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August 29, 2014

READER: Last year we got the whole Edward Snowden whistleblowing scandal about how the NSA could read all of our emails and tweets, hack into our cellphones, computers, smart TVs, Xbox’s, Playstations, so forth and so on. That they were storing all of this data in their super Wal-Mart sized data centers in Utah and Maryland and had everyone in the country scared to even email or talk on the phone fearing that the NSA was listening to them. So Snowden escapes to Russia as his final destination, does an interview with Brian Williams, and every other week he is revealing more news about the NSA’s capabilities via Glenn Greenwald (who claims to have a list of people being watched but we haven’t seen it to date). At first we all thought Snowden was this great hero but here is where it is all starting to look like nothing but smoke and mirrors.

1. Since we were told the NSA could do this and that, people are STILL being victimized by cyber criminals. Normal Joe’s and Jane’s aren’t the only people with private data and credit cards. The politicians and money junkies have private data and credit cards as well, so isn’t that a national security threat?

2. As much as a nuisance Anonymous is by routinely taking down Israeli and U.S. government websites, why haven’t they been caught yet?

3. Tim Osmon Inc. still has this online “magazine” (in English). Why hasn’t it been taken down yet?

4. They could have easily helped Lois Lerner find her “missing” emails.

5. ISIS is all over the internet as if they have professional webhosting capabilities. Part of U.S military doctrine is conducting cyber warfare and denying enemies cyberspace capabilities, why is ISIS still on the internet posting YouTube videos? Why does YouTube let terrorists post videos but block Ryan Dawson?

The NSA could have easily taken down these (criminal) organizations, and there would have been no constitutional violations, to 1) Make themselves look good in the eyes of the American people, 2) Justify their paychecks, but they have failed to bring down any of the above.

I believe the NSA and the entire Snowden affair may be a giant sham. The NSA may be nothing more than a call center for your cable company because they don’t seem to be able to, or want to do anything else remotely related to national security. On top of that, as soon as Snowden got to Russia, the roots of everything we see going on now were set into motion. As far as we know, Snowden may be a double agent spying on Russia, posing as a refugee. With all of his “revelations”, he should be sleeping with the fishes. Aside from the operators in the U.S. Embassy there, I am sure there are more Americans in Russia, not counting the tourists.

WRH: I am starting to think the same thing. It's a bluff to scare us into silence and like so many other government projects, has failed.

READER: It looks like these latest moves on the Golan Heights is a precursor for Israel to advance a little further and be "saved" by a US military sweep over the right flank  up toward Damascus.

The Israelis are doing something.

READER:            Just a heads up story.I go to your website everyday. This morning I was checking out other websites when all of a sudden I could not reach any other server out there except yours, because you had warned us ahead of time to use your IP address number instead of your website name to get to your website. Called my ISP provider peoplepc and they told me that there was no problem at their end. I told them that I couldn't ping any name website but could ping a website number. He said check back in a couple of hours.  

P.S By the way do you know what GCN's webpage IP number is? I have a show on there that I listen to and can't now.

WRH: Verify that your DNS server settings have not been changed. If your machine is not connecting to a name server, then domain names will not resolve.

READER: Thank you for your work! Your (collected) informations, all over the world.

I write in case the faked (hoax) ukrainian invasian with the old hungary tanks.

It helped to ridicule our controlled mainstream media and their propaganda.

They are really frightenend. Edition numbers are running to zero.

They blocked our comments are the function at whole.

We were calling Putin-Trolls, Putin-overseer (understander?), Putin-paid agents etc.

The citizen (germans) are in full anger over politicans and (controled) mainstream media and NATO/white house.

The fake democracy (like in USA) or fake money-sytem

We can't stand any longer their lies, propaganda, conspiracies, concealment, hypocrisy and on, and on ...

Do you like to see/hear how our politicans are popular? Oh, yes see all the fake-polls ... ;-)

all from 2014 (also with help from Anti-TTIP)

or little cities:

READER: Could obombomb's "legacy be destroyed by his Ukraine policy?'

Not 'destroyed' since his 'legacy' will be one of the most idiotic, most prolific warmongering preznits in the history of the U.S. 

obombomb "has sent troops more places than just about any other president in U.S. history. He is running our brave men and women into the ground at the same time that he is relentlessly reducing the size of the Army, Navy and Air Force." 

'Idiotic' in that he's illegally invading countries more than any other president - while at the same time, reducing the size of the armed forces, evicting seasoned officers from those forces, and destroying the physical, mental and spiritual integrity of the troops. Somebody should have forced this guy into an armed conflict back in his misspent youth, so he could  experience the reality of deadly war - it's no computer game as he seems to believe.