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Aug 13 08:46

Labour is going to cancel some supporters’ leadership votes after they've been cast

Labour has been criticised for saying it will cancel the leadership election votes of supporters after they have been cast.

Party officials have said they will continue their drive to root out supporters of other groups, even after voting has begun this weekend.

But there are worries the approach could leave some room for foul play – especially with an insurgent candidate opposed by many in the party’s establishment set to do well.

Aug 13 08:44

Dutch government refuses to unseal MH17 documents

The Dutch government has refused to unseal documents regarding last year’s MH17 airliner crash in Ukraine, Dutch broadcaster RTL said on Wednesday evening.
The broadcaster earlier filed an appeal to Dutch Justice Minister Ard van der Steur, asking him to disclose as much information as possible because of the massive impact the crash had on Dutch society.
In his response, Van der Steur acknowledged that the disaster did indeed have a big impact on people's lives, but that secrecy was more important, according to RTL
Media organizations requested that all decisions from the ministerial crisis team reports be made public, so that the government’s actions could be reconstructed. Van der Steur rejected the request, explaining that the decisions were "interwoven" with the opinions of officials and politicians. "For this reason the disclosure of factual information must also be refused," the Dutch minister said.

Aug 13 08:41

Syrian opposition coalition agrees with need of preserving Syrian statehood

National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces agrees with the need for preserving government institutions of the Syrian republic and settling the conflict on the basis of the Geneva communique, NCSROF chief Khaled Khoja said at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Thursday.
"We fully agree that the Syrian statehood and government institutions must be preserved," Khoja said. "We also agreed that the transitional period must agree all principles of the Geneva Accords, including those concerning the establishment of a governing body enjoying absolute powers."
Khoja said the rise of extremism had brought about a fundamentally new situation in the country.
Khoja voiced the hope for preserving friendly ties between Russia and Syria for the sake of settling the country and restoring the situation in the country to normal.

Aug 13 08:39

Fetal Parts Sold for "Scientific Research" on Cosmetics, Flavor Enhancers

A largely horrified public has watched five videos on the selling of aborted babies—sacrificed to the gods of “scientific research.” The heartless defenders of their dismemberment for profit, claim that it contributes to “life-saving research.”

Aside from the fact that scientific experimentation on murder victims is immoral, realize also that this is not just about real science. Aborted babies have been used for such things as testing flavor enhancers for food companies and creating anti-aging creams. Developing products such as cosmetics and flavor enhancers are to science as lemon drops and potato chips are to fruits and vegetables.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Aug 13 08:37

Christie Sinks In First N.H. Poll Taken After GOP Debate

Gov. Chris Christie, who has staked his entire 2016 presidential campaign on winning New Hampshire, fell into 11th place there in the first poll since he sparred with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in the raucous debate last week.

Aug 13 08:22

Kiev forces violate ceasefire regime 59 times over last 24 hours — DPR defense ministry

"The number of ceasefire regime violations by Ukrainian forces has grown by two times over the last 24 hours and stood at 59 times," the DPR defense ministry said.
Ukrainian forces shelled Gorlovka and suburbs of Donetsk, along with Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk and settlements of Ozeryanovka, Belaya Kamenka, Kommunarovka, Sakhanka, Novaya Maryevka, Veseloye and Novaya Laspa.

Aug 13 08:20

Tokyo protests Russian official’s visit to Iturup island

Japan’s government has lodged a protest to the Russian embassy amid the visit of a senior Russian official to Iturup, one of the islands in the southern Kurils claimed by Tokyo. The presidential envoy to the Far Eastern federal district, Yuri Trutnev, has arrived in Iturup to participate in the all-Russian youth educational forum held on the island since Wednesday.
A representative of the Russian embassy in Tokyo has confirmed to TASS that the Japanese side has voiced protest in a telephone conversation.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in late July he planned to again visit the Kuril Islands and advised his colleagues in the government to follow suit. Medvedev was the first Russian senior official to visit the Kuril Islands in November 2010 when he was the president of Russia.

Aug 13 08:18

Fidel Castro says US has to pay multi-million damages to Cuba

The United States has to compensate Cuba for the multi-million losses the island sustained due to Washington’s policy, the historic leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, said on Thursday.
This was repeatedly proved by "incontrovertible arguments" during Cuba’s speeches at the United Nations, Castro stressed in his article, The Reality and Dreams, published by the country’s mass media.

Aug 13 08:14

The Two Core Beliefs of the Republican Party

One core Republican belief is spread by religious fundamentalists, and it’s a conviction to do war against others by outpopulating them — reproducing more than the other humans do. Part of this is their campaign for fertilized human eggs (the one-celled zygotes of homo sapiens) to become legally declared to be beings who have the same Constitutional protections that their sentient mothers do — beings who have thoughts, emotions, and preferences; pain, pleasure, sorrow, and joy; and thus rights.

Aug 13 08:07

Iran Deal: Will Israel and Republican America Force the US to Back Out?

While not exactly the same, the framework of this agreement is fairly similar to the recent (July 2015) deal that the P5+1 agreed with Iran (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPA). In essence both agreements placed a restriction on nuclear activity in return for relief from trade sanctions. However while the DPRK accepted and adhered to their side of the agreement, the US never successfully completed any of the promises that were made, failing to construct a single LWR (construction did not begin until August of 2002 and was halted indefinitely by late-2002, even though the scheduled completion date was 2003), failing to deliver fuel as promised and failing to ease any of the trade sanctions that had been in place since the Korean War.

