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Aug 11 07:21

Colgate’s unseen FDA pages flag concerns over triclosan in Total toothpaste

The chemical triclosan has been linked to cancer-cell growth and disrupted development in animals. Regulators are reviewing whether it’s safe to put in soap, cutting boards and toys. Consumer companies are phasing it out. Minnesota voted in May to ban it in many products.

At the same time, millions of Americans are putting it in their mouths every day, by way of a top-selling toothpaste that uses the antibacterial chemical to head off gum disease — Colgate-Palmolive Co’s Total.

Total is safe, Colgate says, citing the rigorous Food and Drug Administration process that led to the toothpaste’s 1997 approval as an over-the-counter drug. A closer look at that application process, however, reveals that the some of the scientific findings that Colgate put forward to establish triclosan’s safety in toothpaste weren’t black and white — and weren’t, until this year, available to the public.

Aug 11 07:16

Wikileaks: Ban Ki-Moon Worked with Israel to Undermine UN Report

The General Secretary of United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-Moon collaborated in secret with Israel and the United States to weaken the effects of a Board of Inquiry’s report accusing Israel of human rights violations in Gaza in Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009.

Aug 11 07:15

‘Teaching how to lie’: Taxpayer money to help State Dept. on the hot seat in Congress

Telling the truth is hard — at least for the State Department.

After a series of disastrous congressional appearances over the Benghazi scandal, the agency has approved a contract to train employees on how to testify and brief members of Congress, according to the Washington Times.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s testimony about the agency’s bungled response to the Benghazi terror attack is perhaps the most memorable example of the State Department’s failure in the hot seat.

Now, the agency has agreed to pay $545,000 for an Orlando, Fla., firm to teach employees such skills as “communicating with Congress” in one-on-one sessions and mock hearings.

The painful Benghazi hearings weren’t the only times the department had problems communicating with Congress, the Times pointed out.

Aug 11 07:10

North Korea plans report on human rights: North Korea, unhappy with a damning, in-depth United Nations sponsored study of human rights conditions in the country, is planning its own assessment.

North Korea, unhappy with a damning, in-depth United Nations sponsored study of human rights conditions in the country, is planning its own assessment.

Aug 11 07:02

Video - Missouri Town Erupts In Protest following shooting death of unarmed black teen ...

as protests over the killing of a black teenager by a police officer

Aug 11 07:02

O’Keefe Crosses Border Disguised As Osama Bin Laden

To prove how porous the southern border is activist James O’Keefe shows us that even terrorist Osama Bin Laden can enter the United States by wading through a shallow part of the Rio Grande river. In the video O’Keefe disguised as Osama Bin Laden successfully crosses into the U.S. with Border Patrol no where in site.

Aug 11 07:00

Video: Protesters Loot and Vandalize Businesses in Suburban St. Louis

Late Sunday night in a suburban St. Louis neighborhood, multiple businesses were looted and vandalized according to reports. Police have moved on the scene and have attempted to disperse these protesters which are reportedly tied to vigil for an unarmed black man who was shot and killed by police.

Aug 11 06:54

250,000 Gazans have no home following Israeli attacks

At least 250,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have no home to return to as the Israeli regime’s relentless military attacks have wreaked major destruction in the enclave, Press TV reports.

Some 80 families perished in the Israel war on Gaza, which began on July 8. The aggression has so far claimed the lives of some 1,940 Palestinians, including 470 children. Nearly 10,000 others have been injured in the military aggression.

“Heavy bombing targeted our incomplete house at night so we took refuge in the lower floor of the building when the F16 jets joined the tanks in bombing our house. We decided to flee to the nearby town of Beit Hanoun. We saw refugees inside Beit Hanoun hospital, but it was shelled and people were killed,” Shadi Sahwheel, a displaced Gaza resident, told Press TV.

Aug 11 06:47

Future IDF Soldiers Get Yankee Baseball Surprise

"..In honor of their immigration, Randy Levine, President of the New York Yankees baseball club, and his wife Mindy hosted 40 of the young men and women who will be inducted into the IDF at a baseball game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. Many of these future soldiers will be classified as ‘lone soldiers’ in Israel, having no parents living in Israel.

The IDF currently has 2,800 Lone Soldiers serving in a range of positions in the army. The organization of Nefesh B’Nefesh runs a lone soldier program whose purpose is to provide an holistic service package for young men and women who make Aliyah and are required to serve in the IDF.."

Aug 11 06:24

Obama: Netanyahu “Too Strong” to Make Peace

In order for peace to ever occur between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be weakened, United States President Barack Obama asserted.

In an interview with the New York Times’ Thomas L. Friedman, the president said that Netanyahu was “too strong” and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazen] was “too weak.”

According to Obama, in order for Netanyhau to come to the negotiating table and make concessions, the prime minister needs to feel more pressure from his cabinet and Israelis.

The president expressed his frustration over Abbas’s lack of popular support by the Palestinian people, unlike Netanyahu who, during this time of crisis and conflict, is strongly supported by most Israelis.

Aug 11 06:19

Modi Rewrites India’s Tryst with Destiny (II)

From the American viewpoint, India’s SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) membership literally caps the trajectory of US-Indian strategic partnership.The message is clear: India is unavailable as a ‘counterweight’ against China or as a silent partner to ‘isolate’ Russia.

The heart of the matter is that the SCO has disallowed a security vacuum appearing in Central Asia, which the NATO could have used as an alibi to step in. Put differently, so long as the SCO is around, NATO’s eastward expansion beyond the Caucasus runs into formidable obstacles.

That is to say, SCO challenges the US strategy to project the NATO as the global security organization that bypasses the United Nations as the provider of security. This is precisely why the US has opposed the SCO and did all it could to debunk the grouping.

Read more

Aug 11 05:58

Poland asks US to buy apples banned by Russia

Poland has asked the US to purchase the country's apples after Moscow banned all food imports from the EU, the US, and other countries who imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Prior to the full embargo on food exports from the West, Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import of practically all fruits and vegetables from Poland, citing a breach of food safety standards.

"We are interested in a quick decision because the situation is extraordinary," said Poland's ambassador to Washington, Ryszard Schnepf, as quoted by Polish press agency PAP.

He added that he had met with Michael Scuse, a senior official in the US Department of Agriculture, and discussed the opening of the US market to Polish apple producers.

** "..There is a greater understanding on account of the fact that the United States has also been hit by Russian sanctions," Schnepf said.." **

Aug 11 02:30

ISIS serving the US a pretext to re-invade Iraq.

And we are there for the long term

August 10, 2014

Aug 10 21:40

Israeli Genocide and its Willing Accomplices

Israel’s total war against Gaza has provoked condemnation from millions of people around the world, greater outrage at their crimes against humanity, and calls for an international war crimes tribunal. If such a tribunal were to be convoked, the question arises of how wide the net should be cast – where to draw the line between leaders, soldiers, masses and complicit overseas supporters, all implicated to one degree or another? How many ‘willing accomplices’ to mass murder should be investigated and tried?

Aug 10 20:40

Christopher Bollyn - "The Downing of MH17 - Is Israel Involved?"

Furthermore, Yaron Mofaz, a relative of Shaul Mofaz, former chief of staff of the Israeli military, oddly took a photograph of the ill-fated Malaysian plane at the airport in Amsterdam shortly before it was shot down, which he then provided to Reuters.

Yaron Mofaz also happens to be a director of a Mofaz family company that works closely with a company in Florida that owns a former Malaysia Airlines airliner, virtually identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and MH17.

This Malaysian airliner, it just so happens, was sent to Israel in late 2013 where it was parked in a hangar in Tel Aviv. For these and other reasons it is logical that we consider the possibility that the shooting down of MH17 was an Israeli false-flag operation with a twist.

Therefore, the real question is not whether Israel was involved, but to what degree was Israel involved in the atrocity? -

Aug 10 19:14

Fracking campaigners criticise 'censored' report on house prices

The government has been criticised for censoring a report into the impact of shale gas drilling that examines the effect on house prices and pressure on local services.

Campaigners are calling for full publication of the study carried out by Whitehall officials, as the government continues to resist the idea of offering compensation to individual householders near proposed fracking sites.

The report, called Shale Gas: Rural Economy Impacts, was written in March and a draft was released under environmental information laws with large portions of the text removed. In particular, the section looking at the effect of drilling on house prices has three missing chunks.

Aug 10 18:55

"It cost us more to shut the government down than to keep it open."

This week, Rand Paul is on a 10-stop tour of Iowa, seen by many as a trial run for a 2016 presidential campaign.
He’s been touting out his campaign positions, such as raising the retirement age and trying to play up his support for Israel. In a speech in Iowa City Tuesday, stumping for Republican House candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Paul spoke about what he sees as out-of-control government spending.

Aug 10 18:55

Ukraine Fighting Rages On As Russia Calls For Another Ceasefire: Ukraine Demands Total Surrender

With Ukraine shelling having killed 52 civilians in the city of Horlikva (Donetsk region) over the last two weeks alone, Russia is growing increasingly vocal of the need for a humanitarian cease-fire (notably with Germany also "concerned about the humanitarian situation" in Ukraine). However, as AP reports, fighting raged once again today as Ukrainian forces killed 1 and injured 10 in Donetsk, ignoring calls for a cease-fire. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, said the only way for the rebels in Donetsk to save their lives would be to "lay down their arms and give up."

Aug 10 18:39

Obama: Not A Single CEO I Talk To Denies Climate Change, Even Those In The Fossil Fuel Industry

It's hard to discern what lies at the root of climate deniers' logic. But an argument you often hear is that addressing climate change would add unnecessary costs to corporations.
President Barack Obama says that argument doesn't make any sense, because, according to him, the corporations themselves have all acknowledged climate change is occurring and are trying to figure out how to adjust their operations accordingly.

Aug 10 18:38


Aug 10 17:37

Military Coup In Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki Refuses To Step Down; Security Forces On Alert, Encircle Presidential Palace

Just days after the US launched a campaign that implicitly aides the current regime headed by the supposedly outgoing PM, al-Maliki, it appears that latest US intervention has already led to "unexpected" consequences, this time with the prime minister appearing to have just staged a coup overthrowing Iraq's president President Fouad Massoum moments ago.

Aug 10 17:33

Troops surround Baghdad ‘Green Zone’ as embattled Prime Minister Maliki appears to cling to power

TROOPS loyal to controversial Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki have sealed off Baghdad’s “Green Zone” in an apparent coup.

Aug 10 17:17

BREAKING: Military Coup Rocks Iraq

Iraq’s parliament just chose a new President who refused to rename Prime Minister Nouri Kamal al-Maliki to a third term. Maliki declared the move unconstitutional and his own State of Law Party pulled support from him. Now his forces are seizing government buildings in Iraq, have closed the airport, and are surrounding the Green Zone.

His speech refusing to step down occurred at midnight and was followed by the military action.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well THIS will make Obama drop his putter!

Seriously, the US wanted Maliki gone because of his improving relations with Russia. But with Maliki now in control of the military and surrounding the Green Zone, we are looking at open combat inside Baghdad itself, and a "Saigon moment" inside the Green Zone unless Obama orders US troops into the city, a move which will cost the Democrats dearly this November.

Aug 10 17:16

Iraq Coup Chatter Spikes as Special Forces Loyal to PM Reportedly Deploy to Strategic Areas in Baghdad

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is reportedly clinging to power, refusing to drop his bid for a third term as special forces loyal to him are said to have fanned out across Baghdad Sunday while a Sunni insurgency rages, Reuters reported.

Aug 10 17:09

Win Phone 7 users aghast Microsoft axed Skype for their phones

Owners of Windows Phone 7 smartphones are apoplectic that Skype no longer works on their devices.

Commenting on the official Skype support forum, affected users say they’re in disbelief at Microsoft’s decision to not only stop support for Skype, but go further and make it unusable on their smartphones.

A number of those complaining are heavy Skype users, so losing access to it from their Windows Phone 7 devices is crippling to their daily work and life.

To make matters worse, these people find themselves unable to upgrade their smartphones to Windows Phone 8 or 8.1, because Windows Phone 7 devices don’t support the newer OS. So in order to use Skype from a mobile phone they’ll have to change their devices.

Aug 10 17:05

Iraqi prime minister al-Maliki deploys special forces, blocks bridges into Baghdad

Special forces have been deployed in and around Baghdad after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced Sunday that he will not drop his bid for a third term as the country's leader.

CNN is reporting that Iraqi police say tanks and special forces are moving to "strategic areas" around the borders of Baghdad, that bridges into and out of the city are being blocked and that a curfew may soon be announced.

A high-ranking police officer told Agence France-Presse that the deployment started at around 10:30 p.m. local time.

"There is security everywhere in Baghdad, these are very unusual measures that look like those we impose for a state of emergency," the police official said.

"Several streets have been closed... as well as some key bridges," said an official at the interior ministry. "It's all linked to the political situation."

Maliki has ignored calls by Sunnis and Kurds to resign from office.

Aug 10 16:17

Hurricane Julio weakening, moving north of Hawaii

HONOLULU (INTELLIHUB) — Collateral damage from the already passed tropical storm Iselle was minimal, reports say, despite the fact that at least one person was killed during the surge.

Aug 10 15:42

Poland asks US to buy apples banned by Russia

Poland has asked the US to purchase the country's apples after Moscow banned all food imports from the EU, the US, and other countries who imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Prior to the full embargo on food exports from the West, Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import of practically all fruits and vegetables from Poland, citing a breach of food safety standards.

