"Since the anticommunism hysteria in the years following the Second World War, a bipartisan consensus has existed on foreign policy. Meaningful political discourse has been almost absent about foreign policy issues. So many foreign policy decisions have been placed beyond public scrutiny, that almost all of what passes as official information about foreign policy is manufactured by government agencies for its propaganda effect." -- Daniel Hellinger and Dennis R. Judd



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July 9, 2014

Jul 09 07:56

Ben & Jerry's Switches To Non-GMO Ingredients And Supports GMO Labeling

Major ice cream manufacturer, Ben & Jerry's, has announced a major shift in how they produce their flavors. They are shifting all their ice cream flavors away from containing genetically modified ingredients (corn, soy, and sugar beets) and have already made headway with 14 of their most popular varieties.

Jul 09 07:55

Report: Illegal Immigrant Children Have Lice So Bad ‘They Can Be Seen Crawling Down’ Their Faces (Video)

Todd Starnes told Sean Hannity on FOX News tonight that the illegal immigrant children held at Lackland Air Force base in Oklahoma are bringing diseases into America. The children have tuberculosis, scabies and lice so bad you can see them running down their faces.

“It’s one giant emergency room. They tell me tuberculosis has become a very dangerous issue there. Nurses say the number of children representing symptoms of tuberculosis is ‘simply staggering.’ Spitting up blood, chest pains, constant coughing. There are at least three confirmed cases for the illegals in Austin, Texas… The federal government is covering up the threat of the health crisis. They say the kids have scabies. They also say they have chicken pox. And lice so severe they can be seen crawling down the faces of the children.“

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 09 07:44

Big Banks Want Power to Declare Cyber War

Wall Street’s biggest trade group has proposed a government-industry cyber war council to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances, according to an internal document.

The proposal by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, known as Sifma, calls for a committee of executives and deputy-level representatives from at least eight U.S. agencies including the Treasury Department, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, all led by a senior White House official.

The trade association also reveals in the document that Sifma has retained former NSA director Keith Alexander to “facilitate” the joint effort with the government. Alexander, in turn, has brought in Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, and his firm, Chertoff Group.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More than ever before, please do NOT have any more money in your personal bank account than you absolutely need with which to pay your bills.

This is not only a lousy idea, but also, the charges depositors will ultimately face will be epically nasty. IF these services will cost one million dollars per month, you can bet your sweet bippy that it will not be the banks absorbing those costs at all.

Jul 09 07:36

'I've been banned by the BBC!': Ex-Chancellor Lord Lawson, a passionate climate change sceptic, accuses BBC bosses of silencing debate on global warming

It is hard to imagine a more blatant breach of its charter, which commits it to political balance, or a more blatant betrayal of the people’s trust, on which the continuation of its licence fee depends.

The BBC justifies its unique compulsory funding model — a television tax — by claiming that it provides a fair and balanced public service. Its treatment of climate change shows this is simply not the case.

It is little wonder that a recent poll found most people would like to see the licence fee scrapped.

Jul 09 07:34

Erin Pizzey on Feminism

Erin Pizzey, author and highly regarded domestic violence expert (who opened the world's first DV shelter) shares her experiences of the start of the women's movement in the UK.

It wasn't a grass roots movement of women at all, rather it was a violent, leftist movement from the very beginning.

This clip contains extended, never-before seen interview footage of Erin Pizzey from 2004.

See her book covering the rise of Feminism: 'This way to the Revolution' (2011)
Erin Pizzey website -

Jul 09 07:31

Britain was Syria's only supplier of three chemicals used to make deadly nerve agent sarin

British companies sold chemicals used to make lethal nerve agent sarin to Syria in the 1980s, ministers will admit today.

In the week that the US has started the process of destroy Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons, it has emerged that the UK supplied the country with key elements for making them.

It is a major embarrassment for the British government, after condemning the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime during the bloody three-year civil war.

Jul 09 07:30

In-state college tuition for illegal aliens

The college tuition that a resident pays to a public college or university in their home state is called "in-state tuition". Typically this is much less than the tuition charged to students who come from out-of-state. Allowing an illegal alien student to pay less than an American student is wrong. Yet this is currently being promoted in Congress under the DREAM act.

Under U.S. law, illegal aliens may not hold any job in the United States. Thus, tax dollars expended on higher education illegal aliens to prepare them for professional careers serves only to draw more illegal aliens to those states offering in-state tuition.

Jul 09 07:29

Salvadoreños en la bestia, para otros el tren de la esperenaza, lagrimas, sufrimiento, o muerte

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Spanish language TV report on more illegals hopping trains through Mexico to cross into the United States.

Jul 09 07:28

El-Erian: Fed Is Making An ‘All-In’ Bet

Jul 09 07:27

US Concerned About Possible Seizure of Power in Afghanistan - Kerry

The US is concerned with possible attempts to seize power in Afghanistan due to disagreements over the recent presidential election in the country and has warned Kabul about the suspension of its aid if a regime change occurs, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because regime change is OUR job!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 09 07:26

Stem cell patient ACCIDENTALLY grows a NOSE on her back eight years after surgeons injected tissue there to try to cure her paralysis

A woman has developed a nose-like growth eight years after a stem cell treatment to cure her paralysis failed.

At the Hospital de Egas Moniz in Lisbon, Portugal, the unnamed woman, a U.S. citizen, had tissue from her nose implanted in her spine.

Doctors hoped the cells would develop into neural cells and help repair the nerve damage to the woman's spine.

But the treatment failed.

However, last year, eight years after the stem cell operation, the woman, then 28, complained of increasing pain in the area.

Doctors discovered a three-centimetre-long growth, which was found to be mainly nasal tissue, as well as bits of bone and nerve branches that had not connected with the spinal nerves.

Jul 09 07:25

Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Unlike the terrorist offenses in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq, backed by the United States, the UK, the EU, members of NATO as well as regional collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar, where any attempts to stop extremists from seizing entire nations is met by the West’s howling indignation and accusations of “human rights abuses,” the unmitigated brutality executed by literal Nazis in Ukraine against breakaway provinces in the east are accompanied by a hypocritical silence from the West.

Refugees streaming away from encircled and bombarded populated centers tell tales of mass murder, indiscriminate targeting of civilians, and even grisly accounts of forced organ harvesting taking place from the bodies of those killed by Kiev’s combined arms offensive, or from those kidnapped by criminal gangs operating in the vacuum of impunity afforded by the West’s silence...

Jul 09 07:20

Israel 'to intensify Gaza attacks'

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to "further intensify attacks on Hamas" in the Gaza Strip after talks with his defence chiefs.

He said the Palestinian militants would "pay a heavy price" for their rocket attacks on Israel.

Hamas fired more than 45 rockets at Israeli cities on Wednesday after Israel carried out dozens of overnight air strikes in Gaza.

Gaza officials say 35 Palestinians have now died in the recent hostilities.

The officials say half of the casualties were civilians, a number of them women and children.

