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December 02, 2014

READER: the WHO lies about 7,000 deaths coincided with this:

BBC: GSK hails Ebola vaccine breakthrough by Kamal Ahmed, Business Editor Twenty adults were tested and an immune response to Ebola was prompted in each of them. The vaccine was also "well tolerated" by each of the people tested... GSK's Sir Andrew Witty: "We are busy working out how we scale up manufacturing capacity, so that as we move into the second half of next year we would be in a position to manufacture very large quantities - that means millions of doses of the vaccine [being] available if governments and health authorities felt it necessary to go further than vaccinating health care workers."... As well as GSK, Johnson & Johnson and Merck are also proceeding with trials... For example, the programme is not going through all the usual stages of a vaccine's development - which would normally take many years. If something does go wrong in the future, the pharmaceutical sector does not want to be the only part of the process exposed to, for example, legal action. To tackle that, Sir Andrew said that GSK is in discussions with governments of the G20, including America and the UK, about an indemnification agreement... "In terms of the indemnity risk, those conversations go on - we have a good precedent for this with the pandemic influenza case of three of four years ago."... "Whether we are a big company or not, we are still humans...

READER: I work in the liquor industry and was shocked when i saw the budget projections for the holiday season. Up? You mean up with a rocket ship... we're talking leaps and bounds over last years' figures. And so far... wow, has it ever been true. People are buying alcohol like there is... ahem... no tomorrow.

Elsewhere? Well.... Typically (during holidays past), I wait 2-3 cycles of left turns to go down the street to the mall. Now? once.. sometimes none.

We'll see what happens as xmas nears. but for now, the cars are headed elsewhere.

I'm reminded that alcohol tells the tale. The rich consume in celebration of their wealth. The wannabe rich buy more than they should in hopes of showing off their success. The next down the line buys more than they can afford to have parties they can't afford. And the rest? They spend more than they can afford to pretend they are doing just fine and all is well... when it is not.

And the after-thoughts? Well, they drink the cheapest swill they can and a lot of it.. to drown their sorrows and misery.

The more we consume alcohol the more it tells the sad tale of how america is in the toilet financially. Relatively few are buying the big ticket items that can turn things around. Big box alcohol is thriving, and it says much about america.

READER: Big Biz folks act like fixing the hacking problem is some kind of difficult thing. It really isn't.

First, hire the best and brightest and set up a honey trap.

Lure and catch hacker of the day.

Now, use those zillions of dollars to hire very bad people, camera crews from bdsm at its worst, and then set up impenetrable firewalls so you can broadcast the next part worldwide.

Finally, round up the cretins and put them on as the saturday night special. tonight, they will have their appendages pulled off... very slowly. focus on eyes and screams. slow motion, please!

next week, we have a whole new ED treatment for them.

and for sweeps week, maybe some water-boarding for fun! maybe a little crucifixion. maybe we feed them a bit at a time into a piranha pool. ahhh, the possibilities are endless. imagine the fun of pulling the wings off these maggot flies! can you say... dance mailman, dance! a little electro-shock therapy for the lot!

a few months of that, and just maybe this problem kinda goes buh bye.

of course this kind of thing will bring out the very best from the nsa.. they can't have this kind o thing messing up their little nest egg. so we'll actually see that buncha losers do something.

READER: Welcome back Mike!,

I wanted to know if you heard any of Mr. Dawson's comments on the "28 pages" fiasco while he was guest-hosting the WRH radio show. His view of its implications are in complete opposition to yours. Not that it matters so much but, I agree more with you that its very likely a wild goose chase. Dawson argues (with the agreement from his guest Hannah McCoy (or Coy?) at the time from the yet-to-be-built that the voting records of the particular congressmen (H.R. 428 was introduced by Reps. Jones (R-NC) and Lynch (D-MA), there are now 20 co-sponsors) started going against Israel's wishes (i.e. not voting to fund Iron Dome) after reading the redacted pages. (I haven't researched this yet) Also, that the redacted pages implicate foreign governments PLURAL. He "guarantees" one of those government(s) named is Israel.

The 28 pages is supposedly from the Senate-directed "Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001" not the 9/ 11 Commission Report. I would like to posit that due to fact that Israel has had the U.S. Senate wrapped up for quite some time, I would find it very surprising that they would ever document the crimes of Israel even if they understood it would only be redacted later. And considering the fervor of the neo-cons at the time (Mr. Dawson has a site dedicated to "Anti-Neo-Cons"), the selected enemy was Afghanistan and, more importantly, Iraq. (Including the other countries listed to be invaded as Gen. Wesley Clark revealed - Are the pointing-out of these countries what caused Rep Massie (R-KY) to "rearrange" his "perception of history"? I fear Mr. Dawson's "guarantee" that Israel is named in these redacted pages is wishful thinking based on a hunch. Or maybe he's onto something?