"We are interested in a quick decision because the situation is extraordinary," said Poland's ambassador to Washington, Ryszard Schnepf, as quoted by Polish press agency PAP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The sudden surplus of former exports into Russia flooding the US markets will drive prices down, crushing US farmers. I am sure to the money junkies eager to foreclose on these farms, this is a small price to pay to protect the US dollar from the ruble.

Aug 10 15:36

‘Americans are actually in favor of the CIA committing all the war crimes’

The American public is brainwashed by the government to think the CIA is defending them from enemies as opposed to the terrible things the CIA actually does to expand the US empire and keep it afloat, journalist and historian Douglas Valentine told RT.

“70 percent of the American people right now in recent polling believe that Russia is a serious threat that they have to worry about before they go to bed at night”, he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Let's check that out.

Aug 10 15:14

Australian Jewish lobby got columnist fired over a Gaza cartoon

Australian Jewish groups had slammed the newspaper over Carlton’s July 26 column in which he accused the Zionist entity of “waging its own war of terror on the entire Gaza population”. The column was accompanied by a cartoon (shown above), which was widely condemned as “anti-Jew” by leaders of country’s organized Jewry which also threatened to take legal action against the newspaper under country’s “Hate Law”.

Initially, the newspaper defended the cartoon, explaining that Le Lievre’s drawing was inspired by “news photographs of Israeli Jews seated in chairs and lounges, observing the Israeli shelling of Gaza.”

But then, as expected, the Jewish Lobby invoked the “Six Million Died” smoking gun to demonize the newspaper. The Australian Jewish News wrote: “Not only were we treated to baseless accusations of ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ on Israel’s part, but then there was a subtle shift. These were crimes being committed by ‘a people with a proud liberal tradition of scholarship and culture, who hold the Warsaw Ghetto and the six million dead of the Holocaust at the centre of their race memory.’

Aug 10 15:13

The Zionist Experiment

Support for Israel is dying, as her never ending occupation and inhumane oppression of the Palestinian people, as well as deceitful false flag actions against other nations, are becoming generally known. An experiment by international financiers, Israel has proven to be an aggressive supremacist nation, dependent upon the United States and world Jewry for support, while showing no interest in peace or justice.

Aug 10 15:04

Israeli Genocide in Gaza - A Documentary

A new documentary by Dr. David Duke that exposes the current (AUG 2014) genocide in Gaza.

Aug 10 15:03

Open letter to President Obama: Your legacy

Alan Hart spells out, in an open letter to US President Barack Obama, what it would take for Obama not to go down in history as a Zionist stooge and a joke.

Aug 10 15:00

Russian sanctions begin to bite in the Netherlands

The Russian sanctions imposed on Thursday against western countries are already beginning to bite in the Netherlands, Dutch media report on Friday.

The Financieele Dagblad reports that 300 trucks carrying vegetables and fruit have already been refused entry at the Russian border.

The effects are also being felt at the Zaltbommel trade auction where prices are already falling.

Aug 10 14:57

Video: Russia food ban a ‘nightmare’ for French farmers

French food trader Jean Selverro will lose €200 thousand a month because of Russia’s import bans on food from the European Union, announced this week. Normally, 90 percent of his apples and pears are exported to Russia.

Aug 10 13:40

150,000 march in biggest London rally yet for Gaza

“Israel is in illegal occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel has no right to defend itself from territories it occupies. It only has an obligation to withdraw. The Palestinians are an occupied people. They have a right to defend themselves from the occupier.”…….. Seamus Milne, Guardian columnist and associate editor

Aug 10 13:25


A man who serves in the army in a combat role is usually assumed to have impressive constitution which confirm the genetic aspirations of the women. They believe he will be fit, healthy, and have several other important attributes.”

Given the increased demand for specialized sperm, the donors’ bank looked into its database and discovered that all donors had served in the IDF and half had served in combat roles.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Nazis had something similar. Women who bore children from the "correct" fathers were awarded medals and special treatment.

Aug 10 13:15

Oh... Finally, NYT Discovers Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

“Throughout the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. State Department and mainstream media have downplayed the role of neo-Nazis in the U.S.-backed Kiev regime, an inconvenient truth that is surfacing again as right-wing storm troopers fly neo-Nazi banners as they attack in the east, Robert Parry reports.

... On Sunday, a Times article by Andrew E. Kramer mentioned the emerging neo-Nazi paramilitary role in the final three paragraph

“The fighting for Donetsk has taken on a lethal pattern: The regular army bombards separatist positions from afar, followed by chaotic, violent assaults by some of the half-dozen or so paramilitary groups surrounding Donetsk who are willing to plunge into urban combat.”

“Officials in Kiev say the militias and the army coordinate their actions, but the militias, which count about 7,000 fighters, are angry and, at times, uncontrollable. One known as Azov, which took over the village of Marinka, flies a neo-Nazi symbol resembling a Swastik a as its flag.”

Aug 10 12:25

Income inequality is getting worse:

Aug 10 12:21

ISIS my 2 cents

First we fight them in Iraq then help them in Syria then ignore them in Iraq not bomb them in Iraq. But they are killing Christians...hello they've always been killing Christians so what happening now is they need a pretext for some support, but don't be fooled, Obama could care less about Christians being killed. See the video

Aug 10 12:08

UK government attempts to conceal its involvement in rendition and torture

The British government is seeking to cover up its role in the illegal “extraordinary rendition”—kidnappings and torture—programme run by the United States.

Ahead of the delayed release of a US Senate report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) torture system, in place under the previous George W. Bush administration, the Observer revealed that the UK government has approached its US counterparts to censor information regarding Britain’s involvement in rendition and torture through the use of the Indian Ocean air base of Diego Garcia.

Aug 10 12:07

Bank of America reaches $16 billion mortgage fraud settlement

Bank of America (BoA) is finalizing a settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) over claims that the bank palmed off worthless mortgages to investors, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Aug 10 11:56

Debt Maturity Of U.S. Debt Set To Increase

Aug 10 11:26

Civilians in an abandoned McDonald's seize control of a wandering space satellite

For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. They’re doing it all from a makeshift mission control center in an abandoned McDonald’s in Mountain View, CA, using old radio parts from eBay and a salvaged flat screen TV.

Aug 10 11:26

Colorado teen birthrate drops 40% with low-cost birth control

One state has found a way to significantly reduce teen pregnancy rates. But is its solution realistic for the rest of the United States?

Colorado's teen birth rate dropped 40% between 2009 and 2013, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmentannounced this week, in part due to a program that provides long-acting contraception to low-income women.

Aug 10 11:21

200 Buses per Day to Annex Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion Regional Council announced on August 10, 2014, the opening of a bus service as part of the Jerusalem metropolitan lines. 200 Buses per day will connect the largest settlement bloc in the West Bank* with West Jerusalem in a strategic step towards its annexation.