Jul 09 07:20

Say hello to U.S. economy’s newest bubble

Call it irrational exuberance, part two. Like old man river, the stock market just keeps rolling along. Last week it was Dow 17,000. Will this week see the market go even higher?

Before you jump on the bulls’ bandwagon, let me call to your attention a couple of salient statistics. At today’s level, the Dow industrials DJIA +0.10% are up 5% since the beginning of this year. This is on top of a 35% leap in 2013. And in case you are keeping score, the Dow is now a whopping 155% above its low back in March 2009.

All that said, there are a number of warning signs out there that suggest the party may soon be over.

Jul 09 07:20

Florida lawyers fired for calling Palestinians 'swine,' 'cockroaches'

Two South Florida public defenders were fired Tuesday after making inflammatory remarks on social media about Palestinians allegedly celebrating the abduction and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June.

In one Facebook post attorney Gary Sheres wrote: “they are the filthy swine they don’t eat,” referring to the Muslim custom of not eating pork.

“That’s why the Palestinian people are considered the cockroaches of the world,” lawyer Bruce Raticoff wrote. “Burn them to the ground.”

The public defender’s office first became aware of the comments following an inquiry from the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper on July 2 and was soon bombarded with criticism from equal rights groups and individuals.

Jul 09 07:19

Israel hits 160 targets in Gaza overnight

The Israeli air force bombed 160 targets in the Gaza Strip overnight as it pressed a widescale campaign to stop volleys of Palestinian rocket fire, an army official said Wednesday.

"Overnight, the IDF (army) hit about 160 targets in the Gaza Strip. Over the past two days we attacked a total of about 430 targets," General Moti Almoz told military radio as Operation Protective Edge entered its second day.

Jul 09 07:18

Portugal's Largest Bank Misses Bond Payment; Bonds Collapse

Brussels, we have a problem. As we warned 6 weeks ago, Espirito Santo International SA - is in a "serious financial condition" according to a central bank driven external audit by KPMG identified "irregularities in its accounts." Sure enough, the 'ponzi-like' maneuvers have left the bank unable to pay its bonds as Bloomberg reports bonds plunged to record lows after a parent company delayed payments on short-term notes.

Jul 09 07:18

The Bears Are Back In Town

Jul 09 07:00

Why Are Armed "International Security" Personnel Now Arresting American Citizens?

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Very recently I came across a scenario in the streets of Hollywood, California. The big scene seemed a bit striking to the average person walking by as it was the middle of the day in a crowded busy Hollywood street. A closer look caused me to be even more intrigued - there was a gentleman being arrested. He was in handcuffs and surrounded by three or four armed officers. Or were they really officers?...

Jul 09 06:58

Adobe pushes critical Flash update for Windows, Mac

Adobe issued a critical update for Flash Player on Tuesday that aims to patch a security flaw that could let hackers prey on users of popular sites like eBay, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

The update, which brings Flash to version, is geared for users on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. According to security blogger Michele Spagnuolo, the flaw this patch addresses lets hackers steal cookies that authenticate users on thousands of websites.

"These updates address vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system," Adobe wrote in its bulletin.

Jul 09 06:56

'Israel under renewed Hamas attack', says the BBC. More balance is needed The macabre truth is that Israeli life is deemed by the western media to be worth more than a Palestinian life – this is the hierarchy of death at work

The macabre truth is that Israeli life is deemed by the western media to be worth more than a Palestinian life: here is the "hierarchy of death" at work. According to the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem, 565 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli security forces since January 2009, while 28 Israeli civilians and 10 Israeli security personnel have been killed. The asymmetry of this so-called conflict is reflected in the death toll, but it is not reflected in the coverage.

The BBC is a public broadcaster, duty-bound to provide balanced reports that accurately reflect the reality on the ground. It is failing to do so, and it is up to licence payers – to whom it is accountable – to demand that it does.

Jul 09 06:51

Ukraine gas debt exceeds $5bn, no June payments made - Gazprom

Ukraine’s gas bill has risen another $838 million, after Kiev failed to make a payment for 1.7 billion cubic meters of Russian gas supplied in the first half of June.

“The deadline for paying June bills expired yesterday; we again didn’t receive the money from Naftogaz Ukraine. As a result Ukraine’s debt to Gazprom for the 1.7 billion cubic meters supplied from June 1 through June 16 rose to $5.296 billion,” Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller said on Tuesday.

Miller added that Ukraine needs to pay for 11.535 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, which is a “gigantic” volume, comparable to the total supplied to Poland.

Jul 09 06:51

Israel's 'Brutal Attack' on Gaza Kills At Least 8 Children

'The death and injury to children caused by Israel’s military offensive on Gaza demonstrates serious and extensive disregard of fundamental principles of international law.'

Jul 09 06:50

E. Ukraine's Lugansk: From busy city to ghost town

One of Ukraine’s biggest cities in the east, Lugansk, once home to almost 450,000 people, has recently become a ghost town – deserted streets, broken glass and abandoned households after repeated attacks by Kiev troops.

Jul 09 06:49

FBI, NSA targets Muslim-American lawyers, right activists

The National Security Agency has been tracing the email communications of prominent Muslim-Americans, including civil rights activists, lawyers and even a political candidate, according to the latest batch of Snowden revelations.

Jul 09 06:44

Jeffrey Goldberg Is an Idiot (No, ISIS Hasn’t Captured Saddam’s Hidden WMD)

It was unclear from Goldberg’s tweet alone whether this was simply a stupid joke — or whether Goldberg genuinely believed this shows we’ve discovered Saddam’s hidden stockpile of chemical weapons, thus proving George W. Bush (and Jeffrey Goldberg) right at long last.

However, Goldberg then retweeted three other people (this, this and this) who seem to believe it was the latter; i.e., that we’ve now learned Iraq did have WMD. So apparently Goldberg believes this as well.

Here’s what’s actually going on:

Jul 09 06:43

Top Obama Middle East Official Blasts Israel Over Its Treatment Of Palestinians In A Tel Aviv Speech

Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank is wrong and leads to regional instability and dehumanization of Palestinians, a top American government official said Tuesday in Tel Aviv, hinting that the current Israeli government is not committed to peace.

In an unusually harsh major foreign policy address, Philip Gordon, a special assistant to US President Barack Obama and the White House coordinator for the Middle East, appealed to Israeli and Palestinian leaders to make the compromises needed to reach a permanent peace agreement. Jerusalem “should not take for granted the opportunity to negotiate” such a treaty with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has proven to be a reliable partner, Gordon said.

Jul 09 06:42

Israeli settler 'shoots at Palestinians' in East Jerusalem

An Israeli settler opened fire at a group of Palestinians in East Jerusalem late Monday, witnesses said.

Witnesses told Ma'an that a settler from Nof Zion settlement near the Jabal al-Mukabbir neighborhood shot at a group of Palestinian youths while they were standing in front of a grocery store.

