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September 30, 2015

READER: Could internet have kept us out of WWI

The horrible crime carried out against the Lusitania to enrage Americans might not have worked if there had been an internet under citizen control. I first learned of England's and the U.S.'s horrible crime via the internet and still not wanting to believe knew I had to watch LUSITANIA scheduled on local PBS channel and was blown away realizing what I and everyone on earth had been living under for who knows how long, but certainly a century.

READER: It should be in every countries best interest to join Russia in wiping out ISIS. It would ensure ISIS doesn't pop up in their country some day.
WRH: Except those countries that created and are using ISIS as a proxy.

READER: This has nothing to do with partisan party politics. It is just plain fact. As we gradually gain on the 2016 election, we must remember that we cannot trust Hillary Clinton to create American jobs. The last time she had a meaningful job to do, she outsourced it to Monica Lewinsky!

And Monica just blew it.

READER: Just watched that "great thermate debate" video...all I can say is WOW...this guy shuts down NIST, National Propagandic AND Mythbozos (and whatever other professional skeptics are out there). And he does it by actually DOING what they say is "impossible."

When he finally gets his cutter right, the burning of the thermate actually looks like what we saw pouring out of the windows of the WTC.

So where's NIST in all this? Or NatGeo? I bet they respond to this by having this guy arrested.

WRH: What is interesting is that the scars left on the steel in his test match the ones photographed on the steel beams of the World Trade Towers.