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July 18, 2015


This story makes the most sense I am surprised Russia hasn't pounded it out there. No doubt they have the proof via satelite images. The slime bag israelis most likely on Bankster orders were going to assassinate one of the biggest leaders in the free world. Absolutely crazy. Scary also because ww3 is certainly on the horizon. Why should i be surprised they murdered kennedy in broad daylight. The fact he was uncomfortable with israel having nukes. executive order 11110 etc ...

READER: I just read that Kim "Dotcom" just waded into the mire and said something that the Khazars aren't going to like. This guy has been made of teflon for a long time and has managed to dodge many a bullet and warrant for his arrest.

But now, he has offended Khazaria. And he's German...ooohh.

I predict that the great Kimble will suddenly find himself in a situation he can't get out of. He offended Israel. He can move like Neo all he wants, he won't escape this matrix...

READER: Its so crazy how effective the cabal owned press is at iscolating us even in this day and age of tech. I was listening to a broadcast from iran last night..just a regular weekly radio talk show. They didnt close 25^% of their malls in the last 2 years . Tehran malls have increased by 60%. Their economy is booming. These are real people living modern day lives — the same as we USED to have.

READER: Hey Mike:

I'm having a lot of trouble digesting what I just watched...this "Angela Merkel" THING telling a genuine refugee from a war-crime-torn-region she is "not welcome" in Germany.

With one act Merkel basically showed why "the nations of the world" collectively turned their backs on the holocaust in Gaza last year. Why there isn't a single politician calling for NetanHitler's god damned head for war crimes.

And this one act clearly shows what puppetmaster's hand is jammed up her ass: Israel. As usual.

Sorry for the language, but this one is genuinely disturbing to me. If it was one of those "4th generation holohoax survivors" that are popping up now I'm sure Merkel would be blubbering and kissing their feet in obesiance (and writing another large cheque to Shitreal).

But telling a 14-year-old refugee from Hell on Earth to basically "fuck off, you're not welcome here?" That's a new low for humanity, assuming Merkel is even human.

READER: Really !! why is Israel being given favor due to Iran deal !!

READER: Mike, Just from this one premise that everything in the universe emanated from a single infinitely small point is grounds in and of itself to consider the claim absurd.
WRH: But slaves to belief can believe ANYTHING!!!!!

READER: With all the talk about racism, when should we bring up the need to change the highly racial name of.......... wait for it........... The WHITEhouse........ maybe the rainbow house?
WRH: Like this?

READER: you covering much of this planned parenthood thing. I can understand not being anti-abortion, but this seem like the sort of thing you should be interested in covering.

I take the implication is, you're okay with it.

WRH: No, in fact we covered it yesterday both on the website and the radio show.

I accept there are circumstances where abortion in necessary, but I do not approve of its being used as retroactive birth control for women who don't want to take precautions because it means they are "bad" girls, and I have a real issue with husbands not having any right when their wives decide to abort their child.

As for selling the body parts; that is just gruesome!