Top politicians lied about CIA aircraft | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Top politicians lied about CIA aircraft

First a brief background. Ashmed Agiza and Mohammed Al-Zery were suspected of having leading positions in Al-Qaida. CIA and the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) both made this allegation. USA therefore put pressure on the Swedish government to deport the men to their native Egypt. This was done in December 2001 despite Swedish laws saying that no one can be deported to a country were they risk to face torture. The Egyptian government had given guarantees that they would get a fair trial and not face torture, something the Swedish government accepted.

CIA assisted in the deportation by picking them up with one of their airplanes at Bromma airport in west Stockholm. They then transported them to Egypt under very humiliating forms. According to human rights organizations they did face torture when they came to Egypt. Both of them were last summer granted SEK 3 million in damage from the Swedish state. Agiza was convicted to fifteen years in prison by an Egyptian military court while AL-Zery was released in 2003 without a trial.