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September 08, 2015

READER: "Racist, Anti-Chinese Messages Tagged On San Francisco Buildings"

Considering the high Chinese-American population living in San Francisco, it is obvious someone is trying to stir up racial/national hatred. Ticking timebomb

READER: Hi Michael. On 9-11 we should crown Hillary Queen of heaven and earth. That way everyone would know her true status.

READER: brian walsh of civil rights research center was on radio 2 days ago

he said 1964 law title 7 or something already addressed employees like Kentucky lady. he said law says the lady was to be relocated/reassigned ? at work to a position where she would not be issuing licenses.

i forget his exact wording

but he said it should never have gone this far

WRH: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

READER: odd issue regarding ssri drugs

the Rockefeller family member who drove the train at 82 mph in the 30 mph turn was taking drugs for restless leg syndrome shift work sleep disorder highway night blindness what was he even doing at work ?

many innocent people dead

but all charges dropped because Rockefeller families ssri drug industry require total media silence ? asleep-before-deadly-train-derailment-feds/

READER: You may want to add Adm.Jeromy Boorda as a potential dead victim of the Clinton Empire. I served under Boorda, he was not the type man to commit suicide.
WRH: He is already on the list.

READER: WRH: How does a DNA test indicate one's religion? The world's Jews are made up of descendants of other people who converted to Judaism. Tha Ashkenazi are descended from the Khazars. The Sephardic are a blend of ancient Hebrew and Burber. And so forth. This smacks of "race hygiene" thinking!

Have you ever watched the PBS program, "Finding your Roots"? They take three celebrities and trace their roots back on one side of the family. They learned for example, that Derek Jeter's last name comes from a slave owner who had an affair with one of his slaves; Sally Field and Billy Jean King had family stories dispelled as myths; Sting comes from a family of ship builders, and so on.

The last portion of the program focuses on DNA testing. Derek Jeter, while considered to be African-American, has more white, WASP blood in him that Negro blood. One celebrity, I believe it was Sally Field, thought she was part native American but was 100% European.

However, when it came to Robert Downey, Jr., Barbara Walters, Maggie Gyllenhall and other Jewish celebrities, their DNA always came back "Jewish blood". Never "Eastern European", etc. but "Jewish".

I was raised Catholic. Can't find it in my blood.

READER: Genetic citizenship--For Jews only

This is pretty good. One paper showed no difference between native Jews and native Arabs.

With 66% of Israelis now originally from Russia, the trick will be to open the valve only wide enough to let in a small percentage of Russians, without the whole population being eligible to flood in and make Israel 80% Russian with no religious basis at all.

The big problem is that it is based on pure RACISM.

READER: Lesbian sues sperm bank

You know that may be one of the reasons that sex is so intimate. The female generally gets to actually see what the father looks like.

READER: The poor, powerless Jews do NOT run Hollywood!

And if you say they do once more you'll never work in this town again!

(Yes, I realize Clinton already did that one to you, work with me here. ;-) )

READER: Re" The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

Excellent. I was there, and saw for myself evidence of perverse Zionist interest. I stood literally yards away from those ruins as members of a first responder unit, wearing clothes lettered in Hebrew, not English, poised for pictures. And no, they did not look traumatized. They looked to be concealing glee instead. I know about the white van, I got news of it just minutes later, as police spread the word among their ranks.

READER: Re: Independent' GMO expert busted for receiving $25,000 from Monsanto

I wonder if that's who organized the March on Mosanto and hired clowns to make it look like a parade of morons. Probably collects signature lists on petitions also , por nada