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August 08, 2015

READER: Mike, fixing your site problems might be as easy as saying a few slogans.

Repeat after me.......

-Israel is the only democracy in the middle east.

-We've got Israel's back

-We stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel.

-The Jewish people have suffered enough!

WRH: It might have been Hillary's people, after all those graphics I put out!

READER: irs months late on tax refunds but not telling Americans why.

illegals get their return on time ?

READER: : We got to switch WRH over to Wordpress for sanity's sake Michael.
WRH: We have to crucify the hackers live on national TV.

READER: For the Trump

"Do it with Donald"

John Barbados.

READER: Man, don't give up! We love you!

Dear Rivero:

In spite of the problems you're having with your computer, we're hearing you loud and clear. You may not see it in your screen, but we're hearing you. You're NOT talking to dead air.

This is exactly the way the Elite/Controllers are going to get rid of the Internet....little by little, in sneaky ways.

And if you give up, this EXACTLY what they want.

But We, THE People, want you. Don't leave us bereft of all ways.

We want you. We love you, man!

WRH: I apologize for the unprofessional venting of my frustration, but it seems like my entire life is spent fixing hardware and sofwtare problems with little time left over to actually get useful work done. I am certain this reality afflicts the entire nation at a time when any loss of actual productivity is a major problem for the economy. I spent three long months trying to re-write the site only to have it eat itself in just 48 hours. Now the current site is developing problems and nobody seems to know why. I didn't make any changes, but something happened, either with the advertiser codes or some @#%ing hacker working for Hillary or Israel. I have never worked so hard in my life while accomplishing so little actual results. I am feeling my age these days. I know I will not live forever. I would like to get some real work done instead of spending what remains of my life running as hard as I can just to stay where I am.

READER: I love your website and dont know exactly the issues you face with the programming but, have you looked at outsourcing websites that have programmers? I have used them on many occasions for various types of computer programs and apps I have needed they work at very reasonable prices. You just need to screen them and since you have a bulk of the code already, you can find someone to help troubleshoot or migrate away to another stable platform. Perhaps one of them might help. I have had very good luck with 2 sites finding all sorts of programming expertise and have actually used them. If you havent already, check out

and also

Best of luck!

WRH: I would loge to drop this mess on someone else, but there are two problems. The first is that unlike Brian Williams I am not paid millions of dollars to do what I do. The estimates to have my new WRH website created by a professional team ran into the tens of thousands of dollars. Second, the last time I did scrape up the money for a professional expert to work on the current site (who came very highly recommended) he nearly wrecked the site and I am still dealing with the damage to this very day. He is the reason the membership system is broken along with the story rating system. It seems all the Drupal "experts" know how to install a new system (hell, I know how to do that) but nobody knows how to fix one that has gone bad, due the complexity and obfuscation of the multiple overlapped systems like HTML, php, Java, Perl, MySQL, Apache, and so forth. Frankly, the fgact that it is impossible to create a dynamic website using a single programming language tells us a lot about what has gone wrong with software development in this nation. Everything is just slapped together out of incompatible pieces, which is why the Obamacare website didn't work despite its high cost! The current software business model is "Sell it now, fix the most obvious bugs, get ready to sell a newer version." Like modern cars, modern software is not designed to be repaired by the end user, but to support an industry of maintainers and fixers and sellers of the updated version. Like all other American products, making a good product has become lost in the rush to make a fast buck.

READER: Did "Little Ice Age" Create Stradivarius Violins' Famous Tone? Check out Chris's pages. As a violinist who has played for 61 years and knows Chris, his violins are as fine as the ones from the Stradivarius, Amati and Guarnerius shops, many of which were built by employees of the shops. I would wager that most of the scientists are not in touch with the realities of violin making and playing. Chris's pages explain a little of it. He is one of, if not the finest, violin makers alive.

READER: I watched the debate and the Donald was the irrepressible star of the show making mincemeat of the others He put Rand Paul firmly in his place,

READER: Trump seems to be the loudest, most obnoxious candidate on the Republican side. While I see little chance of a Repub. winning this next election, I am horrified that Trump who will be 70 next June could have a chance to take the office with a McCain or Graham as VP.

I did not see the debates, but the reviews pretty much convince me we are looking at the Lizard Kingdom.

WRH: If you did not see the debates, on what do you base " loudest, most obnoxious candidate?" Corporate media?

Trump is most assuredly not politically correct nor playing the game the way the establishment politicians demand it be played, which is why he is attracting so many people. Even the Chairman of the RNC called him a "breath of fresh air for Republican voters."

READER: they can spin it all they want, anyway they want.. what trump did was tell all those sorry losers that the day of politically correct crap is over. Everything else is secondary... this country needs people to step up and call a spade a spade and not have to worry that those words might offend somebody.

everything else, all the messages, all the rhetoric, are window dressing. REAL people don't give a crap what any politician is willing to spin/lie about so they can win today and forget tomorrow... they care that we have a leader who doesn't give a crap about what a bunch of pansies have to say. this country was built by men (and women) of character and forbearance, and it's time we had a potus willing to stand the F up.

the fear i'm reading from the demolibbies is palpable... their worst fears are being realized as the one guy willing to spit at their wienie roast is lungering it up and sending a spitball of vitriol in their very general direction.

i could care less what his politics are... the enemy of my enemy (liberal retards) is my friend. i'm voting trump.

WRH: I wonder if he could use an experienced political analyst on his team? :)

READER: NOBODY has fought this crap war harder then you!!! You need some leave from the front. Its a bitch some times, being "awake"....Im just going through the motions these days, myself.....Just lost my dog of 17yrs and my horse last year.....Frustrating doesnt start to express it... Take care of yourself...FIRST!!