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May 05, 2016

READER: Thanks for an excellent show and source of knowledge.

I have great respect for your knowledge, and for your open mind to the posibility of being wrong yourself. I have followed you from the time before you understood that the Holocaust is a lie until now, and that change in your "agenda" has removed any doubt in my mind that you push any agenda against better knowledge.

I would like to point out one thing in your "agenda" which I find inconsistent. You are often saying "we are not critisizing the jews/Israel for them being jewish or for their religion; we are critisizing them for their behaivior". My point is that a lot of their behaivior, as well as many other peoples behaiviors, are based in religion. Religion should not be "prohibited teritory" when it comes to critisism just because it is a religion. The jewish religion is very disgusting for a non jew and you are at times pointing it out yourself: "Jews are prohibited by religion to tell on another jew comitting a crime". This makes the jewish religion "critisizable" since it results in a behaivior which is in general criminal. This part (amongst many other parts) of judaism gives non jews a very good reason to critisize jews, and to be very suspicious of a person just on the grounds of him being a jew (identifying as a religious jew that is, racial identity has nothing to do with the matter).

In general I think your show and site is fantastic, but I think your brushing over the religious aspect of what is going on makes you in some degree miss the point (as above). I don´t know if you do it purpously or not, but for someone as knowleadgeable as you to turn a blind eye to religion is a bit... odd to me. I am not as knowledgeable as you in History/Geopolitics, but I know some areas as well or better than you, and for me this hast taken me down the religious path. No matter if you actually believe or not, religion is an extremely important part to understand what is going on and why in my opinion.

Keep up the good work, and maybe you should listen to Claire a bit more on the religious aspects of life.

READER: With regards to the recent mh17 bbc conspiracy theories showing - notice the producer name Catz? Strange?

READER: Correct me if I am wrong. If the dollar goes to zero, tanks, is worthless, does it not mean that those who have gazillions of them are broke? Meaning those who are trying to control us, poison us etc and doing a great job, can no longer afford to control us/ poison us? That said, shouldn't we be praying for the dollar to tank to zero? How can we assist it?
WRH: The rich have their wealth not in stacks of ink and paper (which they know is really worthless) but in the hard assets; land, buildings, utilities. As the dollar tanks, the asset-rich become richer.

READER: The danger and degenerative effect of vaccines have been known for decades. This from page 208 of Bernard Jensen’s book You Can Master Disease, published in 1952:

“Cerebral meningitis and infantile paralysis can be traced to use of vaccines. Artificial immunization and drugs injure the nerves, the cerebral cortex, the heart, the kidneys and the glands, and chronic disease is the result.”

This is an amazing book, for so many of the health issues newly ‘discovered’ today and published on the Internet, are in Dr. Jensen’s book of 60 years ago - e.g., danger of pesticides, allopathic practices, drugs and medicines, corporate fake ‘foods’, and bad eating habits. He also stresses good health, including REST [sic], eating whole foods, body movement, and REST [sic] and relaxation.

Few listened to him back then, for 1952 was right after Big Mistake Number II, and everyone was excited about new medical discoveries such as vaccines, and all the new ‘conveniences’ like canned/processed foods. He was an ignored health genius.

Highly recommended reading.

READER: I went to see a movie called Papa Hemingway in Cuba the other day. Hemingway is in his late 50s during the movie and has suicidal episodes. I thought I remembered something about this in a biography I read of him, so I looked it up. The following comes from a 1999 book, Hemingway: The Final Years by Michael Reynolds.

Hemingway’s chronic and severe depression was attributed to his prolonged use of Serapasil, the Ciba Company’s trade name for their reserpine medication, whose known side effects included depression. Dr. Howard Rhome, in charge of Hemingway’s psychiatric evaluation, explained to Ernest that his Serpasil depressions “were accelerated by the use of Ritalin which apparently was prescribed to offset the depression.”

Hemingway eventually shot himself in 1961. Back then no one was looking for a meds connection to suicide, but it sure looks like that’s what happened to Hemingway. How else to explain how someone with such a fulfilling life would go off the deep end?

READER: "We’re Facing The Most Evil People The World Has Ever Seen"

Sheeesh - reading the headline, I thought this was going to be an article about obummer and hillarity and monsatan and the federal reserve and ..., not AlQuaeda ...

WRH: Same here.

READER: obummer "Orders Fed Agencies to Stop Asking Job Applicants about Criminal History"

Well, that's good news for Hillarity when she applies for her next MalWart job after the November elections.