BREAKING...Penatagon Used for Dirty Political Op.... | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

BREAKING...Penatagon Used for Dirty Political Op....

Buried inside all the usual morning news noise was this piece regarding Obama's not visiting the wounded troops in Germany. The Obama campaign is saying that they were told by the Pentagon that they could not visit the troops as his trip was now political rather than an official congressional visit. That they say is why he was allowed to visit wounded troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But when the story first broke about Obama's change of plans the McCain campaign was all over it like flies on shit saying that Obama had time for his morning work-out and a big speech but couldn't find the time to visit our wounded men and women. They were falling all over themselves to get to their Blackberries and on the air in order to paint Obama as a phony when it came to his concern for our men and women in uniform.