Behind Closed Doors, Warnings of Calamity

As Congress waited Friday for details of the plan, Congressional officials said members of both parties remained willing to move ahead despite reservations from the rank-and-file about exposing taxpayers to staggering costs that have yet to be disclosed.

Referring to a phone conversation with President Bush early Friday, Ms. Pelosi said: “As I told the president this morning, we are committed to quick, bipartisan action while ensuring that we uphold key principles — insulating Main Street from Wall Street and keeping people in their homes by reducing mortgage foreclosures, restoring market confidence and protecting American taxpayers from incurring hundreds of billions of dollars of debt.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The bovine excrement meter will have to be replaced (again) on its response to that last statement by Pelosi. (wish I could find a bulk rate on these things!)

What We the People need to do is to convince those in congress that we are not a bottomless pit of tax revenues, capable of sopping up financial institutions' mistakes by making the average Joe and Jane citizen infinitely more poor.

I would like to propose a "Just Say No" campaign, in which every reader of this site first thing Monday morning, calls their senators and congress people, and tells them that they refuse to pay one more cent in taxes to bail these institutions out. Who's there to bail you out when things get tough?!? ABSOLUTELY NOBODY. Congress could care less, as long as that sweet stream of tax revenue, from which you get near to nothing, continues to flow.

And let them know in no uncertain terms: every vote for this legislation will be a vote against the incumbent who voted to pass it, to protect their cronies and once yet again, leave the average working stiff holding the bag.