"Every child in America who enters school with an allegiance toward our elected officials, toward our founding fathers, toward our institutions, toward the preservation of this form of government ... all of this proves the children are sick, because the truly well individual is one who has rejected all of those things and is what I would call the true international child of the future." -- Chester M. Pierce, professor at Harvard University, quoted in Educating For The New World Order



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August 6, 2014

Aug 06 13:18

Record Numbers of Americans Are Renouncing Their U.S. Citizenship

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because being an illegal immigrant is a better deal!

Aug 06 13:15

Fight Continues Over Moratorium of GMO Crops on Hawaii’s Big Island

On Aug. 1 Center for Food Safety (CFS), Earthjustice and local farmers filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit to defend the County of Hawaii’s Ordinance 13-121, which places a moratorium on expanding GE crops on the Big Island and regulates the organisms to prevent harm from associated pesticide use and the contamination of non-GE crops.

Aug 06 13:12

Classified Documents Show US Government's Flawed "Secret Terrorist-Tracking System"

Nearly half of the U.S. government's terrorist suspects have no connection to any known terrorist groups, The Intercept reported on Tuesday.

Publishing two classified, unredacted documents related to the White House's "secret terrorist-tracking system," The Intercept journalists, Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux, report that of the 680,000 people listed on the government's widely-shared watchlist, more than 40 percent are defined as having "no recognized terrorist group affiliation." The cumulative amount of people who are in the database for no reason adds up to 280,000 — more than the total number of al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah suspects combined.

Aug 06 12:57

America’s Immune System Has Failed … So the Cancers of War and Corruption are Spreading

And as Darrel Vandeveld – former prosecutor in the Guantanamo military commissions, and current Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve – wrote:

Torture is a crime and the United States engaged in it. Those are two indisputable facts…

The process of self-examination and accountability has been, and remains, the only way to move forward and regain our moral and legal grounding…

We have a Department of Justice for a reason, and now it’s up to Attorney General Holder, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, to do his job and appoint an independent prosecutor to follow the evidence where it may lead…

It is critical that we hold accountable those who authorized, those who legally sanctioned and those who implemented the torture policies of one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history. What is at stake is nothing less than our democracy.

Aug 06 12:57

It’s Raining Bombs and Shells

I’m still alive. I don’t know what this means, but I can say that most of the time I can still walk and do some work with people who need help. It all depends on my luck. And here, for people living in Gaza, luck means how close to you the bombs fall from Israel’s tanks, planes, or warships. Some hours it’s raining bombs. Americans say

“It’s raining cats and dogs.” In the new Gaza idiom, we say “It’s raining bombs and shells.”

Aug 06 12:53

The Ebola Virus Pandemic: “A Weapon of Mass Destruction”?

This year’s first outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever virus Ebola started in February in the West African nation of Guinea. It then began spreading to Liberia and, for the first time, to Sierra Leone and now Nigeria. With the possible spread to England in attempts to trace 30,000 people who might have been exposed, and now an American death in Nigeria and two more Americans afflicted with it here in the US, Ebola has rapidly grown into what could become a global epidemic with a potential capacity to wipe out millions.

Aug 06 12:48

NATO concerned Russia may send troops posed as peacekeepers to invade eastern Ukraine

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US is grasping at straws to make Russia the villain. no matter what they do.

Aug 06 12:42

Flashback: Released FBI documents reveal plans to assassinate Occupy Wall Street Leaders With Snipers

Because the documents have redactions, it is not clear who or what group was planning the assassinations.

Aug 06 12:40

President Wants Corporations to Sign ‘Loyalty Oaths’ Supporting Obama’s ‘Economic Patriotism’?

This a demonstration of forced crony capitalism to either be loyal to the dictator Obama or there will be hell to pay. Not by being shamed in the Media. But we can see the government making them pay with arbitrary regulations to shut down companies putting thousands or millions out of work because some CEOs will not play ball with the tyrant.

If Corporations sign this loyalty oath for Obama’s economic patriotism. I can see this being a catch 22. The White House might leave them alone just as long they comply with the costly and burdensome regulations that stifles production and kills jobs.

Signing a loyalty oath will not keep a corporation safe from a tyrant. If corporations cave in to the White House demands. They Dictatorship will not stop there. The White House will find new ways to dominate the corporate world.

Aug 06 12:38

Rolling coverage of current situation in Gaza 01:30 GMT (P.1)

Aug 06 12:37

Rolling coverage of current situation in Gaza 01:30 GMT (P.2)

Aug 06 12:33

Russia Sanctions Accelerate Risk to Dollar Dominance

U.S. and European Union sanctions against Russia threaten to hasten a move away from the dollar that’s been stirring since the global financial crisis.

Aug 06 12:33

Flashback: Mossad Chief predicted “three teens will be kidnapped” one week before it happened

Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag -

Aug 06 12:31

Israeli’s Adeptness at Genocide

The Jewish State uses religion as a subterfuge to hide political-military aggrandizement. Nothing quite like this psychotic exhibition of statecraft—and utter desecration of religion per se. To all critics, Israel and its propaganda organs abroad, notably, AIPAC, rush in to charge “self-hating” Jew to silence dissent among Jewish people, while non-Jews are merely and quickly labeled anti-Semites.

Aug 06 12:29

Flashback: FBI Investigated 'Occupy' As Possible 'Terrorism' Threat


Nationwide FBI [Redacted] monitoring file describes OWS as a "criminal and terrorist threat"


FBI refer to the Occupy Wall Street protests as a "criminal activity" or even "domestic terrorism."

Aug 06 12:28

Currency issue is used by Westminster to instigate fear among the Scots

The independent currency would give Scotland the full levers of economic power without relying on London or the Central banks and allow it to pursue an entirely different economic agenda, Radical Independence Campaign co-founder Jonathan Shafi told RT.

Aug 06 12:26

Israel publishes 'Hamas manual' boasting about the propaganda value of Gaza civilian deaths

Israel has published a 'Hamas manual' which it claims boasts about the propaganda value of Gaza civilian deaths and the advantages of operating in populated area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe THAT one, I have some of Saddam's nuclear weapons to sell you!

Remember the "laptop of death" that supposedly proved Iran was building a bomb? That tracked back to Israel's "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War" Mossad.

Remember the forged Niger yellow cake documents?

How many times do you have to be lied to before you understand you are being lied to?

Even if HAMAS actually held that theory that civilian deaths worked for them, why would they write it down knowing Israel's spies would eventually find it and use it against them?

THINK, people, THINK. Look for what should be there and isn't. Once you start thinking, the lies used to launch and justify wars become very obvious.

Aug 06 12:20

Israel-Gaza conflict: Gaza’s survivors now face a battle for water, shelter and power

The biggest waste-water treatment plant in Gaza City isn’t the sweetest smelling place at the best of times. But today the abnormally acrid stench and large swarms of flies testified to the sewage stagnating in its lagoons. War has stopped the plant doing the job it was built for: limiting the pollution of the Mediterranean by semi-treating the 40 million litres a day it pumps into the sea.

Gaza, which enjoyed its first full day of peace yesterday, has lost 1,814 people, the vast majority civilians killed as they hid from Israeli bombardments. Its ill-equipped hospitals hold thousands of patients, many suffering from horrific injuries.

But Israel’s destruction of homes and infrastructure will ensure that the possibility of Gaza having a normal existence is a distant prospect.

Aug 06 12:17

Sean Hannity arrives in Israel as tensions mount between the Fox News anchor and Russell Brand over 'bigoted' coverage on Gaza

Just what Israel-Gaza always needed – Sean Hannity’s triumphant arrival.

The Fox News anchor took time out from shouting at Palestinians and labelling Russell Brand "kind of dumb and ignorant" over his videoed critique of Hannity's pro-IDF coverage of the conflict in the Middle Eastern country to fly over to Israel.

He posted the above image of himself standing by a 'Welcome To Israel' sign, dressed in a striped golf T, a pair of dark sunglasses and a baseball cap.

