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January 22, 2016

READER: Kerry Speech at Davos: High-Level Propaganda Lies

FRESH (just concluded): Kerry calls for a future of decency and peace

More than an hour long Teleprompter performance, filled with immodest boasting, outright lies, and appeals toward universal education, fighting corruption, blah-blah-blah

Classic propaganda technique of deflection and appealing to support by invoking the evils of corruption and other ills (promoted by US policy)

Transcript or video likely available within hours

READER: I really enjoyed the read on the 'Bankers Wars' section and cannot believe that so many iconic US presidents were assassinated because they tried to do their best for the people and country, but in turn found deception and death from the private Bankers in the shadows who should of been locked away or abolished.

But I don't understand why stopping where a dead president left off and not continuing to oust the private bank forever? To see that hard work just end the way it does. Surely there must be a president out there in the mould of Andrew Jackson or JFK to name a couple to challenge the system. Nowadays, social media is huge and could help influence the message far better than when these guys were in power decades/centuries ago.

WRH: Andrew Jackson didn't know ending the Second Bank of the United States would put his life in danger. Today, every candidate knows it.

READER: I listen to your show every day and I like what you are saying about guns. I'm going to point out one phrase which I like a lot when it comes to guns and self defense:

"The right to self defense is meaningless without the *means* of self defense." It's meaningless for the gun grabbers to say people have the right to self defense if all the tools of self defense have been banned. What are people suppose to do? Throw rocks? They can ask the Palestinians how well that works... In New York you're not even allowed to learn unarmed self defense because Mixed Martial Arts is banned there! So the way things are going you arent allowed a gun and arent even allowed to learn to use your body for self defense either. That doesn't leave a whole lot of options.


Dear Mike,

I've known for years you are extremely funny. Thank heavens for your wonderful sense of humour! But today, you've surpassed yourself..... Hillary coming out toaster had me roaring...LOL...but now have just come across "We are tiny, but we are many.... etc.,"

absolutely bloody H I L A R I O US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge hugs...hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


READER: A face-saving health crisis will take [Hilllary] out when all the donations dry up. The woman is a walking zombie politically and physically, reminds me of that movie where they drag that dead guy around.

READER: Russia needs oil to be above $82 to have a balanced budget. Russia also has a Swine Flu epidemic.

It looks to me like this war against Russia is being fought economically and biologically.

WRH: Yes, the swine flu part worries me.