Afghanistan commander General Stanley McChrystal to call for more US troops

The top US commander in Afghanistan is on a collision course with the White House after it emerged that he plans to ask for more American troops to bolster dangerously under-resourced operations there.

Anthony Cordesman, of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, who spent a month in Afghanistan on behalf of the advisory board, argued that without a doubling in the number of Afghan troops the conflict could be lost.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In total, when all the troops get to Afghanistan, we'll have a full military complement of 240,000 if Mc Chrystal's request get approved.

That's just a little over half of what the old Soviet Union brought to bear to "pacify" Afghanistan; and they suffered a a catastrophic defeat anyway.

And, without the reinstitution of the draft in the US, coupled with a US military stretched to almost the breaking point, one has to wonder precisely where this added troop strength is supposed to come from.