He also posted more images – an aerial shot of the country, covered in thick plumes of cloud, which he captioned simply "Flying into Israel", and a second, hazy shot of the shoreline as his plane descended.

Then came the pictures of him inspecting "1 of 9 Iron Dome locations that shoot down incoming rockets" and the entrance into a gated community with military protection.

Aug 06 12:16

The Ringworm Children of Israel - How the Ashkenazi exterminated thousands of Jewish children.


Aug 06 12:16

Fossils dug up at airport may be largest flying bird ever found

A clutch of fossilised bones uncovered during the expansion of an airport terminal in the US may belong to the largest flying bird ever found.

The prehistoric creature had a wingspan of between 6.1 and 7.4 metres and could glide for long distances over the oceans as it searched for fish 25m years ago, according to scientists writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Aug 06 12:12

Impose arms embargo on Israel, says Andrew Mitchell Former international development secretary warns that misery in Gaza will 'poison goodwill in Middle East for generations'

An arms embargo should be imposed on Israel, the former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell has said, as he warned that the level of misery and carnage in Gaza was likely to poison the remaining goodwill in the region for generations.

Mitchell also said on Wednesday that UN schools in Gaza should not have been targeted for attacks since they were places of sanctuary.

Mitchell, the Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield, is the most senior former government minister to pronounce on the crisis. His words came after the decision of the Foreign Office minister Lady Warsi to leave the coalition for its failure to condemn the actions of Israel in Gaza.

He said, however, that he disapproved of Warsi's decision on Tuesday to resign, arguing that her voice needed to be heard and that it was better to "fight your corner" in government.

Aug 06 12:11

The movement that dare not speak its name in Israel Vocal opposition to the Gaza war faces overwhelming public support and almost universal scorn

Gideon Levy doesn't want to meet in a coffee bar in Tel Aviv. He is fed up with being hassled in public and spat at, with people not willing to share the table next to him in restaurants. And now he is fed up with the constant presence of his bodyguards, not least because they too have started giving him a hard time about his political views. So he doesn't go out much any more and we sit in the calm of his living room, a few hundred yards from the Yitzhak Rabin Centre. Rabin's assassination by a rightwing Orthodox Jew in 1995 is itself a sobering reminder of the personal cost of peacemaking in Israel.

Aug 06 12:11

Russia to ban all US agricultural products, EU fruit & vegetable imports - watchdog

Our IT industry is dead. Now goes our overseas ag exports. GMO and Obama's sanctions are finishing off our ag sector.
Once again Putin outsmarts our "Leaders" in DC.Assymetrical warfare and it is no contest.These policys are boomeranging!

Aug 06 11:56

Reports of Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine border groundless - Moscow

Moscow slammed NATO and Pentagon claims that Russia is amassing military near the border with Ukraine calling them unsubstantiated, according to a statement made by a Ministry of Defense spokesman.

"In Russia’s Ministry of Defense such statements only raise sympathy for the speakers of the Pentagon, the US State Department and NATO. It seems the people are serious, but they have to constantly improvise during their speeches to somehow add seriousness to their statements," said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry Major General, on Wednesday.

Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, told reporters on Tuesday that Russia has at least 10,000 troops on Ukraine's border.

Following this, on Wednesday, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu stated that Russia has already amassed around 20,000 combat-ready troops on the border.

Aug 06 11:43

Moscow Airports Pull Out All the Stops to Ward Off Ebola Outbreak

Moscow's airports are on high alert to keep Africa's worst-ever Ebola outbreak off Russian territory, ITAR-Tass reported Wednesday.

"To prevent the arrival of someone with this illness on Russian territory, passengers go through a thermal-imaging device that enables the detection of high temperatures," an unidentified specialist from federal health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said in comments carried by ITAR-Tass.

The worst Ebola outbreak on record is presently under way in Africa, with 1,603 documented cases and 887 deaths since March, according to the World Health Organization. Although the virus has never before spread beyond the confines of Africa, the recent epidemic has triggered fears that it could make its way to Europe.

Aug 06 11:43

Ebbing Israel support among youth and liberals stirs alarm

Congressional staffers and pro-Israel activists worry about long-term sustainability of broad US support for Israel in Congress

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, what’s not to love about genocidal maniacs in power?

Aug 06 11:29

The Enduring Myth of Hiroshima

The U.S. atomic destruction of 140,000 people at Hiroshima and 70,000 at Nagasaki was never “necessary” because Japan was already smashed, no land invasion was needed and Japan was suing for peace. The official myth that “the bombs saved lives” by hurrying Japan’s surrender can no longer be believed except by those who love to be fooled.

Aug 06 11:27

A majority of people don’t like their own member of Congress.

House members at home for August recess might want to hide their congressional pins: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds a record-high share of Americans disapprove of their own congressman/woman.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which means any incumbents hanging on to their seats in November have to be assumed to have stolen the elections.

Aug 06 11:25

Knesset member: Retake Gaza, put civilians in ‘tent camps’

Likud MK Moshe Feiglin called for Israel to reconquer the Gaza Strip and for the military to set up tent encampments for Gaza civilians near the Sinai border, “until relevant emigration destinations are determined.”

Aug 06 11:23

The tragic path of Ebola – in a Google Map

In another example of the power of collaborative technologies leveraged for healthcare, the spread of Ebola has been tracked on a Google Map from its original 1976 outbreak in Zaire to the recent airlift to Atlanta of two infected American aid workers.

In addition to showing the locations of the various instances of the infection spreading, the constantly updated map provides some great resources on the pathogenicity of the five strains of the virus, the WHO’s many reports on Ebola and the surprising number of laboratory accidents involving the deadly virus that have occurred around the world.

The map also documents some of the hearsay associated with the disease’s spread, such as the April rumors that Ebola had made its way to Italy.

Aug 06 11:20

Why Does The U.S. Government Have An ‘Office Of Population Affairs’?

Did you know that the federal government has an “Office of Population Affairs”? I didn’t realize this either until someone sent me a link to their website. The Office of Population Affairs operates under the umbrella of the Department of Health & Human Services, and it might as well be called “The Office of Population Control” because almost everything on the website is about controlling or reducing the size of the population. On the site you can find information and resources about abortion, female sterilization, male sterilization and a vast array of contraceptive choices. There is even a search engine where you can find a local “family planning clinic” where you can get rid of any “unintended pregnancy” that may be bothering you. Frankly, it sickens me to think that my tax dollars are being used to fund all of this.

Aug 06 11:18

UK minister resignation over Gaza fuels Tory revolt

Following the resignation of UK foreign office minister, Baroness Warsi, Prime Minister David Cameron is struggling to quell a growing revolt over his contentious handling of the Gaza crisis.

Warsi’s dramatic departure on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the Tory party, bringing to the forefront disputes over both the UK government’s stance regarding the ongoing Gaza crisis and the party’s future election prospects.

Aug 06 11:12

Crimes against humanity in Gaza: is it really a 'buffer zone' - or a bigger plan?

Late last week, the White House decried Israel's attack on a UN school in Gaza as "totally unacceptable" and "totally indefensible", then proceeded to approve $225m in funding for its Iron Dome. On Monday, the US state department went further, calling the airstrikes upon a UN school "disgraceful" -- and yet America provides Israel with more than $3.1bn every year, restocking the ability of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to hit more schools, and to wage total war against an imprisoned people, because of their nationality.

Aug 06 11:12

Stars Face Hollywood Backlash in War of Words Over Israel

When the latest battle in Gaza finally is over, as someday it will be, hard feelings could linger in the corner offices of Hollywood toward the stars who have voiced anti-Israel sentiments. But will the artists who criticize Israel military strikes -- particularly married Spaniards Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who accused the country of "genocide" in a widely circulated July 25 letter -- suffer career backlash in a town whose power brokers tend to be strong supporters of Israel?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The days of the McCarthy Blacklist are back, only instead of "Commie" the phrase used to wreck careers for political gain is now "Anti-Semite."

