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April 12, 2014

READER: "Dallas police officers ...are asking citizens ... to stop filming law enforcement because it is causing unspecified “major safety issue[s].”:

The only "safety issue" is that cops won't be "safe" to brutalize citizens with impunity

READER: Right. The conclusion that the plane cannot be found, and the the weeks of attention given to the story by the media, plus the consistent top priority given to the story by the media . . . all these suggest to me that they intend for the plane to be discovered in the possession of some desired enemy accused of using it for a false flag attack on America. Why else would Israel have a duplicate of that plane stored in Tel Aviv -- and we all know that Netanyahu desires to create any reason to attack Iran.

And we also know that the ruling banksters need to create a war to divert public outrage away from them and onto some foreign enemy, while reviving the dead economy, a la the Great Depression and World War II, and the big recession and the Korean War. So, who else to blame for the coming terrorist attack, but those dirty Arab terrorists. At long last, Netanyahu's war lust converges with the needs of the ruling banksters, in whose interest the dollar is now crashing. And how convenient this crash is for these banksters, that they can blame Russia and China for the collapse.

And how convenient for them that Russia has been set up, or is cooperating, as the villain who took over the Ukraine and Crimea, all of which was scripted months ago with the Kiev mob riots and John McCain throwing gasoline on that fire. Also, you have Glenn Beck, pied piper of concerned and involved patriots, blaming Russia for the collapsing dollar, and also blaming Russia for the Boston Marathon bombing. And how convenient that China is trading with the yuan and no longer the dollar, just at this critical juncture in this neatly tailored timeline of global East/West hostilities.

So China is playing the villain, along with Russia. All they have to do is start dumping the dollar and East/West hostilities will have reached the intended kindling point planned by the global banking elite. Let us study the real (not the textbook) history of the buildup to World War I, because the plot today may be quite similar. Can you smell a Rothschild rat mixed up in this whole convoluted political intrigue, including him also in the missing plane saga involving the Freescale technology? It's almost as if Russia, China, the U.S., Israel, Britain are all actors in a play scripted by the global ruling elite, and all the actors are performing on cue, including their Ukraine/NATO hostilities act.

The media definitely wants everyone to remember that plane, and for us to become emotionally attached to that plane, otherwise they would have dropped the coverage long ago. Whenever they want the viewers to remember something, it's for a reason, and they will drum it into you for days and weeks until you're sick of it (e.g. the O.J. Simpson murder trial to provoke race hatred, pre-invasion super hype of the horrific World Trade Center attacks, to justify "liberating" Iraq and Afghanistan from terrorists, and also hearkening back to Saddam Hussein's Bush-provoked invasion of Kuwait back in 1990. Boy, were we sick of hearing CNN drum that story into our heads every 10 minutes, day after day during Operation Desert Shield).

So, I have a suspicion that that plane is going to turn up attacking America in some way. It has to be an attack on America, not on Israel, because the dumbed down American TV viewers have to be made so angry that they'll approve of yet another war. An attack on Israel will not upset Americans. Netanyahu knows that. Also, why have Israel bloodied and Israeli troops bloodied, when you can bloody America and American troops. That's why Netanyahu, Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perl, et al engineered the attacks on the World Trade Center -- and then Netanyahu commented in the Israeli press the day after:

"This is good for Israel."

REMEMBER! Obama Just Warned of a Nuke Attack upon New York City!

READER: Strange sanctions policy:

After the coup d'état in Kiev on behalf of the EU, the banksters and NATO, the US and EU imposed economic sanctions against Russia when the people in Crimea wanted no part of the coup-makers but my taxes will be used to pay Russia anyway so that the gas flowing through the Ukraine won't be cut off.

In other words, imposing economic sanctions on Russia include sending my tax money to Russia via the Ukraine. Did I get that right?

I can only thank Dick Cheney for suggesting that we keep a supply of duct tape on hand after "9-11" so that I can wrap my head in some of it while I try to figure out how sanctions against Russia include sending my tax money to it.

READER: Just heard you say that the Govt has hired Black Water (Z?) mercenaries and put them in BLM uniforms.  That doesn't sound legal to me.  Do you know if it is? 
WRH: That was a report posted by a member, and at this point, it doesn't matter whether something is legal or not, the US Government will still do it.

READER: dumb question

if CO2 is what they say causes greenhouse effect warming

then what about al those SODA cans and BEER and such

all frizzled with CO2


or am I getting the wrong idea about the bubbles not being CO2 ???


WRH: They won't outlaw them, just add another tax to them.

READER: re: Syrian Poison Gas Attack

Hi's easy to see that this is being done by the jihadi nutcases, same as before. The report says there were 2 dead and more than a hundred injured. If military grade poison gas was used, the body count would be a lot higher. That's a certainty, given that the target was unprepared civilians.