment "simply awful" and said the October results were the worst it had seen for that month in 35 years.

Nov 07 09:53

US Imposes Banking Sanctions on Iran

The U.S. Treasury has moved to further restrict Iran's access to the U.S. financial system, by banning certain money transfers.

The Treasury Department announced on Thursday that it will revoke Iran's so-called "U-Turn" license, which currently allows transfers to briefly enter the United States before being sent to offshore banks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bush still trying to kick off a new war for Obama to deal with?

Nov 07 09:52

Feds pay suicidal Air Force vet’s family

The federal government has paid $800,000 to the family of a suicidal Air Force veteran who jumped to his death from Tripler Army Medical Center after his pleas to be admitted went unheeded.

Robert Roth died in January 2007 after he jumped from a 10th-floor balcony at Tripler. Roth suffered from a bipolar mood disorder and had a long history of depression.

The family’s attorney sued the U.S. government, alleging that Tripler was careless and negligent in its care of Roth.

The settlement means a trial scheduled for next month will not be held.

Nov 07 09:49

Bush is like a child who has smashed up his toys inviting another to come and play in his nursery

"Go enjoy yourself," said President Bush in his congratulatory telephone call to Barack Obama on election night. It was like a child who has just smashed up all his toys inviting another to come and play in his nursery. To inherit two wars and a broken economy would not be most people's idea of fun. But that's pig-headed Bush for you.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, what is really going on is that Bush is hoping that Obama will take the fall for the crash that is yet to come. Bush is hoping, for the GOP's sake, that Obama can't put it back together in 4 years, so that Jeb Bush can run in 2012.

Nov 07 09:47

Day One: Obama faces Cold War threat, a warning from Israel... and an armed guard to go to the gym

The first of the challenges thrown at the President-elect, who received his first national security intelligence briefing yesterday, came from the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

He threatened to base warheads along the Polish border if Obama goes ahead with a Bush administration plan to create a missile shield in Eastern Europe.

Then Israel warned Obama last night that his claim that he was ready to open talks with Iran could be seen in the Middle East as a sign of weakness.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear President Obama

1. Ignore the missile-heads. They have been trying to revive the glory days of tax-and-put-in-our-pocket Cold War for years now. Just think of the trillions of US taxpayer dollars poured into those holes in the ground which were thankfully never used and which are now corroding monuments to our past folly on a scale of the Maginot line.

2. Ignore Israel. They just want to sucker you into bombing their enemies for them. Rahm will disagree with me on this. Flip a coin.

Nov 07 09:39

Russia to study U.S. shield, START proposals - report

Russia will study Washington's proposals on an anti-missile system and on how to find a replacement for a key nuclear arms reduction treaty, Interfax quoted a Russian foreign ministry source as saying on Friday.

The United States has sent Moscow proposals for a follow-on to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) and on ways to ease Moscow's concerns over the anti-missile system that Washington wants to deploy in eastern Europe.

"We have received these proposals and we will study them," Interfax news agency quoted the unidentified source as saying.

Nov 07 09:38

Japan's Panasonic and Sanyo in takeover talks

Panasonic and smaller Japanese rival Sanyo said Friday they are starting talks on a buyout deal that would create one of the world's largest electronics companies as soon as year-end.

Panasonic President Fumio Ohtsubo and Sanyo President Seiichiro Sano shook hands at a news conference in Osaka, monitored by satellite TV in Tokyo, underlining their willingness to negotiate Panasonic's acquisition of Sanyo.

Nov 07 09:35

A Democrat's Advice to the GOP For the Future. My Top 20 Suggestions For a Winning Strategy

1. Find some less-polarizing mouthpieces than Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. They stir the pot, but not in that awesome Rachel Ray way.

2. Immediately distance yourself from Fox News. To be sure, there's nothing Fair and Balanced happenin' over there.

Nov 07 09:33

Iraqis seek more ‘withdrawal' talks; U.S. says they're over

The United States delivered Thursday what it said was the final text of the controversial accord on the stationing of U.S. forces in Iraq, but Iraq said more talks are needed before the government can accept it.

"We have gotten back to the Iraqi government with a final text. Through this step, we have concluded the process on the U.S. side," said Susan Ziadeh, the U.S. Embassy spokeswoman in Baghdad. "Iraq will now need to take it forward through their own process."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's our way or the highway!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Nov 07 09:24

California same-sex marriage ban faces three lawsuits

Defenders of same-sex marriage filed three lawsuits Wednesday challenging California voters' passage of a constitutional amendment banning it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

California's previous ban on same-sex marriage was rejected by the California Supreme Court. However, this is an amendment, so this time it may stick.