I find it amazing that Jewish control of Hollywood, so fiercely denied over the last several decades, is now prominently on display for the whole world to see!

Aug 06 11:09

CIA Admits to Spying on Senate but No Prosecutions to Follow

McClatchy senior reporter Jonathan Landay and co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice's Liberty and National Security Program Elizabeth Goitein discuss the criminality of the CIA's actions and the growing trend of government surveillance on public employees.

Aug 06 11:08

The walls are crumbling down around 9/11 – Why?


Aug 06 11:07

UN: Nearly a million Ukrainians have fled fighting in east

Most of the displaced are in Russia – and putting strains on facilities and infrastructure there, say the UN refugee agency and local Russian officials.

Aug 06 11:07

Kurds from Turkey, Syria enter Iraq to battle Islamic State

Kurdish forces pushed Tuesday to retake territory they lost over the weekend to the Islamic State in a major counteroffensive that will test the ability of the best-trained military force in Iraq to confront the radical Islamist group.

Aug 06 11:06

Pro Gaza Rally in Japan

Aug 06 11:02

Number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine reaches 117,000

Most of these internally displaced persons who left their homes but did not cross the state border are natives of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions - 102,600

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By the time Kiev succeeds (if they do) in bringing these republics back into the slavery of the ECB, the eastern industrial base needed by Kiev to repay all the war debts will be destroyed!

Aug 06 11:01

Supermarket workers, customers join in ‘unprecedented’ uprising against corporate greed


Aug 06 11:01

Drug given to American Ebola patients is produced in Kentucky using tobacco plants

The drug being credited with potentially saving the lives of two American missionaries infected with the deadly Ebola virus was produced in Owensboro.

The serum wasn't manufactured but grown — in a greenhouse full of genetically modified tobacco plants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So ... develop the GMO tobacco plant plus time to grow seems to imply this was in progress even before the Ebola crisis emerged in Africa!

Develop a cure THAN have the epidemic?

Aug 06 10:59

Sierra Leone: Ebola patients expressing deep concern of forced isolation, fears of being taken and killed


Aug 06 10:57

President's Net Neutrality Views Don't Square with FCC Proposal

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama voiced strong support for Net Neutrality and opposition to the type of pay-for-priority Internet rules now being proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Aug 06 10:54

Obama’s War Against Russia Backfires

U.S. President Barack Obama’s war against Russia isn’t only causing Russia to cooperate more strongly with the other BRIC countries to break the U.S. dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency, but it’s also causing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s job-approval rating in Russia to soar, and the confidence that the Russian people have in their own Government to soar likewise.

Aug 06 10:53

U.S. Health Authorities Concealing Number of Suspected Ebola Victims From Public

During a segment concerning the admission of a potential Ebola victim at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed that there have been at least six cases at the hospital which prompted doctors to test for Ebola but that the details were not divulged publicly.

“There have been about a half a dozen patients who have had their blood tested because of concern, those particular patients their stories were not made public,” said Gupta, adding, “I’m not sure if that’s because of heightened concern by the hospital or what that means exactly.”

Gupta also appeared to suggest that patients being tested for the Ebola virus were not being kept in isolation when he stated, “This isn’t the kind of thing that they worry about spreading to other patients in the hospital, spreading to people who are walking around the hospital. This is not an airborne virus.”

Aug 06 10:52

Obama arrives at Ramstein Airforce Base in Germany

U.S. President Barack Obama lands at Ramstein Airforce Base to refuel on his way home from four-nation trip. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

Aug 06 10:43

Nagasaki the Forgotten Bomb

Aug 06 10:36


Russia's troop buildup on the Ukrainian border increases the threat of an invasion by President Vladimir Putin's army, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters at U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, Hagel said he agrees with Poland's foreign minister, who said Wednesday that the increase in Russian forces near Ukraine's border heightened the risk of an invasion.

"I think it's a reality, of course it is," said Hagel, who was in Stuttgart for meetings with his military leaders in Europe, including the top commander, Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove. "When you see the build-up of Russian troops and the sophistication of those troops, the training of those troops, the heavy military equipment that's being put along that border, of course it's a reality, it's a threat, it's a possibility - absolutely," Hagel said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Secretary of Defense Hagel; sir, forgive me, but this is going to be your equivalent to Colin Powell's "yellow cake uranium" speech in front of the UN.

How in Heaven's name can you carry water for this administration to such a degree that you have sacrificed, completely, your own moral integrity, to lie to the American people and the world like this?!?

As reported at on 4 August 014:

Russian officials say the military is beginning exercises Monday in the central and western regions of the country, which would include the Ukraine border region. The officials say the drills involving more than 100 fighter jets and helicopters will last through Friday.

OK, Secretary Hagel: these Russian military exercises end Friday, 8 August.

And if I, as an ordinary American citizen, understand this, so do millions of other ordinary American citizens.

But what this exercise means, and the ending date of this Friday, is that there is a very narrow window for the US government to stage a false flag, to be blamed on the Russians.

And sir, I will guarantee you that US citizens and the world will know this is a false flag, engineered to get a shooting war going between Russia and the US.

We know it, and the world knows it.

So please, let's not go there, OK?!?

Need I politely remind you that the US military, at this point in its history, doesn't have the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive result to a conventional war against Russia?!?

Well, darn it, somebody had to!!

Aug 06 10:22

So the People of Sierra Leone Believe the Ebola Outbreak Is a "Government Conspiracy," Do They...

The Daily Mail is reporting that a team of British medics currently working in the Ebola hot zone of Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, are facing opposition from locals "who believe the disease may be a government conspiracy".

Fear of a government conspiracy is so great there, people and their families are trying to escape from the hospitals.

Aug 06 10:17

West Africa: Nigeria Confirms 5 New Ebola Cases

The deadly Ebola virus increasingly is spreading fear in West Africa, where Liberia's president has called for three days of prayer and Nigeria has confirmed five new cases and a second death from the disease.

The new cases in Nigeria raise concerns that the virus will spread further in the region's most populous nation, with its 174 million residents. So far, the smaller and less populous countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have been the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 900 people this year.

Aug 06 10:17


Security trippled, unknown danger source, but they expect something heavy, if it happens it will push back Europe 40 years

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No details yet.

Aug 06 10:16

Justice Department admits almost 50% of prosecutions near Mexican border

In a disturbing report from a Washington, D.C., watchdog group on Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice statistics for criminal prosecutions for federal offenses prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys throughout the nation in 2013 reveal that close to 50 percent of the federal prosecutions occurred in just a few districts near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Aug 06 10:13

Israeli PM Netanyahu holds press conference

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US corporate media, which doesn't even want to talk with anyone from Gaza, is giving Netanyahu the star treatment and allowing him to use their networks to repeat the already discredited (in some cases by Israel's own media) lies about why Israel "had to" murder a thousand Gazans. Netanyahu is pushing "terror tunnels" and seems to forget that when the Nazis has the Warsaw ghetto surrounded, the way Israel surrounds Gaza, tunnels were dug to bring in needed supplies and were destroyed by the Nazis BUT WITHOUT BOMBING THE GHETTO ITSELF. Netanyahu is also claiming that mortars were being fired from within the UN schools, which the UN flatly denies and for which there is absolutely no evidence.

My first thought when seeing Netanyahu's face on the TV was to switch channels, but then I had another thought. I grabbed my handy-dandy Voice Stress Analyzer and put it next to the TV and snapped the following image, which tells us that Netanyahu knows he is lying.

Aug 06 10:09

Top Scientists Challenge Makeup of US GMO Risks Panel

Today, 64 established scientists, researchers and professionals submitted an open letter to the U.S. National Academy of Science’s National Research Council (NRC), strongly criticizing the council’s proposal of a panel of experts tasked with completing a new NRC study, “Genetically Engineered Crops: Past Experience and Future Prospects.”...

