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September 18, 2015

Sep 18 11:03

2.3 million people apply for 368 jobs in India

Sep 18 11:03

‘Americans are tired of political dynasties’

Many American voters are tired of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton dynasties, said activist Jeannie Dean formerly with Occupy LA. It is hard to tell about Bernie Sanders’ chances at the elections because the US electoral system is screwy, she added.

Sep 18 10:53

Yellen refusing to raise the FED rate was supposed to be good for the stock market

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So what the heck is going on?!?

Sep 18 10:50

US Presidential Candidate Offers Recipe for Nuclear War With Russia

US presidential candidate Carly Fiorina outlined a belligerent national security platform during a widely-televised debate this week that would likely provoke a nuclear war with Russia, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer Larry Johnson wrote in an article published on his website No Quarter.
Republican presidential contenders on Wednesday participated in a debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, during which Fiorina laid out her hawkish defense doctrine. "Rather than discuss how we should work with Russia to contain and destroy Islamic extremism, Carly Fiorina offers up a recipe for a nuclear war with Russia," Johnson argued on Thursday. "Her laundry list, which included deploying missile defense systems to Poland and a massive build up [of] our ground and naval forces, is nothing more than provocation against Russia."
US to Deploy 12 Attack Planes in Europe to Show 'Commitment to Security' http://sputniknews.com/military/20150918/1027208100.html

Sep 18 10:46

Missile Defense Not Enough: Pentagon Open to Preemptive Strikes

Lieutenant General David Mann on Wednesday said the Pentagon is now more open to discussing the possibility of taking an offensive approach "left of launch," or before enemy missiles are fired. "When you talk about left of launch and taking actions in a proactive manner, that comes fraught with a lot of policy issues," Mann said. "[But now] we're seeing a lot more openness to really discuss that especially at the department level, to really look across the whole spectrum of options."
"I see a lot more interest and willingness to discuss left of launch than I've ever seen before," Mann added. "When you hear the Joint Staff and others talking about holistic, non-kinetic, left of launch [options], you know you’re gaining some ground."

Sep 18 10:43

Trolling GOP debate done right

“Didn’t your wife use to be an illegal immigrant?”: Chasing “Ronald” Trump at the GOP debate Presented by Nimrod Kamer, directed by Jason Lester.

Sep 18 10:42

BBC ratchets up RT rhetoric to balance budget

RT is in the center of Western media attention recently. Everything is exposed and discussed – from budget amounts to Youtube videos. Murad Gazdiev gives a first-hand perspective on real situation in RT.

Sep 18 10:42

EU Should Fund Refugee Camps in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon - Hungarian FM

"The European Union must take over the financing of these centers, maybe of some new ones. So people did not need to go to Europe and they could stay on the borders of their own countries and be able to return [home] after military conflicts end there," Szijjarto said during his visit to Belgrade.
Europe has been struggling to cope with a massive refugee crisis, with thousands of undocumented migrants fleeing to the bloc to escape war and poverty in their home countries. According to the European Commission, over 500,000 migrants have arrived in the European Union since the beginning of 2015.

Sep 18 10:40

Charlie Hebdo Awarded in Germany After Caricature on Drowned Syrian Boy

Such a high award, issued by the German city of Potsdam, was awarded for “outstanding contribution for the struggle and the development of freedom of speech.” The jury consisted of writer Ferdinand von Schirach and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
It seems ironic that the award to Charlie Hebdo was presented in Germany by a German government official just after German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s criticism of European xenophobia amid the refugee crisis.

Sep 18 10:40

Will SYRIZA Survive Sunday’s Election?

Harry Konstantinidis of U. Mass, Boston says that the SYRIA base is disappointed, the youth are feeling demobilized and inactive.

Sep 18 10:36

Tens of Thousands Rally in Tokyo Against Defense Bills

Tens of thousands of Japanese took to the streets of Tokyo on Friday to protest against a controversial security bill that would expand the country's military powers, specifically, permitting the deployment of Japanese troops overseas.
Currently, Japanese lawmakers are debating the package of national security bills, which has triggered nationwide rallies and accusations that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is using it as a pretext to involve the country in international armed conflicts. According to various estimates, up to 40,000 citizens have gathered outside the Japanese parliament building. The new legislation, abolishing Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution that renounces the use of force in settling international disputes, would allow the co-called Self-Defense Force to be sent overseas in an offensive military posture for the first time in seven decades.

Sep 18 10:36

War Profits Drive GOP Hawks: Wilkerson on GOP Debate

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the war mongering talk of star of the moment, Carly Fiorina, and most other GOP candidates.

Sep 18 10:33

Russia’s Bitruble to be World’s First State-Controlled Cryptocurrency

Bitruble, a new Russian cryptocurrency, will be issued and circulated under control of Russia's Central Bank. It is expected to compete with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Russia is the first country in the world to introduce a national cryptocurrency which would be strictly regulated by the national central bank, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported. Earlier this week, Russian mobile payments company Qiwi announced it is developing a new "bitruble" cryptocurrency which is supposed to enter circulation in 2016.

Sep 18 10:33

Exposed: Hillary Clinton told by State Dept. to destroy Benghazi files

A major public-interest group that investigate and exposes government and political corruption -- even criminality -- released documents that included an official correspondence from Obama's Under Secretary of State for Management, Patrick F. Kennedy, advising Hillary Clinton's legal counsel to literally destroy all copies of a classified email. The email in question was discovered in records Clinton turned over to the State Department six months before, according to Judicial Watch on Thursday.

Sep 18 10:31

Appeals court strikes down parts of D.C. gun registration requirements

A federal appeals court has struck down as unconstitutional some of the District’s handgun registration laws, including requirements that gun owners re-register firearms every three years and are limited to registering only one pistol per month.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District ruled 2-1 on the case Friday, upholding some portions of the city’s gun laws but striking others because the District failed to prove that the requirements promoted public safety.

Sep 18 10:22

Kidnapped! SBU snatches Russians for "evidence"

Provocations by Ukrainian Special Services in the Russian Federation are not stopping. According to information from law enforcement sources received by “Russian Spring,” on September 12 at 6 A.M. a Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group kidnapped a serviceman of the Russian army, Viktor Nikolaevich Barsukov, and his brother, Nikolay Nikolaevich Barsukov, in the village of Chertkovo of the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. They were smuggled back to Ukraine in the direction of Melovoe.
Seargant V.N. Barsukov serves in the village of Mulino in Nizhny Novgorod region. At the time of his abduction, he had been on short-term holiday at his parents’ residence in the village of Glubokoe in the Petropavlovsky district of Voronezh region. He went with his brother to Chertkovo to visit relatives.

