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April 30, 2016

READER: WRH: Okay, where did Cain get his wife?

The Bible is unclear on this topic.

Scholars (me) believe that Cain got the "Nod" for a wife and went to the God created Walmart and bought a wife. There is also evidence to indicate he went next door to the used Ho lot and bought her there. Ho's were quite cheap at the time and could be had for a song. Apparently Cain wasn't much of a singer and could only afford the one wife.

I hope this clears up your confusion on the subject.

READER: Nice call on Maqtada-al-Sadr Mike,

Breaking news this am is that his followers have stormed the Iraqi parliament and occupied it.

WRH: If only I could predict those lottery numbers as accurately...

READER: Congratulations on your move to RBN!! I hope you will be given the same leeway to voice your important message.

I was a serious contributor to your show some years back but since my daughter decided that she had to go to Switzerland to study Hospitality Management, my funds have been severely squeezed. I hope to be able to toss something your way soon as I can understand what humidity does to infrastructure.

We appreciate all you do for us and please stay well and continue your important work. You are both truly amazing people.

Kind regards.

READER: Are you still going to be streaming via Bambuser?
WRH: For the time being.

But am looking for a better provider.

READER: It figures that anti-Trump people would use "America First" coming from Trump's mouth to try and make him look like some demagogue! These creeps never stop! What "America First" really means is that the money that American taxpayers fork out should go to improving their lives, not some foreign nation, especially a nation whose actions are a detriment to the American people. The tax dollars that Americans pay should go to American projects FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

What have we instead? We have politicians who take care of Israel and special interests like the military/war industries while American infrastructure crumbles, millions live in the street and just about EVERY aspect of Americans' lives needs some sort of improvement. "America First" means taking care of the people who are footing the bill for the government in the first place! Trump MAY sound like Hitler in the sense that post WW1 Germany was a hellhole into which Hitler's National Socialists tapped in to and began to turn Germany around with a massive rebuilding and industrialization program. Hitler was named Man of the Year in 1939 by Time magazine for this progress, all in the face of Jewish/Zionist interests, which actually declared war on Germany in 1933 because of Hitler's attempt to make Germany NOT dependent of the central bankers of the world.

Anyone who understands the REAL meaning of this phrase and yet turns it around to make Trump look evil in some way is an enemy of the American people. Anyone who takes my tax dollars and uses it to arm belligerent and criminal nations like Israel is my enemy! If and until "America First" becomes the rightful law of the USG, Americans should withhold paying taxes in protest. In my book and I'm sure in a resounding majority of people's minds, "America First" should be the main and most important commitment of EVERY USA President. If it isn't, then we have a traitor in the Oval Office.