Aug 06 10:09

Southeast Asia’s top Islamic militant found alive two years after US jubilantly declared his death

The Philippine military said Wednesday one of Southeast Asia’s top Islamic militants was alive, more than two years after jubilantly declaring he had been killed in a US-backed airstrike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof positive that one cannot believe ANYTHING the US government says.

Aug 06 10:03

Israel Let US in on Plans to Destroy Gaza Economy in 2008 – Wikileaks

The US embassy in Tel Aviv had access to reliable information about Israel’s intention to keep Gazaeconomy functioning at the lowest possible level, Wikileaks website said on Monday, citing the US diplomatic document.

“Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis,” reads the document as quoted by Wikileaks.

A diplomatic dispatch was sent by the embassy to the US State and Treasury Departments on November 3, 2008.

In order to achieve its goals, Israeli government introduced a tight monetary policy in the Gaza Strip, cutting the financing of the enclave, as it considered Gaza a “hostile entity.”

A new portion of diplomatic leaks was published on the Wikileaks website amid a new round of ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas militants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to ask: what in the name of heaven (or hell) does the Israeli government have on individuals in the US government to completely prevent it from acting in an honorable way, when it comes to Israeli oppression of Palestinians?!?!?

Perhaps that 9/11 was an inside job, enabled and abetted by Israeli operatives?

Aug 06 09:58

IMF: Bulgaria is among the worst affected countries by sanctions against Russia

The report pointed out that Bulgaria is among the countries that may be affected the most by sanctions against Russia. Direct foreign investments from Russia in the banking sector, energy, metallurgy, etc exceed 5% of the GDP of Bulgaria, as well as Belarus, Moldova and Montenegro.?
Due to problems with the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia may be left without investments, a report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated, Duma daily writes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Forgive me, but is a pathological inability to think things through to their logical conclusion now a prerequisite for working for the federal government?!?

Aug 06 09:53

Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal with Iran to bypass Western sanctions

Vladimir Putin is eyeing a $20bn (£11.8bn) trade deal with Iran that would see Russia sidestep Western sanctions on its energy sector.

Under the terms of a five-year accord, Russia would help Iran organise oil sales as well as “cooperate in the oil-gas industry, construction of power plants, grids, supply of machinery, consumer goods and agriculture products”, according to a statement by the Energy Ministry in Moscow.

However, the Russian government mysteriously withdrew that statement last night, saying it would issue a new one on Wednesday.

Despite the U-turn, news of a possible agreement hit US markets. The Dow fell 139 points, or 0.8pc, led by energy companies such as Chevron, down 2.5pc, and ExxonMobil, down 1.9pc. Brent Crude fell 1.5pc before recovering to trade down 0.7pc at $104.61.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this deal is, in fact, consummated, it will mean that any military attack against Iran will be construed as a military attack against Russia.

Aug 06 09:50

You’ll Be One of the ‘Things’ in the ‘Internet of Things’

And how secure are these devices that make you part of the Internet of Things? You don’t need to break a code; you don’t need to capture a server. “Hardcore hackers wouldn’t even bother with it,” said one of the hackers. “They’d find access too easy.” Read…. Google Glass Hacked, Can Record Everything You Stare At?

The “Internet of Things” is the next Big Thing. A universe of devices connected to data centers: your fridge, toaster, alarm clock, garage-door opener, pickup truck, self-driving car, thermostat, “intelligent toilet” (I had to learn how to use them in Japan), and other doodads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know about you, but all this potential data gathering makes me more than a little edgy.

Aug 06 09:49

Tom Lehrer - So Long, Mom

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted for the 69th anniversary of the US dropping a nuclear weapon on Hiroshima.

Aug 06 09:46

Putin bans agricultural imports from sanctioning countries for 1 year

A one-year ban has been imposed on certain agricultural produce, foods and raw materials from countries that have sanctioned Russia. A law on economic measures to protect the country's security has been signed by President Putin.

The decree “on the use of specific economic measures” has been signed in response to sanctions imposed on Russia by a number of states over the Ukrainian crisis, the Kremlin said on its website.

While the law comes into force immediately, the government has been tasked to come up with a concrete list of imports to be banned.

The decree orders the Cabinet to take measures to provide a balance on product markets and prevent rapid price growth. The government has also to join efforts with manufacturers, businesses and retail store chains to increase the Russian goods supply.

Meanwhile, ministers are already drafting a list of products that could be affected by the ban, Natalia Timakova, a press-secretary for PM Dmitry Medvedev told RIA Novosti.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see which countries will be most affected by this.

Aug 06 09:45

Frauding On Behalf Holocaust Catastrophe

“The son of a Holocaust survivor hid his mom’s death and stole $56,000 in benefits meant for her, authorities said Thursday.

Gary Jacoby, 61, cashed in on his mother’s 2008 death by collecting her Holocaust survivor checks from the German government for four years, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.”

Aug 06 09:44

Why Monsanto's 'Cure' For World Hunger Is Cursing The Global Food Supply

Sayer Ji
Activist Post

What if the very GM agricultural system that Monsanto claims will help to solve the problem of world hunger depends on a chemical that kills the very pollinator upon which approximately 70% of world's food supply now depends?

A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology titled, "Effects of field-realistic doses of glyphosate on honeybee appetitive behavior," establishes a link between the world's most popular herbicide – aka Roundup – and the dramatic decline in honeybee (Apis mellifera) populations in North American and Europe that lead to the coining of the term 'colony collapse disorder' (CCD) in late 2006 to describe the phenomena...

Aug 06 09:43

Online petition urges ‘Nuremberg for Israel’ over ‘genocide of Palestinians’

Hundreds of Italians have signed an online petition slamming Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip as a “slow genocide” of the Palestinians and demanding a "Nuremberg trial" for Israel over the “destruction” of Palestine.

The petition was signed by 525 Italians, mainly academics, Haaretz reported. The signees say they are dismayed by the events in Gaza and accuse Israel of pursuing colonial policies and "ethnic cleansing" of the Palestinians.

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"Yes, Israel is pursuing colonial policies and 'ethnic cleansing' of the Palestinians. That is what we do! But is is anti-Semitic and hate of the Jews for you to mention it!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Aug 06 09:42

Britain’s Israel Lobby, The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) Pressures HM’s Goverment: Is David Cameron Complicit in War Crimes?

Is David Cameron’s refusal to condemn what is apparently a prima facie war crime by the IDF, in Gaza, worrying evidence that the CFI, Conservative Friends of Israel, (AKA the British branch of the Israel lobby) has infiltrated government to the extent that it now influences UK foreign policy in the same way that AIPAC in America determines the US foreign policy agenda?

Yesterday’s resignation of a former Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, the talented, ex Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Baroness Warsi, would seem to indicate that such a situation does indeed pertain within the Cameron government to the obvious detriment of democracy; the adherence to international law and the Geneva Conventions and the sanctity of human life – in particular, that of the child.

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Gee, YA THINK?!?!?!?

Aug 06 09:42

Ebola: Lagos begins search for 27 secondary contacts

The Lagos State Government has commenced an intensive search for 27 secondary contacts, who might have had contacts with doctors, nurses and health workers, who attended to the late Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, at a Lagos private hospital.

Sawyer, who was infected with the deadly Ebola virus in his native Liberia, died in the Obalende, Lagos-based hospital penultimate Friday, four days after he was admitted to the hospital.

Aug 06 09:40

FLASHBACK APRIL - New Probe Confirms Harry Reid's Long History of Corruption

The seemingly Teflon senior senator from Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has been forced to respond to charges made in a two-part investigation into his dealings published last week at RealClearPolitics. The initial investigation looked into multiple claims of corruption, and responses from Reid’s PR people failed to deflect them.