While shooting, the settler shouted at the Palestinians to "leave," locals said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel has a very strict gun control policy. The Israelis are allowed to carry guns, but the Palestinians are not. This keeps the guy shooting at the Palestinians safe!

Jul 09 06:39

Netanyahu instructs Israeli military to intensify assault on Gaza Israeli PM authorises escalation of offensive as Palestinian death toll rises and rocket attacks from Gaza target Tel Aviv

Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Israeli military to "intensify even further" its assault on the Gaza Strip.

While stopping short of announcing a ground invasion, the Israeli prime minister told assembled security chiefs in Beersheba on Wednesday: "The IDF [Israel Defence Forces] is prepared for any option. Hamas will pay a heavy price for firing at Israeli citizens."

Israeli jets and naval gunfire pounded targets in the Gaza Strip overnight as the government of Binyamin Netanyahu launched a large-scale military operation against the Islamist militant group Hamas in the coastal enclave.

The air assault continued throughout Wednesday morning bringing the Palestinian death toll to 32 in two days, including several senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants. More than 150 people have been injured. There have been about 440 air strikes since the beginning of the week.

Jul 09 06:37

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Found To Be 125X More Toxic Than Regulators Claim

Roundup herbicide was manufactured by Monsanto and is one of the worlds most widely used herbicides around the world. Numerous studies have emerged linking its main ingredient, glyphosate, to a number of health ailments that include cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

A new study published in the journal Biomedical Research International shows that Roundup herbicide is 125 times more toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate studied in isolation.

Jul 09 06:37

Power grab: EPA wants to garnish wages of polluters

The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly floated a rule claiming authority to bypass the courts and unilaterally garnish paychecks of those accused of violating its rules, a power currently used by agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

Jul 09 06:36

Unsealed records allege brutality, corruption in Denver Jail & witness intimidation by police

DENVER - Over the objections of Denver officials, a federal judge on Thursday unsealed police and sheriff internal affairs' records in a lawsuit alleging brutality and corruption in the Denver jail and witness intimidation by police.

The documents describe a chaotic Denver jail pod, where a deputy is accused of getting drunk and using porn, directing beatings of inmates, and selling pot and porn to inmates.

The revelations spring from a federal lawsuit by inmate Jamal Hunter, who accuses Deputy Gaynel Rumer of encouraging a brutal 2011 attack where inmates in an eight-man cell beat Hunter unconscious and burned his thighs and genitals with cups of scalding water.

The lawsuit alleges Rumer ignored Hunter's screams and even turned off the lights in the cell to give the attackers cover. Along with the burns, Hunter suffered fractures to his face.

Jul 09 06:35

Rockets and missiles fly; Israel prepares for possible Gaza ground operation

As rockets and missiles fly back and forth between Gaza and Israel, the Israeli military is preparing for a possible ground incursion.

Israel Defense Forces said airstrikes hit about 160 targets in Gaza early Wednesday, and 150 airstrikes were carried out the day before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 09 06:34

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

The National Security Agency monitored the phone conversations of 35 world leaders after being given the numbers by an official in another US government department, according to a classified document provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The confidential memo reveals that the NSA encourages senior officials in its "customer" departments, such as the White House, State and the Pentagon, to share their "Rolodexes" so the agency can add the phone numbers of leading foreign politicians to their surveillance systems.

The document notes that one unnamed US official handed over 200 numbers, including those of the 35 world leaders, none of whom is named. These were immediately "tasked" for monitoring by the NSA.

The revelation is set to add to mounting diplomatic tensions between the US and its allies, after the German chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday accused the US of tapping her mobile phone.

Jul 09 06:32

Butler-Sloss's child abuse role in doubt as conflict of interest row grows Former high court judge criticised over fact her brother Lord Havers was attorney-general at time of some of controversy

Opposition to the appointment of Lady Butler-Sloss as chair of the panel of inquiry into child abuse is growing at Westminster with lawyers and key MPs, including the new chair of the health select committee, urging her to stand aside.

She has been criticised on the basis that her brother, the late Lord Havers, was attorney general at the time some of the controversy over the failure to prosecute child abuse cases may have occurred.

The former high court judge insisted she had been unaware of reports that her brother tried to prevent ex-MP Geoffrey Dickens airing claims about a diplomat in parliament in the 1980s.

**Government appoints a paedophiles SISTER as the high court judge in charge of the Inquiry - OMG!!

Jul 09 06:31

US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’

A Russian MP claims the US kidnapped his son from the Maldives on bogus cyber-fraud charges and may be preparing to offer him as bait in a swap deal for Edward Snowden.

Jul 09 06:31

Hillary Clinton Has Raised Over $1 Billion From Wall Street

Hillary Clinton’s claim of being “dead broke” offered up easy fodder to Republicans, who swiftly poked fun at a politician who appeared out of touch with regard to her own potential wealth.

Yet what’s really keeping GOPers tossing and turning at night is the powerful political fundraising punch the Clinton brand brings to the table.

Jul 09 06:31

"Holocaust Survivor" warns concerned schoolkids: Iran must be stopped

An alleged "holocaust survivor" named Norbert Bikales who goes around New Jersey speaking to schoolkids has warned them that Iran must not acquire nuclear power. In the past it was "nuclear weapons" that the zionists alleged Iran was making, but they appear to now have eased the requirements of preemptive war to merely "nuclear power" when acquired by potential enemies.

The Central Jersey Register-News reports: BORDENTOWN: Middle school hosts Holocaust survivor:

"When asked if there is anything going on in the world today that looks like a holocaust could happen again, Mr. Bikales said, “We need to take a serious look at the nuclear power that Iran may have. The world powers need to stop Iran from gaining nuclear power and using it."

Many schools across the United States indoctrinate their schoolkids with grossly exagerated and unsubstanciated fables of the holohoax.

Jul 09 06:25

Members of Congress Declare “Immunity” from Insider Trading Probe

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ordered the committee last week to explain why it hadn’t responded to the SEC’s year-long request for documents, phone records and the testimony of staff director Brian Sutter, as part of a probe into whether he or other House members leaked private information about health care policy to insurance companies.

Rather than turning over the information, top House lawyer Kerry W. Kircher answered the order by requesting that the case be dismissed.

Jul 09 06:24

Children killed in Israeli air raids against Gaza – live updates

The Palestinian deathtoll now stands at 48 with a further 370 injuries, according to the grim running tally issued by Gaza's health ministry spokesman.

2.15pm BST

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has vowed to further intensify attacks on Hamas, according to Raphael Ahren, the diplomatic correspondent of the Times of Israel.

He quotes Netanyahu's office as saying: "The operation will widen and continue until the rocket fire on our cities will stop and quiet returns."

The prime minister warned that Hamas will "pay a heavy price" for firing at Israeli citezens.

The warning came after Nethanyahu was briefed by defence chiefs in southern Israel.

Jul 09 06:21

Hillary Clinton says she supports GMOs

The darling of the Democratic Party, Hillary Rodham Clinton, says she supports genetically modified food, making her no different from most other American politicians from both major political parties.

