May 30 06:51

DOJ & DHS want to keep secret databases & drone documents from the public

The Justice Department plans to ask a federal appeals court to delete additional material from a drone-related legal opinion before it's made public—redactions that would go beyond those the court approved last month, a government lawyer said in a legal filing.

Last week, officials speaking on condititon of anonymity said the Obama Administration had decided not to appeal the pro-disclosure ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. Word of the decision to acquiesce in the the appeals court ruling and release the Office of Legal Counsel memo in redacted form came on the eve of a Senate vote on the confirmation of former DOJ official David Barron to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit. Indeed, word of the decision to make some of the legal opinion public may have helped clear the way for Barron's confirmation by the Senate, 53-45.

May 30 06:43

Sonoma County Man Battling Cancer Denied Coverage By Anthem Blue Cross After Paying $100K In Premiums

“My husband was having a lot of difficulty breathing already, and he was getting a lot worse, so we went to the hospital and they admitted him immediately,” Jeffrey’s wife Zoe Keating said.

In the hospital, doctors removed a half-liter of fluid from Jeffrey’s lungs, and gave him steroids to reduce brain swelling. Doctors administered emergency chemotherapy.

Then came even more devastating news: Anthem Blue Cross was denying their coverage for the treatments.

The family received a letter from the insurance provider, saying his hospital stay didn’t meet the criteria for medical necessity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like those death panels really do exist under Obamacare!

May 30 06:36


Webmaster's Commentary: 

With the government of Britain now refusing to release the pre-war communications between Former President George Bush and Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, it is obvious we are still in the middle of a major cover-up about the real reason for the wars and the lies used to sell them to a gullible public. The US, apparently living with the hallucination that most Americans still believe the story about Saddam's nuclear weapons, is protecting those lies in order to not allow them to undermine more recent lies being used to trick us all into new wars.

So it is time for a look back at the long trail of deceptions used to send your children to be killed and crippled in the oil fields of the Middle East.

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WRH Exclusive
May 30 06:29

Establishment looks after its own... again

When the Chilcot inquiry was established in 2009, the public was promised it would finally reveal the unvarnished truth about how Tony Blair, in the face of overwhelming opposition, dragged Britain into the shameful Iraq War.

Yet, despite the last witness giving evidence three years ago, the findings have remained unpublished – obstructed by a protracted row over private correspondence between the former Prime Minister and George W. Bush.

Sir John Chilcot wanted to release 25 notes from Mr Blair to President Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between the two men in the run-up to an invasion that stains our national conscience and cost hundreds of lives, including those of 179 British soldiers.

The Whitehall machine, led by Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood – who, crucially, was Mr Blair’s principal private secretary from 1999 to 2003 – flatly refused, claiming it could jeopardise UK/US relations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meaning that the US would really be pissed off if Britain officially acknowledged that the war was really about Saddam's selling oil for the Euro and the claims of nuclear weapons were all bovine excrement!

May 29 17:17

Climate change 'Super Bowl' expected over new energy regulations

The United States is just days away from a clash over climate change being compared to the Super Bowl, a high-stakes contest destined to draw in attentive viewers from around the world.

The Obama administration is expected to announce next Monday the most significant action ever to curb greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States, in an end-run around a hostile Congress.

Four years after the collapse of a cap-and-trade bill, the White House is set to unveil long-awaited regulations on the energy sector, which is responsible for more than 30 per cent of U.S. emissions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hate to say I told you so, but .... no, actually I rather enjoy it!

But when the Obama White House started pushing human-caused global warming in the middle of a record winter, I knew they were going to hit us with a carbon tax, and time was critical given the failure of Obamacare to produce a new stream of tax revenues.

May 29 13:46

FLASHBACK - Obama If you can't trust us, we're going to have some problems

Webmaster's Commentary: 

YOU have the problem, not us. And you did it to yourself.

May 29 13:31

U.S. House of Representatives [Passes] Sanctions on Venezuela

Despite emphatic opposition from UNASUR, CARICOM, the OAS, the Movement of Non-Aligned Nations, the Venezuelan President, the Venezuelan National Assembly and Venezuelan public opinion, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for sanctions. A last ditch appeal by Representative John Conyers of Michigan and 13 other progressive Democrats who opposed sanctions and called for restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations was also ignored.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We'll teach those Venuzians not to sell their oil for other currencies! Venzzulus .. Venezialians .. THOSE guys!" -- Official White Horse Souse

May 29 13:03

Video: Obama Receives Only Tepid Applause at West Point

pon his introduction at the graduation ceremony at the US Military Academy at West Point, Obama, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, received only a light smattering of applause with an aborted attempt at standing O by a small handful in the audience and none of the cadets.