Sep 18 10:21

Doctor says DuPont failed to release details on dangers of C8

DuPont knew the potential dangers of a chemical it was dumping into the Ohio River for decades but declined to inform the public, an epidemiologist testified in federal court on Wednesday.

“They should have let the public know there was a potential toxin in their drinking water,” Dr. Michael Siegel said during questioning in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

Sep 18 10:17

Experts urge vigilance about new corn disease found in Indiana field

Purdue Extension plant pathologists have identified tar spot, a corn disease not previously reported in the United States, in plant samples collected from a field in north central Indiana.

The specific fungal disease found in the state has had minimal impact on yield in other areas where it is endemic, including Mexico and Central America, and experts say no action is needed to manage it this late in the growing season.

Sep 18 10:16

'New drone technology can target any American airbase that threatens Iran'

Check out this comment on this article.This guy is threatening a sitting US President. A drone false flag in the offing! Better not Israel!
zionist forever • 2 hours ago

Dear Lt Commander Salmi

I read your speech with great enthusiasm and wanted to explain to you that the Marine 1 presidential helicopter takes off and lands on the White House lawn so the White House could be considered to be an airbase.
As you have these wonderful new drones that can hit any US airbase I was thinking prehaps you would like to send one of them to the White House base and fire a few missiles at the Oval Office.

Whoever is president after that will have no choice but to declare war on that worthless entity you call Iran and bomb it and your nuclear program back to the stone age.

Please feel free to contact me anytime you wish and we can maybe discuss the idea further

Sep 18 10:11

Jews fear Ann Coulter is mainstreaming [Israel's subversion of the US Government]

There is nothing the organized Jewish community hates more than truthful, accurate statements made about them, their power and influence, and the Jewish state of Israel, particularly when such statements are made by high profile public figures who have the potential to persuade and convince the masses. This of course explains why the mass media, educational system, and political discourse in this country is so controlled and indeed policed by the enforcers of political correctness and Jew thought control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I changed the headline to be more accurate.

Sep 18 10:08

Russian Embassy in London Backs Corbyn Against Cameron on Twitter

It all started when Cameron in his Twitter indignantly wrote about the victory of the ultra-left Corbyn that the Labor party, headed by the latter, "is now a threat to our national security." The Russian Embassy wrote back: "Just imagine the headlines in the British media, if the Russian President would call the main opposition party a threat to national security". I must say that the Russian tweet started to gain a big momentum. Russian diplomats managed to "dig" at Cameron simultaneously for the domestic politics and the anti-Russian character of foreign policy.
"The Prime Minister of Great Britain jumped to conclusions relative to his main competitor that has not escaped the attention of the Russian Embassy," - said the American edition of "The Washington Post". "To call the remark of the Russian Embassy "an empty reproach" would be naive. The post of the Embassy on Twitter reflects a perceptive awareness about some anxieties about Corbyn in the UK", – writes the WP journalist.

Sep 18 10:03

Here’s the ‘Bomb’ Clock That Got Ahmed Mohamed Arrested

At a press conference today, police in Irving, Texas, released this photo of the homemade clock 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought to his high school. Though police acknowledge Ahmed never claimed the device was anything but a clock, they arrested him anyway on suspicion of making a “hoax bomb.” Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said today the department wouldn’t be filing charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that there is nothing here that looks like sticks of Dynamite or TNT or blocks of C-4. You have to be a total Common Core educated moron to not instantly see that this is just a digital clock!

Sep 18 10:00

Presidential Guard Behind the Coup D’ Etat in Burkino Faso

The coup is about the new election rules that exclude former members of the Compaoré government from standing for the election next month.

Sep 18 09:57

Underpants-Loving British MP Wanted Labour Party to Discuss Possible Invasion of Russia

And now we learn that the new Stalinist-Marxist-Maoist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, briefly considered Bryant for the position Shadow Defence Secretary. Let's see what happened: Shadow defence secretary was proving the most difficult role to fill, as [Corbyn's aides] struggled to find an MP willing to back scrapping Trident and criticising Nato. Chris Bryant was offered the role first, but talks fell apart after he reportedly insisted on “a 30-minute conversation about what would happen if we had to invade Russia”.
Chris, if you “have to” invade Russia, wearing only underpants will not get you very far. It gets chilly over there!
Jeremy Corbyn: Unwilling to even discuss invading Russia. What is wrong with this freak?

Sep 18 09:57

BEX ALERT - Ahmed Mohamed and the ‘Islamophobia’ Clock

A Muslim teen, fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, bought a strange ticking device to his school, MacArthur High School. His device caused alarm and fear, and he was detained for having what his teacher perceived as a bomb. Police officers said the electronic components and wires inside his Vaultz pencil case (which is the size of a briefcase) looked like a “hoax bomb,” according to local news station WFAA.

When questioned about what the device was, Mohamed wouldn’t answer. Now terror-tied Islamic groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), their media lapdogs, and even Barack Obama are waging jihad against the school and the local police.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

First off, Pamela, you incredible nitwit, Ahmed's digital clock doesn't tick. Second, the claim that he refused to say what it was is a total fabrication. He told everyone he showed it to (with pride) that it was a digital clock he built himself. Third, if any of the idiot teachers at the school too stupid to look at the circuit and see that it was just a clock really thought there was a bomb, why didn't they evacuate the school? This was a Muslim-bashing plain and simple and it is easy to see why you would leap to their defense with your well-documented racist bias!

UPDATE! Read the comments. Pam Geller's fan club is really after me! :)

Sep 18 09:54

EU-Azerbaijan Ties Hit a New Low. Will Baku Drift Toward Russia?

Baku is suspecting that Brussels would welcome a regime change color revolution in Azerbaijan. Despite the EU’s decades-long efforts to tie Azerbaijan to the West through energy and trade ties, the authoritarian country’s turn toward Russia has been noticeable for some time, with the latest spat in danger of accelerating that drift away – much to the consternation of those who regard the South Caucasus country and its oil and gas as crucial in the EU’s struggle against Russia. The question at this point, say analysts, is how far that drift will take Azerbaijan. On September 14, Azerbaijani lawmakers voted to suspend the country’s participation in Euronest, a parliamentary forum of the EU and its eastern neighbours, as well as calling for a broader revision of Baku’s cooperation with Brussels through its flagship Eastern Partnership programme. According to Eurasianet, Azerbaijan has told a delegation from the European Commission not to bother visiting Baku as had been planned.