Aug 13 08:01

Kerry acknowledges that Dollar Collapse Rumors are Real

Aug 13 08:00

Europe in crisis: everyone from Putin to ordinary savers is stockpiling gold

European investors snapped up gold bars and coins at a rapid pace in the second quarter as turmoil in Greece threatened to push the country out of the eurozone.

The World Gold Council (WGC) said demand in Europe for the precious metal rose sharply in the three months to June compared with the same quarter last year amid rapid buying of bullion, even as global demand fell by 12pc to a six-year low of 915 tonnes.

The increase in Europe was led by Germany, where sales of bars and coins rose 24pc to 24.1 tonnes in the second quarter. Demand in Austria and Switzerland also rose sharply, according to the WGC's quarterly trends report.

Aug 13 07:59

Chinese Devaluation Extends To 3rd Day - Yuan Hits 4 Year Low, Japan Escalates Currency Race-To-The-Bottom Rhetoric

The "one-off" adjustment has now reached its 3rd day as The PBOC has now devalued the Yuan fix by 4.65% back to July 2011 lows.

Aug 13 07:56

Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement for having Jenner Vanity Fair issue

Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier serving a 35-year military prison sentence for leaking official secrets, has been threatened with indefinite solitary confinement for having an expired tube of toothpaste in her cell and being found in possession of the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair issue, according to her lawyers and supporters.

Aug 13 07:55

6 Reasons You Can't Trust Science Anymore

The scientific method -- make an observation, form a hypothesis, test your prediction, obtain data -- is the cornerstone of science, right up there with dramatically removing your glasses and exclaiming, "My god ..." But modern science has added a step you didn't learn about in third grade: publish your results. Publication is an important way for scientists to share research and advance their careers. Here's how it's destroying science.

Aug 13 07:53

State didn't issue cruise ship pollution citations for years despite repeated violations

Though state environmental officials have apparently believed for years cruise ships have been violating air quality standards in Alaska, they failed to cite the cruise lines until this spring, according to the officials.

Aug 13 07:42

Russia extends food embargo to 5 countries: Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Ukraine

The food embargo will affect Ukraine only if it signs the economic part of its association with the EU, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

“From now on, the list – which already includes the EU, Australia, Canada, Norway and the US, and prohibits the supplies of some agricultural products from these countries since last August – has been extended to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein and, subject to special conditions, Ukraine,” he said, adding that these countries had recently supported the EU’s extended sanctions against Russia.

Aug 13 07:36

NY Inmates Left Behind The Escape Suffered Gitmo Style Retribution

While America turned wide eyes to the excitement of the "manhunt" after two inmates escaped Clinton Correctional Facility this summer, a different kind of terror took place out of camera view - away from all views, actually. Convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped the maximum security prison on June 6th…

Aug 13 07:35

British Labor Leader Backed Pastor Who Blamed 9/11 on Israel

Jeremy Corbyn, a Parliament member who is on track to become the head of Britain’s Labor Party, wrote a letter in support of a priest who claimed that Israel and wealthy Jews were behind the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Aug 13 07:34

Fracking: new powers for ministers to bypass local councils

Local communities may be stripped of the chance to decide on fracking in their area, under sweeping new rules allowing ministers to bypass councils entirely.
Under controversial plans to encourage the faltering fracking industry, Greg Clark, the communities secretary, will now consider ‘calling in’ any planning application for shale gas exploration as soon as it is submitted to a local authority.

Mr Clark would then decide on the application instead of the council under the new powers to “fast-track” fracking, which come into effect on Thursday.

Aug 13 07:32

Fact-Checking the Flame Throwers on Both Sides of Iran Deal

The rift between President Obama and many leaders of the organized Jewish community over the Iranian nuclear deal is out in the open. Beyond policy differences, both sides carry personal grievances. This became evident during Obama’s White House meeting August 4 with Jewish leaders, where much of the two-hour session was devoted to mutual accusations hurled, politely, across the table. Based on the full Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and on published expert opinions, the Forward has tried to fact-check the key points of contention.
Note: This is none of Israel's business so shut up we are fed up with all of you....forever!

Aug 13 07:28

Video: State Dept denies US, Turkey reached agreement on ‘safe zones’ in north Syria

The US State Department has denied reports that Washington and Ankara have reached an agreement on terms for setting up a “safe zone” inside northern Syria. Journalists have been trying to clarify Washington's position.

Aug 13 07:26

BUSTED: PolitiFact refuses to retract false 'fact' story after it was exposed as a total fabrication

Even after being given an opportunity to do the right thing and correct their falsified report, PolitiFact Georgia, which laughably claims to be an "independent fact-checking journalism website," stated that they have "reviewed" their "sourcing" and have decided to stand by their ruling about there being no mercury in any vaccines recommended for children since 1999.

In other words, they're incapable of acknowledging and admitting their mistakes, and are instead adamant on defending their bald-faced lies.

WEBMASTER ADDITION: The CDC reports children's vaccines still containing mercury were used through 2002, that the flu vaccine was granted an exception to the Thimerosal ban, and that childrens' vaccines still contain "trace amounts" of mercury.