Aug 06 09:40


Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick explained eloquently about the real reasons for dropping the bombs instead of the mythology that is told in school books in America. But does that really make any difference on the horror of what Truman and his generals visited on humanity? Those of us in the medical field understand clinically what radiation poisoning does to the human body but politicians also know that and Truman had detailed reports from the earlier experiments. I met so many hibakushas (survivors of the nuclear blast) and their children and grandchildren. Many told us of the dramatic death of children by leukemia and other cancers and of the congenital deformities. It was more than we could take even as visitors so I can only begin to imagine the actual feelings of people here.

Aug 06 09:39


London Times Rejects Elie Wiesel Ad Against Hamas’ Use of Human Shields

Aug 06 09:38


WOW! Pretty powerful words in that headline! I hope no one out there thought they were mine ….


They are the ‘thoughts’ of the extreme right in Israel, who once again are extremely wrong.

Three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and murdered by Hamas were the victims of a premeditated execution by their captors, and were never meant to be used as bargaining chips to free imprisoned terrorists, according to a US official involved in the case. (FROM)


After three weeks of Israel’s bloody war on Gaza mainly under the pretext of alleged abduction of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas, the Israeli police have acknowledged that the kidnappers were not acting under the orders of the resistance movement. (FROM)


Aug 06 09:38

Putin Bans Agricultural Imports From Sanctioning Countries For 1 Year – 6 August 2014

A one-year ban has been imposed on certain agricultural produce, foods and raw materials from countries that have sanctioned Russia. A law on economic measures to protect the country’s security has been signed by President Putin.

Aug 06 09:36

Here's Why I Won't Be Lining Up for the Ebola Vaccine

Some people suspect that if a national health crisis were to occur, that a vaccine could be made mandatory. (I hope that President Obama doesn't read my website, because I'd hate to give him any ideas - he gets so excited about circumventing Congress and making his own laws.) He's already signed an executive order that says people suspected of being ill can be detained and isolated.

But the vaccine would be rushed and untested. Will you roll up your sleeve for this?

Aug 06 09:35

EXPOSED: Who REALLY Shot Down Malaysian Flight 17

Aug 06 09:33

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile

The latest report from the intelligence community was headlined on August 3rd by Robert Parry, “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts,” and he revealed there that,

“Contrary to the Obama administration’s public claims blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, some U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame, according to a source briefed on these findings. This judgment — at odds with what President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have expressed publicly — is based largely on the absence of U.S. government evidence that Russia supplied the rebels with a Buk anti-aircraft missile system that would be needed to hit a civilian jetliner flying at 33,000 feet, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

Aug 06 09:24

American media refuse to meet with Ukrainian servicemen who asked for asylum in Russia

“Except for Bloomberg there were no journalists representing US media!!! An opportunity to meet with the Ukrainian military servicemen, who crossed into the Russian territory, was declined by representatives of leading US media,” she said. “They were CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor.”

“What are these journalists base their materials upon if they decline talking to firsthand sources?” Zakharova said. “The funniest episode was with Reuters journalist, who registered, left for the airport, but changed his mind half way there and did not fly.”

“Russia is being criticized for little interaction with western media and it is allegedly the reason for Russia’s media blackout,” she said. “But the fact is that we speak and they either refuse to listen or they are prohibited from listening.”

Aug 06 09:18

EFF inaugurates “Stupid Patent of the Month”

For August, the group has nominated US Patent No. 8,762,173, titled “Method and Apparatus for Indirect Medical Consultation.” The patent issued in June, and it dates back to an original filing in 2007.

A blog post by EFF lawyer Vera Ranieri, supplies a legalese-free description of just what the now-monopolized method is:

a. take a telephone call from patient
b. record patient info in a patient file
c. send patient information to a doctor, ask the doctor if she wants to talk to the patient
d. call the patient back and transfer the call to the doctor
e. record the call
f. add the recorded call to the patient file and send to doctor
g. do steps a–f with a computer

The original patent actually just had steps A-F, and it was appropriately rejected. Then, step G was added, and the rejection went away.

Aug 06 09:14

Young Jews Protest Israel's Offensive In Gaza, Call For End To 'Gratuitous Killing'

We reject your organization’s promotion of the “well being of Jews worldwide” as you support a war that leaves our friends and cousins running to bomb shelters and only worsens the horrific status quo of a stateless and oppressed people,

Aug 06 09:12

Why Aren't ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the recent slaughter of Palestinians taking place on television screens across the world, only the grossly misinformed would believe that Israel’s Palestinian extermination program is actually “self-defense.”

Yet for all of Israel’s whining about how it is being targeted by “Islamic extremists” and “terrorists,”(which should be translated to mean Palestinians, Iran, or any other secular or nationalist Arab government in the region) there is a curious and deafening silence when it is confronted with actual terrorists and Muslim fanatics such as ISIS, al-Nusra, and the myriad of other fundamentalist groups waging jihad in Syria and Iraq.

This bizarre silence has yet to raise the eyebrows of the somnambulant general public.

Aug 06 09:03

Public Health Agency of Canada: Ebola AIRBORNE

In the laboratory, infection through small-particle aerosols has been demonstrated in primates, and airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected,

He tried to tell us this a few days ago and so many people scoffed at him because it this kind of truth can shatter your reality.

Aug 06 08:59

The Russian 'hack of the century' doesn't add up

The biggest problem, as Forbes's Kashmir Hill and The Wall Street Journal's Danny Yadron have noted, is that Hold Security is already capitalizing on the panic, charging a $120-per-year subscription to anyone who wants to check if their name and password are on the list. Hold says it's just trying to recoup expenses, but there's something unseemly about stoking fears of cybercrime and then asking concerned citizens to pay up. It also gives Hold a clear incentive to lie to reporters about how large and significant the finding is.

Of course, facts are still facts, but even the hard data here is a little strange. If the idea of hacking 1.2 billion usernames sounds incredible, it should. There are just a handful of services with over a billion users — Facebook, Google Search, and Microsoft Office lead the pack — and if any of those were involved, Hold wouldn't be shy about saying so. Instead, this data comes from hundreds of thousands of compromises over the course of months.

Aug 06 08:53

The Difference Between Scientists And Engineers

For an engineer to keep his job, he has to be brutally correct and honest – all the time. Products and reality don’t lie.

For a scientist to keep his job, he has to obtain funding. This is generally accomplished by convincing politicians that something you want to study is important, and frequently involves exaggeration and/or fabrication.

This is what happens when engineers don’t do their jobs correctly.

Aug 06 08:51

Ohio gay marriage ban faces federal judges

passed by Ohio voters a decade ago

Aug 06 08:50

Twenty-one questions about Ebola: government propaganda, medical corruption and bioweapons experiments

#20) Given that many vaccines accidentally cause the disease they claim to prevent (due to weakened viruses still remaining active in a small number of vaccine vials), isn't it likely that Ebola vaccines might actually cause Ebola infections in some percentage of those receiving them? How can we trust any vaccines when vaccine manufacturers have been granted absolute legal immunity from faulty products or failures in quality control?

#21) How can we trust a medical system that continues to put mercury in flu shots, refuses to recommend vitamin D to cancer patients and has been criminally corrupted to the point where drug companies are routinely charged with felony crimes for bribery and price fixing?

Aug 06 08:48

Iselle to Impact Hawaii With Rain, Wind and Rough Seas

Hurricane Iselle will weaken before reaching Hawaii later this week, but heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas will affect the islands. A second hurricane, Julio, also bears watching.

AccuWeather meteorologists expect Iselle to continue to weaken over the next couple of days and become a tropical storm before reaching the islands. Iselle will be moving into a wedge of cool water and dry air just east of the Hawaiian Islands.

However, even as a tropical storm, Iselle will still pack a punch. Heavy rain, gusty winds and building seas and surf will affect the islands during the second half of the week.