Sep 18 09:50

Here's Why India is Vitally Interested in Good Russia Relations

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov’s recent statement has caused alarm in India, forcing the Russian Embassy in New Delhi to issue a clear-cut statement reiterating that Moscow will never take any step ‘detrimental’ to the security and safety of its privileged strategic partner India. The Russia-China-Pakistan axis bogey is generally raised in the Indian media by a powerful pro-American lobby, which is prodding the (Narendra) Modi government to jump on the US bandwagon in containing China and stop buying arms from Russia. But do they understand the costs of such policy for the common Indian?
We get media reports daily about ‘cash-strapped’ Russia selling this or that lethal weapon to Pakistan, but so far only the report of selling 4-5 Mi-35M assault helicopters for anti-terror operations has been officially confirmed.

Sep 18 09:47

US and China have escalating war of words over South China Sea territory dispute

Top US Navy commander calls for fresh patrols in the region

Sep 18 09:46

Russia, Brazil Discussing Move to Settlements in National Currencies

“A discussion is being held. Moreover, there is a special working group for financial and banking cooperation within the context of the intergovernmental commission. But it should be noted that, so far, unfortunately, we're at the very initial stage of this discussion,” Likhachev told reporters at the business forum Brazil-Russia: Strategic Areas of Cooperation. He said that the need for using national currencies in mutual settlements is becoming clearer every day.

Sep 18 09:43

Is This the Russian Syria-Bound Cargo US Had Bulgaria Block?

“I’d like to thank the Russian Federation for delivering the camp and all the necessary equipment. We really need this camp to place the temporarily relocated citizens of the province torn by war,” Hama Governor Hassan Omar Halaf said during the opening ceremony. The camp was built on the territory of an hippodrome almost in the center of the city of Hama. It includes 25 tents with beds and heaters, four kitchens, and several storage facilities. Russian aircraft have delivered 15 tons of food and 50,000 sets of single-use kitchenware, anticipated to be enough for 30 days. Over the two years, Russia has sent more than 30 aircraft filled with humanitarian aid to Syria’s Lattakia international airport. Last week, two planes delivered 80 tons of humanitarian assistance, including food and tents.

Sep 18 09:42

How to Make Your Own Homemade Clock That Isn't a Bomb

What would happen if kids across the country decided to take their own homemade clocks to school that they made following those instructions? Who knows. Maybe if enough young people make clocks, teachers and police will at least learn what a clock looks like, even on the inside. Or, if that’s too much to ask, maybe they’ll just learn to trust their students when they describe what they’ve made.

Sep 18 09:41

Stephen Cohen: Obama Rejects Russia’s Offer to Jointly Confront ISIS in Syria (Audio Podcast)

?John Batchelor has an extremely popular political talk show on America’s largest radio network, WABC. He has Stephen Cohen on live in the studio almost every week for a full 45 minute segment, the only guest he gives that much time to. Why? Because Cohen’s appearances are killing the ratings.
America seems to be thirsting for an alternative and critical view of Obama’s Russia policy.

Sep 18 09:41

Joe Biden is 100% in, says loudmouth advisor on Amtrak train

Well it looks like Joe Biden is planning to make a run for the White House after his advisor Josh Alcorn was overheard on an Amtrak train saying "100 percent that Joe is in the race." Whoops.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 18 09:39

Video: Kansas City cop fires on fleeing vehicle as news copter records it from above

With a news copter hovering above, a Kansas City cop opened fire on a stolen vehicle as it tried to flee from a gas station, even though the cop was never directly in the path of the car.

Sep 18 09:34

A Top Russian Pundit: Integrate Donbass and Gain 3.5 Million Russians

Since Donbass residents want to become part of Russia and are culturally, and often ethnically, Russian many Russians don't see a reason why they wouldn't be let in. The Russian state was built as multinational since the days of ancient (pre-Mongol) Rus. However, with the total equality of peoples, nationalities and ethnic groups inhabiting the territory of modern Russia, state-forming was the triune Russian nation (composed of the Great Russians, Malorussians, a.k.a. Ukrainians, and Belarusians). Now the territory inhabited by Malorussians and Belarusians have disconnected from the main body of Russian territories. Local elites, having gotten their hands on the newly emerged states, started the formation of the respective nations and even achieved some success in this effort.

Sep 18 09:32


Thousands of websites that run the content management system WordPress have been hijacked by hackers to infect unsuspecting visitors with malware exploits. Although the entire campaign was initiated 15 days ago, its activity has increased tremendously in the past 2 days, as the number of websites being hijacked per day increased from 1000 to 6000.

Sep 18 09:30

Congress floats an even worse version of CISA

After recent data breaches and cyber attacks, Congress looks to enact broader legal powers via changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Sep 18 09:29

Israel approves use of police sniper fire against Palestinian rock-throwers - reports

Israel has approved the use of a low-powered Ruger sniper rifle by police against “certain” rock-throwers in Jerusalem, local press report. Previously use of the weapon to curb violence in the West Bank was limited to the IDF.

Sep 18 09:29

Building for a nation of renters: Between 2005 and 2015 virtually all household growth was driven by renter households.

What a difference a decade can make. Over the last two decades the number of U.S. households has grown by 25 percent. But the growth has come in two distinctive waves. Between 1995 and 2005 nearly all of this growth came in the form of new homeowners. However, the subsequent decade saw something very different. Most of household growth between 2005 and 2015 has come in the form of renter households. It should come as no surprise that new home buying still remains weak.

Sep 18 09:27

Jeb Bush insults Irish by picking Margaret Thatcher for the $10 bill

Almost unnoticed in Wednesday night’s GOP debate was the insult aimed by Jeb Bush at every activist Irish American who remembers the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Sep 18 09:27

State Department Whistleblower Exposes Covert Terrorist Funding

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to J. Michael Springmann, the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the Reagan and former Bush administrations, from September 1987 through March 1989. In this explosive interview Michael details how intelligence agencies not only nurtured terrorists but supported them since the 80’s till today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time for the two-minute hate!

