The Liberty Hour Radio Program Cancelled From Republic Broadcasting Network

After 18 months on the air, RBN chief John Stadtmiller has cancelled the one and only radio program–”The Liberty Hour”–dedicated to discussing and exposing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 42 years ago. The program featured as one of the hosts Phil Tourney, survivor of that attack.

Shortly after its debut, the program quickly moved up the ranks in popularity. As characterized by RBN chief John Stadtmiller in a recent conversation, it ranked up there “near the top” in terms of ratings.

Yesterday, September 25, 2009, Stadtmiller called me, one of the hosts of the program to announce it had been cancelled and replaced with another program to be hosted by an ex-Dallas Cowboys football player who will be discussing “money issues.” When the idea of dividing the 2 hour program up into 2 1-hour shows was introduced by yours truly, it was rejected. When I pressed him further as to why he had made this decision, his demeanor became immediately aggressive and somewhat hostile, justifying his decision by saying, and I quote–

“The Liberty thing happened, what, 40 years ago? We’ve said everything about it that needs to be said and this is my network and I‘ll make the decisions around here”.