Aug 13 07:25

GSK bills UK government $92 million to compensate victims who were brain-damaged by its own vaccine for swine flu

It looks like there's more trouble in Vaccineland, as UK-based jab giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been exposed for peddling a swine flu vaccine that caused brain damage in potentially thousands of children. But rather than be held responsible, GSK is actually billing the UK government the equivalent of about $92 million to pay for damages, which means taxpayers are footing the bill.

Aug 13 07:23

Geologist predicted EPA would intentionally pollute Animas River to secure federal funding

"After all," he continued, "with a budget of $8.2 billion and 17,000 employees, the EPA needs new, big projects to feed and justify their existence."

Aug 13 07:17

Holocaust survivors' grandchildren call for action over inherited trauma

Jewish activists in Scotland have started a campaign to support the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors across the world, saying the trauma of the extermination camps continues to haunt the descendants of those who suffered there.
Dan Glass, 29, from London, said he heard constant tales of the Holocaust as he grew up, which have deeply affected him into adulthood.
Note: Had enough yet!

Aug 13 07:17

Your BMW or Benz Could Also Be Vulnerable to That GM OnStar Hack

IF YOU THOUGHT your pricey Benz or Bimmer had escaped the rash of recent hacks affecting Chrysler and GM cars, think again.

When security researcher Samy Kamkar revealed a bug in GM’s OnStar service last month that allowed a hacker to hijack its RemoteLink smartphone app, he warned that GM wouldn’t be the only target in an increasingly internet-connected auto industry rife with security flaws. Now Kamkar’s proven himself correct: He’s found that the internet services of three other carmakers suffer from exactly the same security issue, which could allow hackers to unlock vehicles over the internet, track them in some cases, and even remotely start their ignitions.

Aug 13 07:03

Even when told not to, Windows 10 just can’t stop talking to Microsoft

It's no wonder that privacy activists are up in arms.

Aug 13 06:31

Revolution? To the contrary, We the People demand enforcement of OBVIOUS Constitutional law to arrest .01% War Criminal wanna-be dictators

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

"The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he's not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He's becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. That is the concentration of power in every single branch." - Law professor Jonathan Turley explains in 1-minute video during Congressional testimony


3-minute video from StormCloudsGathering: US police, military - Was your Oath to support and defend the US Constitution sincere?


Awakened Americans do not want revolution.

Aug 13 06:20

Mysterious Dip Buyer Found - Goldman Buyback Desk Has Busiest Day Since 2011

Guess who was responsible for Wednesday's magical levitation that allowed U.S. stocks to stage the biggest turnaround in three years?

Aug 13 06:19


Austin Police Officer VonTrey Clark is suspected of hiring a hitman to kill his pregnant ex-girlfriend because she refused to get an abortion, and he did not want to pay child support. This week, police served warrants on his home and police locker where they allegedly discovered evidence that he was connected to the murder. According to the recent search warrant, obtained by KXAN, police interviewed one of the suspects in the homicide of Samantha Dean, Clark’s ex-girlfriend, and discovered that Clark wanted “to pay someone $5,000 to kill Dean and her baby due to Dean wanting Clark to pay child support for the baby.”

Aug 13 06:18

Greeks Ditch Euro For Alternative Currencies As Parliament Votes On Bailout

The Greek parliament is expected to meet on Thursday for a final vote on the country's new €86 billion aid package. PM Alexis Tsipras, with the help of opposition lawmakers, will likely succeed in passing the draft, which includes some 40 new laws. Meanwhile, Greeks are increasingly staging Grexits of their own by eschewing the euro in favor of alternative payments systems.

Aug 13 06:16


The United States Embassy in Vilnius announced a grant of $500,000 to set up training programs for early to mid-career journalists and other media professionals from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to combat Russian propaganda.

Aug 13 06:15

Lenovo CEO: We will axe 3,200 workers as our profits shrink to nowt

There’s no room for sentiment or emotion in business, as Lenovo showed today when it reported an 80 per cent crash in pre-tax profits and plans to axe 3,200 jobs across the group.

Aug 13 06:05


After months of denials and delaying actions, Hillary Clinton has decided to turn over her private email server to the Department of Justice. As this controversy has grown since the spring, Clinton and her campaign operatives have repeatedly denied that she had placed classified information in her personal emailwhile serving as Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term. (“I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received,” she said last month.) Her team also denied that she would ever hand over her server to investigators. Now both those assertions have been overturned.

Aug 13 06:03

A Death Cross, Wild Market Swings And A Currency War – And We Haven’t Even Gotten To September Yet

Things continue to line up in textbook fashion for a major financial crisis by the end of 2015. This week, Wall Street has been buzzing about the first “death cross” that we have seen for the Dow since 2011. When the 50-day moving average moves below the 200-day moving average, that is a very important psychological moment for the market.

Aug 13 05:50

Jane sobs over suffering of her Jewish ancestors in the Holocaust

Seymour's grandfather had escaped the Nazi regime and built a life in London, but what happened to her great-aunts, Jadwiga and Michaela, had long remained a mystery.

Research revealed that, despite untold horrors, the sisters survived the war and were reunited afterwards.
Note: We wonder if Jane sobs over the Palestinians!

