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December 11, 2014

READER: Please forgive my not finding the exact stories im citing but I distinctly remember Wayne Madsen witing a story about a live feed from Iraq prison site during the Bush 2 invasion and later saw the Doc "Taxi to the Darkside" wherin a female admin at a prison site stated that Rumsfeld personally came to make sure the site was up and functioning. Why would he be so personally concerned. We know these people are sick.
WRH: I wonder if they were whacking off to those video tapes of the torture.

READER: Opening of 911. Closed at 887. Down 24 pts -2.63% ???? The lame stream media reported today that the retail sales for last month were up 5, but just last week spoke of very poor retail sales. ?????? Do they think just because they say sales are up we will all just rush out and start spending? Forget about how much money is in our checking accounts????? Get out there, and spend, spend, spend! They really think American's are idiots. Maybe Gruber is right. ?????

READER: Following your report about comcast using subscriber's routers as a hotspotpoint, BT also does that in UK and although they have a very small print under their agreement, it is widely unknown to Brits. also as all other providers use BT as their backbone, they too provide fotspot without their knowledge.

just thought it might be of interest

READER: Some information about Lenny Pozner, the guy who is working overtime to censor the Sandy Hook videos: the-curious-parents-of-sandy-hook-child-victim-noah-pozner/

He has a G+ page where he identifies himself as "Father of Noah Pozner who was killed at sandy hook." That's an awfully strange way to identify yourself on a social media site.

As usual, because Noah was "jewish," his death is portrayed as more important than the rest (if any of them even existed). Odd that his mother took the time to wave to the media during the event! If your child had just been butchered would you be waving to the media (with anything other than a middle finger)?

Regarding the Hook video, i think it needs to be hosted on The Pirate Bay. I'd like to watch Pozner burn up his resources playing whack-a-mole with the Pirate Bay. I still don't know why Google caved in to this guy, who has less clout than say, the RIAA, MPAA or any of the big dog copyright hounds.

READER: One of the main guys behind the "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" video, MrStosh314, has vanished from both Google+ and YouTube. His youtube channel is completely gone, as is his profile on G+. They were both there yesterday.

Google is trying really hard to shut down the people behind the Sandy Hook documentary.

WRH: The fastest way to bring down a dictatorship is to force them to act like one where everyone can see it!

READER: I think you are right on about the torture report.

READER: READER: From time to time you complain about being kicked out of Hollywood. From time to time I also wonder about life's "pivot points"...but in your case I think Hollywood's loss is the world's gain. wouldn't rather be on some slog creating slick graphics in movies for some dweeb to drool over, would you? You're worth much more as you are...historically, anyway...
WRH: I regret not being able to materially provide for Claire as I wanted to.

Tut, tut, I have to take you to the woodshed, young man :)

First of all, take the compliment from the Reader.

Secondly, if Claire was a "material girl" in her soul, you two would not have remained together for for so long. A "material girl" would have bled you dry and then dumped you.

Just recently you wrote something very touching about both of you experiencing a Native American (was it Hope?) ceremony/dance. My goodness, that was very, very special!

Your journey together has always been about Experiences and, imo, never about material stuff. I know this....even without looking in my crystal ball! :)

Love to you both, Ex

WRH: No, Claire is not a material girl, but that does not mean I do not want her to have the best and most confortable life I can give her as we grow old together, not to mention an updated music studio. Right now we are trying to get the money together for a move back to the US mainland near a city with good singers and choirs for Claire to throw music at! That will cost us about $20,000 as we have a lot of existing computer/production equipment we cannot leave behind.

