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July 23, 2014

READER: Hi Michael.  Everytime the Gestapo needs a front person.  Their can always count on NAZI PELOSI.  Maybe she needs another place in Israel named after her.  Keep up the great job, thank you. 

READER: Now CNN is putting out propaganda about propaganda -- accusing Russia of doing what CNN (and other Mainstream Media) is actually doing!

I like the "Poison the Well" technique you always describe -- about the already dead passengers..

READER: Local news led with the 24 hour FAA ordered ban on flights to Tel Aviv. The main theme of the story was how it affects tourism there and Americans visiting Israel who are trying to get home. Oh yea, Bibi ordering the FAA to lift the ban.

No updates on dead Gazan children.

READER: Since our "representatives" decided to unanimously support Israel, and as I see it now, there's not a whole lot that can be done about it. Why don't we THANK them by sending them the pictures of all the people blown up and barbequed beyond any human recognition. Paid for by our tax dollars of course. I am horrified and sickened by what I see so why not share it? If you have a collection of photos why not collect them in 1 big album. That's what I'm going to start doing. I'm sure my rep is going to love me even more. :) Slap it on all their social media accounts... I am so thankful for you 2. When I come across pics I think I'll send them for you to use as well. And sadly I've seen a lot. Take care. 
WRH: It is funny to hear Nancy Pelosi say we should treat the illegal immigrants coming across the border with Mexico like "baby Jesus" while she supports Israel's bombing of the Gazan children, who are distant blood relations of Jesus.

READER: Was listening to you chatting with a caller about videos of Israelis having beers and bbq’s and cheering while watching the bombs hitting Gaza.

Kind of negates the claims that Gaza’s rockets are a danger to Israel if their rockets are not even up to the task of taking out a bunch of people within eyesight range on a nearby hill, who are cheering and generally taking the piss, while children in Gaza lie bleeding to death under piles of rubble.

Just thinking what a good side by side comparison such a video would make with a video of one of those scumbags the IDF refer to as spokespersons lying their arses off in interviews attempting to justify their agenda by going on about the state of terror Israelis live in due to those rockets.

WRH: So does that photo of the Israeli soldiers firng into Gaza from standing positions, obviously unafraid of return fire!

READER: Just want to say thank you agin for making sense out of all this Ukraine situation.You have a good way of calming me down and exposing and explaining what's really going on.And thank you for standing up for Palestine.Keep up the good work.

READER: I just wanted to suggest, and Mike may agree, that in Russia's situation they should make a new suggestion that will stop the violence. Since the Ukraine government is not successful in stopping the fighting, nor preventing the downing of the jet liner. The only way that will certainly stop all of it is if Russia were to take administrative control of that region, almost as much as they now administrate the Crimea. In that case there is no violence, and it will be the same in Donyesk. If it is the objective of the EU to stop the violence, that will surely stop it. Or maybe they don't want to stop it? The objective wouldn't be to incorporate the Ukraine into NATO now would it? include the Crimea? No, of course they are not hungry for power and wealth. The politicians insure us they LOVE the people!
WRH: Oh yeah; that'll be an easy sell!

READER: WRH: So much for Bloomberg's stunt.

With any luck, he'd been shot down.  

READER: So a CNN Poll is claiing Americans all overwhelmingly side with the child murderers of the middle east? You mean the same polls that Snowden tells us the NSA ROUTINELY alters to suit the political climate?

READER: Michael, Given Israel's exaggerated sense of entitlement, and the fact that they have bribed, bullied and blackmailed every press and politician,... they are still loosing the propaganda war, and they know it.  I suspect their nukes are no longer at Dimona, and probably in every major city now...  Sadly, 99.9% of all species have gone extinct, usually due to sudden a geological, climatic, astronomical event.  But for humanity, it's probably going to end up being a Rothschild event.
WRH: Israel manufactures the nukes at Dimona but doews not store them there. They are dispoersed across Israel in concealed sites. As for the US Israel did not need to smuggle a nuclear weapon in here. Israel's first generation nuclear weapons were made with weapons-grade material stolen from here in the US and sent to Israel. It would have been trivial to leave enough behind to construct one or two bombs, because once you have the weapons-grade uranium, building a uranium bomb is very simple.

READER: After seeing your post about the high speed fragments in some debris, i would agree the Buk missile system is suspect number 1. The point now is, did the separatists have this system or not?  Certainly the Kiev Junta had them. I've heard so many conflicting reports about just what the separatists had. I look forward to more developments on that issue.
WRH: I think the key evidence is that Ukrainian air traffic control shifted MY17’s path to the north and held them at a lower altitude. This has been confirmed by Malaysian airlines and Malaysian government.

Kiev sent that plane to where it was shot down. Maybe the plan was to set up the rebels the way Roosevelt set up the Japanese.

READER: "Daniel Halper: Bill is Hillary’s Biggest Liability for 2016"

Moosepuckey!!!  Hitlary has enough incompetence and evil policy baggage of her own to establish a Pyramid-sized 'liability' for herself.  This Halper guy is trying to deflect the blame for her nastiness onto her philandering husband.  Won't work.

READER: WRH:  For propaganda to work, it must be believable and this claim that the majority of Americans support Israel does not match with conversations I have had around here ...

And doesn't match with the thousands marching around the world in protest against Isael's murderous aggression.  There are NO thousands-marching in favor of Israel.

READER: "Kerry's diplomacy aids Israeli bloodbath in Gaza"

"Kerry's diplomacy" = oxymoron (or oxy-moronic)

READER: "Pelosi: Treat Border Children Like ‘Refugee Baby Jesus’"

This powerful polytricksterPelosi is a Total Wackbasket!!!!

WRH: I must have made a valid point because the comments attacking me on the YouTube page are extreme!

READER: She will be using that excuse to get Israeli children into the US when Israeli starts to fall.

The way Netanyahu is howling about not having planes in Tel Aviv, they may already know it is on the way.