On a side note, I am somewhat surprised that this measure got enough votes to pass. I always thought California was a bit more tolerant of diversity!

Nov 07 09:17

dick morris on rahm emanuel

bill clinton's former adviser turned john mcmadman mccain supporter dick morris was on a segment of the 06 november 2008 broadcast of the faux news hannity & colmes show.

mr. morris spoke candidly about what a disgusting person barack obama's new white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is.

mr. morris maintains that emanuel cannot be trusted and that he works only for himself - "rahm is for rahm." mr. morris says that bill clinton never trusted emanuel.

mr. morris says obama "is making a huge mistake in picking this guy."

Nov 07 09:14

Obama's chief of staff choice favors compulsory universal service

Here's how it would work. Young people will know that between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, the nation will enlist them for three months of civilian service. They'll be asked to report for three months of basic civil defense training in their state or community, where they will learn what to do in the event of biochemical, nuclear or conventional attack; how to assist others in an evacuation; how to respond when a levee breaks or we're hit by a natural disaster. These young people will be available to address their communities' most pressing needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, I know a lot of people have a problem with the compulsory part. Americans have a dig-in-the-heels attitude towards being told what to do. I know; I am one of those.

However, I am old enough to remember the old Civil Defense program where certain people in our neighborhood were trained to deal with emergencies which at least in our New Hampshire town, thankfully never occurred. But back then, lacking blogs, cell phones, or even TV in most homes, we had a strong sense of local community. We knew our neighbors. People gladly volunteered for community programs. Training was held in the local grange hall, and graduates got a helmet with a sticker on it and a flashlight.

Today, in our media-saturated world, where we have packaged distractions (complete with advertisements) before our eyes from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, volunteerism is in decline. The growth of the global electronic village has created a decline in the sense of local community. We webcam with the BFF in Brussels but scarcely say two words to the family next door.

Now, I am the kind of guy who has a fire extinguisher and flashlight in every room, and swiss army knives are stashed in all sorts of convenient places. Call it a hangover from being a Boy Scout; I like feeling prepared to deal we with life's emergencies. My ladylove and I did all right in the aftermath of the Northridge Earthquake compared to neighbors less well prepared.

So, while I have a problem with "compulsory", there is a part of me that wonders what the aftermath of Katrina would have been like had the folks in New Orleans had three months of training to deal with (among other things) natural disasters, instead of having to sit and wait for governmental help that never came.

I just have to wonder.

Nov 07 08:55

Blizzard pummels South Dakota, stranding motorists and knocking out power

Officials say snow over a metre deep has fallen since Wednesday in the Black Hills area amid reports of howling winds gusting to more than 80 kilometres an hour. The storm has stranded an unknown number of motorists and knocked out power to thousands in the western part of the state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no truth to the rumor that a group of global warming protesters froze to death.

Nov 07 08:44

Forget the Honeymoon Getting down to bizness with Obama

When I hear talk of a "honeymoon" for the President-elect – to last as long as six months, by some accounts – I think: "Fine. You lay off, and I'll do the same." But oh no, it doesn't work that way. Obama has already started in on us, and he hasn't even taken the oath of office yet. I'm talking about his appointments, starting with Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff.

Nov 07 08:43

Palmer Takes Interest In Cancer-Fighting Machine

His machine uses radiowaves to heat up tiny pieces of metal called nanoparticles.

In tests, the nanoparticles get hot enough to kill cancer cells without damaging nearby tissue.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The obvious missing piece is making the nanoparticles attach themselves to cancer cells and only to cancer cells.

Nov 07 08:40

Unemployment rate leaps to 14-year high of 6.5%

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the DOW goes UP, proving that corporations see their own health as improving the less people they have to hire.

Nov 07 08:39

States face unemployment cash crisis

Rising unemployment drains state trust funds, forcing them to borrow from Washington to continue paying claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... who borrows it from the Federal reserve, who then expects the rest of us to pay it back.

We do not need handouts. We need JOBS! GOOD jobs. Not flipping burgers; Not pushing unread papers supporting gratuitous regulatory compliance, but building things, building PRODUCTS that other nations will WANT to buy from us!

Nov 07 08:36

Ford posts $3B operating loss

Ford Motor reported a $3 billion operating loss in the latest quarter, and said Friday it would reduce staff and capital spending in order to preserve its dwindling cash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

'Found On Road Dead' may take on a whole new meaning!