Sep 18 09:23

Apple to DOJ: Sorry, No Can Do

Relations between the U.S. technology industry and federal law enforcement look less cordial every day. This summer saw FBI Director James Comey begging them to believe he is not a maniac for demanding back-door access to private customer data. Now Microsoft is fighting the feds in court while Apple simply tells them, "Tough luck."

The NYT account says senior government officials wanted to take Apple to court, too, but exactly what they would demand is unclear. Apple says the requested information is encrypted such that even Apple cannot decipher it. This isn't something a court order would change. Someone at higher levels must have realized how ridiculous such a case would look to the judge who heard it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is impossible to accurately calculate the financial losses suffered by America's IT companies and service providers due to the government's unconstitutional mandating of spying back-doors in all US-produced computers, software, and services. And, of course, the government has delegitimized itself by violating several portions of the Bill of Rights.

Sep 18 09:20

BEX ALERT - 93-year-old former Auschwitz guard could face trial in Germany if found healthy enough

A court in western Germany says it's waiting on a doctor's assessment of a 93-year-old former Auschwitz guard to determine if he can stand trial on 170,000 counts of accessory to murder.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel still desperately wagging the Holocaust at us while they provoke a new crisis at Al Aqsa!

Sep 18 09:19

America’s News Is Heavily Censored

On 7 September 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush blatantly lied to concoct a “new report” by the IAEA about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program, and the U.S. news-media reported the statement but hid that it was a lie. He said (and CNN and others quoted it):

“a report came out of the Atomic — the IAEA that they were six months away from developing a weapon. I don’t know what more evidence we need,”

when he was asked at a press conference

Sep 18 09:17

Russian intelligence exposes the diabolical U.S. plot in Syria

The Syrian refugee problem was maturing slowly steadily and would have provided the perfect pretext for a US-led ‘humanitarian intervention’ in that country. But Russia is there first and the best-laid American plan may have gone awry.

The US’ Middle East policies have been fixated obsessively on ‘regime change’ in Syria for at least a decade ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. (The original neocon agenda had envisaged regime changes in Iraq, Iran and Syria, but it got derailed as the killing fields in Iraq began dictating the geopolitics.)

Sep 18 09:17

Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black Only’ signs near school bathrooms, water fountains

More than 100 students turned out to a Black Student Union meeting to discuss the signs.

“There was fear expressed, anger, disappointment – all of that,” according to Oliver.

And then, Ashley Powell, a black graduate student, stood up in the meeting to admit she had hung the signs, claiming it was part of an “art project,” The Buffalo News reports.

Sep 18 09:13

Pocomoke City Officials Get Testy as Black Residents Demand Accountability

Firing of first black police chief continues to divide community even as new top cop says he won’t live in the city.

Sep 18 09:13

Liberal Virginia Governor Brings Armed Security Guard to DC For Anti-Gun Rally

Thursday afternoon Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun advocacy group Everytown for America held a small rally in Washington D.C. in front of the Capitol Building in an effort to shame Congress into passing gun control legislation. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe spoke at the event and brought his armed body guard with him.

Sep 18 09:11

US media: America trained IS fighters itself

As Business Insider states in one of its articles, Tarkhan Batirashvili, known as Abu Omar al-Shishani in Syria, was trained by the US special forces in Georgia. As it is reported, "he was a perfect soldier from his first days, and everyone knew he was a star. We were well trained by American special forces units, and he was the star pupil," an unnamed former comrade who is still active in the Georgian military said. Another American publishing company McClatchy DC, which is one of the largest US media holdings, also released an article dedicated to the Batirashvili's training bu the American military. Pravda.Ru has reported lately that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed that the US does not want to annihilate the Islamic State, as if they wanted to, they could do it. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shares this opinion. According to him, the US military is well-informed of the IS fighters' positions, but does not strike them.

Sep 18 09:10

Screenshot malware targeted innocent online poker players

Spyware is targeting users of the Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars online games – and it is said to allow cheats to get a sneaky advantage over honest players.

The malware, named Odlanor, first checks if PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker is running before taking screenshots of the infected player’s virtual poker hand and their player ID before sending screenshots to the attacker, while logging other activity.

The hacker then joins the victim’s virtual table by searching for the particular player ID before enjoying an unfair advantage in gameplay thanks to knowing the victim’s hand. The victim is, of course, left in completely in the dark with no indication that anything has gone wrong.

Sep 18 09:09

Japan, Vietnam strengthen comprehensive strategic partnership

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong began an official four-day visit to Japan on Tuesday (from September 15th-18th) at the invitation of Japan administration. The Vietnamese Communist Party chief's visit - his first to Japan since assuming his post in 2011 his first to Japan since assuming his post in 2011 - as a contribution to deepening the intensive and extensive strategic partnership between the two countries in order to promote peace and prosperity in the region. The two sides expressed serious concerns over recent developments on the South China Sea, including the massive land reclamation work and construction of outposts, which intensify tensions, damage trust and threaten peace and stability in the region and the world.

Sep 18 09:08

Richard Glossip Granted Two-Week Stay of Execution, Hours Before He Was Slated to Die

An Oklahoma appeals court granted death row prisoner Richard Glossip a last-minute stay of execution on Wednesday only hours before he was slated to die.

Sep 18 09:06

Russia allocates $500,000 to restore Vanuatu's infrastructure

The Russian authorities have allocated Vanuatu $500,000 for recovery, after cyclone Pam had devastated the islands in March. Sergey Konounchenko, Russia's deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations provided corresponding donor agreement on 17 September. Odo Tevi, Vanuatu ambassador to the United Nations said that the most important is to restore economy now, and to have solid infrastructure. According to the data of the Vanuatu's government, cyclone Pam, which hit the island nation in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean, destroyed up to 90% of buildings in the Republic, as well as the whole harvest. 75,000 people lost their homes.

Sep 18 09:05

Steve Rannazzisi, Comedian Who Told of 9/11 Escape, Admits He Lied

“I still have dreams of like, you know, those falling dreams,” he told the interviewer.

Confronted by The New York Times this week, though, with evidence that undermined his account, Mr. Rannazzisi, after a day of deliberation, acknowledged on Tuesday that his account was fiction. Actually, he had been working in Midtown that day, and not for Merrill Lynch, which has no record of his employment and had no offices in either tower.