Aug 10 11:16

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Aug 10 11:00

Nine law enforcement officers sentenced for protecting drug dealers

ATLANTA – Thirteen defendants, including nine former police officers, have been sentenced to federal prison this week for accepting thousands of dollars in cash payments to provide protection during staged drug deals that were part of a federal undercover operation.

Aug 10 10:42

G. Edward Griffin – A World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17

More people are making a living from cancer than dying from cancer!

I just started eating my raw apricot kernels...

Aug 10 10:41

UN #GazaUnderAttack Emergency Situation Report as of 10 August 2014

Occupied Palestinian Territory: UN Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 10 August 2014, 0800 hrs)

Aug 10 10:38

Palestine & Israel Magazine (Updated)

UNCENSORED breaking news, world news and multimedia on the Occupied Palestine and Israel.

Aug 10 10:37

Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 35

LIVE BLOG | Day 35 | WARNING - POSSIBLE GRAPHIC CONTENT #Gaza: #Israel continues its massive offensive operation #ProtectiveEdge on #GazaUnderAttack . #Palestine

Aug 10 10:35

The Last and First Temptation of Israel

The grotesque death toll from Gaza is a distillation of this mindset – revealing at best a chilling contempt for Arab life and at worst, with the shelling of schools and shelters, a policy of indiscriminate hatred and revenge.

Aug 10 10:33

Operation Martha’s Vineyard: Bomb Iraq, Then Hit the Links!

On Friday’s The Kelly File on Fox News, retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney told guest host Shannon Bream that the Obama administration’s choice to not name the mission of the recent air strikes in Iraq could indicate that the president thinks the mission is insignificant, especially in light of Obama leaving for vacation to Martha’s Vineyard immediately following the announcement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I still think this third invasion of Iraq ought to be named "Operation FLUSTERCLUCK!"

Aug 10 10:31

Obama Blames Intelligence Failures for ISIS Gains

This is reminiscent of the conclusion reached by the Iraq Survey Group as it tried to provided a pretext for the 2003 Bush neocon invasion.

A report declassified in the summer of 2012 and held at the National Security Archive states it was “analytic liabilities” and predispositions that led to the war, the destruction of the country, and the death of over a million people.

Now the U.S. is attempting to revisit this excuse to explain the rapid advance of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I seem to have a better track record figuring out what is about to happen than the people who are paid to figure out what is about to happen.

That's a little scary!

Aug 10 10:28

Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property


Aug 10 10:22


Egypt seems to be trying to act as broker in negotiating a ceasefire between the warring factions of Israel and Palestine, BUT …. an important element is missing from those talks. The Palestinians are NOT being represented at all so what you have in actuality are talks between Israel and itself ….. talks that will obviously lead nowhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a repeat of the "talks" to resolve the Ukraine crisis that included representatives of the US, the EU, and even Russia, but would not allow anyone form the independent Eastern Ukrainian Republics to take part.

Aug 10 10:09

Israel Murders Gazan Health Workers

Stephen Lendman
Activist Post

Israel wages genocidal wars without mercy. Even doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and other health workers are targeted.

Civilians are as vulnerable as combatants. It's longstanding Israeli policy.

On August 7, Amnesty International (AI) headlined "Mounting Evidence of deliberate attacks on Gaza health workers by Israeli army."

Former prime minister Ehud Barak once outrageously called it "the most moral army in the world." It's a lawless, ruthless killing machine...

Aug 10 10:02

Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza Letter Accusing Israel of 'Genocide'

Actress Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem have roused the fury of Hollywood producers, with pledges made to snub the Spanish couple.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jewish control of Hollywood, so long dismissed as an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, is now fully on display for the world to see.

Time to add Hollywood to the BDS boycott list!

Aug 10 09:29

News crew gets robbed while reporting on controversial app which helps people avoid "sketchy" neighborhoods

A Washington, D.C. TV crew filming a story about a new app that helps people avoid sketchy neighborhoods were victims of crime when someone reportedly broke in to their news van.

Aug 10 08:45

Gaza Doctor Says Entire Families Have Completely Vanished

You can't gauge exactly what level, but from the people who have lost their loved ones and they have lost their homes, those kind of people, they tend to support somebody who will assist this sort of actions and will some sort take revenge for their big losses. And when you're speaking about almost 2,000 Palestinian dead, most, the vast majority of them, are women and children. And when you speak about almost 10,000 Palestinian injuries, of course, you can imagine the kind of sentiment in the hearts of those people who have lost everything, not forgetting about more than 20,000 homes which have been partially or totally destroyed. So the more killing you have in this streets, the more hatred will be implanted in the hearts of the people who have lost everything. And I think this will create more and more support for militant resistance against Israel.

Aug 10 08:37

Washington’s Diabolical Agenda in Iraq: US Pledges “Humanitarian Airstrikes” against US Sponsored IS Terrorists

The US has pledged assistance for victims of and even possible “airstrikes” against terrorists who have surrounded and threaten to eradicate thousands of religious minorities in Iraq. However, the terrorists themselves are a product of US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, and instrumental in achieving Western objectives across the region. Punitive strikes and aid to the victims of what is essentially a Western mercenary army is part of maintaining plausible deniability.

Aug 10 08:33

Report: Nearly 2,000 child molestations by illegal aliens in NC in 2014

This week, the citizen's advocacy group known as NCFIRE announced that the state of North Carolina has filed nearly 2,000 various child sexual assalut charges against illegal aliens, since Jan. 1, 2014. The charges include, rape, kidnapping, incest, child pornography, etc.

Each month, dozens of illegal aliens have been charged, often with multiple counts (which means they either have multiple victims, or have molested the same child more than once). Take for example, the case of Leonel Nativad, who was charged by Union county authorities, with 13 counts of indecent liberties with a child in February; or the case of Apolino Venegas, who was charged in Onslow county that same month, with 11 counts of indecent liberties w/child, five counts of first-degree sexual offense w/child, three counts of statutory rape, three counts of crime against nature and felony child abuse

Aug 10 08:31

Systematically Reconstructing the Shoot-Down of the Malaysian Airliner: The Guilt Is Clear and Damning

Only idiots would trust Britain to interpret these black boxes to determine what and who brought down that plane. But, fortunately, the physical evidence lying on the ground at the site in Ukraine was photographed very quickly by locals there and uploaded to the Internet sometimes before any fighters and any governments were able to tamper with anything; and there happened to be one modest-looking item found at the site that tells a remarkably complete and entirely credible and convincing account of how this plane came down.

It tells that the Ukrainian Government itself did this airliner-downing, with bullets, not with shrapnel. You’ll see the evidence laid out before you here; you won’t need to rely upon the British Government to tell you how this event happened. The evidence will tell you that.

Aug 10 08:27

The birth of modern Israel from Herzl's Zionist vision of a Jewish homeland to today's reality

The written statement was in a letter from British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour to British financier James de Rothschild, often called the "Balfour Declaration". The Balfour letter was the result of prolonged, secret negotiations in Britain and America. It settled on the term "home", a carefully crafted ambiguity, to describe a Jewish community in Palestine. The British interpreted this as a cultural enclave, while the Zionists would ultimately interpret it to mean a Jewish state. Thus, it let some politicians get banker support for their ends, while not committing to a war in Palestine, and let the bankers claim a legal toe-hold from which they could take step (2) toward a Jewish state. The declaration in the Balfour letter says,

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

Aug 10 08:25

Not Equal: Gaza in over 1000 frames

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And with Iraq a convenient media distraction, I expect Israel will really ramp up the massacre now!

Aug 10 08:24

Eric Holder Says “Disagreeing with Obama Is Racist”

It’s a typical line of liberal “reasoning.”

If our “fearless leader” encounters opposition from his political opponents, it’s not because of his failed policies or his consistent disregard for the constitution.

Rather, it’s because the president is black.

At least that’s what Eric Holder thinks.

Aug 10 08:20

This Is How Putin's Advisor Sees The Ukraine Crisis Playing Out

Putin has sought to lure Ukraine and its more than 40 million people into the alliance to build a trading bloc to rival the EU. Yanukovych pursued closer ties with the customs union and pulled out of an association agreement with the EU before his ouster in February. His successor, President Petro Poroshenko, signed the free-trade accord with the 28-nation bloc in June.

Russia can’t go it alone against the U.S. and must create an “anti-war coalition” to check the “aggressor,” Glazyev said.

Aug 10 08:18

Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit

A small group of beekeepers in Mexico has inflicted a blow on biotech giant Monsanto, which has halted the company’s ambitions to plant thousands of hectares of soybeans genetically modified to resist the company’s pesticide Roundup.

A district judge in the state of Yucatán last month overturned a permit issued to Monsanto by Mexico’s agriculture ministry, Sagarpa, and environmental protection agency, Semarnat, in June 2012 that allowed commercial planting of Roundup-ready soybeans.

The permit authorised Monsanto to plant its seeds in seven states, over more than 253,000 hectares (625,000 acres), despite protests from thousands of Mayan farmers and beekeepers, Greenpeace, the Mexican National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and the National Institute of Ecology.

Aug 10 08:15

Some 30K Unaccompanied Minors to Attend Public US Schools This Year

The feds have released more than 30,000 unaccompanied minors, all of whom entered the U.S. illegally, in various states around the nation. Assuming that most of these children will not be immediately deported, U.S. public schools be will forced to accommodate them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... along with the infectious tuberculosis, HIV, H1N1, Bubonic Plague, and possibly Ebola that have brought into the nation with them.

Aug 10 08:14

'Brilliant and ethical' English professor 'loses his job' at top U.S. university after posting a series of anti-Israel Tweets

A ‘brilliant and ethical’ professor has lost his job at a major U.S. university over his anti-Israel remarks on Twitter, it has been claimed.

Steven Salaita had been offered a role at the University of Illinois on the American Indian Studies course – and the appointment was expected to be confirmed.

But according to the Huffington Post, there have been reports that his outspoken criticism of Israel’s part in the Gaza conflict may have cost him his job.

In one Tweet he told his followers: 'It's simple: either condemn #Israel's actions or embrace your identity as someone who's okay with the wholesale slaughter of children.’

Another read: 'Only #Israel can murder around 300 children in the span of a few weeks and insist that it is the victim.'

On the same day he wrote: 'It's quite simple, really: don't support any ideology whose practice results in dead children.'

According to the Huffington Post, the university has yet to comment on why the appointment was blocked.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The story is that a local Jewish group contacted the University and threatened "action" if Salaita was hired. Now they are saying that even though they did send such a message, they are not responsible for the university's decision.

What is important to keep in mind is that Salaita did not make these remarks in the classroom, but in his private life. This underhanded campaign to ruin his career is a violation of his right to Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment and everyone who took part in this fiasco is an enemy of America and what it stands for.

Aug 10 08:10

Iranian General: Hamas Proved Superior to Israel

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' deputy commander, Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, said Saturday night that since the ceasefire plan proposed by Egypt is “biased,” the best possible option for the Palestinians at present is continued resistance and war against Israel. He added that Hamas enjoys hidden war equipment and capabilities which will be used in later stages of the war.

"The plan proposed by Egypt meets the Zionist regime's interests and is not acceptable as it seeks to disarm the resistance, but we know that the damage inflicted on the Palestinians by a ceasefire is more than the damage of war," Salami said in a live interview with Iran's state-run TV on Saturday night, reported Iran's Fars news agency.

Salami said Israel has been defeated in close-range and street fighting against Hamas and other Palestinian groups, and that “the Zionist army cannot move on the ground.”

Aug 10 08:09


Sunday, August 10 at 2:30 p.m.
Israeli Consulate, 180
Bloor Street West |
TTC: St. George | Map
March at 3:30 p.m.

Join the Global Campaign!

Aug 10 08:09

Gaza’s Children: The Psychological Trauma of Catastrophe

There is a way to stop the cycle, with humanitarian efforts and discussion about what needs to be done. These children are innocent, and yet they are subjected to so much. It is a moral responsibility of the international community to provide assistance to alleviate the strife of these children and rebuild what is left of the home of the Palestinian people.

Aug 10 08:06

Ebola: Persons in Contact with Sawyer May be Hiding

There are indications that some persons who might have had contact with the late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American who brought the virus may be avoiding calls to turn in themselves for checks and further screening of their status of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

THISDAY investigation revealed that most of the persons who flew the Asky Airlines from Lome to Lagos had been reluctant to come up for test and contact tracing, a situation that has compounded the work of the Federal Ministry of Health and officials of Lagos State government.
This is as the World Health Organisation (WHO) yesterday in Geneva, Switzerland, alerted that the virus was spreading as Nigeria now has between 9 to 13 cases.

Confirming the figures, Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, informed THISDAY that “we have 9 confirmed cases out of which 7 are alive and receiving treatment and 2 are dead including the index case.”

Aug 10 08:05

ECB gets ready to pump cash into eurozone as fears rise over recovery

Mario Draghi says preparatory work in place for quantitative easing to combat deflation and economic stagnation

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And we have seen how well quantitative easing has worked here in the US!

Aug 10 08:05

The U.S. Airstrikes in Northern Iraq Are All About Oil

If the Obama administration wanted to prevent the world’s peoples from brutal dictators and repressive regimes or from takeovers by terrorist groups, there are other countries besides Libya and Iraq where it could intervene. What distinguishes these two countries is that they are major oil producers.

Aug 10 07:57

Prescott flies 40,000 miles – that's nearly twice around the world – in five months... to lecture on climate change

He is meant to be helping to save the planet. Yet Lord Prescott has clocked up more than 40,000 air miles in five months – all while travelling to and from climate change conferences.

Since February the ex-Deputy Prime Minister and former Environment Secretary has attended all-expenses paid summits in Europe, North America, India and China.

There he has delivered lectures on the perils of damaging the environment and discussed new legislation which could restrict the ability of others to fly or drive cars in future.

Aug 10 07:53

Third mass protest for Gaza in a month in London

Webmaster's Commentary: 

150,000 showed up. Now imagine that number standing in front of every corporate media outlet and announcing they will boycott every product advertised by media that is caught lying to the public. Either the media will have to be truthful of lose their advertisers.

Aug 10 07:49

#GazaDayOfRage Dublin Ireland 09/08/2014

Aug 10 07:48

Rolling coverage of current situation in Gaza - 04:30 GMT (P.1)

Aug 10 07:48

Rolling coverage of current situation in Gaza - 04:30 GMT (P.2)

Aug 10 07:36

German TV show ridicules 'evidence' of Russian involvement in Ukraine crisis

The tenacity of Western attempts to give the Ukrainian crisis an explicitly anti-Russian slant has been noted by a German political satire show, which ridiculed the apparent manner the United States presents its evidence.

The host of Extra 3, the comedy show, got the program going with a few pieces of 'evidence': a US-photographed satellite image that supposedly depicts Russian complicity in cross-border fire with Ukraine, then a picture that appeared to be drawn by a child with color crayons.

Christian Ehring pulled no punches when sharing his frank belief that the coverage of the Ukrainian crisis by the Western media has been full of holes since its start in February.

Aug 10 07:34

Malaysia accuses US and EU backed Ukraine regime of MH17 shoot-down

A Thursday article in the New Straits Times, Malaysia’s flagship English-language newspaper, charged the US- and European-backed Ukrainian regime in Kiev with shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 in east Ukraine last month. Given the tightly controlled character of the Malaysian media, it appears that the accusation that Kiev shot down MH17 has the full backing of the Malaysian state.

Aug 10 07:32

Money Market Account Freeze Passed by SEC

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the event of "stress", you will not be allowed to withdraw your own money from money market accounts.

Aug 10 07:28

Native American Indians Take a Stand For Gaza

The parallels to the plight of the Palestinian people and Native Americans have been drawn by many. Speaking in San Francisco, Tony Gonzales of the American Indian Movement (AIM), ”with a common legacy of bantustans (homelands) – Indian reservations and encircled Palestinian territories – Native Americans understand well the situation of Palestinians.”

While there are certainly diverse views on nearly every political issue imaginable within Native American communities, a growing number are beginning to empathize with and see a disturbing parallel between what happened to the First Peoples of North America, and Palestinians in the Levant.

Aug 10 07:27

Leaked pictures from the inside bizarre party at the Rothschild family 1972

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the warn up to the party scene in "Eyes Wide Shut."

Aug 10 07:24

BEX ALERT - Exclusive: Iraq says Islamic State killed 500 Yazidis, buried some victims alive

Islamic State militants have killed at least 500 members of Iraq's Yazidi ethnic minority during their offensive in the north, Iraq's human rights minister told Reuters on Sunday.

Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said the Sunni militants had also buried alive some of their victims, including women and children. Some 300 women were kidnapped as slaves, he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And they stole our incubators, and, and, they have nuclear weapons, and, and, and, and ... they have a Death Star! Honest!"

Come on people, do you really think ISIS, having conquered so much of Iraq so quickly, is actually going to carry out deliberate attacks to turn world opinion against them and make it easier for the US to trick you into agreeing to a third invasion?

Reuter's is still banning me from commenting but feel free to use the above in your own comments.

Aug 10 07:24

John McAfee speaks at hacker conference, unveils complaint website

set up the site for ordinary people to lodge complaints on anything from government corruption to bad consumer products.

Aug 10 07:22 wants public sector to rip up data protection law

The British government is in the preliminary stages of designing a controversial system which will share citizens' sensitive personal information across government departments without their consent.

Leaked documents show civil servants are planning to mimic the data-sharing systems used by firms like Amazon or Tesco.

This could mean information about a person's driving licence, criminal record and even how much energy they use at home will be shared by apparatchiks in all government departments.

The measures are intended to side-step the old-fashioned guidance contained in the Data Protection Act, which makes it very difficult for information to be shared across government departments.

Aug 10 07:21

Israel is the Real Terrorist State

Aug 10 07:20

A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Start listening at 1:30, and continue to just after 2:00 when this former Mossad agent slips up and implies that Mossad did the 7/7 London bombing.

Aug 10 07:18

NSA, struggling to recruit top talent, turns to Silicon Valley

The U.S. National Security Agency is turning to Silicon Valley for topflight talent, but first it has to rebuild trust.

Anne Neuberger, special assistant to NSA Director Michael Rogers, said this week she feared the agency would no longer be able to recruit top technologists, since former contractor Edward Snowden blew the lid off the extent of its spying activities.

At a seminar organized by the non-profit LongNow Foundation in San Francisco, she extended a plea to an audience replete with tech workers to consider a career in government, or at least apply for a fellowship.

Aug 10 07:01

Garnier faces boycott over toiletries donation to Israeli soldiers

The Garnier cosmetics and toiletries firm is facing a boycott threat over a donation of personal care products to female Israeli soldiers serving in the current Gaza operation.

Garnier, owned by L’Oreal, has faced a backlash after their donated products were distributed in care packages by the StandWithUs Israel advocacy group. The products were donated by Garnier Israel. The care packages were publicized on the StandWithUs Facebook page, with a “shoutout” to Garnier for its contribution.

The company on Thursday tried to head off criticism with a statement on its Facebook page, in which it disassociated itself from the donation to the IDF.

Aug 10 05:59

Congress working on bill to de-militarize federal regulatory agencies

Following a host of federal agencies moving to equip their inspectors with military-grade weapons, some on Capitol Hill are calling for their disarmament.

The proposed legislation takes issue with the growing creep of federal SWAT-type units that have been forming since the 2002 Homeland Security Act granted various agency Offices of Inspectors General arrest and firearm authority. The House bill calls for these agencies to not only lose that authority, but also to restrict them from acquiring military weaponry.

“It’s disturbing to see the stories of federal regulators armed to the teeth and breaking into homes and businesses when there was no reason to think there would be resistance,” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), sponsor of the legislation, said in a statement from his office.

Aug 10 05:40

Delaware police request surplus military gear

"..Police agencies in the state have also received a lot of military gear: 155 combat rifles, including 20 M-14s used by ceremonial troops as well as snipers; 59 rifle sights; 31 Humvees; 52 components of night vision devices; and, two infrared imaging systems that originally cost $541,931 apiece. Although most bomb-related equipment in the state is bought with grant money from the Department of Homeland Security, one or more police agencies received two bomb-detection/disposal robots and one bomb suit.

Which ones received the tactical gear remains, in large part, a mystery. LESO wouldn’t provide those details. Police officials interviewed acknowledged the tactical items they’d been sent.."

Aug 10 05:13

Ebola in Germany Hamburg

Aug 10 05:08

Father of PGP encryption: Telcos need to get out of bed with governments

Phil Zimmermann, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy public-key encryption, has some experience when it comes to the politics of crypto. During the “crypto wars” of the 1990s, Zimmermann fought to convince the US government to stop classifying PGP as a “munition” and shut down the Clipper Chip program—an effort to create a government-mandated encryption processor that would have given the NSA a back door into all encrypted electronic communication. Now Zimmermann and the company he co-founded are working to convince telecommunications companies—mostly overseas—that it’s time to end their nearly century-long cozy relationship with governments.

Aug 10 04:54

The Sinking of The Lusitania, America’s Entry into World War I, A Bonanza for Wall Street

On this day 99 years ago, a German U-boat sunk the RMS Lusitania off the southern Irish coast with the loss of 1,195 lives, including 128 Americans. 94 children perished, 31 of them mere babies. This incident became the major catalyst for drawing a reluctant America into the European slaughter pens of World War 1.

But was the sinking of the Lusitania one of those unfortunate acts that occur randomly during war or was there a more sinister and deliberate hand at work?

In a disputed incident like this, one often gets to the truth of the matter by asking the question, “Cui bono?” “Who benefits?” After a detailed examination of the facts, one can only come to the conclusion that it was the banksters who benefitted, and grossly at that.

Aug 10 04:51

Starbucks: We Don't Fund Israel

Olson did not say where the rumors had come from, but a fast-growing campaign on the app Buycott, which is a platform where anyone can start and publicize a boycott, has targeted Starbucks for what it says is the company's support for "the occupation of Palestine."

Aug 10 04:22

George Galloway under investigation over Israel remarks

Calls by George Galloway for Bradford to be "declared an Israel-free zone" are being investigated by West Yorkshire Police.

Aug 10 01:19

Israel resumes indiscriminate killings in Gaza

Israeli missiles and artillery shells began striking Gaza again Friday, after a 72-hour ceasefire with Hamas, the Islamist ruling party in Gaza, ended at 8 a.m. local time.

Aug 10 01:18

Boston experts flagged African Ebola outbreak in advance, system now showing potentials in the U.S., Mexico and Canada


Aug 10 01:14

Ukraine in need of aid: Russia’s Lavrov

Russia has called for urgent humanitarian aid for the people in civilian areas in eastern Ukraine being shelled by the Kiev army.

Aug 10 01:09

Meet the Spanish volunteers fighting Kiev's military offensive

Two Spanish volunteers have joined the fight against Kiev’s offensive on eastern Ukraine, speaking out against the actions of the nation's military. They say their main objective is to spread the truth about the conflict.

August 9, 2014

Aug 09 23:59

Israel-Gaza conflict: 150,000 protest in London for end to 'massacre and arms trade'

Thousands of people opposed to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza have taken to the streets in London in a mass demonstration to try and intensify pressure on the British government.

Arranged by a compendium of anti-war campaigners and religious organisations, the march, from the BBC’s headquarters near Oxford Circus to Hyde Park, was claimed by organisers to have had as many as 150,000 in attendance.

The Met Police told The Independent that it was entirely peaceful and no arrests were made.

Protesters’ travelled past the US Embassy en route to the central London park, waving “Free Palestine” placards and flags, while chanting that the Israeli offensive is a “massacre.”

Aug 09 23:49

Baroness Warsi exclusive interview: 'I want to be able to live with myself after politics'

Warsi reveals she said she finally made up her mind to quit following a meeting on Tuesday morning with the new Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. "I spoke to him that morning at about 7am at some length about accountability, what next and how do you rebuild the 40 per cent of Gaza that has been destroyed," she says. "And I got no indication that we had any clear thought or process about how that would happen or how we would push to make it happen.

"I was absolutely unconvinced that there would be any accountability for what had happened. I got a very clear sense that it was going to return to business as usual. I therefore thought I needed to resign."

She said that in the previous weeks leading up to her departure, she felt increasingly isolated in Government, and revealed that even Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, had remained silent at a key meeting on the need for an arms embargo against Israel.

Aug 09 23:43

Joan Rivers: 'Palestinians deserve to be dead'

Joan Rivers is known for her scathing sharp tongue, and yet her take on the Isaeli-Gaza crisis is one of her most controversial views to date.

When told by a TMZ reporter than almost 2,000 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict, she raised her hands in mock shock (scroll down to watch the film).

“Oh my God! Tell that to the people in Hiroshima,” she says on film.

“Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don't count who's dead. You're dead, you deserve to be dead. Don’t you dare make me feel bad about that.”

“They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs.”

Aug 09 23:39

Two Scottish councils plan to fly Palestinian flag – do you agree? Glasgow and Fife councils are planning to raise the Palestinian flag to show solidarity with people affected by the conflict in Gaza.

Glasgow council will raise the Palestinian flag over the city's chambers on Friday, and Fife council has confirmed it will fly the flag for one week, amid fierce criticism.

Glasgow Jewish Representative council president Paul Morron said it was "angered and hurt" by Glasgow''s decision, according to the BBC.

"It does nothing to alleviate the suffering on either side of the conflict, nor does it bring peace closer by one single minute," he added.

David Ross, leader of Fife council said:

I hope that by flying this flag we can add strength to the public pressure for a lasting ceasefire which can help bring about peace and stability in the area.

This action is not in support of any specific organisation, but simply in solidarity with the people of Gaza to show our concern for their suffering and to call for a lasting ceasefire.

Aug 09 23:36

Ebola crisis: Guinea closes borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia

Guinea closed its borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia on Saturday in a bid to halt the spread of an Ebola epidemic that has killed nearly 1,000 people in the three countries this year.

Authorities said the decision was taken primarily to prevent infected people crossing into Guinea, a country where at least 367 people have died of Ebola since March and 18 others are being treated in isolation.

Aug 09 22:40

Israel vs "the Jews" learn the difference

from July 2009
Boycott Israel

Aug 09 20:41

Imposing sanctions on Russia will result in economic heartache for Australia, former ambassador warns

A former Australian ambassador to Moscow and Ukraine says imposing sanctions on Russia will only result in economic heartache for Australia.

Aug 09 19:58

Near Riot Ensues After Ferguson, MO Police Kill Unarmed Teen

Hundreds outraged after officer-involved shooting

Aug 09 19:26

Quarantine Station map and Immigrant map must see to believe!

Aug 09 18:01

Malaysia wants the ‘missing’ Ukrainian ATC tapes

UKRAINE has denied that its State Security Service (SBU) had seized the air-to-ground transmission tapes between its air traffic controllers and Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on the day the jetliner was shot down.