Nov 07 08:36

Want a war with Iran? Frame them for Lockerbie!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hell, they've framed everyone else with it!

On a more serious note, Ahmad Behbahani has been making claims like this ever since he turned up in a Turkish refugee camp, and considering how various Iraqi "officials" all turned out to be janitors (and drunks), the absence of any proof of Ahmad Behbahani's claimed status inside Iran should be a warning to us all.

Nov 07 08:29

US: "It's Taliban's fault if we slaughter Afghan children"

In a telephone interview, Colonel Julian accused Taliban forces of "immersing themselves" among civilians on Monday to deter American forces from using airstrikes.

"Our close air support has been so devastating with the Taliban that they are trying to stop us using it" by provoking situations in which civilians are caught up in fighting and killed, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One is reminded of the statement of the Papal legate at the siege of Montesgur against the Cathars, when told that there were children and infants among the group.

His response was, "kill them all: God will find his own."

The people of Afghanistan do not "hate us because we are free": they hate us because we are indiscriminately bombing the crap out of, and killing and maiming, the people they love and about whom they care deeply.

Nov 07 08:21

Tensions between McCain and Palin camps come to light

Sarah Palin left the national stage Wednesday, but the controversy over her role on the ticket flared as aides to John McCain disclosed new details about her expensive wardrobe purchases and revealed that a Republican Party lawyer would be dispatched to Alaska to inventory and retrieve the clothes still in her possession.

Nov 07 08:17

Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal

President-elect Barack Obama's newly appointed chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac at a time when scandal was brewing at the troubled agency and the board failed to spot "red flags," according to government reports reviewed by

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want to know what deal was made to get this clown back into the White House.

Nov 07 08:15

[Australian] Wheat growers face tough decisions over crops

The big trend, this harvest, is to on-farm storage. Eastburn says many farmers who will get good crops intend storing their grain until prices rise. "A lot are saying they are not going to take the first offer they are given, unless it is a really good one." He says the current price, $275 to $308 a tonne on-farm is too low. "People are going to be in trouble. That is why a lot of on-farm storage is going in."

The farmers who are storing grain are banking on strong market fundamentals for wheat, with wheat still in short supply around the world.

Nov 07 08:09

Hitler's Priests

Shaken by military defeat and economic depression after War World I, Germans sought to restore their nation’s dignity and power. In this context the National Socialist Party, with its promise of a revivified Germany, drew supporters. Among the most zealous were a number of Catholic clergymen known as “brown priests” who volunteered as Nazi propagandists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Normally I would not link to a book ad, but in light of the debate over the beatification of Pope Pius XII, the history of the Catholic Church in WW2 Germany is something that needs further exposure.

Nov 07 08:07

At Least Seven Civilians Among 20 Killed in Latest US Strike in Afghanistan

Just a day after reports emerged that a US air strike against a wedding party in Kandahar earlier in the week killed at least 40 civilians, another US strike in Badghis Province killed at least another 20 people, with at least seven of them reportedly civilians.

If this is all some insidious Taliban plot to prevent the US from using air strikes, they appear to have sorely overestimated the US military’s reluctance to kill large numbers of innocent civilians.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, what does the massive bombing of civilians guarantee, in a land war which cannot be won from the air??

It guarantees that you radicalize those left standing even further against the existing US-supported government. If this is the outcome the US and NATO have wanted, by gosh, they're right on target!!

Nov 07 08:05

Monetary Dikes Created to Dam Fiscal Floods

This morning as I read an article concerning GM junk bonds on Bloomberg, I followed my now dormant investor's instinct to a rotting pile of putrid economic mistakes and policy decisions, gasoline soaked rags, cans filled with gasoline and diesel fuel awaiting ignition by yet another pilfering group of greedy arsonists.

Nov 07 08:02

Bush: Terrorists May Attack During Transition

In a speech at the White House, he said “we’re in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us, and they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people.”

The outgoing President urged employees to “conduct yourselves with the decency and professionalism that you have shown throughout my time in office,” while using the remaining 75 days to work on the transition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A terror attack (read: false flag operation) would be Bush's swan song to the next administration, in an attempt to justify the horrific wars he has started abroad on a pack of lies, and the evisceration of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the US economy in the pursuit of these wars.

And that comment about "decency and professionalism"; that's got to make you laugh right there. The only problem, looking at the "legacy" Bush has left for this country, is stopping.

