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November 09, 2015

READER: The corporations are acting more and more like the Ferangee's from Star Trek. My spelling may be off but I think you know what characters I'm speaking of.

READER: Ben Carson

Hey, that thing you're calling a 'painting'? It was a Selfie.

READER: I can shed as little light on the callers question. I know the people that run that site. As I recall what he told me was there are different baselines along all the sensors. the alerts are triggered on a rise from baseline. a baseline of 20 would go red at 100, and a baseline of 100 at 100 would be green. Not sure that I really like how that works. I'll ask him next time we talk. It should be in the next few days. And yes, there are broken sensors and pretty much everything else you said is spot on. Hope this helps.

READER: Once and for all, can we call a spade a spade? Ashkenazi "Jews" are listed in their own BIBLE in the genetic table as ASHKENAZ -grandsons of JAPHETH, not Shem, (as in Semite). See Genesis 10:1-3. So that makes you an I ANTI-JAPHITE, not anti-semite.

Again, for the Christian Zionists it should be noted, those saying they are Jews and are not, are the "Synagogue of Satan" ACCORDING TO JESUS, (Revelation 2:9)

READER: Gender identity

I grew up in Europe where being "gender confused" was not a recognized affliction and nudity was not a big deal. Those were the days that there were only TWO recognized genders, those with a pee-pee and those without, as my children used to say. We would spend our summers at the beaches of southern France and my two daughters had quickly discovered that the "men's" showers were never as busy as the womens showers. Sexual harassment was no worry in those days and never even crossed our minds. Nudity was so common, that hardly anyone paid attention.

Even our homes only had ONE gender neutral bathroom. Nobody took offense if one person was having a bath, while the others used the toilet or the sink. My daughters often visited while I was having a relaxing bath and updated me about their days activities. As I said, this is how we grew up in the Netherlands and nobody ever had second thoughts about it.

When I visited Western Samoa in the South Pacific, I was surprised to see that the homes had no running water and that there was a community shower out in the open. People would line up in the morning and take a shower, out in the open for all to see. And in Tahiti, it was common for office girls to drop all their clothes during lunch break and take a refreshing dip in he ocean. Not all countries have the same ideas about nudity.

WRH: I spent quite a bit of time both in Europe during my film career and spent some time in Tahiti on the way back from a project in Australia, and yes, those cultures are nowhere near as hung up about gender and nudity as the US. Partly that is because there is money to be made banning public nudity then selling it in magazines and videos. The gender issue is PC run amok, and again is based on the liberal idea that our mental makeup is totally based on environment, that in turn based on Margaret Mead's discredited book, "Coming of age in Samoa", held aloft as the foundation and justification for the liberal political agenda. As for prudery in general, one needs to remember that this was also a tool of the Nazis to get their young men ready to go to war, diverting their sexual frustrations into anger against the enemy.

READER: Love the radio show! I have been listening to it every night for the last 2 years. Keep up the good work and fighting the fight.

One small request.. At the start of every show you say ‘’Alloa America’’ For one show can you start with ‘’And Scotland’’? It would make my year as thats where i live.

Hope you are well and thanks again.

READER: WRH: Let's call it what it is; the decline of the US!

I was pondering this problem over the weekend.

The reason the US looks so bad right now is that We have not put the A Team on the field for 7 years. We have not truly built a group of allies so that they too have A Teams.

So when Putin comes up with his A Team it looks like he is playing against a B Team because he is.

Some of our allies are all hammer and no hand. While Israel acts like it has a team, but invariably shows up with nothing more than a howling gaggle of very expensive cheerleaders.

Many seem to be made up of self-important administrations with very little ability to run a decent off-tackle play, sweep around the end or the standard quarterback sneak.

Russia can beat all those guys. The unfortunate thing is we picked them for allies.

READER: Carson has yet to learn that the New World Order needs first class liars, pedestrian quality liars will not do.

READER: also, if Hillary becomes president, does that mean that Bill gets to be first lady??????
WRH: Huma Abedin does. Bill is being put out to stud!

READER: Of course Israel has a handle on the bomb in the Plane

This is not too hard to figure out. Egypt has been having trouble with Muslim radicals in its Sinai region, once Israeli territory. The easiest access to that area is from Israel.

Israel is supporting Muslim radicals in Syria. Therefore, Israel is probably supporting Muslim radicals in Sinai.

If a Muslim radical in Syria decided to slip a bomb onto a plane, naturally it would be a Russian plane, because Russia supports Syria.

And naturally Israel who probably supplied the explosives and training, knew all about that bombing.

So, of course Israel has a handle on the bomb in the Russian plane.

WRH: Occam's razor; Israel planted the bomb.