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August 10, 2015

READER: Why would not trump take Ron Paul as a VP?
WRH: That's a great idea, If Paul could be talked into it.

READER: "Last year the Ferguson Market and Liquor store was looted and destroyed by protesters"

By "protesters"? Maybe. But maybe by those agent provocateur guys

READER: BDI is 1197 today. Down by 3. Months ago the BDI was in the mid 400's.??????? SRN news continues to report corporate layoffs.. Store closing continue, and we are told by our government that the economy is growing. Total BS. The BDI is being tweeked just like the stock market, and the unemployment numbers.
WRH: Maybe. Or maybe raw materials for weapons of war are being ordered.

READER: "Former NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis criticized President Obama for recent cuts to military spending while U.S. troops are still engaged on multiple fronts around the world. ... “We should not be drastically reducing our troop levels.”

Uh duh - how's about instead "drastically reducing" all those "multiple front combat operations" Problem solved !!!

READER: RE: Website

Things seem to be back to normal.

I hope it didn't take you too long to fix.

WRH: Still working on it.

READER: Govt's. solution to ongoing never ending govt failure

is always higher taxes & higher fees

WRH: And less freedom.

READER: Now u gotta prob with selling dead puppy parts,too?