Nov 07 08:02

US job figures worse than expected

Employment in the United States fell by a bigger-than-expected 240,000 in October, while September's fall was revised up massively to 284,000, meaning the world's biggest economy has shed over half a million jobs in the past two months alone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Think those September numbers were understated to help McCain? Nah, Bush would NEVER do anything like that, right?

Nov 07 08:00

Wiesenthal Center gets green light to build museum on ancient Muslim cemetery

The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave a final go ahead to the creation of a Jerusalem museum dedicated to tolerance and coexistence, rejecting appeals by Muslims who object to construction because the site covers part of an ancient Muslim cemetery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, we didn't mean coexistence with THEM, we mean everyone else coexists with US!

Nov 07 07:55

Israel not excluding any option in stopping Iran threat

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday that the Jewish state is not ruling out any option when it comes to dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

When meeting visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Barak was quoted by local daily The Jerusalem Post as saying that Israel is "not taking any option off the table, and we don't recommend that others take any option off the table."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Ehud Barak; when it comes to a US-assisted and led attack against Iran, the party's (hopefully) over.

What Barak is missing, in regurgitating this stale old mantra, is the 5,000 lb gorilla in the living room on the issue of Iran, and that is Russia.

I wish there had been some reporter covering this meeting who would have had the gumption to ask Minister Barak precisely what assurances from Russia Israel has, and how certain they are, of not interfering with an Israeli-led attack against Iran, one of Russia's largest trading partners.

I think that question might have evoked a pregnant pause, followed by not a little stammering.

Nov 07 07:38

What bailed-out banks spend on lobbying

Nineteen banks taking taxpayer money from the Treasury Department have spent $32.4 million lobbying the federal government during the first nine months of this year, their lobbying disclosure reports show.

Combined, the Treasury is investing in the banks $159 billion from the $700 billion financial rescue package approved by Congress last month. None of the banks has indicated it plans to stop lobbying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In future dictionaries, when you see the words "congressional representative" you will see a footnote indicating "see: corporate acquisition".

Nov 07 07:35

Unemployed Nation: America's Shrinking Payroll

In the first ten months of this year, the nation's employers have cut nearly 1.2 million jobs and the unemployment rate is now at 6.5 percent, the highest it has been since March 1994. The Department of Labor released new data this morning showing that October was the tenth straight month of job losses, with another 240,000 lost just last month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to yet more of the true Bush "legacy".

Nov 07 06:46

Obama's Legislative Voting Record

They say a Man is known by the company he keeps. With this in Mind, let's examine the voting record of the new President Elect...

Nov 07 00:11

3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry

Several of the nation's biggest banks have failed or been absorbed by healthier institutions, leaving three giant "superbanks" with an unprecedented concentration of market power: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

November 6, 2008

Nov 06 23:44

Ron Paul: Obama Equals Shift Toward Global Government

Commenting on the much touted “International crisis” that luminaries such as Colin Powell, Joe Biden and Zbigniew Brzezinski have all guaranteed will occur within weeks of Obama entering the White House, the Congressman stated that he believes it may be a catalyst for a shift toward world government:

“I think it’s going to be an announcement of a new monetary order, and they’ll probably make it sound very limited, they’re not going to say this is world government, even though it is if you control the world’s money and you control the military, which they do indirectly.”

Nov 06 23:37

Fox News Angrily Smears Nader For Daring To Criticize Obama

The corporate media’s frightening obsession with maintaining Obama’s messianic complex now apparently extends to the so-called “right-wing” Fox News, who have eagerly picked up the baton and are right behind the mindless fervor of Obamamania - acting in lock step with the establishment left.

Nov 06 22:51

Lieberman's Future Undecided After Meeting With Reid

Lieberman was elected as an independent in 2006 after losing a Democratic primary. He continued to caucus and vote with the Democrats, however, except for issues relating to the war in Iraq. On that front, he has been decidedly aligned with the GOP.

Nov 06 22:27

Ron Paul on the Obama Presidency

Nov 06 22:04

Chris Matthews comes out of the closet

Video HERE.

Nov 06 19:58

Magnetic shield for spacefarers

Future astronauts could benefit from a magnetic "umbrella" that deflects harmful space radiation around their crew capsule, scientists say.

The super-fast charged particles that stream away from the Sun pose a significant threat to any long-duration mission, such as to the Moon or Mars.

But the research team says a spaceship equipped with a magnetic field generator could protect its occupants.

Lab tests are reported in the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.

The approach mimics the protective field that envelops the Earth, known as the magnetosphere.

Nov 06 19:14

Bio Terror 'Next Threat' For US

In an exclusive interview, homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff said sources of radioactive and biological materials must be properly secured "at all costs". He warned terrorists are actively seeking to acquire such materials. Mr Chertoff said he did not think a weapon of mass destruction, like a biological or nuclear bomb, was a danger that could be just months away. ... His comments echo those of the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who told Sky News last year that intelligence suggested terrorists were trying to get their hands on materials and know how to make a dirty bomb.

Nov 06 15:52

Barack Obama's official transition website.

Nov 06 15:30

Spin fantasies eventually crash

Barack Obama did not materialise from a vacuum. He is America's response to the dramatic failures of George Bush. It was Bush who created the craving for change. Obama has now met that need.

Nov 06 15:25

Toy maker Mattel to cut 1,000 jobs worldwide

Mattel Inc. said Thursday it is cutting about 1,000 positions worldwide because of the economic downturn that is clouding the holiday outlook for toy makers.

Nov 06 13:17

Rahm Emanuels father was a member of IRGUN "terrorist" gang in 1946,that bombed The King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

I don't think it would be wise,considering present American or Israeli socio-political situations,that we continue appointing White House staff/Congressional leaders who have direct family ties to previous tragic/lethal events. It doesn't quite fit in with "Change" or transparency of Government.
After the bombing of the King David Hotel by the Irgun militia gang 1946:

"British Prime Minister Clement Attlee commented on the attack to the House of Commons:

Nov 06 12:12

Captain's Blog: Once and future Treasury Secretary?

There has been much talk of whom President-elect Barack Obama will name as his Treasury secretary. The guessing game on Wall Street and in Washington, serious stuff even before the election, has become even more intense. A job that was once a good part ceremonial - with the ultimate perk being your signature on the nation's currency - has become full-time serious. The new Treasury secretary is probably Obama's most significant appointment, and arguably the first significant decision the next president will make.

Nov 06 12:09

FLASHBACK - The Brothers Emanuel

The best Rahm Emanuel story is not the one about the decomposing two-and-a-half-foot fish he sent to a pollster who displeased him. It is not about the time - the many times - that he hung up on political contributors in a Chicago mayor's race, saying he was embarrassed to accept their $5,000 checks because they were $25,000 kind of guys. No, the definitive Rahm Emanuel story takes place in Little Rock, Ark., in the heady days after Bill Clinton was first elected President.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great. Just the mentality we need in the White House.

Nov 06 12:04

Dow below 9,000 in accelerated selloff

Nov 06 12:02

Obama, McCain Campaign Computers Hacked

Computer systems used by the Obama and McCain campaigns were reportedly hacked over the summer by an unknown "foreign entity," according to an account of the attacks published Wednesday.

The sophisticated cyberattacks has prompted a federal investigation, Newsweek reported Wednesday. Attacks on both campaigns were similar in that investigators believed a foreign entity or organization sought to steal information on policy positions. Such information could be used in negotiations with the future administration.

Nov 06 11:00

Naomi Wolf - Parallel Between US and Fascist Italy

Naomi Wolf, noted author & social critic draws chilling comparisons
between how Mussolini used legal means to gradually take away
democracy in Italy & how the US is going down a similar path. Please view and forward to as many people as possible.

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Nov 06 10:51

(Iraqi) Lawmakers call on Obama to pull out troops from Iraq

Fawzai Akram, parliamentarian for the Sadr bloc, told Aswat al-Iraq “We demand Obama to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, to achieve sovereignty and independence for Iraqis.”

“I hope that major changes would occur in the U.S. policy, especially after the promises made by Obama, stressing his attempts to impose peace worldwide,” he said.

Nov 06 10:47

FBI staff silenced over torture

Nov 06 10:09

Israel breaks Gaza ceasefire, assassinates six

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns in the strongest possible terms the killing of six Palestinians carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip yesterday evening and this morning. The victims were all killed by air strikes. This escalation is the first of its kind since the tahdia (the Egyptian-brokered truce between Palestinian resistance groups and Israel) entered into force on 19 June 2008.

Nov 06 10:05

cnn's hologram interview technology explained

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And it isn't really a hologram anyway, it's just a fancy chroma-key dressed up to look like a gag from Star Wars.

Nov 06 09:48


Something stinks. You don't care? Obama won. Yes. He. Did! Free at last! Wait. Democracy demands all of the votes be counted...if you can find them. In the balance hangs the fate of Alaska's Senate seat and House seat. We still don't know if we have elected now convicted felon Ted Stevens, or Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. We still don't know if Don Young and his million dollar legal problems will defeat former State Representative Ethan Berkowitz and his dreams of Washington DC. Alaska hasn't had a Democrat represent us in Washington DC since Mike Gravel lost his senate seat in 1980.

