Tzipi Livni is preparing to end talks with Syria if she becomes Israel's new prime minister

The woman who is on course to become Israel's next prime minister is preparing to end fledgling peace talks with Syria unless it cuts its ties with Iran and the militant Hizbollah group.

She has pledged to continue talks with Palestinian leaders but cautions that rushing could lead to a breakdown and more violence. She has also promised that Israel will not hesitate to launch a military strike on Iran if sanctions fail to curb its nuclear programme.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is apparent that Minister Livni feels absolutely no threat from a possible counterattack by Russia if Israel strikes Iran.
As to whether this is just bombast, we will have to wait and see how things in Israel unfold in terms of the leadership contest.

However, she might just want to remember: Russia is rebuilding a naval port in Tarsus, Syria, which will give it a port on the Mediterranean.

Despite this interview, one cannot believe that she would be foolish enough to welcome a head to head military collision with Russia over Iran.