May 29 12:45


Expecting Obama anmesty and benefits illegals are flooding across the southern border. 120,000 minors alone from Mexico and Central America are expected to smuggle themselves across the border. "Crisis Unprecedented"

May 29 08:34

Russian Naval Aviation Monitoring NATO Warships in Black Sea – Source

Naval wings of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have resumed training flights over neutral waters of the sea to monitor the activity of NATO warships, a source in the Russian navy's headquarters said Wednesday.

“During the flights, combat training is carried out to provide surface image coverage in the neutral waters of the Black Sea,” the source said. These flights, performed mainly by Su-24 attack aircraft, allow monitoring of NATO warship maneuvers, which have increased in activity in recent months.

May 29 08:26

'Obama says the US is indispensable, meaning all other countries are dispensable?'

If indispensable means invasive than there is no country that has invaded more states in the world, that has violated human rights and international law more than has the US, foreign policy expert Richard Becker told RT.

May 28 10:44

'Her impulse is to blame the woman': Monica Lewinsky lashes out against Hillary's 'narcissistic loony toon' comment as she reveals she fears another Clinton run

Monica Lewinsky is no stranger to being on the receiving end of some high profile scorn, but she recently revealed that learning Hillary blamed her for the affair proved to be the most unbearable insult of all.

Lewinsky cited recently released papers from a longtime Hillary Clinton friend in which the former first lady called the once White House intern a 'narcissistic loony toon.'

'I find her impulse to blame the Woman...troubling,' Lewinsky wrote in Vanity Fair.

May 28 10:17

Obama's Goldilocks Foreign Policy

Did Obama really suggest that the “fulcrum” of US foreign policy will be curbing “aggression” by Russia and China? And if “eight or nine proxy wars” is too many, how many is OK? And how many are we in already?

May 28 07:49

Obama scraps ‘Afghan exit’ mantra: 9800 keep boots on ground

Washington has announced a sudden change of plans for Afghanistan. According to Barack Obama, the end of the combat mission – planned for the end of this year – won’t mean the withdrawal of all troops from the country. He says thousands of soldiers will now stay on Afghan soil for at least 2 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gotta protect that opium, you know!



In Afghan fields the poppies grow.
Between the crosses.
Row on row.

May 28 07:46

Kathryn Keneally, Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, to Leave June 5

Kathryn Keneally, Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, will leave her post at the Department of Justice effective June 5, 2014, she announced today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The rats are deserting the IRStanic!

Douglas Shulman, IRS Commsisioner (Nov. 11, 2012) (term ends)

Stephen Miller, Acting IRS Commisioner (May 15, 2013) (resigns)

Joseph Grant, Commissioner, IRS Tax-Exempt and Government Entities (June 3, 2013) (retires)

Lois Lerner, Director, IRS Exempt Organization Division, Tax-Exempt and Government Entities (Sept. 23, 2013) (retires)

Kathryn Keneally, Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division, Department of Justice (June 5, 2014) (resigns)

May 28 07:07

Americans say Snowden is a "patriot."

63 percent believe Snowden to be a patriot for leaking NSA documents, While only 24 percent voted traitor, and 13 percent living in a woodshed didn't know.

These numbers are quite the opposite from a Pew poll, that showed the American public supporting criminal prosecution against Snowden in 2013.

May 28 06:34

US assembling elite special forces teams across Africa to counter Al-Qaeda

United States special operations forces are attempting to train and install small teams of elite counter-terror commandos in four African countries in a Pentagon program aimed at combating Al-Qaeda-affiliated factions, according to The New York Times.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Those four nations just happen to have natural resources that the US needs to be sold ONLY for US dollars!

May 28 06:28

The Future Of Socialized Healthcare: “There Is No Better Predictor Than The VA System”

Economically and financially, the new law will bankrupt an already struggling middle class who has, in many cases, seen a four-fold increase in their monthly premiums. By all accounts, life for those people is going to change dramatically in coming years because as much as 15% of their income will now be taken from them by force in the form of what the U.S. Supreme Court has classified as a mandated tax.