Its ambassador to Malaysia Ihor Humennyi, in an exclusive interview with the New Straits Times, said that reports alleging that the SBU had seized the recordings had not been independently verified or confirmed by Kiev.

“There is no proof or any evidence that the tapes were confiscated by the SBU.

“I only read this in the newspapers.”

Almost immediately after the shootdown, several news agencies, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, carried reports saying that Ukraine’s SBU security service had confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner.

Aug 09 17:59

John Friend no longer writes for American Free Press

I've been disillusioned with the paper and the clique of people behind it for a while now. I never understood the irrational, unhinged, and quite vicious behavior of key AFP writers, especially Michael Collins Piper and Keith Johnson, directed towards those of us questioning the alleged Sandy Hook "shooting" and the Boston "bombing". AFP's official stance, as a newspaper, was to accept the mainstream media's and official government's depiction of both events, despite a total lack of legitimate evidence and the bizarre behavior of alleged eyewitnesses, survivors, and family members of purported victims of these events. What is even more bizarre and unexplainable about this situation, is that AFP's official motto is: "The media is the enemy." And yet AFP was (and still is) blindly accepting the mainstream media's official narrative explaining Sandy Hook and Boston (amongst other alleged events)? Something just doesn't add up here.

Aug 09 17:52

ExxonMobil, Rosneft start joint Arctic drilling in defiance of sanctions

US oil giant ExxonMobil and Russia’s Rosneft will continue joint exploitation of the Russian Arctic despite Western sanctions, the American company said as the two giants launched exploration drilling in the Kara Sea.

Aug 09 17:50

De-Dollarization Accelerates - China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement

The last 3 months have seen Russia's "de-dollarization" plans accelerate. First Gazprom clients shift to Euros and Renminbi, then the UK signs currency swap agreements with China, then NATO ally Turkey cuts ties and mulls de-dollarization, Switzerland jumps in the currency swap agreements, and BRICS create their own non-US-based funding vehicle, and then finally this week, Russia's oligarchs have shifted cash holdings to Hong Kong. But this week, as RT reports, Russian and Chinese central banks have agreed a draft currency swap agreement, which will allow them to increase trade in domestic currencies and cut the dependence on the US dollar in bilateral payments. “"The agreement will stimulate further development of direct trade in yuan and rubles on the domestic foreign exchange markets of Russia and China," the Russian regulator said.

Aug 09 17:49

Ohio gubernatorial nominee FitzGerald, Former FBI, Current Cleveland Leader, Drove Gov Vehicles For 10 yrs With NO License!

In Ohio governors race, it is one stinking turd vs another.

Northern Ohio Democratic Party Mafia vs the Wall Street HO Kasich

Aug 09 17:45

Israel PM fears war crime charges: Analyst

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is afraid of a possible international lawsuit by Palestinians against the Zionist regime to face war crime charges, an analyst tells Press TV.

Aug 09 17:42

The Root Cause of the Never-Ending Conflict in Palestine; and How to Fix It - by Peter Cohen - A Dutch Jewish WWII Survivor

I regard the Jewish emigration to Palestine as unlawful, since it was forced on the local population by foreign powers. The people who lived in this region did not have any resources either to repel this flow of emigrants or to conclusively disprove the political and ideological justifications that were presented for it

Aug 09 17:39

Three homeless people die of TB, 47 infected at shelters

Atlanta confronts tuberculosis outbreak in homeless shelters

Aug 09 17:39

Cruz, Bardem blacklisted over Gaza letter

Having chosen to remain silent vis-à-vis Israel’s massacre of Palestinians, Hollywood has moved one step further by blacklisting the stars, who said in an open letter that Tel Aviv is committing genocide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jewish control of Hollywood, so long dismissed as an anti-semitic conspiracy theory, is now fully on display to the entire world!

Time to add Hollywood to the BDS list of boycotts.

Aug 09 17:36

Hey Israel STOP the Genocide in Gaza — Worldwide protests

In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
by Annie Robins

Comment: Annie Robbins:
Occupier, I fully support non violent resistance. however, in the face of the violent genocidal intent of the occupier and the actions taken to ignite this latest round of violence (WB pogroms, killings, destruction, arrests detainment no doubt leading to torture) i think Palestinians should be able and willing to defend themselves and be proud of their achievements, efforts to protect themselves under siege, oppression. that includes procuring weaponry.

Aug 09 17:35


After years of spying on Angela Merkel of Germany , the US NSA is blackmailing her into submission on new sanction against Russia before the demise of the Petro dollars.

Aug 09 17:24

Wikileaks: Ban Ki-Moon Worked with Israel to Undermine UN Report

The General Secretary of United Nations (UN) Ban Ki-Moon collaborated in secret with Israel and the United States to weaken the effects of a Board of Inquiry's report accusing Israel of human rights violations in Gaza in Dec. 2008 – Jan. 2009. Wikileaks released documents on Friday that revealed that Ban wrote a letter to the UN Security Council asking its members not to take recommendations by the UN Board of Inquiry about Israeli bombings in Gaza into account.

Aug 09 16:56

'This is going to be a long term project': Obama announces that US military involvement in Iraq will continue for MONTHS... as he jets off for Martha's Vineyard vacation and the golf course

'I don't think we are going to solve this problem in weeks,' the President said, noting that rebuilding Iraq 'is going to be a long-term project.'

Aug 09 16:47

Britain considers air strikes to avert genocide in Iraq

Britain could join America in launching military strikes against Islamist extremists in Iraq should the situation descend into genocide, government sources said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If stopping genocide were the real agenda, they would be bombing Tel Aviv right now!

This is about Iraq's oil and which currency it will be sold for on the world market.

Aug 09 16:38

Feinstein warns of risk of ISIL attack on America

Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein warned Friday of the risk that the insurgent group ISIL could be preparing fighters to attack American and European targets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

TRANSLATION: Here comes the really big false flag to trick Americans into more war, and worse, a draft!

Aug 09 16:34

Obama’s campaign in Iraq could require 15,000 troops

President Obama says it all the time – no combat troops will return to Iraq.

But many experts believe it will be extremely hard to achieve Obama’s newly expanded military mission there without more Americans on the ground.

“I think the slippery slope analogy is the right one for Iraq right now,” said Barry Posen, director of the Security Studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Aug 09 16:27

Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza ...

one film producer explained: "I think the thing any executive or producer will try to calculate before working with Penelope Cruz or Javier Bardem in the near future is what their value is in the all-important international marketplace.

Aug 09 16:23

STOP! Nuclear War Ahead

It would seem that only a mentally ill people would consider a nuclear war as the means to settle arguments

Aug 09 15:19

Obama: U.S. strikes on Iraq will be ‘long-term project’

Despite humanitarian tone, strikes will only ‘worsen’ crisis, says observers

Aug 09 15:14

Pentagon releases video footage of attacks on ISIS

Purported video shows artillery taken out in Iraq