Webmaster's Commentary: 

My wife and I decided to catch a movie this afternoon. WE went to see "Righteous Kill" (Pacino and DiNero did their best, adequate script, terrible DP and Director, film needed at least one more edit before release).

The film was preceded by 20 minutes of ads and previews (including military recruitmens spots, and the usual obligatory film about @#%ing Nazi Germany; can we see movies about assholes who lived in THIS century?) and in those previews were TWO commercials for "That Guy".

So, after getting home, I decided to check out the website and for you flash animators it is a VERY impressive piece of work! But after you dig for a while what you find is that this is part of a huge and apparently well-funded campaign by the US Department of Defense to deal with alcohol abuse by US Servicemen.

Now, I am willing to cut servicemen some slack if they want to get drunk. I mean, would you wake up one day and discover you are THIS century's version of the Nazis and remain sober? I couldn't!

But to judge from the scale of this program, as evidenced by the money they spent on this website, it appears that the problem is on runaway proportions!