BP Gives Unlimited Behind-the-Scenes Access to One Woman, Who Says BP's Response is Fake: Clean-Up Equipment Taken Away as Soon as Officials Leave

* BP is given advanced warning when an official is going to show up to any place where there is oil. All assets are deployed. As soon as the official leaves, 75-80% of the assets are removed. BP calls it a "pony and balloons" show.

* "We are expendable to these people. We do not matter."

* They're not cleaning it up, they're covering it up.

* BP is making it impossible for clean-up workers to wear respirators.

* She saw hundreds of thousands of fish dying, so disoriented by the oil that they crashed into her boat.

* There is a media blackout.

* If the country does not stand up and say "no more", this will go global. All of the world's oceans are connected. If not stopped, it will destroy one-third of the world's water.

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