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November 12, 2014

READER: Just had a 4.8 quake in Conway Springs, Kansas. Fracking?

READER: "Americans will see their bank accounts shrink if they don’t sign up for Obamacare"

Americans will also see their bank accounts shrink if the Do sign up for obummerscare

READER: obummer "told federal immigration lawyers to release illegal immigrants with “old” drunken-driving convictions and those found guilty of stealing other people’s identities ... agency higher-ups told her to close cases and not deport people whom President Obama deemed low-priority."

But legal US citizens languish in prisons for years on end for marijuana possession - a victim-less crime, unlike "stealing other people's identities" which involves victims. Why isn't obummer considering marijuana possession by US citizens "low priority" and releasing them?

WRH: The illegals are treated better than the legals!

READER: Two Calif. Women Camp-Out In Front Of Best Buy, 22 Days Ahead Of Black Friday"

Hope BestBuy is providing portapotties for the ladies - if not, this could be a looonngg wait, and a messy, stinkin' one.

READER: Watched ryan dawson on todays post.9/11 etc.I just want to add a bit you may find interesting.Bush2 phoned the president of france to get him on board the Iraq invasion.Bush2 told his reason for doing so was to prevent gog from invading the middle east.The president of france didn't know what he was talking about.He consulted a religious expert who informed him that gog refers to one of the bible myths.Gog is supposed to come from the north and invade Israel.It seems that this new England family has taken up these insane southern religious ideas.

READER: It's great to see the lander made it.

I've just heard it may not be anchored to the comet.

Hopefully it will hang on and send back plenty of data.

WRH: For now the comet's gravity should hold it, but as the comet gets closer to the sun, solar wind and outgassing from the comet itself will probably dislodge it

READER: This just doesn't make any sense:

But it does help cement the "United with Israel against Islam" bullshit Harper wants us to buy into. No reason has been given why this guy is doing a state visit in Israel. The "Sgt. At Arms" in the House of Commons is a CEREMONIAL POSITION. This is pure politics of the worst kind.

WRH: It raises the possability that Israel was involved in the false-flag.

READER: Geez, a few seconds after the U.S. Department of Defense Network visited my article from your site [See screenshot], my site went down. U.S. Resolution With 172 Cosponsors Condemns "Anti-Semitism, Comparison of Israel to Nazis;" Decries Holocaust Skepticism & Seeks More Law Enforcement Training

Host Name: IP Address:

the company I use for hosting actually answered their phone for once and said they don't know what is wrong, but they are working on it. I guess it's all a coincidence! ;-)

WRH: I checked that IP in my server logs and it looks like a real human browsing the page.

READER: Oddly after reading your site.... I turned on my XP Updates and WOW!!!

All Service packs are updating, Net Frameworks, Office 2003 and More.

I thought all that ended? At least that was the ERROR Messages I was getting that support was no longer there.

WRH: Support for the core of XP ended but not for the products. In any event Microsoft has rushed out a huge bunch of patches to fix this latest security problem.

Personally I think if we grab just one of these cyber-criminals and crucify them on live TV, much of the problem will go away.

READER: 8 Degrees and -3 for a low in SnowVember.

We need to hand Al Gore too. This is too cold for this time of year. It should be raining here as we are into the hunting season. This and the snow might drive the game lower but for all the trees I replaced after last years KILL I am afraid that they too will die. DAMN!

Hugs to you and Claire.

READER: Rangel's racism is exposed. Tea party members are WHITE CRACKERS
WRH: Do you think Charles Rangel would be offended if a white person referred to little black children as Pickaninny's? An endearing comment???? Laughable isn't it?

READER: Gallup Poll: Who Should Lead U.S. Direction?
GOP in Congress 53%
Obama - 36%

WRH poll: Who Should Lead US Direction? - choices
GOP congresscritters:
Michael Rivero: