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Cheney: Russian action 'must not go unanswered'

Vice President Dick Cheney says Russia's military actions in Georgia "must not go unanswered."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take 'em quail hunting, Dick. THAT'LL teach 'em!

Folks, this is a scam, plain and simple. Dead-Eye Dick and the Neocon boys know they cannot invade Iran while Russia is able to support and supply Iran through the land corridor between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

So, the US and Israel have provoked this war between Russia and Georgia in the hopes that it will blockade Russia from being able to send convoys to Iran through Armenia. Yes, Russia can still supply by air, but it much greater cost.

So, someone, probably Israel, shells the Russian Peacekeepers. Russia responds, instant battle-zone (complete with dead American soldiers nobody wants to talk about).

The public-relations push is on to sell us yet another war. This time against Russia, and Russia really does have nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. It is easy for Dick Cheney to talk tough; he has that brand new nuclear bomb shelter under the VP mansion built with your tax dollars, and because you are being taxed to build all these spiffy new underground facilities that the government needs you have no money left over to pay for your own home, let alone get ready for a war which we may well lose.