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October 22, 2014

READER: Mike I'm having a hard time believing the video inside Parliament Hill is legit. We are being told that Globe & Mail Parliament Hill correspondent Josh Wingrove took the video with his cell phone of the shootout. My problem with that story is the RCMP and Hill security would never, ever let a journalist follow them into a shootout. Officials and media would be sequestered until the shooting ended. My belief is that video is from a training exercise


Why is cameraman allowed next to cops in gunfight? They know he's there!


READER: a couple of interesting points:

the second shooter seems to be a ghost; it hasn't been established that a car was involved, media/authorities keep going back and forth between him running from one place to another to there being a car involved; the Sgt-At-Arms usually doesn't usually carry a gun, he carried a Mace; and the tactical swat team (presumably rcmp) seemed to be on parliament hill within 5 minutes of the first shooting, fully equipped and deploying a lot of equipment (even cbc anchor peter mansbridge (a little like dan rather did) commented how surprisingly fast and prepared they were);

one more thing. the street need to cross from the memorial to the hill is not possible to walk across without a pedestrian cross light, and there are several on the way from one to the other, and certainly totally impossible to drive a getaway car through the amount of traffic constant on Wellington street.

i smell trout...

READER: "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police asked the public not to post videos or photos relating to this morning’s shooting in Ottawa, Canada, ... raising fears that officials were trying to censor news on the shooting near Canada’s Parliament."

Could this censorship mean the RCMP doesn't want anyone identifying the alleged shooter[s] as one of their own? that it was a botched government set-up?

WRH: They are already setting up this Michael Zehaf-Bibeau to be the patsiy that links the shooting to ISIS, and clearly do not want any photos that might show thetre was a different shooter.

READER: RE: The Ottawa Shooting

"For those who think we only pick on the Americans." ~ Al-Qaeda Spokesman

READER: I'm writing a speech on how much the government is corrupt and my teacher , i would say is part of the tea party . and she thinks that you are not a credible source of information. so if you can email me back that would be amazing , so i can prove her wrong!! thank u.
WRH: I can certainly write you back, however this email is not going to convince her I am a credible source of information, so my advice to you is write the paper to kiss her ass and get a good grade, then decide for yourself what is or is not credible.

READER: Michael, I am only able to listen to you on You tube, so I was hoping that you would explain to me in detail why the Saudi’s flooding the market with oil (which has lowered the cost of gas, which I am enjoying) will hurt the Russian’s economy? Is this true? Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!
WRH: Oil is one of Russia's major exports. If the Saudis drive down oil prices, it reduces the revenues Russia gets for their oil. But there has been a side-effect. The lowered oil price is also impacting American oil producers and may drive many of them out of business, returning the US to dependency on Saudi oil.

READER: obummer "thinks that sort of coverage (on the Internet) of political media has hurt political discourse. "

Actually, the opposite is true - it has expanded "political discourse" to unlimited dimensions. And that is what TheBummer "hates'!!

READER: obummer "readies a post-election immigration plan expected to clear a path for citizenship for millions of illegals"
WRH: This is beyond believable!! Won't/can't someone[s] with power stop this madman from destroying America?

READER: The Ottawa shooting today, plus the war memorial shooting. Nothing will help Harper out with his "war" agenda than these incidents. I've been to parliament and you have to go through metal detectors (I even got in trouble for taking pictures in the security area, HAHA!). Sooooooooooooooooooo... False flag, much?

READER: I keep hearing and reading that Canada otherwise lacks a history of terrorist attacks.

The First Nation rightful inhabitants probably have a different opinion about that.

READER: So I don't see it on any news site yet but I was listening to CBC One over lunch and an eyewitness report described the gunman as wearing some sort of "head covering" with arabic writing on it.

Here we go again...another "crazed moozlim." How convenient that he's dead and no one can identify him because of the head scarf.

READER: WRH: FOX News is now claiming there are multiple gunmen at large.

Meanwhile in the Pocono Mountains. 6 weeks on and they still cannot catch this guy.

READER: I just saw Stephonopolous come on ABC News and they were talking about the shooting up in Canada today. They showed an Arab looking suspect in this shooting. Are they trying to link this to ISIS. These people never give up.
WRH: No, they do not.