I am hoping you could comment on this opposition of viewpoints as I respect Mr. Dawson's drive and research. (His 9/11 doc seems very good) Maybe you could debate him about it on air. He did a fine job as guest host and had a GREAT guest, David Cole. I really enjoyed that interview.


P.S. Here is a site I found dedicated to the cause:

Your boy Ron Paul is rolling along with the 28 pages thing and riding the fence. (Referred to the "15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis" thing SMH) I'll never forgive this slug for sucking up contributions and other support from the 9/11 Truth movement only to throw us all under the bus. I don't understand your support of this fake. But, anyhoo.... here it is.

WRH: Time will decide which of us is correct.

READER: I am conflicted… on one hand you say those congress men are pro Israel, trying to blame the Saudis, and that “Walter Jones was on the Ron Paul channel recently pushing this latest attempt to protect Israel from the consequences of their actions.” And on the other hand you have Ryan Dawson hosting your show for a week with him spending one day to push for the release of those 28 pages, and speaking in favor for HR428 and that all the congress men who read those pages stopped supporting Israel, and you should call your congress man to urge them to read those pages. His arguments are that multiple governments including Israel are mentioned in those papers, and that is the main reason for not releasing them. Yes I am not a US citizen but when two sources I trust a lot can’t seem to agree on this rather important issue I tend to worry. So what is it now? Can you please talk to Ryan and get your act together? I am on Ryans site so either convince him he is totally wrong and a Israel defending goon or let him convince you and stop copy and pasting your article every time the issue comes up.
WRH: As I said, time will decide which of us is correct.

READER: So if I have this right...

of 1 per cent of all scientists, 97 per cent of THEM agree that global warming is real.

the other 99 per cent? laughing at the 1 per cent.

now here is what i really don't get. since there has been no global warming for 18 years and the barest of increases (.36 degree) over the past 35 years... what the hell are the 1 per cent smoking? how does an otherwise intelligent person argue vociferously for something that statistically does not exist?

my only explanation is this: they fear that this flat-line of temp change is due in large part to the absence of significant solar activity and that should solar activity heat up (pun kinda intended) we could subsequently see an almost immediate increase in warming.

i think (and might well be mistaken) that logic is sound but only so far as there is reason to expect that the sun is going to become active sometime soon. It could well be that we are in a long slide away from that occurring and it could be decades before solar activity kicks in. By then, this could be one very cold planet that dearly misses anything resembling warming.

I'm not a scientist (didn't even sleep at a holiday inn last night) but i'm sure brighter folks than i can answer that prospect.

I say GW is a sham that is enriching a bunch of schmucks who should be thrown in jail.

WRH: You have it right. Al Gore will NOT be sending you a Christmas card this year!

READER: RE: BEX ALERT - EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda plot to blow up 5 passenger planes in Christmas 'spectacular'

You wrote, "The government knows Al Qaeda is going to do something. They know what they are going to do and when they are going to do it. That seems pretty specific to me for a government that implies they cannot find the people about to carry out the plan."

This reminds me of when Dan Rather interviewed Osama Bin Laden at Bin Laden's hang out. CBS News was able to meet with him but the government never thought to capture him in the process and he had eluded them for years on end? That's a head scratcher.

WRH: Is THAT why I am getting a bald spot! :)

READER: Notice I received from Netflix

The following movies have been removed from your Queue:

We no longer offer these movies for rental. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you find many other movies to enjoy at Netflix.

Supercharge Your Immune System
The Disappointment: Or, The Force of...
Aisheen (Still Alive in Gaza)
The Canary Effect
Washington, You're Fired
House of Numbers
Call It Democracy
For Liberty: Ron Paul
The Big Fix
Top Priority: The Terror Within
The Century of the Self
Precious Life
The Great Global Warming Swindle
Tears of Gaza
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
The Company You Keep
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Secret Land
Apology of an Economic Hit Man
In Prison My Whole Life

WRH: Virtual book-burning has begun!

READER: I was in a waiting room at a doctor's office long ago and while thumbing through magazines, I found an issue that had a 12 page article on Pearl Harbor. The article was a result of a FOI release on JE Hoover and it included a big chunk of Pearl Harbor info prior to Dec 7th and clearly indicated that the government knew exactly what was happening. There was even pictures of JEH's journal entries. I was shocked. I remember looking back at the cover to confirm what I was reading, but after this much time I don't recall if it was Newsweek, Time, or US News, but it was definitely one of them. I believe this was a late nineties discovery. The cover was a colorized photo of the battle. The article connected the dots and outright stated that FDR made these decisions to get the population behind the war. I googled for this article and found nothing. I searched through Time and Newsweek covers that spanned a decade and found nothing. Have you ever heard of such an article?
WRH: No, but I would love to find it!