Aug 06 08:47

Study finds curcumin, the main polyphenol in turmeric, as effective as Prozac in treating depression

The study, conducted by researchers from the Department of Pharmacology at the Government Medical College in Bhavnagar, India, assessed groups of people who took curcumin capsules and Prozac, either individually or combined. (1) Twenty people took 500 mg curcumin capsules twice daily, 20 took 20 mg of Prozac daily, and the remaining 20 people took a combination of the two. (3) The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, a questionnaire designed to gauge the severity of a person's depression level, was given to assess any changes in mood among the individuals who participated in this study.

The findings showed that curcumin worked just as well as Prozac, acting as the "first clinical evidence that curcumin may be used as an effective and safe modality for treatment in patients with MDD without concurrent suicidal ideation or other psychotic disorders." (1, 3) MDD stands for "Major Depressive Disorder."

Aug 06 08:46

Monsanto is trying to force soybean companies to collect its royalties from farmers

No matter how much of the agricultural market share Monsanto captures -- by hook or by crook -- it is never enough. Now, the mega-agri giant is attempting to squeeze royalty payments out of farmers and others.

Aug 06 08:38

35 Big U.S. Companies Still Cutting Jobs

Aug 06 08:36

David Stockman: The Collapse of the American Imperium, A Perfect Storm Of Policy Failures Across Foreign, Monetary, Economic, And Fiscal Fronts

David Stockman, former director of the OMB under President Reagan, former US Representative, best-selling author of The Great Deformation, and veteran financier is an insider’s insider. Few people understand the ways in which Washington DC, The Fed, and Wall Street work and intersect better than he does.

Aug 06 08:34


With the mainstream American Jewish leadership firmly in support of the current military operation there is little pressure for the Israeli government to end the carnage–or for the U.S. government to pressure it to do so.

Aug 06 08:32

Rosetta has arrived! Probe successfully goes into orbit around comet after a series of nail-biting manoeuvres

During the hotly anticipated rendezvous, Rosetta edged closer to its target adjusting its speed so that it was flying beside the comet at a slow walking pace of 1m/sec (2.2mph, 3.6kph).

Mission controllers had to wait a nail-biting 22 minutes to know that the manoeuvre had been successful.

Today's event marks the beginning of a series of weekly thruster burns that will take place every Wednesday and Sunday well into 2015 to keep the spacecraft in orbit around the comet.

Aug 06 08:30

Three Years later, Japan Finally Tells The Truth: More Fuel Melted At Fukushima

After years of obfuscation and, simply put, lies; TEPCO has admitted in a new report that more nuclear fuel had melted at the Fukushima nuclear reactor than previously stated. While this is dreadful news, it gets worse, as the report further confirms that despite Abe's promises and TEPCO's state-funded efforts to build ice-walls, it may miss an important deadline binding it to clean radioactive water stored inside the Fukushima nuclear plant. Bloomberg reports officials commenting "we are doing everything we can do," but it appears, that is not enough as tens of thousands of tons of toxic water are expected to remain at the site by the imposed deadline.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the problem. We have seen how governments lie about disasters, whether it was the US at Three Mike Island, the US again in the Gulf Oil Disaster, Russia during Chernobyl, and Japan/US at Fukushima.

So why would anyone trust anything government says about Ebola today?

Aug 06 08:26

Israel's War of Words

When such misleading statements are repeatedly broadcast as facts, it's not surprising that the polls show a majority of US citizens back Israel in its war on Gaza. Here are some examples of the blatant untruths that shape American views:

1. Hamas started the war. Untrue. The Israeli military responded to the June abduction (and later murder) of three Israeli youths with major military assaults in the West Bank and Gaza. On July 7, Israeli forces bombed and killed six Hamas members in Gaza. According to the Israeli think tankMeir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center,it was at that point that Hamas ended its 19-month cease-fire and began firing its rockets into Israel.

Aug 06 08:24

Japan Marks Hiroshima Anniversary, Invites Leaders

Japan marked the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on Wednesday, with the city's mayor inviting world leaders to see atomic bomb-scarred cities firsthand to be convinced that nuclear weapons should not exist.

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Aug 06 08:24

Use of experimental Ebola drug raises red flags among medical experts

There's a fairly good chance that it could do more harm than good. The drug could kill you faster, or make you die more miserably.

Aug 06 08:21

German Gold Repatriation

Aug 06 08:17

438 Ukrainian Troops Seek Asylum In Russia; Government Passes "War Tax"

Over the weekend, the Ukrainian government imposed a series of “temporary” taxes to help the war effort as Ukrainian press reports several hundred solders were left without weapons or ammunition and crossed the border into Russia. The Ukrainian government is in a hurry to raise money. For the last few months, even before the turmoil began, Ukraine has been in an inflationary cycle. Both retail and asset prices were spiraling higher. Now they’ve entered a stagflationary period. The currency has gone into freefall. Unemployment is rising. The economy is contracting (6% by phony government estimates). And inflation is a whopping 19%... and rising. These people are getting abused. And the worst is yet to come.

Aug 06 08:08

What if the Children Dying in Gaza were Jews?

Let’s do a thought experiment and imagine that the Arabs had gotten the better of the Israelis in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and after years of conflict, all that was left of Israel was the Gaza strip.

Assume for a moment that instead of Palestinians, over 1.8 million Jews were crammed into the 11 mile Gaza strip and the state of Palestine, subsidized and supported by a superpower, was administering the calories to the Jews in Gaza, keeping them to a limit of 2,300 a day.

Aug 06 07:51

IDF-Embedded Reporter Says It Fired Guided Missile at UNWRA School, Killing 15 Civilians

An Israeli reporter for Maariv, Aviram Zino, has been embedded with an IDF unit during the current invasion. Noam R writes in his Israeli political blog about Zino’s fawning enthusiastic response to being given the chance of a lifetime to be a reporter in the middle of the “action.” His reporting comes across as cheerleading rather than objective journalism. But in spite of himself, Zino reveals a damning fact that impeaches the IDF’s credibility regarding its denial of deliberately targeting UN buildings housing Palestinian civilian refugees.

Zino reports that the unit commander, Nadav, ordered the firing of a $100,000 Tamuz (aka Spike) heat-seeking anti-tank missile on a UNWRA school in Beit Hanoun on July 24th:

Aug 06 07:43

Office Depot to close 165 stores this year; settles lawsuit for $80 million

Boca Raton-based Office Depot said Tuesday it would close 165 stores during 2014 — up from the 150 estimated earlier this year — but stuck with a total count of 400 store closures through 2016, the company said.

The office-supply retailer, which merged with OfficeMax last year in a $1.2 billion transaction, said it has completed its analysis of which stores will be closed across the U.S. and Canada. Locally, the retailer has closed two OfficeMax stores, in Coral Springs and Deerfield Beach.

The company also announced on a conference call following its second-quarter earnings announcement that it has settled a California lawsuit for $80 million, which it expects to pay in the fourth quarter.

Aug 06 07:42

4 Million Fewer Jobs: How The BLS Massively Overestimated US Job Creation

To be sure, in a normal, vibrant, growing and most importantly, entrepreneurial economy, incorporating business creation vs business deaths is a perfectly reasonable statistical adjustment to the actual number of underlying jobs via the BLS business sampling that takes place every month.

There is one problem: the Fed's centrally-planned abortion of an "economy", in which the rigged, bubble market is the only leading indicator that everyone focuses on and from which everything else "flows", is anything but normal.

The latest proof of just how broken the economy has become, and serves as a big flashing red question mark about just how massively overestimated job creation is due to a wildly erroneous birth/death estimator, comes from a research report by the Brookings Institution titled: "The Other Aging of America: The Increasing Dominance of Older Firms."

Aug 06 07:41

Japanese Sanctions against Russia May Go into Force on August 5 - Reports

The Japanese sanctions against Russia, announced last week, may come into effect on Tuesday, the Kyodo news agency reported, citing a diplomatic source.

Japan's government may approve the package of sanctions during a cabinet meeting on August 5, which would bring them into effect in the second half of the same day, the agency said.

Aug 06 07:41


Yesterday you were playing with your cousins on this sandy Gaza beach.

