What can Hezbollah Advise the Mexican Drug Cartel on in Terror?What a Joke

I have a hard time believing Lebanon based paramilitary group Hezbollah are advising the Mexican drug cartel in Mexico.What more can they advise? The Mexican drug cartel been known to behead local politicians,Judges,police officers,police chiefs,mayors and anyone who gets in their way. What different can they can give in advise? They already masters of terrorism turning Mexico into a war zone up to the Southern border well into miles inside United States.
I really think this was a fake story planted by the Department of Homeland Security as phony intelligence to scare people about those middle eastern people in this phony war on terror. The Mexican drug cartel has perfected their reign of terror on the people of Mexico with car bombings and assassinations of people who are the rival competition or political figures.Why would they need Hezbollah help?