“I was not at the Trade Center on that day,” he said in a statement provided by his publicist, Matthew Labov. “I don’t know why I said this. This was inexcusable. I am truly, truly sorry.”

Sep 18 09:04

Questions over US forces in Syria highlight fears of Russia-US showdown

With a spotlight on US and Russian military deployments in Syria, analysts have begun weighing up the chances of a proxy war

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is hoping to lure Russia into a war of attrition, wearing them down and exhausting them as happened to the USSR in Afghanistan. But the USSR is gone and Russia has a strong economy and a far more efficient weapons-development system than the US, and the US is courting another Vietnam disaster by following this strategy.

Sep 18 08:58

Extreme Destitution in America

snip: Many of the people studied by Edin and Shaefer resorted to other methods to gain a little cash to pay their miscellaneous but necessary bills. Most people at the bottom resort to doubling up, moving into a room or a house with others who may be family, or may not, or taking in a cash-paying renter themselves. Several of the descriptions of this in $2.00 a Day are quite horrifying: five children sleeping in a bed, twenty or more people living in a one-bedroom house. Selling plasma at $30 a session once or twice a week, if you are healthy enough to do so. Resorting to sex for payment, though not as full-time prostitution. There’s also selling tin cans and scrap metal but that pays very little and is incredibly time-consuming. One woman with a car in the Mississippi Delta operated it as a taxicab, though the vehicle had no license plate, no insurance, and she had no driver’s license. The example would be humorous were it not so drastic.

Sep 18 08:58

McCain pushes defense officials toward game of chicken in South China Sea

China’s campaign to solidify its claim over the South China Sea through artificial, militarized islands has never sat well with the United States.

But for the last few years, the U.S. Navy has avoided risking head-on confrontations to stop the construction.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chair John McCain (R-Ariz.) would like to start.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here's your rifle, John.

Sep 18 08:48

Militia accuse Kiev of violating ceasefire regime twice over 24 hours in Luhansk republic

"The ceasefire regime is not observed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. From 6am on September 17 to 6am on September 18, two violations of ceasefire regime were registered," people’s militia said. In the morning on September 17 and at night on September 18, Ukrainian forces shelled the settlement of Kalinovka from small arms and Utes heavy machine gun from the settlement of Luganskoye, people’s militia added.
Russia accuses Ukraine of further distorting Minsk ceasefire agreements http://tass.ru/en/politics/822110

Sep 18 08:48

Debunking Buzzfeed’s Boneheaded “Gender Wage Gap” Video

Buzzfeed continues to espouse the bogus “gender wage gap” campaign even in 2015, despite the fact that raw data and factual evidence has disproved it.

Buzzfeed, already dubbed one of the least trusted news sources on the internet, has continued to make brainwash attempts on Millennials by repeatedly espousing the bogus “gender wage gap” campaign, all the way into 2015. However, it’s a great victory for truth and consequences when their own videos get lambasted by red pill viewers whose comments are catapulted to the very top. The highest rated comment as of September 2015 is priceless.

Sep 18 08:47

Inside The Brain Of Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors, one of the biggest scourges on western countries in the 2010’s, finally have their brains analysed.

Sep 18 08:46

Has Canada’s love affair with Israel reached its climax?

Supporters of Israel have had it good in Canada.

The outgoing government is wildly supportive and the opposition New Democratic Party has purged a number of candidates for publicly expressing pro-Palestinian sympathies.

But national elections on 19 October may turn out to be the zenith of Israeli influence.

The pro-Israel stance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is legend. At the United Nations General Assembly recently, Canadian diplomats voted against the vast majority of the world in opposing a bid to fly the Palestinian flag at the UN headquarters.

Further adding to Harper’s Zionist credibility, Canada and Israel recently expanded their free trade agreement, which allows goods from Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank to enter Canada duty free.

Aside from Israel, Canada may be the only country that isn’t officially supporting the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, as well as Germany).

Sep 18 08:45

Israeli leaders delight in Europe’s cruelty toward refugees

As most of the world looks on in horror at Europe’s atrocious response to refugees escaping war and persecution in the Middle East and Africa, some Israeli officials are quietly reveling in the chaos.

Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel’s “security” justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.

Sep 18 08:45

Video: Why is Israel attacking Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque?

On Wednesday, I appeared on Al Jazeera’s news magazine Inside Story to discuss Israel’s assault on Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque compound.

The other guests were Akiva Eldar, senior columnist at Al-Monitor, and Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Today, dozens of members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party entered the compound accompanied by occupation forces.

This provocation came after days of violent Israeli assaults on worshippers and journalists in and around the mosque.

Sep 18 08:45

Martin Armstrong Warns: The Fed Just Made The Same Mistake As It Did In 1927

In 1927, the Fed lowered US rates to try to help Europe which was then in the middle of an economic debt crisis the same as today. It is very curious how history repeats and we have just witnessed the Fed yield to international pressure once again. In doing so, they are condemning US pension funds as well as the elderly to financial doom setting in motion the next financial crisis.

Sep 18 08:45

Outrage over Gaza drove Iceland’s capital to back Israel boycott

The City of Reykjavík has decided to boycott Israeli goods.

The city council in Iceland’s capital voted by a 9-5 majority on Tuesday to bar Israeli products from official purchases as long as Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory continues.

The decision has been welcomed by Palestinian rights campaigners and drawn anger from Israel.

Sep 18 08:43

“The Russians are Coming“

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” So echoed the cry this week from the Pentagon, the US media and Republican candidates for president.

How silly. It seems the Russians have sent six tanks to Syria, some medium artillery and a bunch of military technicians to two bases on Syria’s coast near Latakia. According to Republican warmongers, the wicked Soviets…ooops, sorry, Russians…are intervening militarily in the five-year old Syrian War and planning new bases in the strategic Mideast nation.

Sep 18 08:43

Islamists recruit refugees arriving in Germany — security agency

Islamist extremists are actively recruiting refugees having arrived in Germany from the Middle East, Germany’s domestic security agency said on Friday. "We see that Salafis pose as representatives of charity organizations and volunteers, establish contacts with refugees and invite them to special mosques to recruit them there," The Rheinische Post daily newspaper quoted Hans-Georg Maassen as saying. According to Maassen, many arriving refugees are Sunnis, and local Salafis consider it as an advantage for fulfilling their plans. There are currently up to 4.3 million Muslims living in Germany - approximately five percent of the total population. Salafism is an ultra-conservative orthodoxical movement within Sunni Islam. According to Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, there are around 6,000 Salafis in Germany. They are closely monitored by local security services.

