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May 20, 2016

READER: This could really work well, Mike ... how about everyone identify as an income tax exempt native American?

READER: Saw this Top Gear comment on Youtube and thought you'd get a laugh out of it like I did:

"Taking Jeremy Clarkson out of TopGear is like taking Jesus out of the Bible"

WRH: Clarkson would agree! :)

READER: Hi Michael, Here are a few things that I believe it will take to win the Pres. election in November.

1) An old white man

2) A platform that leans 2 to 2.5 points left on a scale of 10
a) Gays are accepted but not lionized.
b) Minorities that are included but not favored
c) Young people whose voices are heard
d) Veterans that are honored
e) Retired people that are given an even shake in social security and proper respect in their declining years.

3) A platform that allows main street businesses an even chance to make a profit

4) A platform that does the same for farmers

5) A platform of peace and prosperity with the rest of the world

6) Able to project some form of considered authority.

Hillary has totally failed in 4 out of 6 of these categories.

Bernie is too far left.

That only leaves Trump and 300 men that did not do well in the primaries.

Hope you have a good weekend,

READER: Michael, without my permission, Microsoft has upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my home computer. Coincidently, I was listening to your program on YouTube when you and a caller gave out information explaining how to “turn off” updates. I’m sure there’s a way to return to Windows 7 – can you help? Where was this web site that offered help?

Thanks for all you do.

Keep up the wonderful work!

I found a most appropriate quote that, in my opinion, describes the relationship between you and your listeners. I’ve borrowed it from the novel written by Larry McMurtry “Lonesome Dove”:


This quote loosely translates to “A grape ripens in the presence of other grapes”.

Before I found your show, I was scratching around the Internet for the truth. I've found it in your program. I have ripened.

Again, thanks for all you do!

WRH: Open the Start menu and select Settings. Click the “Update & security” icon and select “Recovery.” You should see a “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1” option. Click the Get started button to get rid of your Windows 10 install and restore your previous Windows install. The option is only visible for thirty days, and the reversion is not 100% perfect.

READER: I thought Anne Coulter was far right wing wack-a-doodle like Beck at one time. I think those w/ a moral compass & practicing ethics evolve in their thinking when truths on topics such as Israel's occupation & the current status of US Gov are shown in the light of day.

I used to once believe our solar system would experience a cataclysmic event; but think that is less likely now understanding more so how the larger planets shield the smaller inner planets from celestial objects.

I also see the sun as a protector more now due to its gravitational field. The flip side of that is I realize how dumb I am compared to Galileo & Copernicus & Jefferson & Madison & so on.

Thanks for all you do Mike. It is inspiring to know the truth.

READER: You've mentioned that people have criticized you for repeatedly saying Trump will be assassinated. They're not being realistic. I feel he's heading straight towards it. It's his destiny now. We can't ignore that sick feeling in our gut. I just hope there's an uprising in your country like you've never seen before.
WRH: I am saying I expect an attempted assassination. Obviously, I do not want it to succeed.

READER: How in the world is Jewish owned ICTS security still in Business Egypt Air Flight 804 all 9-11 airports and more.....
WRH: They scream "ANTI-SEMITE! HITLER! HOLOCAUST!" whenever anyone mentions changing companies.

READER: WRH: How do you know they are Trump supporters? Don't forget that the supposed Sanders supporters causing violence at Trump's rallies turned out to have been hired by the Hillary campaign to make both Trump and Sanders look bad. How can you be sure that Hillary's hired actors are not sending those tweets to make Trump look bad (along with the editors of the Jerusalem Post for being dumb enough to fall for such an obvious trick)?

Especially when the Israeli propaganda machine invented said trick!

READER: is opium grown with monsanto products or gmo anything ?

If it isn't, it soon will be!