Aug 13 05:45

Conservatives Play the Anti-Semitism Card Against Obama

...administration veteran Elliott Abrams charges the president with “feeding a deep line of anti-Semitism that accuses American Jews of getting America into wars.” Lee Smith, writing for the Jewish magazine Tablet, claims Obama is “hinting broadly at anti-Semitic conceits — like dual loyalties, moneyed interests, Jewish lobby” and calling his opponents “dual loyalists who are willing to send Americans out to make war on behalf of Jewish causes.” Tablet’s editors have endorsed Smith’s accusations.
Note: Had Enough Yet!

August 12, 2015

Aug 12 18:56

Chinese Devaluation Extends To 3rd Day - Yuan Hits 4 Year Low, Japan Escalates Currency Race-To-The-Bottom Rhetoric

he "one-off" adjustment has now reached its 3rd day as The PBOC has now devalued the Yuan fix by 4.65% back to July 2011 lows.

Even before this evening's date with debasement history, Japan felt the need to step up the currency war rhetoric. Following disappointing Machine Orders data, Abe advisors Hamada warned that "Japan can offset Yuan devaluation by monetary easing," and so the race to the bottom escalates. China has its own problems as BofAML's leading economic indicator showed "the foundation for a growth recovery is not solid, facing more downward pressure," and while confusion reigns over why The PBOC would intervene at the close to strengthen the Yuan last night, the reality is the commitment isn’t to a devaluation for China’s exports, but undoubtedly its actions are directed toward trying to keep the wholesale finance interfaces somewhat orderly.

Aug 12 18:07

Earth View A Curated Selection Of The Most Striking Satellite Images Found On Google Earth

Earth View A Curated Selection Of The Most Striking Satellite Images Found On Google Earth

Aug 12 18:04

Hillary Clinton to turn over private email server, memory sticks to FBI

After days of being in denial of sending any private messages using her private account, White House hopeful Hillary Clinton on Wednesday gave in to the demands of critics and decided to hand over the email server she used as Secretary of State to the FBI.
Hillary, who is a frontrunner democrat candidate for 2016 US presidential elections, has been under the cloud over her private email usage during her tenure as the Secretary of State.

Aug 12 17:38

US Congress and President Obama Officially Recognize Donbas’ Freedom

It’s true! President Barack Obama beat Russia’s President Putin to the punch by recognizing the right of Donbas to ascend to the fraternity of nations first. He has reaffirmed this every year he has been in office.

Aug 12 17:35

There's More To Come - Offshore Yuan Signals Further Devaluation Tonight

Despite 2 significant interventions to stall what is likely an avalanche of wrong-way carry trade unwinds (or perhaps to stop the boat swinging to the other side too much), offshore Yuan has continued to depreciate since China closed and now implies another 1% devaluation is looming (having been up to a 2.6% discount earlier in the day).

Aug 12 17:33

Israeli arms exports under scrutiny amid claims they are 'helping to fuel conflict in South Sudan' despite EU embargo

Lawyer seeks to break through secrecy to expose how sales of weapons are 'prolonging' conflicts around the world, making the country indirectly responsible for war crimes

Aug 12 17:31

German girl finds gold bar while swimming in Alpine lake

So that's where I left it...

Aug 12 17:19

Global Justice Now statement on Greek Bailout

Social justice group Global Justice Now have slammed the conditions imposed on Greece as part of its latest ‘bailout’ package. Campaigners say the programme is not simply misguided, but an attempt to ‘create a corporate paradise in the Mediterranean’, regardless of the level of suffering that entails.

Aug 12 16:04

Attackers are hijacking critical networking gear from Cisco, company warns

The significance of the advisory isn't that the initial firmware can be replaced. As indicated, that's a standard feature not only with Cisco gear but just about any computing device. What's important is that attackers are somehow managing to obtain the administrative credentials required to make unauthorized changes that take control of the networking gear. The advisory doesn't say how the attackers are obtaining the credentials.

Aug 12 16:02

Microsoft Moves Toward Open Source as Linux Fills Its Cloud

IN A PERFECT world, says Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich, everyone would run Windows. But he’s playing for laughs.

Sure, Russinovich wants people to run Windows. As a Microsoft Fellow, he helped build the company’s flagship computer operating system. But like the rest of the rapidly evolving Microsoft, he also realizes that so much of the world now runs Linux, the Windows alternative built by a vast community of open source software coders. In fact, Russinovich says, Linux now drives about 25 percent of the activity on Azure, the Microsoft cloud computing service where businesses can run websites and other software applications without setting up their own computer servers. That’s up from 20 percent in the fall.

Aug 12 15:54

A Traffic Analysis of Windows 10

Some Czech guy did a traffic analysis of data produced by Windows 10, and released his findings the other day. His primary thesis was that Windows 10 acts more like a terminal than an operating system -- because of the extent of the "cloud" integration, a large portion of the OS functions are almost dependant on remote (Microsoft's) servers. The amount of collected information, even with strict privacy settings, is quite alarming.

If you're thinking of installing Win10 you need to read this.

Aug 12 15:51

Fear of drones crashing into passenger planes is 'much ado about nothing' says airline pilot

A commercial airline pilot with 30 years' experience claims the threat of drones crashing into aircraft is "much ado about nothing". He points out how hundreds of mostly harmless annual bird strikes dwarfs the number of drone sightings made by pilots.

