Kagan: ‘The only way’ to ‘force’ Iran to halt its nuclear program is an ‘attack.’

Appearing on MSNBC this afternoon, Iraq surge architect Fred Kagan criticized direct talks with Iran and made his case for attacking Iran, claiming it is the only means to “force” the country to halt its nuclear program

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Fred Kagan: Iran is only enriching uranium at a 3% level, perfectly consistent with creating a nuclear power plant.

In order to create weapons, they'd have to be enriching uranium at a 98% level.

The only thing a US and/or Israeli attack will teach both Iran and the region, is that they are dead meat if in fact they do not have a nuclear deterrent.

What you are suggesting will only encourage a further regional arms race: is that your intention?

Oh, and just one last question: what will Russia do to protect its geopolitical and financial interests in Iran if Iran is hit with an attack?

War with Russia, Fred? How swell would that be?