Sep 18 08:42

Court ruling allows transfer of Canadian tax info to U.S. to begin under FATCA

A federal court judge dismissed an attempt to put an early stop to a controversial program in which the Canadian government agreed to share financial information of an estimated one million “U.S. persons” living in Canada with the Internal Revenue Service.

Sep 18 08:42

South Park Just Declared Open Season on Social Justice Warriors

South Park, the grand old man of politically incorrect comedy, has finally taken on the social justice warriors.

In the season premiere, released yesterday, a new character was introduced: “PC Principal.” Describing himself as someone who is “sick and tired of how minority groups are marginalised in today’s society,” the episode revolves around PC Principal’s sometimes violent quest to rid the school of problematic language. Like Dolores Umbridge with more testosterone, PC Principal spends his debut terrorising anyone who he suspects of misgendering trans peope or disrespecting women and minorities — occasionally beating up students in the process.

Sep 18 08:41

PC Principal Is A Violent Social Justice Warrior

Sep 18 08:40

Russia helps Serbia with migrants’ housing — Serbia's ambassador

Serbia expresses its gratitude to Russia for assistance in migrants’ housing as the flow is on the rise each day, Serbia’s Ambassador to Moscow Slavenko Terzic said on Friday. "Russia is helping Serbia and 20 tents, 2,000 blankets, diesel heating devices have been airlifted to the country as part of this assistance," Terzic said. "Thanks to it, we will be able to accommodate from 800 to 1,000 refugees in Serbia’s south."
"At the border with Macedonia we have put up refugee centres," Serbia’s ambassador said adding his country "provides them with any help, including with medicines.".
Serbian ambassador to Russia says there should be no military solution to EU migrant issue http://tass.ru/en/world/822204

Sep 18 08:38

Potassium iodide pills coming to Scarborough residents living near Pickering Nuclear Plant

Scarborough residents within 10 kilometres of the Pickering Nuclear Plant will soon get potassium iodide (KI) pills in the mail.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh? Any particular reason?!?

Sep 18 08:37

The Skeptik’s Lexicon

Sep 18 08:37

Syria 'in a state of complete war' with terrorism - Assad

Sep 18 08:37

DPR prosecutor’s office asks Netherlands to remove all remaining MH17 debris

"DPR general prosecutor’s office calls on the Dutch side to send official representatives of the Joint Investigative Team to the crash side and officially take all remaining debris," DPR acting general prosecutor Andrey Spivak wrote in a letter to the Dutch chief prosecutor Fred Westerbeke.
Spivak stressed that this could help in the investigation and prevent falsifications.

Sep 18 08:35

Moscow: If Syria asks us to send troops, we’ll consider it

Russian President’s Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow will consider sending troops to Syria in case Damascus asks for it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 18 08:33

Russia, Turkey interested in start of UN-backed political dialogue in Syria — Lavrov

"We share a common vision on those goals we need to strive for," Lavrov said, noting the need to secure stability and prevent extremists from maintaining their foothold and seizing new territories. The two countries had different ideas about possible ways to achieve those aims, he said.
As for the Syrian settlement, Russia and Turkey "have a common interest in facilitating the start of a meaningful, concrete and results-oriented political process under the auspices of the United Nations in accordance with the agreements reached with the help of Moscow and Ankara in June 2012", Lavrov said.

Sep 18 08:32

Nigel Farage destroys the EU president

Sep 18 08:32

11th Holistic Doctor Found Dead: NYC Author & MD Mitchell Gaynor Found in the Woods

It is with great sadness that I, as gently as possible, break the news on an 11th doctor found dead in less than 90 days. I’ve tried to break each of them with as much tact as possible, under the circumstances. This has become an unintended series I wrote which I wish would have never happened. Most are holistic, many we knew and all are a great loss. Now we have the best selling author and Holistic Oncologist of 30 years, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor from NYC was found dead in the woods by his home in Upstate New York outside Manhattan.

There is an outpour of public support and love from his friends and colleagues who are posting about his tragic death on his personal page. His professional page and twitter page have been removed. Again, we knew Dr. Gaynor and have spoken to his staff personally in New York and they confirmed with us that Dr. Gaynor has died. I wish it were a hoax but it is not.

Sep 18 08:31

Turkey's president to visit Moscow to join opening of mosque

"In fact, Turkey’s president will participate in the opening ceremony of a mosque in Moscow and he will also have a meeting with the Russian president; they will have a bilateral discussion," the Kremlin’s representative said. "We also expect, if President of the Palestinian Authority [Mahmoud] Abbas participates in opening of the mosque, Putin will have separate talks also with him," Peskov said, adding he was unaware if the Russian president would participate in opening of the mosque. The mosque in Moscow was built back in 1904. It is the biggest mosque in Europe. A large reconstruction of the mosque began in May, 2005.

Sep 18 08:30

GOP candidates united in disdain for Obama, support for Israel

Republican presidential candidates sparred Wednesday evening over foreign policy, especially the future of the nuclear deal with Iran and the legacy of the war in Iraq. But in a debate that at times descended into personal attacks, candidates largely seemed to share complete disdain for President Barack Obama’s diplomatic legacy — and passionate support for Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sep 18 08:26

Russia’s Defense Ministry denies report on contract soldiers sent to Syria

"The Eastern military district is surprised by attempts of correspondents of the online media outlet to link the routine activity of the forces to the events in the Middle East," the ministry’s press service said.
The relocation of military units as part of combat training events comes only within the Eastern military district and in line with the schedule, it said.

Sep 18 08:26

Iran Rejects Swapping Prisoners with Al-Qaeda

The Iranian foreign ministry dismissed US media reports on swapping prisoners with the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US media are desperate to demonize Iran any way they can.

Sep 18 08:25

Oh, jeez…the Republican candidates tried to pick their own code names

I give up. This election is going to be a circus.

Sep 18 08:24

FLASHBACK - The Puppet Masters BehindGeorgia President Saakashvili

Mihkail Saakashvili was deliberately placed in power in one of the most sophisticated US regime change operations, using ostensibly private NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to create an atmosphere of popular protest against the existing regime of former Soviet Foreign Minister Edouard Shevardnadze, who was no longer useful to Washington when he began to make a deal with Moscow over energy pipelines and privatizations.