Aug 12 15:47

Clinton's campaign-trail moment with manslaughter convict highlights drug abuse issue

On Aug. 28, 1990, Carl Babbitt, in the midst of a cocaine- and alcohol-fueled blackout, killed a man. Almost a quarter-century later to the day, he stood 50 feet from Hillary Rodham Clinton and revealed his past.

“You look at me as a regular person. But I served 11 years in prison," he began.

As unpredictable as New Hampshire town hall meetings can be for presidential candidates, it was nevertheless a jaw-dropping start to an audience member's question.

Babbitt, 54, said he was thrown out of his home by his mother as a child and later sexually abused by a foster parent.

“I turned to drugs and alcohol to cover that pain,” he recalled. He would eventually seek treatment but was denied care because he lacked insurance, and six months later stabbed a man to death during a fight. He served 11 of the 15 to 18 years he was sentenced to for manslaughter and was released from prison in 2000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This feels like a staged event to give Hillary an opening to make drug abuse an issue for her campaign, which will fizzle when the internet reminds everyone of her and Bill's connection to the CIA gun and drug running operation at Mena, Arkansas while Bill was governor!

Aug 12 15:44

CLIMATEGATE BEX - Walruses in the Arctic are running out of sea ice this year — again

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The polar bears aren't getting traction, so let's switch to walruses!" -- Saint Al of the Gore

Aug 12 15:43

Windows 10 service agreement stirs espionage fears in Russian Communists

In his letter, the politician claims that the end-user service agreement distributed with Windows 10 reads that the operating system (OS) will collect and store users’ web history, access points, passwords and other personal data, including physical location, emails and other messages and information about phone calls. Microsoft also reserves the right to share this data with special services, use it in research, publish or use it in any other way it sees fit.

However, current Russian law demands that such gathering and processing of personal information is only permissible by companies included in the National Register of Personal Data Operators, Solovyov noted. As Microsoft is not included on this register, the distribution of Windows 10 on Russian territory becomes illegal, he wrote.

Aug 12 15:27

Hormone-Mimicking, Endocrine-Disrupting Nightmare? L.A. Just Dumped Millions of Plastic Balls into Its Drinking Water

You know it's bad when the people in charge have decided the "answer" to keeping the water from evaporating in the drought and turning carcinogenic due to toxic chemical reactions is to spend millions of dollars to pour millions of black plastic balls into reservoirs to block sunlight from hitting the water.

Because we all know that hormone disrupting chemicals never leach into liquids from hot plastic...

See for yourself:
(read more)

Aug 12 15:26

CAUGHT: Lenovo crams unremovable crapware on Windows laptops – by hiding it in the BIOS

Lenovo has sold laptops bundled with unremovable software that features a bonus exploitable security vulnerability.

If the crapware is deleted, or the hard drive wiped and Windows reinstalled from scratch, the laptop's firmware will quietly and automatically reinstall Lenovo's software on the next boot-up.

Built into the firmware on the laptops' motherboard is a piece of code called the Lenovo Service Engine (LSE). If Windows is installed, LSE is executed before the Microsoft operating system is launched.

Aug 12 15:20

Fantastic Four flop: the biggest superhero disaster since Catwoman

...it’s going to take a hell of a lot of that kind of action to push Fantastic Four to the $200m or so it needs to stand a chance of hitting black.

Aug 12 15:14

Rotten Apple: Former Leader Breaking Down

For a market reasonably close to its 52-week high that has exhibited an almost unprecedented deterioration in breadth, it can ill-afford to lose the few leaders it has left – especially one rotten apple that just so happens to be the largest stock in the world.

Aug 12 15:10

Italian Bond Futures Flash-Crash Into Close

Aug 12 14:52

First in Heroin, First in the Nation to Vote

New Hampshire’s drug problem is so dire, candidates stumping in the state have been forced to address the issue, whether they’re ready to or not.

Aug 12 14:41

Jeb Bush wants to implement war-like policies: Analyst

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush would follow his father and brother in implementing war-like policies around the world, says a former US Senate candidate.

Aug 12 14:25

#WhiteLivesDon’tMatter to the Media: Unarmed White Teen Killed by Cops, Hardly Any Press Coverage

By all accounts and the independent autopsy report, this is yet another senseless police killing of an unarmed person for no justifiable reason whatsoever. This exact situation is the same reason that the Denver PD recently passed a rule that officers are no longer allowed to fire upon cars unless the cops themselves are being fired upon first. Too many unarmed civilians in cars are being gunned down by cops all across this country.

Hammond was killed on July 26th. It’s now August 11th. Let’s be honest. The reason you probably haven’t heard about it, however, is that Hammond is white.

The family’s attorney, Eric Bland said, “The issue should never be what is the color of the victim. The issue should be: Why was an unarmed teen gunned down in a situation where deadly force was not even justified?”

Aug 12 14:22

Prescription Overdoses Decline in Medical Marijuana States

When certain drugs are outlawed, it doesn’t stop people from wanting those drugs. They either turn to the black market, or try to find some kind of legal substitute for their drug of choice. The pharmaceutical industry is more than willing to fill that niche by producing drugs that, while legal, are often much more harmful, expensive, and addictive than the “street” drugs they replace. That’s probably why the number of Americans who die by overdosing on prescription drugs, has more than doubled since 2001.

