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May 04, 2016

READER: i heard yesterday on glenn beck. that glenn has heard of some guy named alex jims or jones or something like that.

and those conspiracy type radio shows sell lies such as rapheal cruz somehow being photo-ed near oswald. as if cruz's dad would ever be associated with oswald. this is national enquirer tin foil hat stuff

then glenn beck goes on to say he is started 2 new companies . one for buying out time shares and the other a real estate company.

what does beck know is coming.? that people would need time shares and real estate agents. but his news company is not in danger , even if alex jims says i am laying off employees

my question do illegals get taxpayer funded soros time share style living when they arrive here from the mormon under-ground railroad program.

WRH: If Beck is buying out timeshares and real estate right now, then we know why his business is in financial trouble! He is not very smart.

READER: what caused it ?

was somebody getting ready to go public about cruz and being Canadian ?

or far worse.

what was the trigger that the time wasting phony ass hole finally dropped out ?

or is it a bigger more nefarious plan against trump that includes hillary and crashed planes ?

WRH: More than likely Cruz' financial backers pulled the plug after Indiana.

READER: now the bring in romney to save america phase begins ?
WRH: No. There will be no contested convention. Even if Cruz tells all his delegates to support Kasich, with Cruz out Trump will sweep the remaining primaries and cross that 1237 threshold.

READER: "Vaccine ‘training’ … Doctors are never even told that Thimerosal is mercury"

And these dumb dumb doctors don't know this although this information has been rampant on the Internet for years?? And we are supposed to put our health and our lives in their incapable/ignorant hands? Now, this is utterly frightening!!

READER: good work Rivero Rangers!!!

"EPA bases glyphosate safety on Monsanto data before mysteriously yanking documents from website, saying review is incomplete'

Good work Rivero Rangers & all of us who have shouted out our anger at Monsatan getting away with poisoning our world and the EPA allowing this to happen - the EPA is now forced to hide the truth about the dangers of this stuff, and making up excuses for their unprincipled actions.

READER: Alex Holden - hold security

Alex is pimp'n his business is all.

The passwords are the effect of humans using the same password over and over.

(I know the guy personally and before he became a 'security' guy.)

READER: Just wondering if Susana Martinez republican governor of New Mexico would be a good possible vice president pick for Trump?

just tossing it out there just wondering

WRH: Not a bad idea!

READER: 'Behavior therapy NOT drugs should be used to treat ADHD in young children, say experts '

Don't these X-spurts know that ADHD is just another faux, made-up problem? Don't they know that 'young children' are very active beings (unlike the inert, inactive,desk-jockey adult 'experts') - active beings who shouldn't be forced to believe their activity-ness is a problem to be ashamed of and eliminated?

READER: Hey Mike,

This ought to make you happy and it also is a good sign about how Trump is going to go after Hillary. He is going to go after her just like we all have hoped. Here is a Tweet from Trump just a little bit after Lyin Ted dropped out.

Trump Tweet:

"I was wrong when I said Hillery has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Make it hundreds of thousands and one, I forgot about Vince Foster."

Mike, it sure looks like you might get that job working for Trump after all

READER: WRH: I have been informed that YouTube is blocking this video in Germany, so that the German people do not learn how they have been hoodwinked for the last half century. Anyone know a free video distribution system this can be put on? Hi Mike/Claire, I use to upload video...though I only have videos related to a video game I play. Back about a year ago or so I got tired of trying to upload 200-300Mb video files to youtube that would take 30+ hours to upload. So I went looking for a good alternative (something I had wanted to do for a while anyway since google/youtube is such a propaganda/gatekeeper). Anyway I found I can't tell you if they censor stuff like youtube does because I've never looked into them much really, I just know that when it comes to actually uploading video they are MUCH better than youtube! They do have a weekly upload limit ...I think it's 500MB per week for for NON-pro members, and 20Gb a week if you upgrade...which for me the 500Mb a week is plenty! Hope this helps!