Sep 18 08:23

Netanyahu Claims ‘Victory’ as Israel Isn’t Called to Join NPT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today touted a “great diplomatic victory” when the IAEA voted 61-43-33 against an Egyptian resolution which would’ve expressed formal “concern” over Israel’s nuclear arsenal, and urged them to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel, always quick to point the finger of guilt at Iran, celebrates that they are above the rule of law!

Sep 18 08:22

King Salman calls Pres. Obama over Israeli escalation at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Sep 18 08:21

Polish expert: Ukraine is not a state, and may disappear

Ukraine is not a state, it can disappear in the foreseeable future. This was at a conference in Lugansk, said political scientist from Poland Mateusz Piskorski.

According to him, the republic in the Donbass "struggle against our common enemy - Ukrainian neo-Nazism."

Sep 18 08:20

No, Corbyn doesn’t need to win over the MSM – he needs to talk directly to the people

Corbyn’s best endorsement, both of his integrity and his potential power, is the media hate being poured on him; and his best – in fact his only – hope of getting his undiluted message across lies with Twitter, Facebook and alt news outlets.

Sep 18 08:20

The Eternal Jew in America

Here is an interesting revisit of the 1940 German Documentary on "The Eternal Jew" that shows how the same "Play Book" tactics that were used on Russia, Turkey, and Germany at the turn of the 20th Century are being used on the United States and other Western Countries today.

Sep 18 08:19

The GOP Wants Iran To Recognize Israel. But The Gulf States? Whatever.

Senate Republicans, blocked in their effort to pass a bill disapproving of the Iran deal, tried another tactic: Give President Barack Obama his nuclear deal, but only on the condition that Iran agree to recognize the state of Israel and release the four U.S. citizens it holds.

A problem with this strategy, which Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) brought to a vote on Thursday, is that some of America's strongest allies in the Middle East -- such GOP favorites as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- do not themselves recognize Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All of the Arab nations have made it very clear that they will recognize Israel ... one second after Israel recognizes Palestine. But as long as Israel wants what it wants and refuses to give anything back, there will be conflict.

Sep 18 08:15

Netanyahu: Russia to arm Hizbullah!

In order to divert Jewish intervention in Ukraine, the Jewish media has fabricated a new Iraqi WMD hoax in Syria. Lately it has accused Russia of intervention in Syria by arming Syrian army to fight ISIS and other anti-Assad government militants. However, these arms most probably would be used against Israel.

Sep 18 08:15

With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife”

Don’t try to think this one through.

The logic fail and sheer volume of absurdity might just make you sick if you do.

For the UK – whose laws and policies all-too-often influence those of the U.S. – gun control isn’t enough. Probably nothing will ever be enough.

Now a call to surrender knives, ongoing for years, is in full swing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Then it will be cricket bats, hand tools, pea-shooters, anything made of glass or metal, and finally mandatory amputation of your hands. Only then will the money-junkies feel really safe!

Sep 18 08:14

‘Kept us safe?’ Victims’ families slam Jeb Bush’s 9/11 claim

In one of his biggest moments of Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said his brother, former President George. W. Bush, "kept us safe" from terrorism during his years in the White House. The retort drew raucous applause from the audience at the Reagan Presidential Library in California, but the line was not as well-received in cyberspace, or in the homes of families who lost loved ones on 9/11.

Critics flooded Twitter with reminders that the 2001 terrorist attacks that took nearly 3,00 lives occurred on his brother's watch. But if Jeb Bush or his team noticed the reaction, they weren't deterred from trying to get even more mileage out of the line.

Sep 18 08:13

7 Palestinians, 4 Israeli Policemen Wounded in East Jerusalem, West Bank Clashes

Knesset panel approves calling up Border Police reservists amid escalating Jerusalem tensions and violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel is trying to provoke a crisis to justify another war on the Palestinians.

Sep 18 08:11

Harsh Reality: USAF Admits F-35 Can't Fight at Close Range

Confronted with the harsh reality of what the F-35 multirole fighter can and cannot do, the US Air Force finally admitted that the $400 billion project gave birth to an aircraft that cannot dogfight.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But it looks really cool! That's gotta be worth something!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Sep 18 08:10

Lesbos inundated as refugees battle to reach Athens – video

Refugees and aid workers describe the situation on the island of Lesbos, which is struggling to cope with the greatest number of arrivals in Greece. Thousands of people arrive from Turkey to the shores of Lesbos via boat. An estimated 10,000 have landed in the past week. With a lack of infrastructure, the local authorities are struggling to cope, while frustration grows amongst refugees, desperate to reach Athens and continue their journey

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In looking at the tight framing on this video, it reminds me of the drone video at the border with Hungary. The crowds just are not that large and it looks like someone is trying to make the crisis look worse than it already is.

Sep 18 08:06

Dick Cheney’s Biggest Lie

By 2002, Bonk and his team knew the claim that Iraq possessed WMDs was built on the intelligence equivalent of spiderwebs. On the other hand, senior Pentagon officials—including Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith—were pushing Bonk about connections between Saddam and Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda. Both men were certain the ties existed, which would have helped justify an invasion.

The assertion was ridiculous. Bin Laden despised Saddam; he had even attempted to organize an Islamic army to fight the Iraqi strongman after he invaded Kuwait in 1990. Bonk instructed his team to put together a comprehensive white paper showing the hawks were wrong about a nexus between Iraq and Al-Qaeda. Throughout the summer of 2002, the CIA’s top Iraq experts worked on it, with people like Feith phoning in every week or so with new, silly leads to follow.

Sep 18 08:04


On Wednesday, I appeared on Al Jazeera’s news magazine Inside Story to discuss Israel’s assault on Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque compound.

The other guests were Akiva Eldar, senior columnist at Al-Monitor, and Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Today, dozens of members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party entered the compound accompanied by occupation forces.

This provocation came after days of violent Israeli assaults on worshippers and journalists in and around the mosque.

Palestinians view these incursions as part of an increasingly aggressive strategy aimed at an eventual takeover of the compound by Israeli groups intent on bringing down the mosque and building a Jewish temple in its place.

Sep 18 08:01

Ahmed Mohamed swept up, 'hoax bomb' charges swept away as Irving teen's story floods social media

Irving’s police chief announced Wednesday that charges won’t be filed against Ahmed Mohamed, the MacArthur High School freshman arrested Monday after he brought what school officials and police described as a “hoax bomb” on campus.