(read more)

Aug 12 14:22

POW/MIA Flag of “Racist Hate” Should Be Hauled Down Next Says Newsweek Op-Ed

Apparently because “Richard Nixon invented the cult of the ‘POW/MIA’ in order to justify the carnage in Vietnam in a way that rendered the United States as its sole victim” and to “paint the North Vietnamese as uniquely cruel and inhumane,” the next flag to go after the Confederate flag should be the POW/MIA flag, according to an op-ed by Rick Perlstein featured in Newsweek yesterday.

(read more)

Aug 12 14:20

Obama’s Finally Securing the Border… Just Not in America

How do you really feel about our national borders? Do you accept the fantasy that the borders are secure? Are we secure?

Do you believe that under the current administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), are stopping terrorists or stemming the tidal wave of drugs, diseases and contraband that is flowing into America?

Do you even think for a moment the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are ensuring that we are safe from terrorists slipping over our border?

When Judicial Watch reported in April 2015 that there was ISIS activity near the Juarez, Mexico border, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) convened a meeting with Mexican Federal Police and Mexican Army officials. DHS was not even present. And the reason for the meeting? It was not to figure out a way to fight ISIS. Instead it was to fight against the reporting of Judicial Watch!

Aug 12 14:18

Bibi, King of the Jews

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees himself as the savior of the Jews and the American Jewish community as within his jurisdiction, rather than as citizens loyal to their country and president.

Aug 12 14:07

Israel's impending final solution for the Palestinians

Alan Hart assesses the chances of Israel’s final solution of the Palestinian “problem” being implemented, i.e. ethnically cleansing them from the holy land and blackmailing the world with its nuclear weapons.

Aug 12 14:06

State Dept. says records of Iran waivers don't exist

State Department officials denied the existence of records that showed Hillary Clinton granted waivers to certain companies or countries while crafting sanctions against Iran.

The allegations first emerged in Peter Schweizer's book Clinton Cash and again in a report from the Washington Times published Tuesday.

In court documents filed May 22 for a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the State Department said it had searched 11 offices within the agency for "any and all documents that refer or relate in any way to the final decisions to grant waivers to all countries and other interests doing business with the Islamic Republic of Iran" under the U.S.-backed sanctions.

Officials stated they had searched the office of the secretary of state and found no records of the sort of waivers described in numerous media reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There isn't a SHRED of evidence, not a SHRED!: -- Hitlery

Aug 12 14:00

Former President Jimmy Carter reveals he has cancer

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter revealed he has cancer on Wednesday. It was discovered after the 90-year-old's recent liver surgery.

"Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body," Carter said in a statement. "I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare," he added.

Aug 12 13:59

Judge Napolitano, Trey Gowdy: Hillary Could Face Email Criminal Prosecution

Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the FBI's role in the Benghazi investigation indicate the probe could result in criminal prosecutions, conservatives warned.

Trey Gowdy, the chair of the House committee investigating the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, told Fox News' "America's Newsroom" that the same prosecutors who investigated former CIA Director David Petraeus are investigating Clinton's email issues.

Gowdy said Clinton wanted to control information about the workings of her office while she was secretary of the State Department.

"She wanted to control access to the public record and she almost got away with it," Gowdy said.

Aug 12 13:52

Russia is Handing Out Cash to Start-up Small Farmers

The growth of small entreprenurial farmers in Russia is a real phenomenon, as evidenced by natural food stores popping up everywhere, offering small farm produced natural food.
They have received a massive boost from the sanctions war.
A very well known one is called Lavka Lavka. (See video below). They have 100+ profiles of the small farmers which supply them on their website. To get a sense of this new generation of small farmers, it is interesting to scroll down the list. They are also featured in the video.

Aug 12 13:50

Kiev wants to impose sanctions against 1,124 Russian individuals, 156 corporations

The list of the persons and enterprises to be subjected to sanctions has been submitted to the National Council for Security and Defense.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said an expanded list of US sanctions against Russia had taken effect on Tuesday. "The cabinet of ministers endorses a second expanded package of sanctions today and sends them for scrutiny to the National Security and Defense Council," he said.

Aug 12 13:47

FLASHBACK - Syria: Assad officials defiant as Damascus residents brace for US missile attack

Damascus residents, already accustomed to incessant warfare within the Syrian capital, were making final preparations this weekend for an attack from outside, attempting to anticipate where American missiles might strike.

Aug 12 13:47

Read the label or pay the price if you use herbicides

What happens then is the herbicide does not stay just where it was directed. That is particularly important with anything we apply with a sprayer, whether it is from the end of a hose or a spray bottle. A wind might seem to be drying the product on the leaves, but that is not the only thing happening. The same when it is hot.

The liquid dries, but part of it will often dry into an invisible mist that drifts onto neighboring plants. Unintended damage occurs on nontarget plants. By the time the sudden brown wilt appears, it is too late to do much but hope that the plant has not suffered so much that it cannot recover.

So, take care to direct the spray just where you want it, in the cool of the evening. Guard against applying herbicides to all those plants you spent so much energy growing.

Aug 12 13:44

Video: Cop Repeatedly Smashes Student With Baton For ‘Refusing To Comply’

Athens-Clarke County police fired officer Jonathan Fraser, and arrested him, after body cam footage revealed he used excessive force for no good reason against 19-year-old University of Georgia student Michael Roquet.

