AP: Maybe Israel is targeting women, children, and mosques; but … | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

AP: Maybe Israel is targeting women, children, and mosques; but …

For whenever the most powerful military power in the Middle East needs that extra boost of rocket-propelled propaganda, they turn to The Associated Press to make sure we “understand” it wasn’t really their fault. I call this phenomenon the “informational secondary explosion” — so-named after one of the IDF’s favorite explanations for why the accidental and unfortunate results of its heroic airstrikes ”appear to be“ so “collaterally damaging.”

Here’s how it works.

The first explosion is the initial, shocking account of the death of women, children, elderly, etc., and the obliteration of mosques, ambulances, universities, and such; while the crucial, secondary explosion is the unbiased, objective, conscientious, contextual background on the ”unintended recipients” of said fate.

The informational secondary explosion has the suggestive net effect of telling the reader: “See? It wasn’t all that bad. When you put 2 and 2 together you get — uh, well — legitimate targets!”

For instance, a story broke the other day about an Israeli airstrike on a five-storey building in the women’s wing of a Gaza’s oldest university. Thank goodness for Israel’s otherwise spotless image, no casualties were reported. (Sheeew!) Still, in the informational secondary explosion, AP made sure that we “knew” that the university, like all major universities, housed a security apparatus. We were told that, because the security apparatus was linked to Hamas, the ruling government in Gaza, the building, like perhaps all buildings in Gaza by the same standard, was “one of the most prominent Hamas symbols in Gaza.” [1]

(Thank God it wasn’t actually “seen as” a civilian object, where non-combatants go every day to learn in hopes that they could make something more of, say, their miserable lives, under, say, a belligerent occupation. Otherwise, the noble Israeli airstrike would’ve been seen as a so-called war crime.)

Are you catching on?