Nov 06 09:47

'Palin didn't know Africa was a continent': McCain aides begin Republican mud-slinging in wake of defeat

Yep, Sarah has been voted the scapegoat for the GOP defeat.

Nov 06 09:43

Palin being set up as the scapegoat for McCain's defeat?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am no fan of Caribou Barbie, but this story about the towel is just plain petty!

Nov 06 09:35

Socialists: Obama no socialist

These are hard times to be a socialist in America. And not just because there's a bourgeois-bloated Starbucks on every other corner, thumbing its capitalist nose at the proletariat.

No, it's tough these days because you've got politicians on the right, the same guys who just helped nationalize the banking system, derisively and inaccurately calling the presidential candidate on the left a socialist. That's enough to make Karl Marx harumph in his grave.

Nov 06 09:34


Nov 06 09:32

12 Reasons to Watch Carefully to Obama as President of the United States

Nov 06 09:29

Why the Republicans backed off last night - Ohio Judge derails 2008 election fraud

Nov 06 09:27

Voters OK pot measure

Voters passed a ballot measure that would direct police to take a hands-off approach to the adult personal use of marijuana.

With all precincts reporting, the measure passed 53.1 percent (35,329 votes) to 38.6 percent (25,658 votes).

Voters were asked whether the Police Department should regard marijuana as the lowest law enforcement priority.

Nov 06 09:26

Obama Strongly Considering RFK Jr to Head EPA

Now the bad news...

"Obama’s transition planners are weighing several other celebrity-level political stars for Cabinet posts, including retired general Colin L. Powell for secretary of Defense or Education, the officials said."


Nov 06 09:23

Goodbye George W. Bush!


Nov 06 09:21

Goldman Sachs laid off thousands this week-sources

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. notified roughly 3,200 employees this week that they have been laid off, part of previously reported plans to slash 10 percent of the firm's global work force amid slumping markets, people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

Nov 06 09:18

No George Bush sewage plant for San Francisco

Voters on Tuesday rejected Measure R, which would have changed the name of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant. With 98 percent of precincts reporting, more than 69 percent had voted against the idea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe they thought it was unfair to the sewage plant.

Nov 06 09:15

U.S. to Sell $55 Billion in Long-Term Debt Next Week

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Who will buy it?

Nov 06 09:14

How to entertain your pet: barmy advice from the British!

Under a new government-issued code of practice, British cat and dog owners are now obliged to provide “entertainment” and "mental stimulation" for their pets.

The 26 page document on cat welfare begins with a warning to owners: "It is your responsibility to read the complete Code of Practice to fully understand your cat's welfare needs and what the law requires you to do."

"You should ensure that your cat has enough mental stimulation from you and from its environment to avoid boredom and frustration,” the document proceeds to point out.

Nov 06 09:11

Whatever Doubts I Have About Obama, I'm Still Happy An African-American Man Has Been Elected President

Nov 06 09:10

Robert Rubin Says He Won't Be Joining the Obama Administration

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin said he will not be joining the administration of President-elect Barack Obama.

Nov 06 09:09

Israel cautions against dialogue with Iran

Israel said Thursday U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's stated readiness to talk to Iran could be seen in the Middle East as a sign of weakness in efforts to persuade Tehran to curb its nuclear program.

"We live in a neighbourhood in which sometimes dialogue -- in a situation where you have brought sanctions, and you then shift to dialogue -- is liable to be interpreted as weakness," Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said, asked on Israel Radio about policy change towards Tehran in an Obama administration.

Nov 06 09:09

Over 1 Trillion Dollars Worth of Credit Default Swaps Against Governments

There are $33 trillion in CDS still outstanding, even after the Lehman CDS were settled.

Nov 06 09:07

China - Instead of Decoupling - is Crashing, Further Hurting World Economy

Many people argued that China would "decouple" from Western economies, weather the financial crisis relatively unscathed, and thus help to give the world economy some stability.

Nov 06 09:06

Is Italy in Trouble?

There are more credit default swaps bet against Italy than any country in the world, except Turkey.

Nov 06 09:06

Olmert heads to D.C. to wrangle last favors from Bush

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will visit President George Bush in Washington later this month in an attempt to reach last minute agreements and extract a number of promises before both leaders step down.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if one of those "promises" has to to with an Israeli-led attack on Iran before Bush leaves office.