You were playing soccer and you had just scored a goal with your makeshift cloth beach ball.

You knew there was danger on the beach but you could not resist the beach and the cool ocean breeze.

Somehow you could not understand the war around you.

You could not comprehend the hatred of the Zionists toward your Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Aug 06 07:34

China Said to Exclude Apple From Procurement List

China’s government excluded Apple Inc. iPads and MacBook laptops from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Thank you NSA for wrecking the American IT industry! Hope you are proud of yourselves!

Aug 06 07:33

Israel an occupier, no right to attack Gaza: HR advocate

Press TV has conducted an interview with Rania Masri, a professor and human rights advocate, in Lebanon, about Israeli airstrikes continuing to pound Gaza where the UN says 75 percent of those killed so far are civilians.

Aug 06 07:24

Sydney Morning Herald columnist Mike Carlton resigns after being forced to apologise over abusive tweets as backlash over 'anti-Semitic' cartoon escalates

A columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald has quit after being ordered to apologise to readers for using offensive language towards them when they questioned his criticism of Israel's attack on Gaza.

Mike Carlton came under fire for using abusive language in response to reader feedback, including calling one reader a 'Jewish bigot'.

The 68-year-old journalist confirmed on Twitter that he had quit 'the once great newspaper' because it 'buckled to the bullies'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Readers wishing to give the Sydney Morning Herald a piece of their mind can email the editor

Aug 06 07:16

If a Genocide Falls in the Forest

There's a wide and mysterious chasm between the stated intentions of the Israeli government as depicted by the U.S. media and what the Israeli government has been doing in Gaza, even as recounted in the U.S. media.

With the morgues full, Gazans are packing freezers with their dead children. Meanwhile, the worst images to be found in Israel depict fear, not death and suffering. Why the contrast? If the Israeli intent is defensive, why are 97% of the deaths Gazan, not Israeli? If the targets are fighters, why are whole families being slaughtered and their houses leveled? Why are schools and hospitals and children playing on the beach targeted? Why target water and electricity if the goal is not to attack an entire population?

The mystery melts away if you look at the stated intentions of the Israeli government as not depicted by the U.S. media but readily available in Israeli media and online.

Aug 06 07:08

Live Now: U.N. meeting to discuss the ongoing armed conflict in Gaza

Expected speakers include Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General, and Navanethem Pillay, the organization’s high commissioner for human rights.

Aug 06 06:51

“That was our bad.” US government spoils Glenn Greenwald's Intercept scoop, tips off rival outlet

would have been a major scoop had the Associated Press not published the story a few minutes earlier.

Aug 06 06:50


The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

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WRH Exclusive
Aug 06 06:46

Crimes against Humanity. Israel’s “Own Words”: “We Must Expel Arabs…We Struck Civilians Because They Deserved It”

“We must expel Arabs and take their place.”– David Ben-Gurion, October 5 1937, Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 41, No. 2 (Winter 2012), University of California Press, pp. 245-250.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here are some more quotes by Israelis regarding Palestine.

1. "There is a huge gap between us (Jews) and our enemies, not just in ability but in morality, culture, sanctity of life, and conscience. They are our neighbors here, but it seems as if at a distance of a few hundred meters away, there are people who do not belong to our continent, to our world, but actually belong to a different galaxy." Israeli president Moshe Katsav. The Jerusalem Post, May 10, 2001

2. "The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you give them meat, they want more".... Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel at the time - August 28, 2000. Reported in the Jerusalem Post August 30, 2000

3. " [The Palestinians are] beasts walking on two legs." Menahim Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts". New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

4. "The Palestinians" would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls." " Isreali Prime Minister (at the time) in a speech to Jewish settlers New York Times April 1, 1988

5. "When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle." Raphael Eitan, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces, New York Times, 14 April 1983.

6. "How can we return the occupied territories? There is nobody to return them to." Golda Maier, March 8, 1969.

7. "There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed." Golda Maier Israeli Prime Minister June 15, 1969

8. "The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over us in June 1967 and that Israel was fighting for its physical existence is only bluff, which was born and developed after the war." Israeli General Matityahu Peled, Ha'aretz, 19 March 1972.

9. David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister): "If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti - Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault ? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?" Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp121.

10. Ben Gurion also warned in 1948 : "We must do everything to insure they ( the Palestinians) never do return." Assuring his fellow Zionists that Palestinians will never come back to their homes. "The old will die and the young will forget."

Aug 06 06:38

Rania Masri Speech: ' Mr.Obama, what is barbaric?'.

Aug 06 06:37

VIDEO: US senator Boxer filibusters live coverage of powerful Palestinian testimonies

just as Tariq started to detail the Israeli beating that left him unconscious and unrecognizable, CSPAN 2, which was broadcasting the hearing live, cut to the Senate floor.

Aug 06 06:35

The War between Gaza and the Zionists

This war belongs to Obama as much as to anyone because it emerged in the vacuum created by Obama’s laziness and lack of courage in standing up to Netanyahu and the Zionist supporters in the US and in Congress.

Hamas’s fight, which is mainly a struggle to lift the siege of Gaza, is an honorable one. Hamas’s fight possess the dignity which the Israeli brutalizers cannot even imagine. In fact, the Zionists gave up any hope of dignity long before they ethnically cleansed Palestine of most of its indigenous population in 1948.

More thoughtful and better informed observer than Obama and Kerry have more correctly noted that the present waves of Hamas rockets was preceded by a sequence of events which left Hamas with little choice except to resist with their only available means, which is firing rockets into Israel.

Aug 06 06:28

Russia Calls For Emergency UN Security Council Meeting As Troops Fortify On The Border

Russia called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday over what it called an urgent humanitarian situation in Ukraine, according to a report from the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS.

"We are convening an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine," Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin was quoted as saying.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the U.N. and the International Committee of the Red Cross expressed "readiness" to discuss its plan to deploy a "humanitarian mission" to Ukraine, which some consider to be a pretext for an invasion by Russian forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can see why they would think that. Every "humanitarian mission" started by the US has been a cover for invasion. It is unfair to assume Putin is playing the same game the US has for the last half century, but I can see where people might make that mistake.

Aug 06 06:27

There Is a New Edward Snowden ?

Authorities have concluded there is at least one other leaker spilling classified secrets

Aug 06 06:26

Obama says being firm with China is key to partnership

While suggesting the United States and Europe should welcome China as a full partner in the international community, President Barack Obama said that it is necessary to deal with the country firmly, when interviewed by the Economist on Aug. 2.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The exact opposite of how Obama handles Israel!

Aug 06 06:25

Eyewitness in NYPD Chokehold Murder Arrested on "Unrelated" Charges: “You’re mad because I filmed your boy.”

On July 17, Eric Garner, a 43-year-old NY resident, was confronted by the NYPD for allegedly selling "untaxed" cigarettes.

Garner questioned the thugs officers about why he was being harassed. At least two witnesses filmed the incident, which clearly shows Daniel Pantaleo, one of the NYPD bullies, throw Garner into a chokehold - a move that was banned by the police force in 1993.

Last Friday, the New York City medical examiner's office confirmed what many of us already knew.

Aug 06 06:23

The Ebola Strain Links African Outbreak To A Lab Escape

ZEBOV from the Zaire outbreak was weaponized by the Soviet military, as revealed to the US Congress by defector Dr. Kenneth Alibeck in 1998. The former deputy director of Russia’s Biopreparal biosecurity program testified that ebola was a major target for weaponization and cloned with equine influenza. President Boris Yeltsin later confirmed such claims that Russia had continued to conduct biowarfare research after signing the Convention against Bioweapons.

Aug 06 06:18

FALSE-FLAG ALERT - Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords

Hold Security would not name the victims, citing nondisclosure agreements and a reluctance to name companies whose sites remained vulnerable. At the request of The New York Times, a security expert not affiliated with Hold Security analyzed the database of stolen credentials and confirmed it was authentic.

