The Abu Ghraib Prison - A Gift From the Sons of The Devil and Raping Iraqi's

There is now a disease – a malady so pervasively evil – among our youth, that it can only be described as demonic. This shameful phenomenon did NOT happen over night but was the result of decades of moral rot in our schools homes and everyday lives. I was once proud to be called an American and would have laid down my life to preserve those freedoms and ideals which were the wellspring of American tradition in the very best spirit of the memories of our Founding Fathers and their Christian based foundations for this brave new world in which I was raised.

All that has changed and we are now nothing more than a zoo of wild soulless mindless compassionless materialistic ignorant animals. We have evolved into a race of sadistic monsters capable of any crime and any horror in our new ‘improved’ world of Zionist incited ‘relative morality – Godless to THE EXTREME!