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December 09, 2014

READER: How's about if we take all those guys who tortured innocents, and all the polytricsters at all levels of government who knew about this (or should have, even if they claim they didn't which would just show how incompetent they were) and torture them for years until they confess to their murderous acts and abetting of those deadly acts. That sounds like equal justice, eh?
WRH: I presume we could get the alumni of Abu Ghraib to do the wet work for us!

READER: if the US public will be blamed by the intl community for what the Gvmt did, they will get some of what we in Germany had to live with after WW2... it is probably much, much worse. only with us we also had to suffer for things that didnt happen and were made up. I was born in 1944.

how can we make sure some of these ppl will be tried. its a gang of crooks and Merkel is part of it.... they are all being blackmailed to go along.

there might be a business opp with guilloutines.... no competition. someone has to be held to account.

READER: Dropped by 30 today from 982 to 952. Not looking good. Future collapse is around the corner. It might be accelerated if Christmas retail falls flat. So far Christmas sales are flat. There will be a last ditch effort to boost retail sales with their after Christmas sales. What do you think Michael?

READER: re : "Poor going hungry because they can't cook"
WRH : Why does the phrase "Let them eat cake" keep running through my mind?

The vacuous 'titled' saprophyte is just the latest example of an upperclass British minion who has absolutely no qualms about Lying. A baron or baroness always, always will defend 'the crown' and the parasites who wear it. That is their sole duty/reward for getting a seat in the lords. Both houses, commons and lords, ONLY serve 'the crown'.

Poor people, homeless people, starving children, this day and age does anyone still beLIEve "the crown" and its selfserving lackies actually care?!!

FYI : Jenkin was born Anne Caroline Strutt on 8 December 1955 to the Hon. Charles Strutt and the Hon. Jean Davidson. Her father is the son of the physicist the 4th Baron Rayleigh by his first wife, Lady Hilda Clements. Her mother is the daughter of the Conservative politician the 1st Viscount Davidson and the life peeress Baroness Northchurch.

READER: The cop who choked Eric Garner to death ...

... was not indicted:

And here's a BIG reason why: After collecting the "required" signatures to have their initiative placed on the ballot, it was rejected by the ptb in NYC! Why? They're afraid of a legitimate investigation because it will lead straight to the crime gang in Israel and their counter-parts here in the good ole US of A!

They need to keep the cops on their side. The bad cops know this ... that's why they do, and get away with, the atrocious things that they do!

The good cops know who the bad ones are ... the good judges know who the bad ones are ... the good bankers know who the bad ones are; surely, they must know what they have to do to save this nation!!

READER: Interesting that just as a scathing report on US torture of prisoners will be released, the US goobermint releases 6 Gitmo prisoners. With the prisoner release, are those US officials attempting to show what kind/good/compassionate guys they are? to soften the worldwide condemnation of them once the report is released (if it ever will be)?

READER: "The House approved a bill on December 4 that gives 2,400 acres of sacred Apache land to a giant international mining corporation"

Does the US goobermint have the legal authority/standing to do this on Apache land?

WRH: No more than they had over the ranchers' lands in the west, but they are doing it anyway!

READER: WRH: Obama is going to dump this scandal on the Bush Presidency

How many years of torture does this report cover? Does it go into the obummer years? And just how long has obummer been preznit? Six? Did he ever in those six years ever lift one finger to stop the torture? No, It was the unfortunate victims of this atrocity who went on hunger-strike etc to broadcast to the world the brutality that was being perpetrated upon them.

READER: abc news reporter says the cia document has 6 million pages. hahahahaha

READER: Mike, Just finished watching Feinstein (as probably you too). Conspicuously absent was the name Dick Cheney. Remember him saying "We are going to take off the gloves"?