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September 20, 2014

READER: Sure, they do stuff like this everywhere. (Even in Bern Switzerland they got caught simply weighing the segregated paper ballots on a scale rather than counting them out individually.)

However, they would have had to switch at least 178 thousand YES votes to NO votes altogether to change the outcome (or 1 in 20). That seems sufficiently unlikely for the YES folks to want to challenge the result.

WRH: You are assuming the count was accurate. They have to have a wide enough lead to prevent calls for a recount.

In any event this election is discredited. It was stolen, and everyone knows it.

READER: Scotland votes No!

Suuure they did. And the New World Odour keeps on going unabated. It's early days and already the vote fraud is rampant and obvious...but they just can't allow us uppity serfs to disrupt their plans.

Shutting down Scotland will of course have a chilling effect on everyone else who was looking at this vote, from Quebec to Wales. Which is what they wanted, anyway.

Somehow I don't think that "independence" comes from a ballot box.

WRH: London not only stole that election they rubbed the Scots' noses in it to send a message that there will be no more talk of independence! Of course, King George III sent the same message to the Americans in 1775, and that didn't work out so well.

READER: Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister jubilant re no vote and gushing over Britain's benefits to the world He needs some history courses

READER: From the video it sure looked like that vote counter was taking from the yes pile & putting in the no pile.

As we know there won't be a recount and all the ballots will be destroyed before anyone has a chance to look at them.

READER: If you look even closer at that Sky News screen capture, the vote cast at the top of the pile behind the one in front is also a "yes" vote.

READER: The rising dollar and lower gold prices could be signalling that they are going to raise rates. The insiders seem to be moving money. So gold could be weak until the economy tanks when they raise rates. Then they would have to lower rates and then gold might have a big jump. They probably want to time it to lower rates before the presidential elections. You know more than I do so it will be interesting to see your take on it.

READER: Yep, the younger folks in many countries see the writing on the wall---a wall of current on-the-books debt, plus the expectation that they'll be forced to pay for retirees' benefits---all while THEY are expected to pay off their college loans (at least in the U.S.) with money earned from their Starbucks jobs. They know or sense that they're the ones getting abused by the collapsing Ponzi. Looks like the younger Scots voted "Yes" in droves while the older ones voted "No", but since there was fraud in the vote counting, who knows? I wonder who hired or paid/bribed those counters to throw the referendum? No doubt the Global Mafia went to great effort to ensure the outcome.

READER: Michael, surely you have heard by now the comments John Stadmiller made about you yesterday on his show. He wishes for you to return to RBN. I do too. I do catch your show on GCN, but feel that your show is more fitting with RBN than the shows GCN offers. Understand if your reason is strictly financial as RBN has had its share of financial difficulties. There is a bullseye on RBN. That is a fact. They really need a top notch IT guy who can fend off Gov't attacks. They don't like the truth. Keep plugging away and speaking the truth.
WRH: I will do my best. I don't know how helpful I can be as an IT guy while I remain in Hawaii. As for a return to RBN I am loathe to keep bouncing back and forth between networks. When I moved to GCN Ted Anderson was gracious enough to offer to let RBN carry my show and I would love a solution where everyone is happy. Personally, I think it is time for the independent media to start uniting together to build a network that can rival the corporate giants.