Real estate is a bad investment does not show up in Google News and other interesting housing trends – Strategic default searches went viral in 2010. Banks betting against American homeowners.

82 percent of American households have internet access. Of those with internet access, a large number are homeowners. The vast majority use Google to search for many things including foreclosure advice or investigating the real estate market. The online trends give of a sense of what is happening in the collective psyche of our country that really isn’t revealed through the conventional press. The housing market seems to be entering a second leg down and many are now predicting nationwide home prices to fall by 5 to 10 percent in the upcoming year. With that being said, very few articles have made their way to the popular press regarding real estate as a bad investment. Even today, there is still a sense that no matter the price, real estate will always be a good financial choice. Let us examine the online trends and market behavior that surround the current real estate digital psychology.