Mossad Does New York...Adam Sandler's 9/11 Zohan Movie Prequel

Song writer extraordinaire, Junior Middle East Analyst and now Hollywood gossip columnist, Liberal White Boy, has just learned that alleged comedian, Adam Sandler, will be resurrecting his Zohan Mossad movie role. This time however the movie prequel will imitate real life as Zohan is caught with two other Mossad agents, Moe and Larry, in Liberty Park waiting for the first of two airliners to crash into the twin towers. The bungling agents are then seen high fiving in a celebratory manner and doing the double eye poke in a Moe like manner, as a shocked neighbor looks on. The neighbor then calls the police. Sandler told LWB that he was going to have to rewrite part of the script because his young audience wouldn't believe that any Israeli would actually be working as a laborer for a moving company. Like in his last movie, Sandler said, "rest assured the Zohan will blame everything on the Palestinians".