Jul 09 06:21

14 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy

The mainstream media is aging and collapsing under the weight of its own hubris and arrogance. Now entirely formulaic in presentation and predictable in substance, the ‘major’ outlets of news, which are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations, serve the purpose of misleading the public on important issues and manufacturing consent for government and the oligarchs.

Jul 09 06:20

AIPAC: American Patriotism Means Lobbying for Israel

I bet readers of this blog think that being patriotic means putting your country and its citizens first and doing stuff like trying to preserve the Constitution. Shas Party members have a different idea, of course, but I’m talking about most normal people.

Well, it turns out that Shas definitely has all of AIPAC on its side on this one. According to AIPAC the highest form of American patriotism is lobbying the US Congress on behalf of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George Orwell is spinning in his grave!

Jul 09 06:09

Old Smallpox Vials Found in Lab Scares US Authorities

U.S. authorities are scrambling to find out why and how old vials of the once-deadly smallpox virus were kept in a laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland where they weren't supposed to be.

The dreaded viral disease has been eradicated three decades ago and there have been no new immunizations developed against it.

The possible reintroduction of smallpox to a world that has no new immunization is a big health concern, so any existing samples of the virus had been isolated in only two laboratories in the world that are capable of handling them.

However, a government scientist uncovered six old smallpox vials from the 1950s while he was cleaning up an old lab of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda last week and did not know how they got there because the laboratory has only been in extistence some 10 years ago.

Jul 09 05:55

Both sides claim victory in Indonesian presidential election race

JAKARTA: Both sides claimed victory on Wednesday in Indonesia's tightest and most divisive presidential election since the end of authoritarian rule, as unofficial tallies showed Jakarta governor Joko Widodo leading over ex-general Prabowo Subianto.

The standoff in the hotly contested race to lead the world's third-biggest democracy prompted President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to call for restraint from both sides until official results are announced in two weeks' time.

The popularity of Widodo — known as "Jokowi" and the first serious presidential contender without roots in the the era of dictator Suharto — was clear earlier in the day, when hundreds of supporters mobbed him as he voted in central Jakarta.

Jul 09 05:50

Wall Street gets former NSA chief to help banks create ‘cyber war council’

The top trade group on Wall Street wants the White House to assemble a “cyber war council,” according to a new report, as America’s banks continue to brace for hackers to hit their computer systems with an unprecedented attack.

Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday this week that its journalists have viewed an internal document from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, or Simfa, calling for the United States government to create such a council “to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances” by way of a cyberattack previously unseen on US servers.

According to Bloomberg journalist Carter Dougherty, the unpublished Simfa draft proposes that executives and deputy-level representatives from no fewer than eight US agencies join forces to ensure that the banking industry can withstand a severe cyberattack.

Jul 09 05:43

Ukraine to use science funding for weapons production – Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he will reduce the country’s “useless” science programs to finance the production of drones and precision weapons.

“There will be no more spending of billions of people’s money, taxpayers’ money on useless research programs, which were used as a tool for theft,” said a statement published on the president’s website early on Wednesday.

Jul 09 05:28

Monsanto begins compensating victims of dioxin exposure

Residents of a West Virginia town that formerly hosted a Monsanto factory that produced noxious, cancer-causing chemicals can begin receiving assistance promised through a 2012, multi-million-dollar settlement.

A long-promised claims office finally opened up on First Avenue in Nitro, WV on Tuesday this week, meaning residents there will now be able to drop by five-days a week through October 31 in order to learn about what kind of coverage they are eligible to receive.

Monsanto, a major biotech corporation and the world’s largest seed producer, shut down their Nitro plan in 2004. Decades beforehand, however, the company produced the Vietnam War-era herbicide Agent Orange at the facility. Dioxin, a chemical by-product of the weed killer, was later linked to causing cancer and other serious health problems in those exposed to it.

Jul 09 05:26

MM25 - ISIS Head Killed or Injured

Jul 09 04:03

HHS Report: Percentage of Americans on Welfare Hits Recorded High

According to the 2014 version of a report that the Department of Health and Human Services is required by law to issue annually, the percentage of Americans on welfare in 2011 was the highest yet calculated. The data for 2011 is the most recent in the report.

Jul 09 02:40

Palestine Under Attack : LIVE UPDATES


Click for larger image

Going to stick this one at the top of the page for a while.

July 8, 2014

Jul 08 20:17

Banks Face Ultimate Collapse

It can now be reported that, at this hour, there is NO liquidity left in the worldwide financial markets as Chinese banks can no longer guarantee the bad loans which affects all worldwide derivative holdings of criminal banking institutions aka JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of England, U.S. Citibank as well as NAZI German Deutsche Bank.

Jul 08 19:27

Leak at Fukushima Nuclear Plant Threatens Dangerous Meltdown

Trouble is looming at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, as a leak has forced the shutdown of a cooling system that could cause temperatures to exceed dangerous levels.

Jul 08 19:22

The Latest Snowden Leak Is Devastating to NSA Defenders

Consider the latest leak sourced to Edward Snowden from the perspective of his detractors. The National Security Agency's defenders would have us believe that Snowden is a thief and a criminal at best, and perhaps a traitorous Russian spy. In their telling, the NSA carries out its mission lawfully, honorably, and without unduly compromising the privacy of innocents. For that reason, they regard Snowden's actions as a wrongheaded slur campaign premised on lies and exaggerations.

Jul 08 19:12

Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death [Massacre At Mazaar]

a 2002 documentary by Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran and award winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi about alleged war crimes committed under General Abdul Rashid Dostum, an Afghan ally of the United States, and the American military

Jul 08 19:11

Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag


- Mossad Chief predicted “three teens will be kidnapped” one week before it happened

Jul 08 18:57

White House asks $3.8 billion for border children

The White House on Tuesday will request $3.8 billion from Congress in emergency funding to deal with an influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America, a far higher amount than the Obama administration had previously signaled, according to a Capitol Hill source familiar with the plans.

Jul 08 18:54

Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty (James Ennes)

Remember the Liberty

Jul 08 18:34

MEGA BEX ALERT - Hamas leaders believed hunkered under Gaza hospital

Some Hamas leaders are believed to be hiding in bunkers underneath the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The officials said they believe the Hamas members are using the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza not only as a hiding place but also as a sanctuary command center for some of the Islamist group’s operations targeting Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

TRANSLATION: Israel is going to bomb the hospital so the Palestinians wounded in the bombing will die of their injuries, and this is Israel's flimsy excuse to commit more war crimes.

Jul 08 18:33

New TSA Rules Require Searches of on Cell Phones, Laptops and Electronic Devices

The TSA announced this week that they will be searching through your private information stored on electronic devices.

Jul 08 18:15

US military analysing social media: Defense Department spent millions researching users, including studies on Occupy, and how to better spread propaganda

The activities of users of Twitter and other social media services were recorded and analysed as part of a major project funded by the US military, in a program that covers ground similar to Facebook’s controversial experiment into how to control emotions by manipulating news feeds.