Nov 06 09:04

Can’t Access Your Google Account? Tough Luck

A web programmer is the latest victim in a string of recent Google account shut-downs the company has been slow to remedy.

Axod, creator of the Ajax-powered chat webapp Mibbit, which we’ve written about previously, was apparently the victim of a malicious hacker last Thursday. While that sort of random attack could happen to anyone, it’s Google’s response that has Axod steamed.

“A company really shows its true colors when things go wrong, or when users need help,” he writes. “Google has shown that it simply doesn’t care.”

Some details from the Mibbit blog:

Nov 06 08:59

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose Higher Than Forecast

More Americans than anticipated filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week and total jobless rolls climbed to the highest level in 25 years, indicating further deterioration of the labor market.

Nov 06 08:58

An Open Letter to Barack Obama: Between Hope and Reality by Ralph Nader

Dear Senator Obama,

In your nearly two-year presidential campaign, the words "hope and change," "change and hope" have been your trademark declarations. Yet there is an asymmetry between those objectives and your political character that succumbs to contrary centers of power that want not "hope and change" but the continuation of the power-entrenched status quo.

Nov 06 08:56

Video - Change Has Come To America

Nov 06 08:54

$400 for a fish wrapper? Obama win sparks online 'print rush'

Bids on eBay last night were up to $400 for a single copy of Wednesday's New York Times -- banner headline: "Obama" -- although by this morning, market saturation seems to have knocked that price down to about $100. Lesser but still substantial ransoms were being asked for keepsake editions of lesser but still substantial metro dailies.

Who said print is dead?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Y'all owe me $400 for the copies of my Obama Wins page you downloaded 2 nights ago! :)

Nov 06 08:52

Subpoena Dementia

We interrupt this honeymoon to remember that there's something we should be remembering.

Here is a list of some of the subpoenas issued by the 110th Congress and laughed at by the Bush-Cheney Justice Department:

Nov 06 08:48

Students in 'Weird Science' Halloween party arrested under anti-terror laws

A group of students had their 'Mad Scientist' party brought to an abrupt end when police mistook them for terrorists.

The private party, held in Hackney, north London, was organised by a group of friends dressed in white laboratory coats and wigs, who put on a display of theatrical 'experiments' to entertain guests.

But when police entered the building for a routine check in the early hours of Sunday morning, they discovered scientific debris and plastic skeletons and mistook it for terrorist paraphernalia or drug-making equipment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am starting to think that the blue dye used in police uniforms causes brain damage.

Nov 06 08:43

Had this for years...outstanding (unknown author) written 1995

For those who may be confused by the controversies surrounding the "New World Order", a One-World-Government, and American concern over giving the UN more power; those unaware of the issues involved; and those wishing more background, I offer the following.

Originally presented for an Honors Class, "Dilemmas of War and Peace," at New Mexico State University, the paper was ridiculed and characterized by Dr. Yosef Lapid, (an acknowledged and locally quoted "expert" on Terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs) as "paranoid... possibly a symptom of mental illness." You may judge for yourself.

Nov 06 08:41

Russia to deploy short-range missiles near Poland

Russia will deploy short-range missiles near Poland to counter U.S. military plans in Eastern Europe, President Dmitry Medvedev warned Wednesday, setting a combative tone that clashed with global goodwill over Barack Obama's election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are still a couple months to get through before Obama is actually in office.

Nov 06 08:39

DOW heads down again.

Nov 06 08:38

European markets down despite rate cuts

European stock markets traded down Thursday after heavy sell-offs on Wall Street and Asia despite interest rate cuts across the continent, including a much bigger than anticipated reduction from the Bank of England.

Nov 06 08:38

Last New England Republican in US House loses

U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays was a master at surviving close elections in a diverse southwestern Connecticut district that includes some of America's richest towns and deep pockets of poverty.

But he was no match for the long coattails of Barack Obama in Tuesday's election. The moderate Republican seeking his 11th term was bested by Democrat Jim Himes, 142,979 votes to 135,630 votes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shays' defeat had less to do with Obama's coat tails than with the Neo-con curse. The American people, REPUBLICANS INCLUDED are fed up with the Neo-con vision for America.

Hitler's "Thousand Year Reich" lasted 12 years. The Project for the New American Century lasted just 8.

