Childs Play In Occupied Palestine...Chucky Joins Israeli Defense Forces In Latest Film Of Movie Series

Like other Zionists, Chucky Goldberg adopts the religion of others, steals their land and other resources, calls their history/mythology his own and even claims the Middle Eastern falafel as his own ethnic cuisine. Now in the lowest blow of all, Chucky will attempt to insert his dark Zionist soul into the body of a Palestinian child.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love that comment, "There's no such thing as "occupied Palestine".

There's no such thing as "Palestine".

There never will be such a thing as "Palestine".

Murderers, thieves, and terrorists don't get a state.": which is then signed "Anonymous". Talk about the courage of ones convictions!
As for the claim that 'There's no such thing as "Palestine"' I submit the following maps.

Click for full size 1851 map of Palestine

Click for full size 1864 map of Palestine

Click for full size 1866 map of Palestine

Click for full size 1887 map of Palestine