Jul 08 18:08

Does UN Arms Trade Treaty Threaten the Second Amendment?

Treaty would directly and immediately impact the full expression of the right to keep and bear arms..

Jul 08 17:43

Powerful raw video shows Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Warning: The content of this video is graphic.

Video footage shows Palestinians running from black smoke as the Israeli army ramps up its offensive and launches airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. At least 17 Palestinians, including two children, have died.

Jul 08 17:43

‘Swimming pool for bacteria’: There could be life on Mars today - new study

Water, near and on the surface of Mars, melts rapidly enough when combined with salt to allow bacterial life to flourish, despite the freezing temperatures on the planet, a new study from the University of Michigan claims.

The discovery came after NASA expert at the time, Nilton Renno, noticed droplets of what seemed to be water on the robotic arm of the Phoenix spacecraft when it landed on the Red Planet in 2008. Back then, the “droplets” prompted a huge debate, with scientists arguing if they were really ice or actually water – crucial to allowing life to grow – and if the latter, how it melted in temperatures that vary from -120 C to -21 C.

Jul 08 17:33

Is margin debt rolling over?

Jul 08 17:28

Revealed: Pentagon spent millions studying how to influence social media

“While some elements of the multi-million dollar project might raise a wry smile – research has included analysis of the tweets of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, in an attempt to understand influence on Twitter – others have resulted in the buildup of massive datasets of tweets and additional types social media posts,” the Guardian reported.

“The project list includes a study of how activists with the Occupy movement used Twitter as well as a range of research on tracking internet memes and some about understanding how influence behavior (liking, following, retweeting) happens on a range of popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Kickstarter, Digg and Reddit.”

Jul 08 16:43

Globalist Think Tank Calls for Pentagon Emphasis on War with China and Russia

think tank connected to Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger

Jul 08 16:35

There may have been establishment cover-up of child abuse claims to 'protect the system', says Lord Tebbit

Ex-Tory party chairman says it was 'more important to protect the system'
Says it was 'spectacularly wrong' because the abuses have 'grown'
Government says 114 secret files on paedophile cases have gone missing

Jul 08 16:25

Supermassive Black Holes Blows Hydrogen Gas at Million Kilometers per hour

The scientists have found that the supermassive black holes that are present in several galaxies are emitting molecular hydrogen gas in immense quantities and that too at insane rate.

According to the researchers at University of Sheffield, these celestial bodies are ejecting the gas at an unbelievable speed which sometimes reaches 1 million kilometers per hour.

The gas emitted by these supermassive black holes is cold.

Jul 08 16:15

Man beaten to death in front of crowd at Amtrak station in San Antonio

What a country we have become !

‘I Feel Like Killing Someone’: Police Say Man Beaten To Death In Front Of Crowd At Amtrak Station

Jul 08 16:09

'America' Filmmakers Demand to Know Why Google is Getting Their Search Results Wrong

The move comes on the heels of Costco allegedly removing the movie's source material, Dinesh D'Souza's book "America: Imagine a World Without Her,"

Jul 08 16:02

German exports disappoint, imports off sharply in May, adding to expectations of weak quarter

German exports fell more than expected in May while imports dropped sharply, adding to data that point to a weak second quarter for Europe's biggest economy and also pushing up the country's trade surplus.

The Federal Statistical Office said Tuesday that exports were down 1.1 per cent compared with the previous month, a steeper drop than the 0.4 per cent decline economists expected. Imports fell 3.4 per cent.

Jul 08 15:56

Vatican Bank Profits Plunge Following Clean-Up

It seems not even The Pope's private bank can make money when its only allowed to do it the legal way. As The FT reports, profits at the Vatican bank plunged last year after thousands of accounts were closed as part of an overhaul of the scandal-ridden institution. The Vatican bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), now has 17,419 customers, down from 18,900 in 2012 and net profit fell from EUR86.6m in 2012 to EUR2.9m last year. So - in sum - accounts fell 8% and profits collapsed 97% - is it any wonder Pope Francis plans to replace the board and all the executives at the 'bank'.

Jul 08 15:53

Stock Buyback Shocker: Companies Using Secured Bank Loans To Repurchase Stock

"US lending to businesses is reaching record levels but banks are privately warning that the activity should not be seen as evidence of an economic recovery." And the stunner: "Much of the corporate lending is going to fund payouts to shareholders, finance acquisitions and fuel the domestic energy boom, bankers say, rather than to support companies’ organic growth."

Jul 08 15:47

The Immigration Scandal For Dummies

Jul 08 15:45

Greek government outlaws power workers strike

On Saturday morning, the Greek government issued civil mobilisation orders to striking Public Power Corporation (PPC) workers, ordering them back to work by placing them under martial law. The order was issued after a ruling by the Athens Court of First Instance on Friday evening, which declared the strike illegal.

Jul 08 15:45

Gaza Today, In One Photo

Jul 08 15:44

An Alarming Number of Americans Can’t Name First Amendment Freedoms

The United States of America was founded on basic principles that continue to govern today’s society. Among them are our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of… some other things that most Americans can’t recall.

Jul 08 15:36

Illegal With Tuberculosis Ignored By Feds

An illegal immigrant from Guatemala is currently being treated for active tuberculosis (TB) at the University Medical Center (UMC) of El Paso.

Jul 08 14:53

A View from Gaza: This Is a Brutal Attack, Not a "Military Operation"

In Gaza last night, while Israeli army forces launched military attacks against Gaza, by sea, air and via artillery shells, hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children were unable to sleep inside their roof- tinned homes, clinging to their parents, crying, and terrified. The shelling last night was earth shattering, and went through the entirety of the Gaza strip- at least 100 attacks have already taken place.

Jul 08 14:05

#GazaUnderAttack .. open thread


Jul 08 13:59

CLAIM: Residents Asked To Shelter Children -- In Their Homes!



Jul 08 13:58

France lashes out against US dollar, calls for ‘rebalancing’ of world currencies

The French government wants to break the monopoly the dollar has on international transactions after the country’s largest bank, BNP Paribas, was slapped with a record $9 billion fine and a 1-year dollar trading ban.

Jul 08 13:32

Border Mayor: No Public Funds to Aid Illegals

The mayor of a Texas border town has announced his city will not be diverting public funds to further aid the illegal immigrant invasion, a problem which is straining the resources of other border towns.

Jul 08 13:31

Is changing the Israeli mindset possible?”

Alan Hart says appealing to Israelis over their leaders’ heads with a genuine peace offer based on the Arab Peace Initiative might break their mindset and pace the way for genuine peace.

Jul 08 13:17

Report: Catholic Churches Providing Housing for Illegals

Fox News reporter Will Carr stated that congregation members had told him that Catholic churches in California are providing housing

Jul 08 13:17

Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment

Okay, maybe I do have an anger management problem. I am just so sick of these $#%^&*(s. Yet another warrantless checkpoint today, with officers demanding I answer their questions. I came to the front of my truck and replied "HAVE YOU ever heard of the 4th Amendment? I'm not answering your questions, GOODBYE!" He accepted that reply, but got his widdle feewings hurt that I shouted at him. We then drove away.