Aug 06 06:06

Video | Free Palestine Rally: End the Massacre in Gaza | Washington D.C.

Rally Against Israeli Violence in Gaza

Protestors against Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip held a rally in Lafayette Park, across from the White House.

The “National March and Rally on the White House: End the Massacre in Gaza” was sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition with the support of various other groups.

Aug 06 06:06


Our so called "Representatives" in DC are merely paid whores for International Zionism.

Aug 06 05:58

Standard & Poor’s: Runaway Inequality Dampens GDP Growth, Leads to Boom/Bust Cycles and Discourages Trade, Investment and Hiring

Inequality Also Dampens Social Mobility, Increases Political Pressure and Produces a Less Competitive Workforce

Aug 06 05:44

Ex-cop 'claims he didn't mean to kill the woman whose decomposing body he left in a suitcase by the side of the road after he tied her, gagged her and choked her to death during sex'

A former Wisconsin police officer claims he 'accidentally' killed a 19-year-old college student from Oregon during a choking game when he 'lost control,' in spite of hiding her body in a suitcase and then keeping it in the refrigerator and later in the trunk of his car along with the body of another woman until they began to smell, as a criminal complaint filed Tuesday alleges.

Steven Zelich, 52, of West Allis, was charged with first-degree intentional homicide — the Wisconsin equivalent of murder — in the 2012 death of Jenny Gamez from Cottage Grove, Oregon. Zelich also is a suspect in the death of a Farmington, Minnesota, woman.

Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Zapf said he chose to charge Zelich with the most severe crime possible because he didn't believe the deaths were accidents.

Aug 06 05:21

Documents Show 100 Officers From 28 Law Enforcement Agencies Accessed A Photographer's Records

Here's what exercising your First Amendment rights gets you in certain parts of the US. Photographer Jeff Gray has been filming cops and photographing public structures, as well as documenting the reactions of law enforcement to his activities.

The Department of Homeland Security apparently felt Gray was enough of a "threat" that it opened an investigation on him. After scrutinizing publicly-available information (like Gray's own YouTube account), it came to the conclusion that his activities were completely protected… it just didn't like the way he acted.
This subject is exercising his first amendment rights, however the manner in which he lures the officers in is concerning.

Aug 06 05:09

What the hell is an Israeli-American?

Mr. Raimondo in a recent article at, in mentioning the Times of Israel article, conveniently now removed from public view, added this comment from the writer of the article when referring to Hamas…..

“Anyone who lives with rocket launchers installed or terror tunnels burrowed in or around the vicinity of their home cannot be considered an innocent civilian.” This was written by an “Israeli-American”.

One is tempted to ask, what the hell is an Israeli-American, where is his allegiance, his loyalty, his respect? Surely such shared allegiances are half of the US problems.

Whereas what was said above may be seen on the surface as a reasonable comment in the Times of Israel, compare the situation in reverse, in or around the vicinity of a Palestinian’s home……………

Aug 06 05:05

$619 billion missed from federal transparency site

A government website intended to make federal spending more transparent was missing at least $619 billion from 302 federal programs, a government audit has found.

And the data that does exist is wildly inaccurate, according to the Government Accountability Office, which looked at 2012 spending data. Only 2% to 7% of spending data on is "fully consistent with agencies' records," according to the report.

Among the data missing from the 6-year-old federal website:

• The Department of Health and Human Services failed to report nearly $544 billion, mostly in direct assistance programs like Medicare. The department admitted that it should have reported aggregate numbers of spending on those programs.

Aug 06 04:51

Homeland Security employee in Sacramento facing child porn charge

An inspector for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is facing an attempted production of child pornography charge after a Craigslist ad was traced to a federal computer.

George Hristovski of Elverta, in Sacramento County, was booked into Sacramento County jail Tuesday. Court documents state that Hristovski admitted to soliciting sexually explicit photographs from a 13-year-old and her mother on multiple occasions.

News10 spoke with a woman who identified herself as Hristovski's wife. She said the charges were false.

Court documents state that an undercover investigator for the Placer County Sheriff's Department found an ad in the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist from a man named "Greg" seeking sex with a "daughter or step-daughter." The investigator responded to the ad and posed as a mom, "Heather" who had a 13-year-old daughter, "Megan."

August 5, 2014

Aug 05 23:52

A Global Legal Intifada

What’s plainly not needed is that various states take the carnage in Gaza to simply make pronouncements denouncing Israel and the United States for political gain without invoking the legal remedies that are available to them to potentially protect Palestinians in Gaza. Of course, such a course will likely mean serious retribution of some sort from Israel and likely the United States.

Aug 05 22:30

More Companies Closing Than Opening In US

Aug 05 22:29

Customers Go Crazy As Water Bills Double

Aug 05 22:06

Foreigners shouldn't get same benefits as French

Reports on Tuesday of a massive influx of migrants from Italy into France has reopened an old row over mass immigration into France. One French MP has said it is time France restricted the rights of foreigners to claim welfare benefits.

Aug 05 22:03

Russia could sue over German arms deal

Germany’s scrapping of a huge arms deal with Russia amid the crisis in Ukraine could leave it open to legal action, with Moscow now threatening to sue.

Aug 05 22:00

New leaker disclosing US secrets say officials

The US government has concluded that there is a new leaker providing national security documents to journalists, officials say.

Aug 05 21:57

Russia Could Limit Flights Over Its Territory for European Airlines

Russian lawmakers consider limiting or even banning transit flights for European airlines from Europe to Asia over Russian territory, Vedomosti newspaper reported Tuesday citing a high-ranking government official.

Aug 05 21:54

Psaki Should Learn Geography - Russian Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense Ministry said US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki should check geographical facts before raising concerns over the Russian Air Forces exercises, allegedly taking place near Ukraine.

Aug 05 20:39

Obama is a ‘war criminal’ for supporting Israel’s treatment of Palestinians – Cornel West

Professor and political activist Cornel West declared President Barack Obama a “war criminal,” arguing that his support of Israel and his drone policy make him complicit in the deaths of innocent people.

The controversial activist made the comments at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, DC on Saturday, according to Talking Points Memo. West began his speech by pointing to the deteriorating situation in Gaza, where more than 1,800 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis have been killed, criticizing Israel’s offensive in the region in front of a “Free Palestine” banner.

Aug 05 19:54

UK Activists In Standoff After Occupying Factory Supplying IDF Drone Engines

A group of UK activists is engaged in a standoff with local law enforcement after having shut down a drone engine factory that they say supplies the Israel Defense Forces.

The group London Palestine Action chained the factory gates shut and chained themselves to the roof of the UAV Engines Limited factory in Shenstone, England, around 5 a.m. Tuesday, saying they have enough food to stay a week.

Aug 05 19:39

Singapore's Precarious Surveillance State The Envy Of US Intelligence Agencies

If you want to build a surveillance state with a minimum of backlash, you'll need a very controllable environment. Shane Harris at Foreign Policy has a detailed report on Singapore's relatively peaceful coexistence with Big Brother that includes the United States' involvement in its creation, as well as the many reasons pervasive surveillance and an out-sized government presence have been accepted, rather than rebelled against.

Aug 05 19:01

Reminder: economic solutions ready for full employment, optimal infrastructure, no poverty, zero public debt

*hyperlinks live at source*
You literally have nothing more valuable to do than command three reforms conservatively worth $60+ trillion:

1. Monetary reform: the US doesn’t have a money supply, but its Orwellian opposite of a “debt supply.” Banks and the Fed create what we use for money as debts, then charge the 99% interest for its use. Monetary reform requires government transparency (I know, unimaginable without arrests of current leadership) to create debt-free money for direct payment of public goods and services. This has game-changing triple benefits of:

full-employment as government becomes employer of last resort,
optimal infrastructure,
falling prices because infrastructure contribute more to productivity than cost. Complete explanation and documentation here, here, here.