Tony Blair believed God wanted him to go to war to fight evil, claims his mentor

John Burton, Mr Blair's political agent in his Sedgefield constituency for 24 years, says that Labour's most successful ever leader – in terms of elections won – was driven by the belief that "good should triumph over evil".

"It's very simple to explain the idea of Blair the Warrior," he says. "It was part of Tony living out his faith."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder about a "faith" which requires the absolute destruction of a country which was never any real threat to the UK or the west.

What has been left in the wake of the invasion and occupation of Iraq is the utter devastation of that country, the infrastructure, with its medical systems and educational systems absolutely destroyed.

Oh, and let's not forget the dumping of tons of depleted uranium by coalition forces,, leaving large sections of the population mortally ill with cancer, and with huge numbers of birth defects in its wake.

Any god which demands those kinds of outcomes from their followers is a pretty spiritually evil deity.