Jul 08 13:14

Should We Serve the Economy or Should the Economy Serve Us?

Let's talk about the destruction of the American economy – mergers and acquisitions style.

As The New York Times points out, back in 1994, Massachusetts allowed its two most prestigious hospitals – Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women's Hospital – to merge.

Jul 08 13:08

EU says Ukraine has right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity

The European Union has taken note of the latest developments in eastern Ukraine, notably the retaking of control by the Ukrainian authorities over a number of towns previously held by illegal armed groups.

This is the same European Union which is increasingly unpopular among the electorate in its member countries. This is the same European Union where laws are created by an unelected politburo. This is the same European Union that is so corrupt that its auditors have refused to sign off on its accounts for two decades.

Jul 08 13:04

IMF package for Ukraine "not enough", minister says

Ukraine's deputy prime minister told international donors on Tuesday that a $17 billion International Monetary Fund bailout was "not enough" because of "unprecedented Russian-inspired aggression".

Jul 08 13:03

‘Smart’ Lightbulbs Reveal Wi-Fi Passwords

The LIFX lightbulb, yet another addition to the “Internet of things,” allows a user to remotely change a network-connected bulb’s color and strength from a computer or cell phone.

White-hat hackers with the UK-based security firm Context released their findings this week after successfully obtaining Wi-Fi credentials from 30 meters away.

Jul 08 13:00

Wall Street Teams Up with U.S. Intelligence Cronies in Bid to Form Fascist “Cyber War Council”

It appears that trillions in taxpayer bailouts simply wasn’t enough for Wall Street.

Jul 08 12:58

Big Banks Want Power to Declare Cyber War

Merger of Big Banks and National Security Power … What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jul 08 12:56

Stopping Agenda 21: Equipping Citizens to Fight Back

Our battle to expose and stop Agenda 21 has grown more intense over the past few months. More counties and states across the nation are taking action against the dictates of self-proclaimed stakeholder groups to reject sustainablist policies.

Jul 08 12:55

Child Allowed To Stab Syria Soldier As Woman Hammers Head

These are the ‘people’ that Obama wants to give $500 million dollars to. They make children stab tied up soldiers, and beat them to death. The young man had no chance to defend himself.

Jul 08 12:51

Ukraine faces humanitarian disaster, Russian parliament speaker says

Russia hopes that the military operation in the southeast of Ukraine will be stopped, as the country sees a real humanitarian disaster, the speaker of the Russian Federation Council upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko, said on Tuesday.

Jul 08 12:48

Detroit Urges National Effort to Defeat Banks, Privatization

Activists in Detroit have not been idle in confronting the bank-imposed austerity plaguing the city. Every week there are Freedom Friday demonstrations beginning at the DWSD and spreading out through downtown in order to confront and expose the real criminals behind the crisis.

A press conference organized by the Stop the Theft of Our Pensions Committee (STOPC) took place on July 3 in front of the federal courthouse. City of Detroit retirees from Moratorium NOW! Coalition, STOPC and the Concerned Citizens and Retirees of Detroit spoke out against the proposed plan of adjustment and what they perceived as a rigged voting process that is pressuring retirees to vote yes on cutting their pensions and benefits.

Members of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition have been leafleting at the DWSD payments centers in addition to organizing weekly Freedom Friday demonstrations. On July 2 and 3, hundreds of people were reached through leafleting on both the west and east sides of the city.

Jul 08 12:41

Members of Congress Declare "Immunity" from Insider Trading Probe

House panel refuses to submit to SEC subpeonas

Jul 08 12:33

Germany to spy on US for first time since 1945 after ‘double agent’ scandal

Merkel’s government is planning to scrap a no-spy agreement

Jul 08 12:32

MN Snow Pile Still Lingers in Summer Heat

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gosh DARN that human-caused global warming!

Jul 08 12:31


Just moments ago sirens sounded throughout the Jerusalem area. In its greatest display of psychological warfare, Israel wants us all to be very afraid.

Jul 08 12:30

Why Killing The Ex-Im Bank Is Crucial To The Future Of Capitalism

The surface facts make abundantly clear that the case for the Ex-Im Bank is truly lame. In the most recent year (2013), its credit guarantees and other programs accounted for $37 billion of exports or less than 2% of the $2.2 trillion of exports generated by the US economy. Moreover, by the bank’s own reckoning only about $12 billion of these Ex-Im deals deployed taxpayer subsidies in order to “meet competition from a foreign, officially sponsored export credit agency”.

Jul 08 12:27

Monsanto begins compensating victims of dioxin exposure

Residents of a West Virginia town that formerly hosted a Monsanto factory that produced noxious, cancer-causing chemicals can begin receiving assistance promised through a 2012, multi-million-dollar settlement.

A long-promised claims office finally opened up on First Avenue in Nitro, WV on Tuesday this week, meaning residents there will now be able to drop by five-days a week through October 31 in order to learn about what kind of coverage they are eligible to receive.

Jul 08 12:26

Hollywood inserts gun control subtext in new Planet of the Apes movie

It is no secret Hollywood is loaded with liberal movie moguls and directors.

Jul 08 12:24

5 ways extreme copyright rules can be used to censor the Internet

Imagine finding that your favourite music blog, political forum, or video remix has disappeared overnight. What happened? It may well have fallen victim to censorship via notice-and-takedown, copyright law's most misused tool.

Jul 08 12:23

CA man prevented from displaying American flag — at his home!

A Santee man said he was told he could not display the American flag inside his apartment window, but management will not tell him why.

Jul 08 12:23

Water in California being Auctioned

According to state records, two water districts in California are beginning to auction off their private supplies of water.

Jul 08 12:21

UK Moves to Legalize Mass Surveillance

The UK government is pushing to pass an emergency law that would allow for storing and tracking the public's phone calls, text messages, and internet use.

The bill, which is set for inter-party reforms later this week and is expected to pass, was created as a response to alleged domestic terrorism threats — although the validity of these threats and the likeliness of an attack are uncertain. Recruitment propaganda and videos of alleged war crimes by British citizens in Syria that surfaced on social media this year have helped fuel speculation and reports of radicalization on the home front. However, former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove said Tuesday that recent fears of extremism in the West have been overblown by governments and media, with most terrorist activity having been refocused into the Middle East.

Jul 08 12:19

Peter Schiff: The more US spies on the world the quicker dollar loses power

Germany is again having to deal with revelations that the US has been spying on it. A German intelligence agent was allegedly sending hundreds of top secret documents straight to Washington.