At a joint press conference with Irving ISD, Chief Larry Boyd said the device — confiscated by an English teacher despite the teen’s insistence that it was a clock — was “certainly suspicious in nature.”

School officers questioned Ahmed about the device and why Ahmed had brought it to school. Boyd said Ahmed was then handcuffed “for his safety and for the safety of the officers” and taken to a juvenile detention center. He was later released to his parents, Boyd said.

“The follow-up investigation revealed the device apparently was a homemade experiment, and there’s no evidence to support the perception he intended to create alarm,” Boyd said, describing the incident as a “naive accident.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was no naive accident. This was a case of those who cannot do wind up as teachers, and apparently not one of the teachers or administrators had the knowledge to look at the device and understand it was just a digital clock!

Sep 18 07:32

Israeli policeman shot 'by Palestinians' in Jerusalem

An Israeli policeman has been shot in Jerusalem after Palestinians opened fire, local journalists report on Twitter. At least three others were injured. A Molotov cocktail was also reportedly thrown at law enforcers.

The shots were fired in Jerusalem's Armon Hanetziv neighborhood, according to Haaretz.

A tweet from Israel News Feed stated that some of the officers were injured after being hit with stones.

Sep 18 07:25

US poised to unveil next super bomber

The stakes for the companies could hardly be higher. The Center for Budgetary and Strategic Assessments estimates the program will cost about $73 billion.
Note: Just who the hell are we going to bomb. We have bombed everyone and I guess we will have to start bombing ourselves!!

Sep 18 07:17

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

I see war and revolution coming if Obama starts listening to these criminals and acts on their stupid request!

Scientists from several universities and research centers even asked Obama to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to prosecute groups that “have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change.”

Sep 18 06:59

Ann Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West

Conservative pundit, author, and professional anti-illegal immigration activist Ann Coulter (follow her on Twitter) has done the unthinkable: she openly questioned why the vast majority of the GOP candidates for president shill so hard for Israel. Most of the GOP candidates openly put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their own country. How is this acceptable?

In a series of Tweets last night during the GOP presidential debate, the courageous author and political analyst took the mainstream #cuckservative GOP candidates to task.

Sep 18 06:51

The Tweet Heard Round the World

Jew, Emily Shire, of "The Daily Beast", part of the orchestrated psyop always run by the chosen when anyone refers to them in anything other than a victimhood state of mind, immediately released a horde of Jews to hover around Ann Coulter like bodysnatchers looking for the last surviving human.

Ann, essentially, shouted, "The emperor has no clothes!" in reference to the few Jews living in the US that seem to be entitled to such pandering at Republican debate occasions

Sep 18 06:37

BEX Alert!!! - "3,000 domestic extremists plotting to attack Britain – MI5 chief "

MI5 and counter-terror officers are screening more than 3,000 domestic Islamic extremists willing to conduct attacks in the UK as the government prepares to introduce sweeping new snooping powers.

British men and women, some of whom are in their teens, are being radicalized in a matter of weeks, security sources told the Times on Thursday.

The threat of domestic terror attacks was revealed after Andrew Parker became the first MI5 director-general in the agency’s history to offer a live interview to a broadcaster.

Intelligence officials foiled six plots in the past 12 months alone, he told BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, calling on internet firms to assist UK authorities in their fight against terrorism.


Sep 18 06:22

Israel main obstacle to nuke-free Middle East: Iran

Israel is widely believed to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East and has so far blatantly violated the international rules regarding nuclear non-proliferation. The Tel Aviv regime has never allowed any inspections of its nuclear facilities.

This is while a resolution calling for the monitoring of Israel’s nuclear activities and facilities failed to secure enough votes at the IAEA’s general assembly on Thursday.

Sixty-one countries, including the United States and the entire member states of the European Union, voted against the resolution, while 43 countries, including Iran, Russia and Turkey, voted in favor, and 33 states, including Brazil and India, abstained.

Sep 18 04:50


House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told reporters on Thursday that the air marshals under investigation for using their government phones to film and share their sex acts with a prostitute had pretended to be pornographers and took out ads in the Backpage.com website to find prostitutes to film. Chaffetz called a hearing of the committee on Thursday to discuss problems in the Federal Air Marshal Service, which is part of the Transportation Safety Authority.

Sep 18 04:02

Ann Coulter Continues Jew Tweets: "U.S. Becoming Mexico Very Bad For Israel"

Ann Coulter has continued to tweet about the "F---ing Jews" controversy and criticizing GOP politicians pandering to Israel, making her point that the Republican Party's compliance with the open-border agenda only hurts Israel. In reply to one critic who called her 'Anti-Semitic,' Coulter replied "No: It's pro-Semitic. Where is all the GOP pandering on Israel getting us? US becoming Mexico very bad for Israel."

Sep 18 02:44

Putin’s Line in the Sand: No Regime Change in Syria

By allowing US F-16s to patrol the skies over Syria, Washington will impose a de facto no-fly zone over the country severely limiting Assad’s ability to battle the US-backed militias that have seized large swaths of the countryside and are now descending on Damascus.

The Syrian war can be divided into two parts: The pre-Incirlik period and the post-Incirlik period. The pre-Incirlik period is roughly the four year stretch during which US-backed Islamic militias and al Qaida-linked groups fought the Syrian army with the intention of removing President Bashar al Assad from power. This first phase of the war ended in a draw.

Sep 18 02:33

A US petition calling for Netanyahu’s arrest

The advantage of an official White House petition is the promise of official recognition and response if the goal is met.

Bibi will come to the U.N. in NYC in late September. There is now a US petition calling for his arrest. We would greatly appreciate if you can publicize.


September 17, 2015

Sep 17 22:04

What time is it?

Check out the trolls in the comments section!

If we have to hold up an illustrative American, the inventor is a good choice. Just like pioneers and explorers, those among us who tinker and hack and fiddle and dream push the boundaries of human achievement. To treat a young man like a suspected terrorist instead of a bright promise for the future is to attack the best part of who we believe ourselves to be.

Sep 17 21:01

BEX ALERT: Ahmed Mohamed and the ‘Islamophobia’ Clock

Pam Geller hit piece trying to justify the injustice done to this kid!

When questioned about what the device was, Mohamed wouldn’t answer. Now terror-tied Islamic groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), their media lapdogs, and even Barack Obama are waging jihad against the school and the local police.