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July 13, 2014

READER: Re: Israel's paid shills

They seriously stepped up sending their troll army online. It's worse on mainstream media sites.

READER: Mike, Good morning. I've been following the coverage of the Israeli bombing on Gaza in the Guardian and of course WRH. In the last five day articles in the Guardian have not once allowed comments attached to articles on Israel. If you want to comment on Tommy Ramone, Britany Spears or the match between Germany and Argentina - fine. So, what's going on there? It seems to be a protective measure for the actions of Israel. If they allowed comments I would bet 95% would be ugly against the IDF actions.
WRH: That is why they won't allow comments.

READER: I fail to understand why Canada condemns Hamas and yet accepts Israel's brutality Earlier two disabled people killed when Israel bombed a shelter for disabled Five minute warning before bombs fell I have arthritis Five minutes would not give me much time Also just heard that bombs hit home of a Palestinian police chief 15 dead which makes total over 120 pr more if anyone keeping track or caring Kathleen Bridel Wondering why many of my relatives fought and suffered in war supposedly for peace
WRH: Because Israel controls Canada's government as strictly as it controls the US. I did try to warn you all, years ago.

READER: Question: How many years would it take to kill 6 million Jews if you killed one per minute?

Answer: 24 hours per day times 60 minutes per hour is 1440 minutes per day divided in 6 million is 4166.6666 days divided by 365 days per year is 11.415

Conclusion: So it would take almost 11 and a half years to kill 6 million Jews if you killed one per minute

WRH: It isn't the killing, it is the cremation where the numbers really break down! It takes 2 1/2 hours to cremate a human body.

READER: hi mike hi clair well the demons from hell have started again but are we surprised,the overdose of nazi storys in the msm has been non stop nazi death camps guards gassings poor old defenseless jews with the big lead up to this blood let .but ages ago i read a story about blood moons and how isreal would start somthing on this date i typed blood moon and isreal into google and its all ther anyway all the best keep up the sterling work XXXXX in wales boyo and viva la palestine


Imagine a world without America . I have and it would be a thousand times better and more peaceful than it is with you. You sacrificed thousands of Dumb stupid animals Conquering Iraq for the petro-dollar central banks pushing it back to the stone age. Now to be taken back by the people and you complain about their methods take stock of your own first. Romney warned about Russian aggression whilst the dumb clucks in Washington engineered the Libyan, Syrian, Ukraine blundering take over by Jewish Oligarchs supported by right wing NAZIS! So Romney warns about Iran the most peaceful Nation on the planet while the wild animals in Israel bomb the hell out of Gaza! claims Iran has the nukes, which of course they do not. America being the only Nation on the planet to have used these weapons on civilians. Iran has never threatened to destroy Israel or America much as I would like them to do. Voight clearly you learned the lines well but lets face it you're just another brain dead stupid YANK! We cannot condemn him just pity him his ignorance.