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February 04, 2016

READER: I was stunned on Sunday when many of the shelves at the commissary were empty or severely depleted.

No frozen pizzas, just a few packages of butter. Half the cheese case empty. No chicken to speak of. Minimal fresh fruits and veggies. Etc. It was just like before the blizzard hit. Except we did have toilet paper, bread and milk.

WRH: We are seeing the same here.

READER: State dropped my Food Stamps from $149 A MONTH TO $30.00 Not bad living on SSI paying mortgage, power, water/sewer, gas, Medical, and phones.

Guess support for US "War Refugees" from other countries is more important then citizens and veterans and others...?

READER: Watch episode 1 & 2 of the new series.

Episode 3 that you saw WAS a joke.

Episode 1 & 2 were VERY GOOD! Watch!

READER: your show went dead when talking about election rigging

it just muted until you were done speaking.

magician software.

why cant we wake up and realize scams are the biggest concern in the world right now.

because it kills the little guy at so many levels.

all done from a distance

READER: I watch you on Bambuser when your show is on. I've often wondered if you use two computers.

Now, today, I can see that you're doing that. :D

It's just like Spock from Star Trek IV, The Homecoming (my favorite of the Star Trek Movies). I know your alter ego, plus the fact that you have a time machine.

Ooh, the possibilities. :D

WRH: I use two computers which are not on camera but the one in the background is a third system I am building for Claire.

READER: All three episodes I've seen, yes, it is a shadow of it's former self. They could have done so much better. The latest, the were-lizard, it's just schtick. But at least in the new series they do mention 9/11 and such.

READER: $120 MILLION so Israel can spy on gophers.....while Flint, Michigan gets ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

READER: I see that you Americans are now choosing your president by tossing coins. I think this is a good idea. It is quick, cheap, and easy, and I do not expect the results will be any worse than those you have been getting through all that tedious voting.
WRH: Actually they might be better. But even better than that, I think we should toss all the candidates into an arena with chain saws and whoever comes out with most of their bodily parts still intact gets to be President. The Pay per view rights alone would pay off the national debt!

READER: Gold broke $1150 this morning.

READER: "US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced Tuesday that the Pentagon will request a $582.7 billion defense budget in order to maintain security. According to Carter, there are five main challenges for the US to focus on Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and ISIS..."

Challenges? Challenges to whom? US corporations? These nations on Carter's list are the ones facing a USA challenge, not the other way around! The biggest challenge to the USA's Zionist-fueled foreign policies may be these nations, but the biggest challenge to the American people is the US government itself! 600 billion dollars should be spent on the American people, not waging more wars and creating more anti-American sentiment in the world. America is crumbling within and it has NOTHING to do with any nation on this planet except those nation subservient to US/Israeli interests whose "leaders" are paid off to put US interests ahead of their own people. All this money going to defense . . . defense of what? American fascism that's what! How long the American people are willing to keep heir heads in the sand and let this Zio-rape of America continue is the real question here!

READER: Swedish feminists: “Please don’t protect us if we get raped by immigrants”

Hi Mike! This article is a total misrepresentation of what was said.

The real message from Swedish women, feminists or not, to the neo-Nazis was, don't use this as an opportunity to justify going around beating up foreigners.

READER: WRH: Bang spot on! I should have been watching the Simpsons more! :)

Are you watching Mr. Robot?

WRH: I did for the first few episodes, which were brilliant, but it quickly became formulaic and predictable, and the heavy portrayals of drug use bothered me, so I quit.

READER: I'm worried. Things are moving too fast now. With everything going on I think it more likely than not that the system comes down in about a week. The markets are waiting on a last bounce and all indicators are pointing to the rug being pulled. Gold and silver are breaking loose and with inventory so high, the Baltic Dry Index is going to have to go negative soon. A lot of other indicators are flashing but you know what's going on as well.

With Turkey ramping things up, it'll take an emergency meeting of NATO and then the USA will be all over Syria to protect Turkey. One small spark and it starts there. The system collapses and the war starts and then the real propaganda starts here in Canada and the USA. Banking will be halted due to Russian/Chinese interference and capital controls will be in place. My wife is a banker and part of her job is investigations into strange activity. She's been put on meaningless cases lately. i.e. Employee A takes vacation without boss' approval. That's an HR job. Not hers. Point is, they're closing shop and hiding things from their employees.

We're closer to the end than we think. I'm actually scared about the world I'm leaving to my girls. I fight right alongside you, although not to the same size crowd. I do what I can with what I've got. I have listened to you daily and I follow your page constantly.

I just want to say thank you. You've helped open my mind and are helping others through me as well. Keep up the fight. I'm afraid it's about to get a lot uglier out there.

Stocked and prepped as best I can be and am ready for the fight when it comes. I hope I don't have to but there's too much riding on this to take a back seat. Besides, the back seat is already full..

Aloha Mike. All the best to you and the beautiful Lady Claire.