READER: hello mike, i am one of your donors and would like to make a brief comment. no one to my knowledge has offered a credible reason for this sadistic large-scale secret program. what did they want from people like Aafia Siddiqui ? and why were psychologists called in to refine methods. to what end?

we know they knew their invasion forces could not be permanent and would be drawn down.....and so a decade later they have fielded an arab stay-behind army whose fanatical fighters are on captagon and espouse beliefs that only savages could hold.

it has been a fear among us, especially after the world wars that an attempt would be made to overturn the human mind. it's hardly farfetched. science in the hands of sadists has already made enormous progress in controlling destructive natural forces. these satanists would try anything that works to bring the world into their mold. of course they failed to recon with the lesson learned from colonialism.... which is "what doesn't kill us will make us stronger"

WRH: The torture program was designed to elicit confessions, to justify the invasions of countries, to frame Muslims for 9-11, and to terrorize people in the invaded countries into obedience.

READER: Rep.King: We’re talking about people being made to stand in awkward in positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth. Nobody suffered any lasting injuries from this.” WRH: okay peter, just lie down on this board for a little experiment ...

Yeh, and don't forget to break Peter's legs then tie his hands to the ceiling so he has to stand on those broken legs for hours. Good "little experiment" to see if he does/doesn't "suffer any lasting injuries from this." Polytricksters running/ruining our country are truly very sick psychos.

WRH: You know those people the US tortured are such a bunch of WHINERS! :0

READER: I’ve heard all sort of apologists for torture, effectiveness and not-effectiveness of it, and mostly excuses on how people thought it was a good idea for intelligence, justification, etc.

Here’s one logic chain though, that for whatever reason, people seem to be avoiding:

The military has a lot of assholes in it. They are cruel people who were bullies and cops in previous lives, and are all “Houh-RA” about things. Now you take this asshole and tell him that he’s in charge of people that nobody cares about. In this playground, the asshole will do asshole things. Now give this asshole some tools and backup-equipment, and they will continuing to be an asshole, and a very creative asshole at that, engaging in their every id-driven whim.

Are they trying to get information? Not really. Control over the person? Barely. Stress snapping as an excuse? HELL no. Intimidation to their group? Side bonus, but not the goal…

They simply like to watch people suffer while they laugh about it with their friends. If they believe the person is a worse person than they are, even better! They’re assholes, why try and delve deeper than that?

So let’s cut the BS…when people defend a torturer, they aren’t defending ANY policy at all, they are simply giving permission for assholes to be cruel assholes to people we don’t care about, for their own sick amusement. End of sentence. Any other reason is just an excuse…and remember that ANYONE can be tortured for any reason nowadays and you’ll get the same apologists, so if YOU’RE in pain at the hands of these cruel assholes, don’t think there’s any goal to make it stop, only their boredom will make it stop, like any other childish bully.

READER: If you want a sardonic laugh check today's View The blonde who seemingly worked at Pentagon on 911 relived the horrors, more or less justified torture and then promoted her charity Birth kits to save mothers and children in risky countries I want to ask So saved live to get killed by drones or tortured

READER: CIA boss says 9/11 attacks justified CIA enhanced interrogations

Mike, Your comments to Mr. Brennon: Excellent!

WRH: Feel free to copy into anywhere someone claims 9-11 justified toturing Muslims. Consider it a call to keyboards for the Rivero's Rangers!

READER: "syrups with 90% fructose will not state high fructose corn syrup on the label [anymore]"

So food corporations like General Mills (noted in the article) will blithely re-label their garbage products to re-name/hide their even more-deadly ingredients, no problem. But those same mega-corps claim it is too damned expensive for them to re-label products which contain and reveal GMOs as the majority of Americans demand they do.

READER: "Kerry: claim[s] congress shouldn't tie Obama's hands"

Stunning - obummer has just been exposed as complicit in the torture fiasco (as well as obummerscare also being exposed as a total failure, as well as the damage to our country caused by obummer's thousands of illegals ..... et al) and Kerry wants bossman to have more free-reign to destroy our country?

READER: "a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry accused the Irish parliament of “statements of hatred and anti-Semitism directed at Israel in a way which we have not heard before.”"

Why? were they speaking in their native Irish language? If speaking in English, you are lying because you have heard millions condemning your illegal and psychotic mal-treatment of Palestinians.