For those with the ability to make those outrageous payments and deductibles each year, they have now entered a system run by the very same bureaucrats in charge of our country’s other government run health care programs.

To understand the future of socialized health care in America we need to look no further than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

May 27 11:48

White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public

The White House has officially admitted that fake vaccination programs have been used by the United States as a cover for covertly stealing DNA samples from the public as part of the so-called "war on terror." The aim of the scheme, carried out in the Middle East, was to use DNA analysis to identify suspected terrorists who would then be targeted to be killed by the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, you can be totally innocent of any crime against the United States but targeted for a drone strike because you have the "wrong" DNA?

May 27 11:04

Obama will keep 9,800 US troops in Afghanistan after December – despite State of the Union promise to have all troops out by end of this year

President Obama plans to leave 9,800 U.S. troops in Afghanistan at the end of the year to continue training Afghan fighters for their longer-term battles with al-Qaeda, the White House said Tuesday.

There are currently about 32,800 Americans serving in Afghanistan, down from a high around 100,000 in the middle of 2010.

Obama promised during his February 2013 State of the Union address to Congress that the U.S. effort there would draw to a close by the end of 2014.

But a senior administration official told several news outlets on Tuesday that the president will keep a military presence in Afghanistan after U.S. involvement in the war officially ends.

May 30 10:56

TRINITITE! Why Iran will not attack the US or Israel.

Even if Iraq had possessed weapons of mass destruction (which we now know they did not), and even if Iraq had the long range ICBMs to reach across the Atlantic with (which we know they did not), Iraq would still not have been a threat to the US because any attack with a weapon of mass destruction would be national suicide.

Apr 05 11:16

NIALL FERGUSON: This Is The Study That Shows Why The US Economy Is Doomed

A Harvard Business School study that Niall Ferguson pointed us to today shows the U.S. has fallen severely behind in terms of international competitiveness.

The study, from January, found that for Harvard alums personally involved in a company relocation decision, 57% said the decision "involved the possibility of moving existing activities out of the U.S."

Apr 05 11:09

Porn Stars Allie Haze, Chastity Lane Call For Mass Wank-Off Against Santorum: VIDEO

Sorry couldn't resist this one!

Porn stars Allie Haze (of Star Wars XXX fame) and Chastity Lane are asking good Americans everywhere to, um, reach down and touch themselves to oppose the presidential hopes of one Rick Santorum.

Apr 05 11:03

Oaksterdam University Raid 'Payback' For California's Marijuana Legalization Effort?

The man who bankrolled California's closest shot yet at fully legalizing marijuana, Prop. 19, saw his Oaksterdam University cannabis college in Oakland raided by federal authorities yesterday.
And pot advocates are fuming.

The Drug Policy Alliance suggests the raid by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Internal Revenue Service might have served one possible goal:
"Payback" for the 2010 legalization effort that failed but made a good try of it. The ballot effort was backed by Richard Lee, the millionaire owner of Oaksterdam.

Apr 05 09:47

DEA Busts US Soldiers Smuggling To Weapons, Drugs To Mexico Cartels

One of the most bizarre DEA stings to date and one which may have links to government protected overseas drug-running operations.

Apr 05 06:25

Guenter Grass, German Nobel Winner, Criticizes Israel Over Iran Tensions

"The nuclear power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace," Grass wrote in his poem titled:

"What must be said"

The 84-year-old Grass said he had been prompted to put pen to paper by Berlin's recent decision to sell Israel a submarine able to "send all-destroying warheads where the existence of a single nuclear bomb is unproven."

"The nuclear power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace," he wrote. His poem specifically criticized Israel's "claim to the right of a first strike" against Iran.

Apr 04 23:23

Surprise Video Changes Syria “Timeline”

Al Jazeera’s Shaping of the Syrian Story

Of all the myths obstructing the honest portrayal of events in Syria this past year, none has been more fiercely guarded by regime-change advocates than this one stark falsehood:

Myth – the Syrian regime has only been shooting unarmed, peaceful protestors until very recently when opposition groups finally decided to arm themselves in self-defense.

Apr 04 20:00

Hedges: "No Outcry Within Media" on NDAA

We had reported on the show that a group of political activists and journalists testified in a New York Court about why they're suing the Obama administration over the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA. Chris Hedges, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter is also one of the plaintiffs; he joins the show to discuss.

