The Mainstream, Corporately Owned Media is Anything but Honest

Fox, also, promoted the man-made global warming scam with its popular TV shows the Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Prison Break. Dana Walden, Fox chairman said, “The most powerful way we could communicate the commitment on behalf of our company, was to change the practices within production, as well as work in a message about global warming, about environmental changes, about empowering people to take responsibilities.”

“Empowering people to take responsibilities” is Walden’s double-speak for weakening people with new carbon taxes, all going to the International Banking Cartel’s World Bank, supposedly in order to save and clean up our environment. The truth of the manner is an entirely different story: None of the taxes we will pay to the World Bank will be used to cleanup our environment; all such money – that is not pocketed – will be used to help eliminate national soveresignties, and capture us all in a one-world government.