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In the guise of humanitarian aid

This is a formula for an injection of US military and naval forces into Georgia of indeterminate scope and duration. It will certainly involve the presence of hundreds if not thousands of uniformed US military personnel on the ground, and a substantial number of warships in the region. The US is introducing this military force into a situation that remains highly unstable and combustible, raising the possibility of a direct military clash between the United States and Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What we appear to be seeing is a "faction fight" in this administration as to whether we are looking for a head-to-head military confrontation with Russia, or not.

With the US bogged down militarily in Iran, Afghanistan, and appearing to get bogged down somehow in Pakistan, call me silly, but a head-to-head military confrontation with Russia just doesn't seem a logical or intelligent action.

Of course, logic and intelligence and the members of this administration have never had an on-going relationship.