Apr 04 19:36

Britain’s Mad-House Foreign Policy

The best and cheapest way of protecting our national security is simply to eject the madmen from the Foreign Office and stop pimping for the US and its mad-dog protegé.

Let’s see how quickly the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), with Mr Bellingham’s help, can get their skates on and straighten out the simple matter of Palestine’s status so that Israel’s strutting psychopaths can finally be brought to book.

Apr 04 19:11

In Defense of Helen Thomas: What’s Wrong With History?

Helen Thomas’s recent request to purchase a table at the upcoming White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) annual dinner has been rejected.

In a comment on that story I said, “It’s hard to imagine anything more wrong than this.”

I base my opinion on the fact that the 91-year-old Thomas, a former WHCA president, is unique among American journalists, having covered 10 different presidential administrations in a career stretching back to Dwight Eisenhower.

It is because of Thomas as much as anyone else that women were first included at the WHCA dinner since, as the WHCA’s website mentions:

Apr 04 15:50

9/11 Terror Suspects To Stand Trial In Guantanamo

Five men accused of planning and executing the 9/11 terrorist attacks face the death penalty in a Guantanamo war crimes tribunal.

Apr 04 11:18

Worse Than SOPA: New CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Will Censor The Web

A new cybersecurity bill will allow the government to bypass privacy laws to monitor, censor, and stop any online activity deemed disruptive to the government or private parties.

Apr 04 10:44

Guidebook To False Confessions: US Torture Manual Released

The timeline of how we went from a nation of liberty to one of forced false confessions revealed in release of the key document the US used to justify torture.

Apr 04 09:23

Ron Paul addresses thousands at Chico State University

Went to see Ron Paul last night. Great speech. Sat about 10 feet away. Larry Mitchell. Chico ER writer does a good job. Crowd estimate was accurate. Largest crowd I every saw in Chico.

Apr 04 09:09

Obama Justice Department under deadline to answer court over Obama’s health law comments

The Obama Justice Department has roughly 24 hours to explain to a federal appeals court whether the administration believes judges have the power to overturn federal laws — in the latest escalation between the two branches of government over the federal health care overhaul.
A three-judge panel for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered the Justice Department to explain by Thursday at noon whether the administration believes judges have that authority. The challenge came after President Obama cautioned the Supreme Court against overturning the health care law and warned that such an act would be “unprecedented.”

Mar 16 12:26

Aiding Terrorism Redefined To Include Bradley Manning, Wikileaks

Point of no return: The US government broadens the NDAA definition of people and organizations that support terrorism to include Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Mar 14 08:43

Israel's non-stop Iran spite puts ties with US in firing line

Meanwhile Tel Aviv isn't backing down from its threat to attack - but that's not striking a chord with Israeli public opinion. Paula Slier reports.

Mar 13 16:02

The Lost Papers of the Tesla Death Rays

Nikola Tesla died on January 7th, 1943 in Hotel New Yorker, in Manhattan, in room 3327 on the 33rd floor of the hotel. Immediately after Tesla’s death, Tesla scientific papers vanished from his hotel room in Hotel New Yorker. Tesla papers were never found. Tesla papers contained scientific data and information about “Death Rays”, which could be used for military purposes.
The Arctic Beacon
www.arcticbeacon.com/articles/19-Jan-2007.htmlCached - Similar
the link doesn't work..Hmmm?
18 Jan 2007 – Regarding the creation of the "Curious George" television monkey ... Regarding information that Daddy Bush is actually named George H. Scherff, Jr., and the son of Tesla's ... Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush's Son?

Mar 13 15:46

CNN Spins Wall Street Fraud Settlement As Obama Forced Bailout

CNN spins the Wall Street mortgage fraud settlement as an Obama forced homeowner bailout, not even mentioning the deal was for fraud and illegal activities

Aug 12 00:00

Obama Slipping: Black America Waking Up - To the Nightmare

Obama Slipping: Black America Waking Up - To the Nightmare
Wed, 08/10/2011 - 13:33 — Glen Ford
Having invested so much in the Obama persona – and endlessly reaffirmed that commitment in countless settings with fellow African Americans – it is inevitable that Black folks undergo the harshest “withdrawal” experience imaginable. The realization that the dream was a chimera is one thing, but to awaken to a catastrophe in which the Great Black Hope is revealed as the Great Black Betrayer, is another magnitude of pain. It will be an ugly – and uneven – spectacle.