The body cam footage shows that Roquet was drunk, but posed no threat to Fraser, nor did he resist arrest.

Fraser had claimed in his report that Roquet “struck [him] with his left elbow in [his] chest,” and then “hit [him] again with his elbow.] The cop claimed that he responded by “striking [the man with a baton] in the leg and upper body” and then handcuffed him.

The video shows, however, that Fraser struck the student nine times, including once in the head and twice in the back while he was on the ground.

The officer omitted the fact that he had hit Roquet in the head, then when investigators confronted him on it, Fraser “denied striking [him] in the head with the baton” and tried to “mislead investigators” regarding the incident.

Aug 12 13:33

UK: Manchester City Council bans homeless protesters from city centre

Faced with an ongoing protest by homeless people camped out in the centre of Manchester, the city council have been granted an injunction banning them from setting up any form of temporary accommodation (tents) anywhere in the centre of the city.

Aug 12 13:28

Representatives of Chisinau, Tiraspol to meet on August 13 to intensify talks

Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Osipov will try to intensify the talks on the resolution of the Transdniestrian conflict during a meeting with Transdniestria’s Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski. The press service of the Bureau of Reintegration of the Moldovan government said on Wednesday that the meeting would take place on August 3 at the representative office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Tiraspol.
Participants in the "five plus two" negotiation format (Moldova, Transdniestria, the OSCE, Russia, Ukraine and observers from the EU and the United States) have been invited to the meeting as well.
"The Moldovan delegation hopes that the meeting organized after a long lapse will demonstrate the prospects for intensifying the dialogue," the press service said.

Aug 12 13:18

Hillary Clinton Keeps Making Untrue Claims About Her Use of a Private Email Server

The most important thing to understand about the continuing scandal over Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email server while serving as the Secretary of State is that almost everything she has claimed about the matter has turned out to be not true.

After questions arose about the unusual arrangement, which was in violation of State Department rules requiring employees to use only official government email accounts for both security and records retention purposes, Clinton held a press conference in March to address the matter. During the conference, she claimed, among other things, that there was no classified information on the account.

"I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material. I’m certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material," she said.

The statement was clear and unequivocal. It was also not true.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And those were the four that Hillary's "sanitation crew" missed!

Aug 12 13:03

Martial Law? Obama Confiscates National Guard Helicopters from All 50 States

As if the Obama administration’s purchase of more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and nearly 3,000 urban tanks, along with their unprecedented (and highly illegal) domestic spying program was not enough to convince you that the federal government is about to suspend the Constitution once and for all, the man who once vowed to run “the most transparent administration in history” has just rather inexplicably, ordered the U.S. Army to seize every Apache attack helicopter currently in use by the National Guard
In all, the Defense Department will confiscate 192 Apaches from National Guard units around the country and give them to the active duty Army.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: The US military is running out of equipment and supplies.

Aug 12 12:54

Iran Launches Hectic Diplomacy to Build Regional Coalition against ISIL

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said that his tour of the regional states after the nuclear agreement with the world powers is aimed at forming a regional front for war on ISIL and other extremist groups.

Aug 12 12:52


“What we often see is police departments or local law enforcement agencies grabbing technologies without any policies in place for it, not asking anybody’s permission, just sort of getting it, [and] starting to implement it,"

Aug 12 12:48

Unexploded WWII bomb found in east London

An unexploded bomb thought to be leftover from World War II has been uncovered at an east London construction site.

Aug 12 12:44

Coffman, attorneys general from New Mexico, Utah, headed to Durango

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, along with counterparts from New Mexico and Utah, are heading to Durango to make a public announcement Wednesday, according to Coffman's office.

The states are dealing with a spill triggered by the Environmental Protection Agency that has released more than 3 million gallons of polluted water from the old Gold King Mine into the Animas River.

"Coffman will assess the damage caused by the EPA," her office said in its release, adding that Coffman "is committed to ensuring Colorado is made whole for any damage caused to the environment or its citizens."

The attorneys general plan to make their announcement Wednesday at 2 p.m. Joining the Colorado Republican are Hector Balderas, a Democrat from New Mexico and Republican Sean Reyes of Utah.

Aug 12 12:32

China blast: Shipment explodes in Tianjin port

A massive explosion has hit China's northern port city of Tianjin, reportedly injuring many people.

According to Chinese state media, the explosion occurred when a shipment of explosives blew up at about 23:30 (16:30 GMT).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sabotage? A warning?

Aug 12 12:32

New surveillance footage shows Ferguson protester shot by cops had pistol – police

St. Louis County police have released surveillance footage allegedly showing Tyrone Harris, a black teen, with a gun. Police said Harris fired the weapon at plainclothes officers before they shot back, leaving him critically wounded in Ferguson on Sunday.

Aug 12 12:30

Top 5 Bitcoin Common Myths Exposed and Debunked

By Evander Smart

Plenty of people out there don’t understand Bitcoin. This is understandable, as Bitcoin is not a concept that is easily understood by the layman. The problem is people tend to fear and dismiss things they don’t understand, which creates a caldron of myths and half-truths that are designed to wither away that thing they wish into the cornfields. Bitcoin also has no direct marketing team or leadership to defend its name against such barbs, so it is fairly vulnerable.

