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An Inconvenient Tax

Ask any of the millions of tax paying Americans on April 15th if the current tax system has problems and you'll get a clear answer. Complexity, inequities and international pressures top the ever-growing list of concerns. The last major tax reform in the United States occurred in 1986. Since this bipartisan effort to simplify the tax code, over 16,000 changes have been made, creating an inflating bubble of complexity that is ready to pop. This looming issue coupled with the expiration of the Bush Tax cuts in 2010 have economists, congressmen and concerned Americans scrambling to figure out a direction for immediate reform

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are past reform. The current government has borrowed itself into an unpayable black hole of debt. Absent the complete conquest of the rest of the world, the US Government has only one option to perpetuate their regime and that is to continue to tax the American people into poverty to pay off the bankers; an option they will not hesitate to exercise.

The United States Government has failed constitutionally, morally, and financially. It is time for this government to go the way of other failed governments, such as that of Batista, Ceacescu, Louise XVI, the USSR, and their own predecessor in this very land. It is time, as Thomas Jefferson himself predicted, for the government to go away and take its debts with it.

It is time for a fresh start.