US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes

Cracks are opening up in the remarkable political consensus that allowed the US government to promise a solution to the year-old credit crisis, with Wall Street becoming nervous that partisan battles could delay vital plans to clean up banks' toxic balance sheets.

Less than 48 hours after the Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson called together Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle, Democrats are demanding that additional measures to boost the economy and prop up house prices be bolted on to legislation aimed at bailing out Wall Street.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There never was any consensus. Bush simply declared it by fiat.

Obviously the phone calls are having an effect, so find your congresscritters at, get on the phone and JUST SAY 'NO'!.

Tell them ...

1. You will not pay for Wall Street's mistakes.

2. You will not vote for anyone who dares suggest you should pay for Wall Street's mistakes.

This is literally a death struggle for the life of the American Middle Class. If we lose, we lose it all, and our future generations will live in rank poverty while the wealthy gaze down in scorn from the tops of the marble palaces.

Now is the time to get angry; raw mad-dog-mean crazy angry!