Jul 08 12:18

Christian Evangelicals Turning Backs on Israel

For decades, conservative evangelical Christians have been among the most fervent backers of the terroristic, rogue nuclear, apartheid Zionist occupation government in the Holy Land, known as Israel. They typically also have failed, knowingly or not, to acknowledge even basic human rights for the oppressed native Palestinians—Muslim and Christian—who face racial extinction at the hands of the region’s Jewish overlords. But that seemingly impregnable mountain of support has started to erode. A growing minority of ministers and younger believers have begun to challenge the established doctrine and practice, asserting that Zionism is contrary to God’s teaching in the Bible, and that continued persecution of Palestinians is a gross violation of fundamental morality.

Jul 08 12:18

Counter-Intelligence: Beyond the Deep State

The most well known form of false flag is when a government stages an attack and blames it on a designated enemy to justify a military invasion. For example, before the Nazis invaded Poland, they dressed up a number of concentration camp victims in Polish uniforms, took them to a German radio station in Gleiwitz, and executed them; the radio station was then vandalized by the Gestapo with the goal of creating the illusion of an attack by Polish soldiers and subsequent firefight. The “Gleiwitz incident” created a casus belli(or war pretext) for the Nazis to invade Poland.

Jul 08 12:06

Murrieta Residents: Obama Admin Flooding Our Streets to 'Force Immigration Reform'

some even assert that the Obama Administration is attempting to dump the immigrants in "small town America" to force immigration reform.

Jul 08 12:04

Infographic: Arm Yourself With The Facts On U.S. Gun Ownership

What anti-gun advocates also don’t want to recognize is that even as gun ownership rates have increased, gun-related crimes have dropped. In fact, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice, gun-related homicides decreased 39 percent over 18 years. From that statistical roundup, anti-gun sentiments don’t stand much ground.

Jul 08 12:03

How the public was manipulated into believing the teens were alive

Details under gag order could have suggested early on that the abducted teens were murdered. The government-led campaign calling for their release helped the legitimacy of Israel’s military operation in the West Bank. Local and even international media played along.

Jul 08 11:47


Revenge Killings in the form of WAR

Below are some photos and a video that the Western Media does not want you to see ...

Jul 08 11:45

Why Should Anyone Trust a Government That Kills, Maims, Tortures, Lies, Spies, Cheats, and Treats Its Citizens Like Criminals?

Why should anyone trust a government that kills, maims, tortures, lies, spies, cheats, and treats its own citizens like criminals? For that matter, why should anyone trust a government utterly lacking in transparency, whose actions give rise to more troubling questions than satisfactory answers, and whose domestic policies are dictated more by paranoia than need?

Jul 08 11:39

Entertainment part of brainwashing effort against 2nd Amendment

The anti-Second Amendment – indeed, the anti-natural rights – Hollywood elite will continue their screed against the Second Amendment. Obama’s admonishment – to de-glorify the use of firearms – will be used to brainwash an already largely brainwashed populace on the evil of the right to bear arms.

Jul 08 11:37

Palestine Update

Local editor
I have noticed that the Palestinian resistance is more advanced on both strategic and tactical aspects than before, surely, no comparison with Israeli huge capabilities. Apparently, Palestinian armed factions learned alot and gained experience through successive military confrontations, however, Israeli army is the sixth strongest army in the world and owns massive destruction facilities. Death toll is the highest among Palestinian civilians, however, victims are not blamed for self-defense.


Jul 08 11:35

1,000 UK workers protest low wages

More than 1,000 workers struck at Argos distribution centres around Britain on Thursday of last week.

The Unite union members are angry at attacks on their terms and conditions.

Jul 08 11:21

Dr. Ron Paul’s Prescription For Our Constitutional Republic

Dr. Paul said he said he works “on the assumption that you can save the republic but not in a conventional way.” He does not think the republic is going to be saved by “electing two or three or ten more members of Congress” who are committed to doing the right thing.

Jul 08 11:13

5 Shocking Places Where Fracking Is Taking Off

By now, many people have heard about the booming Bakken Shale in North Dakota where there is a mad rush for oil, enabled by the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a practice that pumps millions of gallons of water, chemicals and sand underground to break rock and release hydrocarbons.

Jul 08 11:06

'Big Oil Playbook' on Display in Small Town Tar Sands Fight

Exemplifying tactics outlined in a new report that dissects the oil industry’s efforts to influence the tar sands debate, members of a Big Oil front group packed a city council meeting in South Portland, Maine, on Monday night, forcing the meeting to be rescheduled.

Jul 08 10:40

Feds Hijack Silk Road Case in Bid to Dismantle Internet Freedom

The federal government is preparing to use the case against Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht as a trojan horse to eviscerate Internet freedoms and make website owners criminally responsible for their users’ actions, setting the precedent for chilling new laws that would drastically change the face of the world wide web.

Jul 08 10:33

Vials of Smallpox Virus Found in Unapproved Maryland Lab

The National Institutes of Health announced today that vials of the virus that causes smallpox were found in a laboratory on its Bethesda, Maryland, campus, which was unequipped and unapproved to handle the deadly pathogen.

Jul 08 10:33

38 Journalism Groups Urge President to Stop Excessive Controls on Public Information

Thirty-eight journalism and open government groups today called on President Obama to stop practices in federal agencies that prevent important information from getting to the public.

The national organizations sent a letter to Obama today urging changes to policies that constrict information flow to the public, including prohibiting journalists from communicating with staff without going through public information offices, requiring government PIOs to vet interview questions and monitoring interviews between journalists and sources.

Jul 08 10:29

LIVE UPDATES: Siren sounds in Tel Aviv; 16 Palestinians killed in IDF strikes in Gaza

Two armed Palestinians shot dead after crossing border into Israel; Israeli government approves call-up of 40,000 reservists; PM orders IDF to prepare for Gaza ground offensive.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 08 10:29

Booga Booga : DHS Cites ‘Credible Threat’ As Reason For Forcing Travelers To The US To Hand Over Powered-Up Devices To Airport Security

The key part is in the second sentence: “enhanced security measures.” The unspecified threat the DHS is reacting to has added a new requirement for passengers taking direct flights to the United States. In short, you’d better make sure all your electronics are charged before you reach the security checkpoint or you quite possibly won’t be going anywhere.

Jul 08 10:26

Seattle Lawyers and Citizens to Protest Commercial Code Uniform Law Changes that Help Banks Foreclose

Monday, July 7, 2014

Alina Virani, KingCast and Mortgage Movies Watch Seattle's Rolling Rebellion, Attorneys, Politicians and Citizens Square off Against the Banksters' Uniform Law "Reform" Conference.

Jul 08 10:24

TSA Whistleblower: New Phone Rule Is More Security Theater, Will Make Fliers LESS Safe

A former TSA agent has described the new rule mandating fliers to power up electrical devices at the TSA’s behest as “absurdist” and “theatrical”, saying it will not prevent any terrorist wanting to set off a bomb, and will likely make it easier to do just that.

