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May 09, 2016

READER: Dear Mr. Micheal Rivero,

Today, I read your article of “THE CIPRO CHRONICLE” on your WHAT REALLY HAPPENED web site.

Regarding CIPRO things are worse than you wrote. I am awaited more than one decade who will reveal the facts about CIPRO.

Many of the hematology patients died due to CIPRO’s side effects. It is effective than many of chemotherapy drugs for using bone marrow transplantations for suppressing of blood cells production in bone marrow. Platelets counts gone below 1000 together with low red and white blood cell counts which will make no way out except dead for the patients.

For the CIPRO’s side effects, still no information is publicly available in any country.

Physicians, in general, defines herbal medicine as giving patients an unknown dose of an ill-defined drug, of unknown effectiveness and unknown safety.

I think this definition is more valid for the drug which is written by physicians since the physicians play the three monkeys.

One of meaning of the medicine is magic. In this case, it seems to treat killing.

Sincerely yours,

Mehmet Ali Kocyatagi
Istanbul, Turkey

READER: Re: Bryan Pagliano immunity

Does that immunity include some sort of witness protection? If his emails are not able to be recovered will he then be dropped, leaving him vulnerable to being suicided?

READER: "where is god going to get a lawyer?"

The Vatican has for centuries declared itself the emissary of God. They declare themselves the spokesman for God, and the head of the church. They have declared themselves his literal representatives on earth. They claim to speak for him, and to answer for him.

Therefore by definition, THEY are the defendants in this matter, and they have LOTS of lawyers. The lawyers might be busy dealing with child abuse claims, but I think they can spare 1 or 2 for this. ?

READER: re:Who Would Win If America, Russia And China Went To War

Dear Claire and Michael,

The answer is very very simple. NO ONE. It would escalate to a thermonuclear war, and IF any humans survived they would have terribly tough lives, and it is debatable whether any offspring would survive. I tend to think YES as I have a friend, now elderly, who got a very high dose of radiation from being a welder for a platform on Bikini Atoll, being on a ship heavily dosed with fallout, and though he had a lot of pains he never got weak or sick, worked hard his entire life and had children. However, everyone else on the ship who got that much radiation died. But life would not be good for anybody on planet Earth. I don't believe the amount of preparation would matter much.

BTW, I have another friend, who after the Korean War was still in the Army. They marched them up to a crater right after a nuclear blast, didn't give them an option, made them take their clothes off, turn around and stare into the crater. He is totally blind now. About 86 or so.

But, since I never have actually been through a thermonuclear war, just read The Effects Of Nuclear Weapons, Vols. 1 @ 2, it is just an opinion with no real expertise, and just like climate change and global warming, computer modeling does not mean much at all. Would I trust whatever any government told me. Absolutely not.

WRH: The bankers will win the war. The bankers always win the war.

READER: I just wanted to make the point that if the FBI found any reason for ending Hillary's run for president, the crazy liberals out there would riot like we've never seen before. The whole country would be thrown into chaos and the president would have to call for the military to step in and that would be the end of it all.
WRH: Let the liberals riot. The conservatives have all the guns!

READER: I read about the AT&T h4x0r on your site. Interestingly I had a spammer on a popular site of mine yesterday, 2nd spammer in 20 years ! so I looked more closely: Also AT&T. Check if the IP was the same as your h4x0r. If so, then he was after my IP possibly.

READER: didja thimk monsanto wouldn't feuk with pot
WRH: If they can patent it, then they can make more money.

READER: Subject: Trying to get podcast...

Maybe I'm missing the obvious...I'm trying to get the shows to automatically download to my podcasts...

Went to ITunes under podcasts...neither you nor the show... Couldn't find on your website... Could find shows at RBN but not auto download for future...

Am I missing it completely???

Hope you are well...warm regards...

WRH: We got hacked yesterday and the podcasts on my server were unreachable, but that has been fixed now.


Supposedly, we will be back on iTunes. I don't know what the holdup with RBN is.

My old network, GCN, is playing repeats of my shows and podcasts which is only adding to the confusion.

READER: is offline???

Hello Michael Rivero,

Well, I've tried several times and through both Google's Chrome and Firefox via

Oh my, have you offended someone? Again?

It doesn't matter to me, because I'll just keep trying until I can get your site again. You know, these hackers seem to think we'll give up if they make it difficult for us.

...But truth is like a jewel of great value...once perceived, it must always be retrieved.

Take care, and try and not stress out over your pissant enemies...they're not worth your time or consideration.

WRH: Yes, as we get closer to the elections, attempts to take down my server come more and more often, now several times a day.

READER: So more of the "Panama" whitewash papers have come out...Putin is STILL not listed but look what the CBC DID:

They put up Putin's picture! Even though he's not in it! This whole "Panama" thing stinks to high heaven. Once again American businessmen just come out smellin' like roses! Everyone ELSE is corrupt...but not Americans! Not Hillary Clinton! I guess American billionaires are all saints who would NEVER use an illegal tax haven.

So by the CBC's logic, if any of Hillary's friends are in the Panama papers they'll put her picture up in the banner too...right? Right? She must be guilty by association!

But Putin just keeps coming up in relation to this. They want to vilify him at every step even when he isn't guilty of having done anything. Must be that mythical "russian aggression" we keep hearing about. Let's just call this a "weaponised" faux-leak.