So today, I’ll step to its defense against common attacks from those outside of the ecosystem looking to throw stones through Bitcoin’s decentralized and transparent windows. Most arguments have a layer of truth covering a thin argument at best. Here are some common issues disseminated from the anti-Bitcoin position, and then I can provide the pro-Bitcoin side of the digital ledger if you will...

Aug 12 12:30

Our Government, Destroyer of Jobs

Aug 12 12:07

European lawmakers seek visa support for 'New Dialogue With Russia' visit

European Parliament members from various countries united in the informal assembly For A New Dialogue With Russia have applied for visa support to visit Russia in September, State Duma deputy and former ambassador to the EU Vasily Likhachev told TASS on Wednesday.
"I received information during working consultations in the Russian Foreign Ministry that they had applied for visa support," the deputy added, noting that "the most active role was played by representatives of France and Italy — they have a desire to visit Moscow in September and, possibly, Crimea."
A positive decision had been made in Moscow, he said, adding that "Visa support will be provided and the [Russian] mission in Brussels will assist with the work of the group".
The European parliamentary group is headed by French lawmaker Nadine Morano, who told Russian media in July she was considering a visit to Crimea together with colleagues.

Aug 12 12:02

PLunge Protection Team does its thing - Dow Jones Industrial Average shoving up into the green!

Aug 12 11:53

Super-Rich Donors Turn Our Democracy into Their Plutocracy

Once upon a time in our Good Ol’ US-of-A, presidential contenders and their political parties had to raise the funds needed to make the race. How quaint.

But for the 2016 run, this quaint way of selecting our candidates is no longer the case, thanks to the Supreme Court’s malicious meddling in the democratic process in its reckless Citizens United decision. In that decision, the five members of the Corporate Cabal decreed that “non-candidate” campaigns can take unlimited sums of money directly from corporations. Therefore, a very few wealthy powers can pour money into these murky political operations and gain unwarranted plutocratic power over the election process.

And looking at the fundraising numbers, those wealthy powers have definitely taken charge of the electoral game. These very special interests, who have their own presidential agendas, now put up the vast majority of funds and run their own private campaigns to elect someone who will do their bidding.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And THAT is Fascism!

Aug 12 11:51

More Prosecutors Won't Prevent Police Killings Before They Happen

America has awakened in the past year to the epidemic of police killings of unarmed civilians, many of whom are African-American. The list of names grows longer by the week - Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford and Sandra Bland to name just a few.

Aug 12 11:49

Hawaii May Be Screwed When TSHTF

I think this is an interesting article because, well …. I never think about what condition Hawaii will be in when the shit hits the fan. Do you? Paradise might have some serious problems.

Hawaii’s government launched the Aloha+ Challenge … ““to at least double local food production” to where 30% of food consumed in Hawaii is grown locally by 2030. Reading between the lines, that means Hawaii cannot become food independent.

Why? There simply is not enough land to support the current, and growing, population. From government tables …. the total land in Hawaii is 4.1 million acres of which 1.9 million of those acres being used for agriculture. The rest is urban, conservation, or rural land. In other words, just about half of all the available land in Hawaii is being used for agriculture yet, over 90% of Hawaii’s food is imported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Plus there is that issue of a mushroom cloud right outside our living room window to worry about.

Aug 12 11:45

Analysis: Satellite imagery undermines claims that Iran is 'sanitising' Parchin facility

The US intelligence community has leaked fresh claims that Iran is attempting to 'sanitise' its Parchin weapons production facility ahead of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However, satellite imagery published by a US think tank shows there has been no work at the building that it previously identified as the alleged location of an explosives containment chamber used to conduct tests related to nuclear weapons.

The IAEA published a report in November 2011 that cited intelligence submitted by an unidentified member state as saying that Iran "constructed a large explosives containment vessel in which to conduct hydrodynamic experiments" there in 2000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Iran has become a world leader in the creation of synthetic industrial diamonds, and the "hydrodynamic experiments" were reported to be part of that process, something Iran would want to keep out of the hands of potential competitors for purely commercial reasons.

Aug 12 11:42

Windows 10 Sucks

Aug 12 11:36

MoD released potentially lethal bacteria on London Tube, chemically experimented on soldiers

Potentially lethal biological agents were unleashed on an unsuspecting British public and chemical warfare was trialed on military personnel as part of Ministry of Defense (MOD) experiments carried out over decades, a shocking new book reveals.

Aug 12 11:35

Obama Promises to Label GMOs

Aug 12 11:24

Russia May Soon Expand Food Embargo List - Deputy PM

The Russian government is considering the expansion of the list of countries targeted by Moscow's food import ban, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said Tuesday.
"Our approach is to apply restrictive measures to all countries that imposed sanctions against us," Dvorkovich told reporters during a working visit to Krasnodar.
"There are certain nuances, details, which we are discussing…I think a decision will be taken soon," Dvorkovich added.

Aug 12 11:13

Why Syria is winning

Syria is winning. Despite ongoing bloodshed and serious economic pressure, Syria is advancing steadily towards a military and strategic victory that will transform the Middle East. There is clear evidence that Washington's plans - whether for 'regime change', for rendering the state dysfunctional or for dismembering the country on sectarian lines - have failed.

Aug 12 11:12

Pentagon needs to rethink calling war journalists 'belligerents', says watchdog

Open letter from Reporters Without Borders calls on US defense secretary to revise manual containing ‘disturbing’ language on treating reporters like spies