Jul 08 10:09

TPP Negotiations Go Further Underground with Unprecedented Secrecy Around Meetings

EFF is in Ottawa this week for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, to influence the course of discussions over regressive digital policy provisions in this trade agreement that could lead to an increasingly restrictive Internet. But this round is different from the others—the secrecy around the talks is wholly unprecedented. The Canadian trade ministry, who is hosting this round of talks, has likely heightened the confidentiality due to the mass public opposition that is growing against this undemocratic, corporate-driven trade deal.

Jul 08 10:09

City Council in Texas to Vote on Resolution: No Unaccompanied Illegal Migrant children Allowed in League City.

We can see cities pass similar resolutions in Texas and nationwide blocking these children being dumped in their cities having their resources drained bankrupting municipalities taking care of these children and not welcoming the Federal government in to house these children in their jurisdiction,

Jul 08 10:04

Barefoot and Pregnant: The Supreme Court and the War on Women

There really is a war on women, and recently the U.S. Supreme Court has made the conduct of that war even easier. Due to majority decisions by this court, women are now more vulnerable in their physical persons and in their ability to plan their economic lives.

This is a war because war involves both physical injury as well as economic deprivation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I respectfully disagree with the Reverend's perspective here. This is not at all about access to birth control; it is a question of who pays for it.

I do not know if she has priced birth control recently. However, the monthly cost of birth control in this country, if one is using a generic birth control pill, is not that expensive at all. As reported at

ou scour supermarkets for the cheapest shampoo and the best deal on laundry detergent, so why shouldn’t you look for a bargain when filling your prescription? Call around and research your pill online to price your drug at the big pharmacies. Bonus: Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and most of the others have prescription savings clubs. You can get a 90-day supply of the drug for $12 on some of the plans.

That comes out to less than 14 cents per day; not a huge expenditure.

Jul 08 09:59

Even when it brutalises one of its own teenage citizens, America is helpless against Israel

Over the last fifty years America's 'strongest ally' has acquired a sense of smug invincibility

Jul 08 09:53

Westminster's dirt book: How Government whips covered-up MPs' 'scandals involving small boys' in exchange for loyalty

A senior former Tory MP boasted about how Edward Heath’s government could cover up scandals involving them and ‘small boys’.

Tim Fortescue revealed how the whip’s office, which rules over MPs for the party leadership, would try to ‘get a chap out of trouble’ in return for loyalty. He served as a whip between 1970 and 1973.

Mr Heath himself pioneered the keeping of a ‘dirt book’ about MPs' private lives to turn to his political advantage.

Mr Fortescue's extraordinary comments from a 1995 documentary emerged as Theresa May said political parties would be included in a wide-ranging inquiry into allegations of child abuse in every part of British society.

Jul 08 09:44

Myanmar's Facebook Block Could Signal More to Come

In early March, Yangon—the former capital of Myanmar (Burma)—played host to a conference held by the East-West Center, called "Challenges of a Free Press."

Jul 08 09:37

Hillary Clinton says Russia’s Putin ‘can be dangerous’

Russian President Vladimir Putin “can be dangerous” and will always push other political leaders as far as he can, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton told a German newspaper Sunday.

“A man like Putin always goes to the limits. He always tries to find out how strong the others are” and then re-positions himself accordingly, she told Bild am Sonntag.

“His latest aggression in Ukraine must be answered with a joint reaction by the West,” she said in an interview published to coincide with the Berlin launch of her book “Hard Choices”.

“I believe he can be dangerous,” she added, in response to questions about Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and Russia’s tactics in the east of the ex-Soviet state.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, Mrs. Clinton, for the zillionth time: Russia did not annex Crimea.

The last duly elected President of Ukraine was upsurped and throw out of office in a Western-sponsored putsch.

Crimea held what was characterized by international observers as a free and fair referendum to rejoin Russia after that, to which was always attached before the mid-50s, when Khrushchev, a native Ukrainian himself, annexed it to Ukraine.

Russia has done nothing wrong here; the US/EU/ECB ARE THE CULPRITS, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION!!!

Clinton's narrative here has absolutely nothing to do with the facts on the ground and the unfolding of the situation in Ukraine this last year; this is why the possibility of her running for President, and potentially getting elected, scares the absolute snot out of me.

Jul 08 09:36

Is your ATM safe? 'Invisible' ultra-thin skimmers that can steal your bank card details uncovered

They are a marvel of modern engineering - thin, virtually invisible, yet containing a computer and video camera.

Yet these tiny gadgets are causing major problems for banks - by 'skimming' credit card numbers and even recording PIN numbers.

The latest devices were revealed today as part of a new report from the European ATM Security Team (EAST), which warns they are already in use across Europe - with many of the fraudulent numbers being shipped to the US.

Jul 08 09:34

Washington becomes the 2nd state to allow sale of marijuana without prescription

Marijuana dispensaries in Washington state began legally selling recreational weed on Tuesday morning, joining Colorado to officially become the second state in the country where adults can lawfully purchase pot.

Customers formed lines outside of retailers in the Pacific Northwest state early Tuesday as select shops planned to open their doors for the first time ever.

Jul 08 09:33

Now taxman wants to trawl a YEAR of your bank statements under powers to raid bank accounts goes for unpaid tax

The taxman wants to be given access to 12 months of personal spending under new powers to raid bank accounts for thousands of pounds.

MPs said they were ‘horrified’ by the plans which they claimed would go against the 800-year-old Magna Carta charter.

Bosses from HM Revenue and Customs were savaged by the Treasury select committee for demanding the power to dip into private bank accounts to recoup less than £100million-a-year.

Jul 08 09:26

Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Genocide of Palestinians…Gets 5,000 Facebook Likes

Just a day before Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive (allegedly by six Israeli Jewish youths), Israeli lawmaker Ayelet Shaked took to Facebook to call for genocide of the Palestinians people.

It was a bloodthirsty statement of intent, declaring “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and calling for their total destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.” She calls for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

If Shaked’s post does not meet the legal definition of a call for genocide then nothing does. It would have fit perfectly in the pages of Nazi propaganda rag Der Sturmer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I nearly became physically ill, upon reading this.

So this is what Israel has devolved into in the 21st century; a genocidal, wretchedly apartheid self-proclaimed theocracy with nuclear weapons.

But Ayelet Shaked does not need to worry; with the coming ground assault on Gaza, I am sure the IDF will be murdering as many women and children as they think they can get away with killing.

I am surprised that her publicity photos to not show her wearing the "one shot; two kills" tee shirt the IDF was very proudly wearing some time back, supporting the killing of pregnant Palestinian women.

Jul 08 09:22

Agent Orange ingredient 2,4-D could soon be sprayed on thousands of fields near U.S. schools

Dow AgroSciences, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, is seeking permission to spray a toxic Agent Orange ingredient across agricultural fields within blocks of thousands of U.S. schools, a report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has warned.

"[H]undreds of thousands of children across the country will be at risk of increased exposure to the harmful chemical compound 2,4-D if the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] approves a new weed killer mixture called 'Enlist DuoTM,'" the report says.