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August 25, 2014

READER: "Thousands of people attended a march in the New York City borough of Staten Island on Saturday to oppose police violence in New York and around the US"

And as they protested police brutality, how many marchers were arrested, beaten tasered, killed by the cops ?

READER: Re: Link: What A True Feminist Society Would Look Like

Your exactly right Mike. Feminism turned into another tool for the puppet-stringers to divide-and-conquer the west through promoting a man vs. woman agenda along with religion, race, language, etc.

And it's probably the fiercest of all divide-and-conquer because men and women are nearly equally split 50-50. It's too easy for the powers that be.

READER: Re: Libya

Mike, When Gaddafi was in the airport was a well kept and working facility. We invaded and destroyed the leadership and this is the aftermath - chaos and destruction. It seems we are more interested in destroying than building these days.

WRH: Destroy, then sell them a replacement ... on credit.