Vice President Biden is confronted with evidence of criminal demolitions on 9/11/01

The space had gone silent, and every single person, including the press, the residents, the politicians and the Secret Service were listening intently to Jeremy's question, and they all could not help but witness Biden's discomfort and his loss for words. At this point Biden asked to see the report and took it to into his hands to look at it. With the paper in the Vice-Presidents hands, Jeremy finished up the question by asking: And if you all are not going to do that, is it possible for We the American People to trust you with our economy if we cant trust you with restoring the rule of law? Biden, obviously caught in an awkward moment, handed the scientific paper back to Jeremy, and said "Yes," then said thank you to everybody, and quickly turned to leave. While leaving the scene, offered up a little bit more in terms of his ambiguous answer. That its possible to trust---you can trust us.