Big Bro’s Cybersecurity Act: A means to shut down the Internet

The net-net of all this is to create a net to bag the Internet, right now the only alternative media this country has. I forget who said, “in the process of protecting liberty, do not further steps to destroy it.” You get the drift. You’re netting out, if this bill goes through, with all news being carried by the not so trustworthy so-called MSM corporate networks; radio and print controlled by profit-making newswires and television by the Towers of Babel, the likes of General Electric.

Ultimately, you would virtually be handing the Internet over to the say-so or nay-say of one man. Of course, the Senate bill’s powers would allow Big Bro to shut down the Internet “in times of emergency,” whenever, whatever he/she decided they would be. Sort of like Bush’s Presidential Powers Act, that he could have canceled all elections in times of what he called a national emergency and make himself dictator until all the boogeymen went away, however long that would be. Fortunately, he went away.