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February 08, 2015

READER: I've never asked you for anything, I donated, and I turn people on to your show (at all the stations you have been on, my favourite being RBN but hey...Johns probably hard to deal with!), and I send you stuff now and then. Can you put a plea out on your website for Canadians to flood the CBC, National Post and Globe and Mail (and local rags) about the COMER court case? I've sent it off to a 'rave' organization with a 4000 people mailing list as 'pertinent and spread like a virus' which means it will gain 20000 reads but it needs more. The fellow in charge of the mailing list never emails 'duds'. It appears we are winning but not allowed to know we are winning. The National Post has deleted every comment I have made on this case, in discussions that have nothing to do with banking in many instances, within 5 minute of me posting it. It's well over 30 times now! This has to break through or the case will simply be disappeared. Cheerio and keep up the great work!