Teenager fined for offensive image

Yesterday, Lowestoft teenager Damien Wentworth, of Laurel Road, was fined after police found a short video on his mobile telephone which contained an extreme image.

“He was not putting it on the internet or distributing it to anybody.”

Wentworth was ordered to pay £175 in fines and costs. Magistrates also ordered the destruction of the image.

The new law covers any images, including those stored on mobile telephones, DVDs and on computer hard disks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a new law in Great Britain but obviously likely to arrive here in the United States.

The implications of the law are astounding. First off, the police are apparently able to search mobile telephones, DVDs and on computer hard disks at will, without a warrant, and without probable cause.

Any image deemed "extreme", apparently applied on an ad hoc basis, is now an offense punishable by (big shock here) a fine, even if the image is private and not intended for distribution!