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July 01, 2015

READER: I have long been curious to the use of consensus in deciding science when no data seemed to be in evidence, as in the case of Man-made Global Warming.

While watching a Law & Order program rerun I saw that it seems to have originated in psychiatry. The killer was trying to claim racism to the point of killing people was a mental illness, not a crime.

To support their views one of the lawyers claimed that homosexuality was once a mental illness, but had been removed from that category by consensus.

I remember when good science was not so hard to find.

WRH: Psychiatry isn't really a science. There is no instrument or test that can indicate a person's mental illness. It is all subjective on the part of the psychiatric "priests" who have created this religion called "Mental Health." So of course it operates on consensus because there is no empirical evidence to back up any of it.

READER: Callers often say they 'enjoy' your radio program.

How could anyone 'enjoy' hearing how the polytricksters & money addicts of this and other western countries are destroying our beautiful Mother Earth?

Listeners saying how much they 'appreciate' hearing truth being spoken and being educated about current affairs is more accurate - and acceptable to the ears, mind and heart - than saying the program - and by extension, the information you disseminate - is 'enjoyable'

READER: obummer "Promises That Events In Greece And Puerto Rico Will Not Cause A Global Financial Crisis"

Rack this one up with all the Bummer's other 'promises', none of which he keeps or which mean anything in the real, rational world. Like he knows anything about finance ...

READER: "Vaccine Bill SB277: Despite overwhelming opposition, the governor of California has made law one of the strictest vaccination guidelines in the country."

Won't be the last of the 'strictest' - now that California gooberner has ignored science, health and the people of his state, this abomination will spread to other gooberners like some toxic plague.

READER: Been listening to you for a while, I was wondering with whats going on with us and Russia, why do you think Puttin wont just come out and say the real reasons about the federal reserve wanting to take over their economy or even Jinping from China ? why do you think they just don't come out and say that is the real matter at hand ?You would think 1 of them would call us out on the real issue and the federal reserve demolishing our economy, what do you think ?
WRH: Putin is winning because he has avoided making himself a target, so the west has nothing to swing at.

READER: I think Iran should Check Mate Israel and say we have nuclear ,mirv missiles . Any attack on Iran , will result in the destruction of Israel .Thus MAD comes into play. t
WRH: Except that Iran doesn't have nukes, Israel knows Iran doesn't have nukes, and historically doesn't play that way.

READER: "The creation of an authoritative world government is the ultimate aim toward which we must strive." - Winston Churchill