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February 26, 2021

READER: if GRAND THEFT AUTO causes car jackings , then we have to get rid of war mongering corrupt govt (politician) cause it causes death too ?

turn their logic around on the democrat govt

that always finding anyway to create more govt

READER: Bill Gates says Math is racist

See the "soft bigotry" and "Racism of low Expectations" ????

This is the way Liberals really think.

READER: I've been warning people for a long time (40 years) about what was coming and now we're here. How did I know? Because the Deep State has been writing about their plans for decades - actually over a century. How did I know? An old man, a friend and contemporary of my father's, introduced me to the John Birch Society who called all of this 70 + years ago, and they've been vilified since the 60's. - that should tell you something about the veracity of what they've been saying.

READER: Regarding reparations, what shall we give to Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Will Smith, Samuel Jackson, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama (Mulato Black/White) and all of the other very highly successful blacks? What shall we give to the blacks who oppose reparations, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Candace Williams, Colin Noir etc.? What shall we do for blacks who didn't live in America before 1865 (or more generously before 1965)? What shall we do for blacks whose ancestors owned slaves? What shall we do for blacks whose ancestors sold slaves? What shall we do for blacks who never lived in Africa before coming to America? Shall we view dark skinned Indians, Caribbean, Nepalese, Pakistanis etc. as blacks or do blacks only come from Africa? What shall we do for blacks who have murdered other blacks? What shall we do for "off grid" blacks such as drug dealers, pimps, sex traffickers, child traffickers? What shall we do for high paid blacks in government who are already making more than the average earners? Japanese were mistreated in WW II; shall we do something for them? What about the "Coolies" (Chinese laborers who worked on the railroads)? What about American Indians who have been more egregiously treated than blacks? What about the abusive discriminating treatment of the Irish during the great Irish immigration from the potato famine? What about the abuse of immigrant Latin American farm workers?

READER: Hi Michael, Iíve been a daily listener for several years, and I appreciate your show and website very much, in fact WRH has been my homepage of years. Iím writing to say I also love your radio show, however, within the past few months or so, itís become almost unlistenable due to many of your callers bashing each other, monopolizing, and sorry to say talking over you and running away with it (Tom from FL regularly is on the air for 20+ minutes or more!). Sorry, Michael, but Iím almost done with your radio show due to this! Just now, I went to listen and cringed thinking of the prospect of listening to some of these callers just take over. Please consider fixing this issue, it is after all YOUR SHOW and you are doing a valuable and needed service. If for some reason or another you canít or wonít address the issue, Iíll just stop listening as I fear a lot of others may also do. Thank you for all you and Claire do!

READER: I love the Michael Rivero show, he has tremendous knowledge and is great with obscure news that is hidden from the public. However, Mark from NC is out of control and so is that speed freak from Florida. I have tried to message Michael thru FB with no response, I turn his program off as soon as I here those individuals on the program. Michael is to nice and needs to kick these decisive individuals off the program and Dustin to. It seems like there on almost everyday. I call to listen to Michael not these people who I have grown to detest. Please forward to Michael. I listen to him on YouTube on Ronís channel.

READER: going with skousen's PD60 that clinton signed, the absorption of a first strike in peloosely's hands might make that a reality. the scuttlebutt is the sinos are going to hit the mil bases first and only (not the cities) and then get a surrender agreement going. in the same way they've barricaded themselves over in DC with 30k g.i.'s they could be setting things up to guarantee this scenario. don't think for a minute with the way those dems have gone against america that they will be redeeming themselves in our favor.