Nov 06 08:35

Potential Obama appointments draw keen speculation

Obama's choice for chief of staff, Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, appeared conflicted over whether to take on what promises to be a grueling job. Emanuel told Chicago's WLS-TV that he was honored to be considered but needed to weigh the impact on his family. He was a political and policy aide in the Clinton White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And thought by many to be "Mega", Israel's top spy in the Clinton White House. Bill Clinton personally ordered the FBI to stop the search for Mega, coincident with the time when, according to the Ken Starr report, "a foreign nation" tapped Monica Lewinsky's phone at the Watergate and recorded one of Clinton's and Monica's phone sex sessions, then used that recording to apply Pressure to Clinton.

Obama is clearly having to repay a favor with this appointment. The good news (if Rahm takes the job) is that we know to keep an eye on him.

Nov 06 08:29

Election unleashes a flood of hope worldwide

From the front lines of Iraq to more genteel spots like Harry's Bar in Paris, the election of Barack Obama opened a floodgate for the world's hope that a new U.S. leader would redeem promises of change, rewrite the political script and provide a kind of leadership that would erase the bitterness of the Bush years.

Nov 06 08:28

Bring on the Puppy and the Rookie

I had been amazed during the campaign — not by the covert racism about Barack Obama and not by Hillary Clinton’s subtext when she insisted to superdelegates: “He can’t win.”

But I had been astonished by the overt willingness of some people who didn’t mind being quoted by name in The New York Times saying vile stuff, that a President Obama would turn the Rose Garden into a watermelon patch, that he’d have barbeques on the front lawn, that he’d make the White House the Black House.

Nov 06 08:27

President Barack Hussein Obama. America's Shining Moment

If there was one defining moment during Tuesday night's coverage of Sen. Barack Obama's historic presidential victory that crystallized the emotional enormity of this incredible accomplishment it was that of the Rev. Jesse Jackson weeping in the front rows of Chicago's Grant Park celebration. I wept right along with Jesse, as I saw behind the tears of a man who's clawed through six decades of the civil rights struggle and now stood on that proverbial mountaintop and was finally seeing the promised land.

Nov 06 08:26

China, Emerging Asia to Fight `Protectionist' Obama

Asia's leaders, led by an ascendant China, say they hope Barack Obama didn't really mean those campaign promises to protect American trade. And if he did, they are in better shape to object than ever before.

To Asian ears, Obama's calls for tougher labor and environmental rules and steps to reduce the U.S. trade deficit sound like thinly veiled protectionism, just as a global financial crisis makes exports more crucial than ever.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But that has to apply to AMERICAN exports, and the problem is that other nations are very willing to export to us, but less than willing to buy our exports. That is not to say that American exports are not themselves partly to blame for the problem, but exports must be two-way to make an economy work.

Nov 06 08:23

Russia's Medvedev criticises U.S. over Georgia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev criticised the United States in his first annual address to the nation on Wednesday, blaming "selfish" U.S. foreign policy for Moscow's war with Georgia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Medvedev is correct. The US was (is?) planning war with Iran, and because of the pact between Iran and Russia, together with Russia's stated intentions to support Iran in the event of war, the US feared Russian logistical support to Iran via ground convoy through Georgia. Starting in November of last year, both Israel and the US started supplying arms and training to Georgian troops. The strategists expected that the Ossetia conflict would degrade into a prolonged border clash which would close the passes through the Caucasus mountains, and with expected air superiority over Iran, this would prevent meaningful Russian intervention in the planned war.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley and the Russians blew through the Georgian troops like they were wet kleenex and the Iran war plan fell apart at that point.

Nov 06 08:16

GM Executive: Next 100 Days Critical For GM, US Auto Industry

A top General Motors Corp. (GM) executive on Wednesday said the next 100 days could represent the most crucial time in the history of the troubled company and entire U.S. auto industry.

Troy Clarke, president of GM North America, urged auto industry executives to make the case to Washington leaders that the failure of auto companies would have devastating effects on the economy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make cars we want to drive!

Nov 06 08:15

US elections showed all fundamentals of a democratic vote, but electoral reform efforts should continue

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Had it been less than a landslide, the vote riggers would have been able to change the outcome.

Nov 06 08:12

UNGA: Israel's 'enormous web of unlawful practices' devastating Palestinian society, Palestine's observer says, as fourth committee debates situation in territory

Through an “enormous web of unlawful practices” that entailed systematic human rights violations, Israel was causing severe devastation and damage to Palestinian society, the observer for Palestine said today as the Fourth Committee (Special Political and Decolonization) launched its annual discussion of Israeli practices affecting the human rights of Arabs in the occupied territories.