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March 26, 2014

READER: The evidence he presents, such as it is, also supports the notion that the disappearance of the Malaysian plane was an aborted false flag operation. Bollyn is probably on to something but is trying to draw the wrong conclusion. The false flag already occurred and was aborted. The twin airplane would have the same communications and avionics systems as the plane that disappeared, and having access to it would allow testing it ahead of time for the operation.

Given that none of the alleged "Muslim hijackers" in September 2001 were on the flight manifests or were even photographed at the airports -- but people believed that story anyway (and still do), then just imagine, if the operation had proceeded, how much easier it would have been for the media to have framed those two Iranians, who were known to be on board, were purportedly photographed at the Kuala Lumpur airport, used stolen passports and took peculiar one-way routes.  


I'm calling the doppler story BS, from what I know  and what has been released.

To meaure doppler you need the minute changes in frequency of the carrier signal from the plane. So we are expected to believe the satellite records the exact frequency of the carrier received from every plane it talks to, and not just the data carried?

MH370 was fitted with equipment capable of transmitting over its Inmarsat I-3/I-4 satellite network.

I-3 - The “classic” Aero H, Aero H+ and Aero I services can provide packet data with speeds of up to 9.6kbps at latitudes of up to around 80 degrees north and south.

I-4 - The faster 432kbps SwiftBroadband system, which is transmitted only over Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites, is not currently certified for safety services, although testing for the certification process is understood to be ongoing.

Inmarsat says it facilitates the automatic reporting of an aircraft’s real-time position, including altitude, speed and heading, via satellite to air traffic control centers - but this was turned off?


one more fact,  from the last military radar contact at 2.15 AM to the last ping was at 8.11 AM to where they are searching for wreckage is around  3000 miles so can anyone verify how much fuel was on the plane

the official story doesn't seam to fit.

WRH: I agree overall, but at orbital speeds, doppler effect has to be measured and adjusted for, or the radio link will be broken as the frequencies drift. So that data is in fact available to the satellite.

READER: So a co-worker went on and on about how much money obamascare was saving him and his family. My reluctance to join him in this state of money-saving ecstasy did not deter him...on and on he went about the savings and why wouldn't i want to check it out. Hey... who am i to tun down several hundred in savings?  So to the website i went.

Well, i bypassed go (sign in) and went straight to 'check out the plans FIRST'.  good idea.

bottom line, my wife and i would pay HUNDREDS MORE to obtain similar but LESS coverage. 

Must be a mistake, mutters I to myself.... I try changing my income... first down, then up, then mucho up, then mucho down. Down to where i say my wife and I make 10,000 annually. Damn, that HAS to get us something. Right?


We get bupkis. Why, because we both are offered coverage by my employer.

And my happy co-worker? Welllllllll... he's part-time and neither he nor his wife have ANY coverage.

So what I take from this is that the uninsured (and all those happy campers working part-time... the FED's slaves) will simply love this stuff. and i'm betting they'll be voting for the nancy scarecrows and swillary clintons of the demo party. After all.. they just got something pretty much for free. So who can blame them?

But me and the wife? We be hosed.

READER: Hi Mike,

I drive 1.5 hours each way to and from work.  It give me time to think about things.  I was just thinking that Barry’s big push to increase the minimum wage has an ulterior motive.  Those who make the minimum wage are in the worst position to purchase Obama Care.  If they got an increase to ten dollars or more most of that increase would go right into the pockets of health insurance companies.

I’ll be 60 this year.  My goal was to retire soon.  I don’t have a big retirement, but I could get by if I move somewhere cheaper than PA.  My hope was to cross my fingers and make it to 65 without healthcare.  Yes, it’s a gamble, but every time I put the keys in my car it’s a gamble.  Anyway, now, with Soetero Care I won’t be able to afford to retire…not on the amount of my retirement.

Still, when I do retire I want to make one move…and no false steps.  In my mind I always thought Hawaii would be the closest thing to paradise.  Yes, we (more so my wife) watch those shows about “buying Hawaii” and I can see that it can be really expensive, and sometimes you’d have to do without certain conveniences.  But still, every place can have a drawback.  If you close your eyes and remember what it was like before you moved to Hawaii you probably remember the excitement it must have been to move there.  You probably had the same impression (probably unrealistic) of the place that I still have.

As I told you before I studied my last two years of college in Puerto Rico.  I did my student teaching there, too.  Back then it really was a paradise.  I met someone from the states there who had lived in Hawaii.  He said, “Hands down, Puerto Rico has it all over Hawaii.”  I wish I’d asked him more about how he’d arrived at that conclusion.  Anyway, now Puerto Rico is quit crowded.  Around eight years ago we even bought a little place in Vieques—an island/town just off of Puerto Rico.  After we’d been robbed three times my wife doesn’t even want to go back there.  The rural, mountainous interior of PR is what we are considering.  Also, as I’d mentioned before I have an older brother who lives on his sailboat in Puerto Rico.  He is contemplating moving back to land one of these days.  He’s been on the boat for 18 years now.  He considers Puerto Rico even though he doesn’t speak Spanish.  That’s not a problem.  Still, he longs for the change of seasons.  I think that if he had suffered through this winter he wouldn’t be so keen on heading north.  Anyway, I just thought I’d throw this out there.  There have to be days that you really question the idea of living.  Then you have a visit from back home, and they tell you how Hawaii is a paradise.  It must really make you wonder.

Anyway, keep up the great work.  You don’t know how much you are appreciated.