BART cop Johannes Mehserle may rely on the “taser confusion” defense in Oscar Grant killing

For several days sources inside BART have leaked information that veteran officer Johannes Mehserle is organizing a defense around the idea that he meant to unholster his taser but mistakenly reached for his Glock 40 cal. instead. Claudine Wong seems to be working very hard for the defense by suggesting that a look of confusion and lack of response by the officers on the scene immediately after firing a bullet into the back of their prisoner proves that some sort of mistake was made.

What the anchor person and BART officials hope to sell to the public and any future jury members who happen to be watching is TASER Confusion. Taser confusion is a defense recently created by taser manufacturers and promoted by police unions around the nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With Oscar Grant already on the floor face down, there was no reason even to pull the taser.

But I agree; if it is possible for a (really stupid) police officer to confuse the taser for his gun, that is ample reason to ban tasers.